Calif. Debt Crisis: Blame Indians -Illegals -Unions -Michael J. Fox –Or?

SITUATION California massive projected budget shortfalls–

2009: $15 billion and 2010: $25 billion

REMEDIES: at the end

How did the Golden state get tarnished into this sorry state –into massive debt –into race to the bottom “… tied with Louisiana for last place on the [bond] ratings scale” —Los Angeles Times, Jan. 21, 2009?

What happened? I was educated –beginning to end in California schools. While I was there my high school was ranked: in top ten in the US. But this mess will mean: less –of Every thing, no more Golden state. How did we get this giant mess?

Blame –Indians?
California Indian tribes, after fighting federal government more than a century with little to show for it, decided best way to make money: gambling . So what, if Indians make money off people who pump their pay -Social Security checks into tribes’ cash cows –and become addicted. Tribes wanted their own casinos –provide education -health coverage -independence for their people –share with non-casino tribes. Tribes like people who gamble.

Tribes got some permission from state Legislature –and more -more -more by using their/your money to make sob appeals to voters, who voted “yes” on whatever tribes asked –without reading the details.

Fine print
Gambler or hotel guest:  problem -dispute –injury –need ambulance? Too bad. California, consumer protection laws: don’t apply on tribal land. Tribes decide: rights –if/how much they will pay –you if you’re injured –the state, audits Not allowed huh???

Tribes Don’t Want
Money poured in, tribes got wealthy, but now: Minimum Wage –annoying environmental, endangered species protection –Workers Comp –‘intrusive’ taxation –share the pie with non-casino tribes, casino communities or California NOPE. Oops.

–California courts? You/we already lost the right to sue them.

Skipping over details of screwing competition , tribes do want: More –Bigger –Video gambling (already ruled illegal) –and ANYwhere. So five wealthiest tribes put money into Propositions –governor –Legislature –TV ads, non-stop. –Negotiated new compacts with the ‘governor’ in 2008.

New Compacts
Triple-size casinos –Age restriction lowered to 18 –All types of gambling –Pay California less than any other tribal gambling state gets. There was outrage –demand compacts be re-written. Too late? Oops. Thank Ahnold.

Now that all the lids are off –no way to stop them, You won’t mind a casino, huge one, in your community –paying state, locals peanuts, right?

Indian Gambling in Calif overview

Indian Compacts 2008 California Screwed

Tribes? Will haul in: over $60 billion bucks BILLION —State’s share: Pittance

Crisis Because of –Illegals?
People who over-stay their visa -don’t go home after college graduation -enter US illegally: are, usually, desperate to earn money –any amount. Since Somebody has to pick lettuce, write code, build houses, clean toilets, haul cargo, cook restaurant food, trim trees, fix computers, baby-sit –Why not hire illegal bargain.

Illegals: earn less than the going rate, good for hungry restaurants -dirty homes -broken cars, but then: can’t pay for other stuff, like health care. When they get sick enough, have infants they can’t pay for: they pop into emergency rooms; Social Services office.

Illegals can’t get Food Stamps or welfare –believe it: photo –fingerprints prevent. Except: California/we pay for birth –whether the mother here legally or not. –That’s humane, ‘reasonable’? Unlike any other country, a baby born in the US: becomes a citizen –instantly. Huge incentive: enter, remain illegally? Duh

Languages: 137 Spoken in Los Angeles

I’ve heard those here illegaly: cost the state 5 billion bucks a year. I don’t know if –translators for courts, schools, police –printing ballots, tests, etc., –search -capture -victim -insurance -incarcerated gang member, illegal criminal reimbursement included.

I do know: seven hospitals in Los Angeles have closed past five years –busted by unpaid, un-reimbursed bills. Oh well You won’t have heart attack/freeway crash -need any emergency care, right?
Illegals: $5 Billion bucks or higher every year

Blame –Unions?
California Correctional Peace Officers Association –the benefits and the bank accounts. Prison guard union:  “…considered to be one of the most powerful political forces in Sacramento….”  –With fear & loathing by the Legislature.

Not interested –in rehabilitation, to ease massive over-crowding costing state major bucks in fines –in mainstreaming, to reduce ex-offender bounce-back, costing All.  Union: Only wants more ‘get tough’ stuff –manipulation for more guards, more pay.

Macho? They guard the already shackled — behind bars –how is that more dangerous/worth more pay than any street cop’s job? –More guards than cops???

But ‘Gubber’ Ahnold: gave guards fat raises –plus deals on future raises: he had to retract when state’s revenue and expenses –and exposure, hit the ‘fan.’ –A Judge ordered “governor” to change the contracts –the salary raises –the political ‘fine’ print that would have given guards even more.

–You can’t talk to your state rep? They can’t talk to prison guard union. Oh well.

Study UC Berkeley

Prison guard pay: almost half of state’s budget –every year

Feel sorry for “poorly paid” teachers? Really? California family average income: $36,500. LAUSDistrict basic teacher with a BA salary: $45,637 –to $73,900 a year –plus medical coverage —full health benefits.

In many places all over the world: 50 to 200 students per class is usual, with grateful students. –Union: wants class size under 30, but doesn’t have proof smaller classes equal better education.

Smaller class size hasn’t changed: more than 50% quit California schools –without diploma or training. –Many can’t read –write, spell when they do graduate –aren’t educated enough for college or corporate world. But illiterate do fit/shoe-horned into: over-crowded jails, prisons.

–Union never met a bad teacher: process to fire lousy/ inept/ dumb/abusive one so convoluted, takes over five years –at full salary, whether they teach during the investigation or not. Oh oops

Enrollment: falling 20% a year, past ten years/ next ten years: but Keep all the current teachers anyway? Union: Yup.

LAUSD Bored: destroyed last important LA landmark, Ambassador Hotel –pandered to Hispanic parents –for politics, but hotel into rubble exposed Toxic Waste = no school, oh oops.

More? LAUSD Bored: sitting on tons of cash –and now-vacant land –homes seized -destroyed, for more schools; given to them by Ill-informed -Newly-arrived -Renters –Keep on voting “yes” on bonds –to build schools. Bored board happy: they Like money, power and monument to their stupidity –marble-clad lavish headquarters, built on taxpayer money.

Teacher’s Union –mandatory, has dough, political clout: to pay Union bosses’ fat salary –get law so convoluted, nobody at state level has control over California schools. –Believe it, I’ve watched hours of hearings.

Neither –Can’t get it up: not enough textbooks in poor neighborhoods.

You don’t own a business –or want to, so no need for educated programmers, clerks —anyone. –You don’t mind –paying more taxes for: un-needed schools –self-serving board members –excess teachers, not stopping drop-out rate –more cops, guards when illiterate opt in for crime to earn a living, right?  Just go with hope –your doctor -future mate -vet was educated –in another state.

Benefits & Salaries 2009

Ahnold’s solution: take $5 million bucks from Public Education budget     UPDATE: 5 BILLION

Blame –the Self-serving?
An actor with a disease he doesn’t want –bunch of doctors wanting money, fame, prizes made visions, promises they don’t know they can keep –met up. Together: used his celebrity –the media to manipulate Californians to go deeper into debt –pony up to fund an idea –on no evidence it will cure –Michael J. Fox’s disease –any other thing.

Cures or Not: governor S. supported his fellow actor –so voters put others on the ‘hook’ —property owners, California to pay: interest on mega-bucks worth of bonds to fund docs –labs –equipment -supplies. If –stem cells produce “cures” –who gets the patents and the profits??? NOT California. oops. Well ‘fine’ print is boring, right?
Interest: on $3 Billion bucks, no royalties

Wanna hear a good one?
How did California get into this gigantic hole –this crisis? Grab a hot cuppa, a comfy seat and I’ll tell you a story.

Once upon a time a wimp wanted political power.  His daddy was a nazi, daddy’s pals nazis; best friend: couldn’t attend his wedding –banned from entering US, was high-rank nazi. Admires nazis, what head nazi ‘achieved’– “…he rose to the top of power from humble beginnings…” and “…95% of people need to be told what to think, what to do” and “…I want to tell them…I want to be a leader like him, for the little people.” Let’s call him “A.”

“A” had a friend –wealthy devious powerful, who already had political power, “B.” Together they knew many with ties to germany, to big money, to crooked dealers like “C” as in C-note, multi-millionaire ex felon sent to prison for his deals.

“A” and “C” lived in a state where: “D” was steamed at being cheated. –Cheated Big by “E” –slick liar, thief who loved money –so much he cheated employees -customers -community –investors –Wall Street –everybody his ‘meat’ to get more. He was pulling a scam on a country (India) when: “D” got proof –of crimes, filed lawsuit on “E.”

Exposed –house of tissue paper would be blown away, “E” –disgraced, arrested, imprisoned –stripped, broke. On help from his bought-pal “B” –“A” “C” “E” and like-minded others, met in a famous hotel in a famous city, to devise plan: stop “D” and suit.

“A” didn’t have the ‘equipment’ to cope with any competition, so They made an ‘end-run’ –whipped ‘the little people’ into anger –got “D” ejected from his job –put “A” up for it –got it –and political power.

“A” – molester –rapist –drug-user –ignorant novice –never stood for election, done hard grass-roots work, on anything –nazi-lover lousy actor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“B” – Bush, G. W. long deep roots to nazis –grandfather funded hitler’s party, rise to power; his brain: Karl Rove –his grand-daddy ran nazi party
“C” – junk bond ex felon Mike Milken
“D” – Davis, Grey –California governor, removed from office on no malfeasance –no reason except to satisfy insiders’ goal, aided by the ignorant
“E” – Ken Lay, ceo of ENRON –dead, heart attack –during Appeal on conviction for Fraud, Grand Theft, other convictions; cheated California: shut off electricity during major heat wave –refused to turn it on until hospitals, small -large businesses, elderly, nursery schools, disabled, local -state government –everyone paid each new bill, jacked up 1,000% –each week

I wrote –warned –on every board, website, comment space I could find six years ago –before the ‘election’ –but people didn’t pay attention, didn’t listen –didn’t believe, did no homework of their own.

How much did stinking rat “E” owe California?
Plan?  When his butt hit “governor” seat, first business: Ahrmpit “accepted” $.05 for every dollar ENRON owed California, ‘settlement’ = dead suit –mission accomplished.  Gov. Davis’s proof –how much did ENRON owe us?
$9 – $11 BILLION bucks –lost

REMEDY: State Election May 19, 2009
– Prop. 1 A –B –C –D –E: vote NO
– Prop. 1 F: vote YES –should be ashamed to even put on a ballot –it’s pandering
– Los Angeles City Attorney: Carmen Trutanich –believe it

How/whyAhrmpit got “governor” seat, is a pretty
‘inside’ story.  You can’t be faulted for not knowing it, at the time.  But you saw:

  • Didn’t stand in his own Party’s Primary –entered race after –bragged on it
  • On TV:  Eight women –molested, at work: got apology, cash
  • Sudden Multi-million dollar gifts to Jewish organizations: All that is known -all there is to know about nazis –but admires them, wanted covered up

You –didn’t wonder –question –suspect –even Google. 

How did California get into crisis? 

We got into this massive debt crisis because: You
–over 70% of ‘charmed’ Californians thought it would be ‘cool’
–‘macho’ -‘sexy’ to vote FOR –admitted sexual predator,
admitted nazi-lover –lousy actor drug-user with zero experience, Ahnold as governor.

If –You, others had merely looked up his history –not voted for a nazi-lover: Contracts with Indians that short-change state –NOT. –Illegals cramming hospitals, schools, prisons –NOT.  –Fat raises and half of budget given over to guards –NOT.  –$400 million last year, $5 million cut this year from Education –NOT.  Bloated Legislature salaries -his cronies on boards –NOT.  Deception -Imbalance –NOT. 

Some, any rational policy on illegals -New revenue -Cautious
 distribution -Efficiency???  NOT.  You Chose:  amateur to represent you in government –on “sexy.”  Way not smart.

$9 – 11 Billionincome six years ago, with someone who Knows how to govern:  California would have surplus –plus interest –not debt.

Ahrmpit’s budget “solution” –Now
Cut money: to children –to mentally disabled –to physically disabled.  Ahrmpit’s salary: over $175,000 a year, claims he gives it to charity.  –So why did he make fat personal deal to endorse a vitamin –while in office, canceled only on voter outrage? Meanwhile next month’s Disability payment –cut –YOU want to live on $280 bucks –any month?

Permanent REMEDY:

  • Think for yourself –daVine
  • Ignore manipulation –daVine
  • Do your homework on people -issues –READ entire proposition –daVine
  • Don’t vote “For” ANY Proposition/per cent of state’s budget –daVine
  • Take back your power –crush lobbyists –force your rep to represent YOU:   demand END to “Term Limits” in state Legislature –daVine

It costs millions to get a Proposition on the ballot, millions more for media manipulation –’selling’ you on “benefits.”  Who has that kind of money and financial gain at stake?  Corporations.  Read ALL the fine print before vote.

Can’t be bothered? Don’t vote –we can’t afford You/dumb voters. The rest of us will decide for you –daVine.

Sick irony? Ahrmpit is:  doubling cost of auto registration –the very thing he used to start the Recall –remove Gov. Davis –manipulate you –get himself elected.  Nice.  Enjoy.

$11 billion rip-off meeting

Don’t believe it –do the Search yourself: Hotel meeting

Real biography – Ahnold

* * * * *

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8 responses to “Calif. Debt Crisis: Blame Indians -Illegals -Unions -Michael J. Fox –Or?

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  2. Daisy Reyes

    Damn, this man needs to get thrown out. Now I am hearing we are losing 10% out of our checks to pay this back…it needs to come out of his paycheck for making stupid decisions.

    • Poppy

      Hi Daisy

      You are referring to the supposed Governor? Yup: Californians –but not his Republican rich pals– socked with 10% to “pay back” his garbage. –Even people who are disabled: got hit three times last summer, CA’s share of Disability cut severely, when we would have SURPLUS of $11 Billion if fools hadn’t given him their vote. But hey, poverty children, senior adults, disabled –and the dumb: easy targets for a bully, they don’t fight back. Unfortunately bully-boy’s salary: $1. a year (–other fools who paid to see his lousy Truly banal stupid movies made him a multi-millionaire).

      Solution? NEVER EVER give away your vote to someone who wants to lead yet no on-the-job/ANY experience
      -We, Californians: <strongMust use our power, MUST eliminate "term limits" for state legislature reps –if we don’t: Who but lobbyists will look out for Long view?
      NEVER give your vote to Ahnold for ANY thing –ever again
      -Be Very suspicious of Calif. Republicans (I’m working on future piece about thief, no-experience ex e-Bay exec Meg Whitman)
      -Don’t want to be ripped off –by Indians, any others? Hit “mute” –Ignore ALL ads — who tells the WHOLE truth in campaign ads? —always do your own homework

      Thank you for Commenting; sorry for delay in reply, having MUCH puter trouble, sheesh, since August.

  3. Jeannie Bartlett

    This is not well written. It is very hard to read broken sentences and misspelled words. I wanted to see how California got into this horrendous state of financial ruin. What I read was a lot of blame and very little analytical information. I happen to believe that this is misleading information and not truly a broad picture of truth. For instance, my son’s special education teach receives 35,000 a year. Can anyone of you say he does not earn every dime dealing with challenged and ill behaviored pupils everyday? He worked with my child as he did with many others constantly. My son now attends mainstream classes because of his efforts. He and countless others dedicate their lives to helping our children evolve into our future generation of police officers, doctors, lawyers, educators, and even community workers. There are some teachers that do not belong teaching and those are the minority. There should be a better way to review teachers like we did in college so we could pinpoint the problem ones. There is a way we can empower our communities now by simply rating every teacher at our schools for their performance. Once we have hundreds who have rated we can take it to our school board and demand for the abusive and neglectful teachers to be reviewed, and if found guilty, released from their contracts because they were in breach. As for the Indian reservations, shame on you for suggesting that Native Americans are taking advantage of our guilt. They simply wanted what they were entitled to. If you do not like that they have a sense of entitlement then perhaps you would like to result in doing what any Imperialist would have done. Take back the land and say it was lost from war and it is now United States property. This is how it is done. If no one is prepared to do something morally repulsive don’t judge them for making money. They are the new Jews being ostracized because they are not suffering from financial ruin like the rest of us. The real issue here which you failed to mention is that people figure they can continue to spend money as long as they have credit cards. The interest rates were driven down so that the gluttonous Americans could pay off their debts. Those of us that saved and did not use credit lost our shorts and now we are spending less of our REAL money. Americans you are consumption whores and you have to suck up the consequences. We have serious problems as a result of your negligence. The ironic thing here is the only one’s probably reading things like this are not the ones who need to hear it. Those people are busy spending their bailout money gambling or shopping for more things they do not need.

    • Poppy

      >>>broken sentences and misspelled words
      lol, Are you joking? You need English as your first language before you make such a dumb Comment –accurately. Not one misspelled word when I wrote it, published it or now. No idea what “broken sentence” means –do you?

      Mostly: people comment they like my writing –and I’ve written long enough to know the only people who criticize my “style”: don’t like my views.

      e.g. “Indians” –in California a FEW tribes went after gambling –via ‘donations’ to reps in state legislature –and made promises
      they WAY haven’t kept –to SHARE with ALL tribes. But when the money poured in: multi-millionaires ‘found’ “reasons” to evade -send token amounts, pay workers Minimum Wage, and skip Medical; many tribes didn’t even get enough for basic necessities, who then turned back to WELFARE & Food Stamps. IF you had done any homework You would KNOW: FOUR tribes are rich, all the others got nothing –NOTHING to do with non-Indians, they screwed their own. –THAT’S OK with you? The thug in the Governor’s seat: made Lousy contracts that screwed the state, can’t be revoked or reversed in court –YOU’RE “okay” with that –justify with history??? Then YOU: don’t live in California –don’t get Fairness, Honor –or you’re a right-wing nut job.

      e.g., Michael J. Fox: played Sympthy card –to fool the Dumb into putting the state in further debt –BUT NOT in the royalties from any success. THAT’S not Stupid –greedy –self-serving??? Ditto Prison Guard and Teacher’s unions.

      Someone who jumps topics –landing all over the place, cannot form a sentence WITH proper grammar, facts, logic: shouldn’t criticize anybody.

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