Ca May ’09 Election Results: “Little People” Smacked “Gov” Ahrmpit

SITUATION:  California in massive debt crisis

ELECTION RESULTS:  governor – 0
00000000000000000  voters 0- – 100% opposed –to him

The guy who occupies “governor” seat in Sacramento, loaded with arrogance but no governing -neogiating experience, told voters what to do –counted on getting his way. Voters said:  Nope

State-wide Election Results

– 2:08 am May 20
1A – “Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund
YES: 1,327,400 34.1%
NO: 2,555,519 65.9%

1B – Education Funding. Payment Plan.
YES: 1,452,535 37.4%
NO: 2,421,906 62.6%

1C – Lottery Modernization Act
YES: 1,368,222 35.4%
NO: 2,493,770 64.6%

1D – Children’s Services Funding
YES: 1,324,252 34.2%
NO: 2,536,657 65.8%

1E – Mental Health Funding
YES: 1,292,437 33.6%
NO: 2,549,361 66.4%

1F – Elected Officials Salaries –no raise in bad times –shameful it’s on the ballot
YES: 2,859,122 73.9%
NO: 1,010,457 26.1%

“Macho” “cool” “sexy” bonehead who doesn’t know how to govern, has run the state into a very large ditch. The “governor” got “help” –from Legislature –from over 70% of Californians who fell for his manipulation, voted for him.

Stupid bankers and their mortgage morass put entire country -world on the brink of economic collapse and: when the money stopped flowing, exposed Ahrmpit’s incompetence, arrogance.

–He wanted the job so he could immitate his idol, aldolph hitler, and “…lead the little people, like he did…95% need to be told what to do, I want to lead the little people, tell them what to think -do….”

Not ‘macho’ enough to stand in his Party’s Primary for election, he couldn’t have stood the competition. –But using his ‘actor’ skills, Jay Leno, anger over car tax hike of Gov. Davis, the media and Oprah: he was inserted into the seat by pals. Pals like Ken Lay of ENRON funded, helped him so he could:
‘protect’ Ken Lay from exposure for fraud and from returning $11 Billion bucks Lay extorted/stole from Californians –settle lawsuit filed by then-Gov. Davis against ENRON.

As soon as the foolish voted Ahrmpit into office: he “accepted” $.05 for every $1 ENRON owed Californians –killed the lawsuit.  If Ahrmpit hadn’t done that and other things: California would not be in dire deficit now.

What Now?
There are several things we, Californians, can do to take responsibility –fix this mess.

Remedies such as:

  • Legislature:  entire body should become part-time representatives –and slash their salary IN HALF –saving multi-millions; only ONE car -related expenses per rep; expense account cut to $200. per year; their pension should be reviewed, revised
  • Budget:  state must ‘live’ on what its got –just like every person everywhere; 1. determine:  lowest possible income next three years; pass legislation:  to 2. Remove ALL laws requiring specific per cent of state’s budget be spent for whatever; then divvy up the actual revenue throughout, as usual; 3. some portion:  put aside each year, use in bad years, and savings to bring up /improve bond rating other years
  • Prison, Jail:  each prisoner should have to pay for their incarceration –‘room & board’ –by in-house work or by family payment, so food:  zero cost to state, partial payment of guards; Guards:  cut salary, cut guards; un-used structures in remote areas:  earn revenue –rent out –take in prisoners from other states
  • Education:  not even one K-12 school should be built until full audit of all completed; actual need assessed, determined –whenever
  •  Parents of each school:  should come together, determine what their child’s school lacks, needs; e.g., classroom supplies -textbooks -paint -tutoring; form committee, assign tasks, make a money & time budget; raise funds, e.g. block yard sales, pancake sales, apply for Stimulus funds, etc., get involved –across all parts of school; parents to rotate -spend time in classroom each week
  • Boards:  Studies –surveys –single-issue boards, etc:  jobs handed out to political cronies, as reward.  Either: shut down all or ask those ‘serving’ to accept $100. per year –or $1. for the wealthy cronies
  • Fire Fighters:  audit ALL fires past few years –determine Precisely why fire fights run into millions –item by item; 2. heavily-wooded -mountain fires:  stop using water –costly planes, chemicals –use: bull-dozers & earth to quell fire; 3.  Permits to build in a fire zone:  fee should have fire-fighting cost attached, e.g. additional $100,000.  –no payment, no Permit –no structure allowed; 4.  Major fire: after basic fire-fighter complement, additional fire fighters should be prisoners, at Minimum Wage, not fire-fighters
  • Ballot:  no petition –proposition –amendment –nothing on a future ballot shall include a fixed portion of the state’s budget to be spent
  • Entire state goverment:  should be stream-lined, most of it dumped and re-written
  • Judges:  all judges, throughout state, should have salary cut –at least 25% and pension also —no judge is worth quarter million bucks
  • Elections:  it should be illegal to hold an election besides Primary and General –no more “special” elections –e.g., this election:  cost Los Angeles 28 million bucks; My view:  Bond issues –only property owners should be allowed to vote –not renters, e.g., people who rent:  vote for LAUSD stupid bonds –renters don’t have to pay, property owners do = unfair
  • Bonds:  bond funding Michael J. Fox’s research –re-written –state should be sole holder of any patents arising from research, receive majority of any royalties
  • Voters1.  Grow up, take voting seriously; do homework –read Voter Pamphlet –fine print, websites, newspaper –ignore manipulation, watch debates. 2. If you want to put Serious Fear into politician:  show up –encourage or drag friends -family -co-workers -neighbors to the polls –lots of voters scares the hell outta reps, means people are watching.   3. State: When you voted “For” Term Limits for reps:  it meant that a Short while after rep figured out how to make things happen –they have to leave office, ergo NOBODY around to look out for Long Term interests of state –of voters, disabled, wealthy –nobody –of financials, economy; so who is left?  Lobbyists –they are in charge, they take up the ‘space’ –influence the newbies; lobbyists never leave town, so:  wise up –we need to REMOVE Term Limits from state Legislature –believe it.
  • Taxes:  don’t want to put more into the ‘pot’?  Then:  1.  Use our assets –jack up the cost –steep fee on our natural wilderness –and allow drilling, far off-shore at steep cost.  2. Pass a bill -file suit, whatever, but:  get the Tribal gambling Compacts RE-WRITTEN –at Far better revenue to the state –and immediately
  • Media:  state Legislature should pass a bill to require all local TV in California to offer FREE air time to run campaign ads –if people don’t have to raise millions to run, all offices open to all, not just to millionairs, fat cat back room boys with a Proposition; it’s OUR air waves, media makes money off FREE air, they should give back
  • Governor:  in the “Grow Up” category: we don’t need the next governor to be
    “sexy” “cute” “macho” –no stinking cigars, business predators, actors.   –We need press: to Grow Up, get off their ‘sound bite’ mentality/to ignore the mainstream media bias. –We need Experienced -smart -wise -fiscally responsible —KNOWS how to work with others –look out for the long term -wealthy & poor, working & disabled -the environment –Get Things Done –govern smart, and to keep his hands and zipper closed.  No, not ‘golden boy’ –we need the Golden State restored. Yup, I’ll say it:  we need Attorney General, former Jesuit student -governor Jerry Brown to govern this state –again, ASAP.

The above:  thoughtful, creative, organic, unique daVine Remedies…. I have more ideas, I might come back and add –do you have ideas how to remedy California’s financial mess?  Post ’em if you’ve got ’em!  –NOT an invitation to spam.
* * * * *
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