US DEBT Penta-goons, ex Generals: Un-American?

I’ve been spending summer reading books –drilling down on Who -What -Where -How of monstrous mess we’re in now.

From all of it I’m writing a series, which I’ll publish later on, from all that I’ve learned, there is so much to say -so much that Congress has done that hasn’t gotten the ‘Sunshine’ it deserves….

But I cannot get past a page of one book –so full of specifics, that I’ve renewed it three times.  So much to say hard to choose just one headline….

But consider:   People, like the ignorant fool Ben Stein, Republicans, right-wingers, war-lovers, The Thug & The Dick who got the US into war to help their pals, et al, say “Don’t cut Defense” –which sounds ‘reasonable’ –until it gets Translated:

Some US generals, retired, formed a group, a corporation; they went back to their very good pals still on the job and:   got a defense contract worth $400 Million bucks…  taxes they paid on that income?   Squat –Zero

–they registered the “headquarters” of their little corporation:  in a tidy little building –in a tidy little mailbox in a tidy little off-shore country that doesn’t bother with taxes -reporting -paperwork –noticing who pays the rent….

Then the ex generals:  went back to their very good pals and got another contract –worth $1 BILLION bucks –and kept All the money on that too –even the Payroll taxes their employees Should have paid to US government, but didn’t cuz, they’re ‘working’ for an off-shore biz.

The ex generals:  are retired –as in You, me, all tax-paying Americans pay their pension –perks –medical –all their benefits.  Our ‘reward’ –they triple-dip, we get the bill.  THIS is “defense” –this is how/why I call the five-sided vultures who reside in “Defense” department:  Penta-goons.

Every –EVERY year:  they FIND things to buy –to INCREASE the money they got the previous year, from “our” representatives in Congress, so they can justify putting out their paws each new year and saying “more, please.”

–Injured returning vets –forced to apply for medical aide:  to SEVENTEEN different departments –with 17 un-coordinated computer programs that don’t ‘line up’ = nearly Impossible to receive aide.

–Tell returning injured vets ‘go live over there’ –and wait ’till we get to you’ –rat-infested, mold-infested slum housing –until reporter Dana Priestly of Washington Post exposed the kind of housing Penta-goons didn’t ‘mind’ –miraculously cleaned up when the story hit print.

Penta-goons  don’t have a prob –when Congress Removed Usury laws –or when dozens of un-regulated paycheck ‘loaners’ opened shop just outside bases in nearly every state, so military, who cannot possibly understand the ‘fine’ print, wind up owing so much interest on a “simple” loan eventually they have nothing to live on.

Penta-goons got no interest in looking out for young unsophisticated new recruits –and all those instant loan sharks waiting for them….

Penta-goons far too ‘busy’ to bother:  when burglars of America, I call them, “foreclose” on a house of military serving in war zone –even if the bankster cannot PROVE they are the lender –even if military home-owner NOT in default –even if bank weasels Violate specific laws that Prevent them from foreclosing when military owner is In a War Zone.  Penta-goons can’t be bothered to bother with any of that.

“Support” our troops?

As the Penta-goons got ever-larger budgets during The Thug & The Dick years –for un-paid wars:  Penta-goons shipped Nation’s Guard to go fight war in mountains, in desert –but didn’t ship night goggles –maps –bullet-proof vests –hardened transport –nor even enough waterbullets

-You forgot:    parents -mothers raised the money to buy Kevlar bullet-proof vests for years –because Penta-goons couldn’t be bothered to order -pay.

All that:  “Patriotic” –the “American Way”?  They make me want to puke on them.

daVine Remedy for Penta-goons:  slash their/our budget Two-thirds –so the military genius generals –and lobbyists for war-profiteers, entire military-industrial-complex who are running the country into bankruptcy, have to do Smart Efficient Hard-work things, NOT suck blood –on a second/spare un-wanted billion-buck engine for un-wanted un-needed jet Nobody has any use for/doesn’t even work.

Penta-goons need to Actually defend the country, NOT spend our very hard-earned money –ten times more than Any other country –so they can fight the last war they lost.  They need a new definition of the American Way.  –daVine


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