Thinking for yourself:  Your highest purpose.  Free will:  your right, obligation… daVine

daVine Remedy Authored by…Native Californian, raised by Republican and Democrat parents –in Northern (San Francisco) and Southern (Palos Verdes) California; around:  medicine, classical music, movie biz  = see both sides, without thought-killing ideology, bias.

City life:  Chinatown, Italian treats, formal Persian mysteries, Russian bakery piroshki at the Presidio -with chocolate milk(lol), view…home-grown -canned veggies -fruit…cold crab, steamed by original-Wharf fishermen, stuffed into sour sourdough –Golden Gate Park teas -trees -museums, SF Opera House concerts -ballet, Twin Peaks Flexible Flyer downhill races, Haight-Ashbury library -record store treks, Playland-at-the-Beach, Junior Museum summers… reader, explorer, City-wide drawing contest winner, fixated -how things work -behind façade -TV ads.

Semi-rural life:  horses, winding roads, red tile roofs, top schools, ultra-conservative -ruled –without sidewalks, noise, street lights, much variety – tolerance.

Education:  several colleges, several years; art school.
Business:  own ad agency, Beverly Hills; after burn out:  stock market (day-traded my account), antiques, art; numismatics; property insurance adjuster –for public.

2nd career Purveyor –Middle Eastern, Asian spices, herbs, staples business –to high-end restaurants, hotels, casinos; created, marketed new food:  flavored wraps (widely copied), awarded “California – Twenty Best New Products – 1997.”

All led to 3rd current/career:  nexus of nature -health -politics –remedies; Western beliefs Vs. Nature; distilled in motto:

Nature Doesn’t Make Mistakes

The farther away from Nature, the more dis-ease, disconnection, unhappiness. Translation:  you are not here to sit –quietly, consume toxins, indebted –voice, brains, creativity tamped down –aid/fodder for corporations –living down to what others think ––conformist sheep.

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This blog conforms to journalism standards.  But:  Don’t expect daily post –I write only when I have something to say about what is happening –and Real remedy for it –blogs without remedies just rant.  Sometimes:  post held up for research; many times:  WordPress techs -my computer not compatible.

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