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Turkey: Ab Fab & Fast

First-time Thanksgiving cook?  Turkey Panic?   –Over-slept?  –Hate dry turkey?   I’ve made turkey this way since early 1990s, so good –moist, you’ll wonder why anyone cooks turkey any other way.   NO ocean of salt -fire -expensive equipment -“special” skill -extra hands -multi-hours of basting or sun-rise prep.   Turkey: ready when you want, no matter how big the bird.

           TURKEY —Moist, Delish, Fast

No hours of basting
No dried-out bird
A 10-lb turkey:  ready in about 1½ hours

Which Kind of Turkey to Buy
Organic -frozen -brand-name -fresh?
-“Organic” –If you know what that is: post in Comments; it’s a meaningless ad buzz word for which you’ll pay –plenty
-Want enormous white breast?   –speed-bred for extreme large breast with growth hormones, which affect human hormones, and other chemicals (they don’t have to list); brand-name, frozen -up to months

“organic-fed“:  some surprisingly taste like wallpaper paste, but better than the drug-laced bird> You want “free range“:  turkey free to roam, found its own food –tastiest; order:  poultry shop, kosher butcher; fresh and frozen
In California:   Safeway/Pavilions markets offer a fresh turkey from same supplier (family) since 1947 Diestel –‘free range’ but not labeled that; I’ve found it tastiest, ‘cleanest’ (chemical-free); call to reserve

Best:  avoid any bird with wire –pop-up button –anything inserted into the skin

to thaw:  allow one day for each 5 lb –in fridge, not sink

-clean cloth
-butter -one stick (not margarine, which is hydrogenated/saturated fat, tasteless)
-bread stuffing, seasoned –uncooked
-seasonings (sage, thyme, pepper, salt)
-heavy foil -plus wax paper or parchment paper
-rack -adjustable
-roasting pan

No rack?  Alternative – use:  metal steamer with legs –small colander, upside-down –metal book holder –your goal:  raise bird so it cooks evenly all over

No roasting pan? Yes, you can buy the cheap one-time aluminum foil roaster from supermarket or
Alternative – use:  sheet cake pan or cookie sheet; line with heavy foil, extra long sheets, crimp edge high into a roll, to form side

No cookie sheet?  Use:  wire rack from portable roaster -bbq -toaster-oven -cake cooling rack –cover with heavy foil, create sides 2″ high with foil

Remove gibletseverything stuffed inside the bird –check both cavities

Giblets:  set aside to make gravy or freeze to make broth, soup; fill ice tray for handy small portion

Rinse bird:  if no filter run cold water tap till no odor of chlorine
rinse turkey inside and out thoroughly, drain
pat dry
place on wax paper -parchment or foil, with plenty of space to work

Skin:  Lift —gently separate skin from bird, working fingers around breasts, sides, back as far as possible —gently without tearing; where skin attached to bone:  leave

Stuff:  pack stuffing under the skin, gently, as far as it will go, careful not to tear skin

Interior:  leave empty —nothing inside turkey; legs, wings loose –don’t bind or tuck

Pre-heat oven
remove oven racks so only one, placed at lowest level
425 to 450 degrees –15 to 20 minutes
NOTE:  if you don’t know if temperature is accurate (example:  my oven is 75 degrees hotter than knob temp, so I subtract/lower the knob gauge 75 degrees), then set slightly lower temp (to avoid cooking too-hot)

Baste:  butter -wrapper leave on one end, rub the stick over entire skin

seasoning:  sprinkle salt very lightly –salt draws moisture out of skin; rub pepper between fingers before sprinkling

once:  I spontaneously sprinkled cinnamon, lightly, and it was The most delish of all;  if you’re not into adventure stick with the usual s & p or no seasoning

Placement:  for quick clean-up line roasting pan with foil, place rack raised high as possible in center –bird directly on rack, rounded side up

Cook:  allow :09 to :12 per pound
Check OFTEN —when some skin begins to darken:  cover that part with foil
Rest:   WAIT –Allow bird to rest –Minimum :20 before carving –carve sooner:  juices

will run out = dry meat
Remove stuffing before carving

Whole bird too much?
This method:  also works on parts –buy breast or leg only; gently lift skin, pack with stuffing, cook as above

Frozen turkey: purchase no later than four days ahead, thaw in fridge

Gas oven: call utility provider for appointment to test oven temp., adjust for accuracy –usually for free (in So. Calif); it’s low priority so you’ll have to wait for appointment, best to schedule several days/weeks before holiday, or summer when utility not so busy.

Family members argue about roasting methods –and then make gravy to cover up dry tasteless turkey, but no need.  –Just know: you can sleep in, watch the Parade, see the Game, take the applause —daVine remedy for dry boring bird, gravy unnecessary.  –Moist –tasty turkey!  No arguments….

Pass it on:  local firefighter house -friends, senior adults, residential home -homeless shelter.

Credit:  LOS ANGELES TIMES Test Kitchen, 1991

AS hard as times are now, We have much for which to be grateful, still… America is beautiful country, still… we Can solve our problems, we always have… nothing lasts forever… if you have a home:  be grateful, offer to share it with those who don’t…

                   Wishes for Good Thanksgiving

* * * * *
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Plus Side of Japan Catastrophe: Bombs -Bonds -Food -Fish

An earthquake hit part of Japan –9.0, so fearsome, horrific, powerful –destructive it leveled entire Northern island end and engendered tsunami so large residents, viewers in shock, awe and fear –yet has pluses.

I am not an optimist. –I Always look two -three jumps ahead for behind-scene deceit -corruption -coercion, down-side, down-turns -depression -down-market = opportunities –for exposure, truth.

So to look at result of massive destruction –on careful, competent, conservative country –people:  invites thoughtful positives –many pluses, in my view –some pluses like–

Plus #1
Powering America –any country, on nukes: very VERY stupid. Weasels are crawling out of their lobbyist holes -all kinds of hiding places, to mouth mealy –‘must have nukes’ —

BBC News/PA Wire

energy pot of gold –for them.   But:  we DO NOT “need” nukes –radiation death –legacy of poison for future generations on “buried” left-over toxic waste.  Nope, NO More Nukes –on beach fronts –on “safe” ground –any place, USA.

–They AIN’T “safe” –“clean” –“efficient” –“bargain” energy.  Energy –from nukes –such a “good” idea?

Problem at Plant #1 --and #2 #3 #4

Really?   Okay, two things:
1. IF nukes, plants ‘so good’ –“good” for carbon footprint:  tell me Exactly, specifically WHERE do spent –toxic nuke rods go after they’re used? Which train –which truck, driver will take those rods –WHERE —through your state –to?  Your neighborhood or somebody –anybody else’s?

People in Nevada:  still smarting over promises –LIES The Thug told them when he was campaigning to get into the White House, *poof* AFTER he got “elected” by no-longer supreme court.  Though he promised NOT:  The Thug shipped spent nuke rods.  –There to rest WE HOPE –without leaking –killing generations, for centuries….

But oh gee, President Obama:  shut down the Nevada Yucca Mountain hole in the ground for toxic rods.  Where to tuck toxic waste now –some lawmakers wonder?

2. Nukes –so good:  then let’s put a nuke plant ON the lawn –of the White House.  No? Then How about storing:  at YOUR house?

We DON’T “need” bombs –sub-boats –shelters –plants of nukes.  From now ON:  we demand –reps in Congress– “NO NUKES” in the US.   So lobbyists:  get outta town, go get a decent job.

But WHERE are the French “storing” their toxic radioactive rods —during the YEARS  for those to cool off?  hmm….

US nuke plant ‘managers’ move toxic spent rods –to?

The Valley of the Drums, a toxic waste dump in...

Kentucky toxic waste, Wikipedia

Local utility companies “store” toxic nuke hot and cooled rods:  on site –right on earthquake faults –in neighborhoods –on coasts –IN cities… that would be hit in a tsunami -hurricane -tornado….

REAL daVine Remedy –for climate-changing we Are doing to planet?  Pres. Obama must MUST make an Energy Plan –NOW.  He MUST:  ignore all the money nuke industry shoved at him -Congress while campaigning for office.

Members of Congress who are speaking for nukes:  MUST ignore the $372 MILLION bucks they got from nuke industry.

Plus Number 2:
The ONLY reason the United States can function –pay bills:  bond market –borrowing –every week.  Who buys our bonds –loans us money to keep on keep’n on? Near-biggest buyer:  Japanese.  But Now:  Japan needs its money –and plenty more to reconstruct, get back to normal.

Highly unlikely Japanese will show up: at our weekly beg-fests, loan us big bucks for looong time. So right NOW: we must turn to biggest suckers of our dwindling cash –Penta-goons. Those “patriotic” pushers of TVs into EVERY room of every base and jets, weapons, tanks —extra unwanted motors NOBODY needs –so they can fight the last war Penta-goons screwed up, and Scream: “No More.”

‘Patriotic’ Penta-goons –their pencil-pushers and political pischers (sorry, lol) put the squeeze on Congress/our money, year after years.  They got bases –plants –suppliers –contractors in EVERY state to “prevent” Congress members from ‘straying’ from Their bottom-less paycheck ‘reservation.’

“Their” obscene Budget MUST get slashed $100 Billion now, $100 billion next year –every year until: they are the size WE can afford, actually need —NOT “defense industry”-wanted size. Industrial military complex: making America weak –killing America.

NO MORE “supplemental” budget so Nobody knows REAL total Penta-goons suck out of our economy –out of us.

Gravy train: pulls into station, lays over until they get the message, get realistic. How realistic? The people they are fighting in Afghanistan: use crude cheap IUDs hand-shoved into sandy roads –blow up trucks -tanks -convoys -military with “hardware” costs no more than ten-buck bill at a hardware store.

Penta-goons fighting that on billion-buck a week budget –with bloated equipment-cost, FOR-PROFIT contractors. –That’s NOT counting actual $9 Billion American dollars shipped they actually LOST –the $18 BILLION American money shipped -handed out to locals, no receipt by rep of last White House occupant. ENOUGH.

We HAVE to cut our expenses –to match our income. We could cut food stamps -education -payment to disabled, retired –or dump what we DON’T need: Penta-goon’s budget. We could wait –till no one loans us any more money -we’re desperate –or we could slash it NOW.

Plus #3
Producers, Investors, Speculators –looking at Japan’s losses -future need for lumber, steel, fuel, food, etc., are making ‘bets’ –speculating, which way various markets -prices go. Speculation –changes the price –of all, to all.

Chicago Board of Trade

Commodities –cotton, cocoa, beef, sugar, wheat –soybeans –oil –price of gas, trade daily on US Commodity exchange. Example: coffee beans cost $168 last year, but speculators have driven price to $267, by yesterday. Hence, though US economy has zero inflation: that cuppa joe will cost You more; that ‘bargain’ burger costing more to produce, price passed on to You. –Increases passed on to those who cannot pay more, hence riots in Middle east.

Market Should –used to work: those connected to actual commodity production, farmers -granaries -shippers, etc, bought/sold options to protect future price/hedge against Future outcome.

But now: Wall Street weasels, many bloated with cash reaped off Bank Bailout, shoving money into commodity exchange, speculating to make even more dough.

What does it “cost” to speculate?
Investors: allowed to take a position with only 10%. Remedy –to protect commodity price?

President Obama:  should –demand regulators get Funded –DO their job AND call for change in commodity market.

One remedy –to keep the market ‘free’ –fair –flowing, Pres. Obama could, possibly, call for a two-tier market.

Tier One:  for commodity producers –continue to put up only 10% to take a futures position.

Tier Two:  for non-producers, those investing -speculating in the market –be forced to put up 100% cash, and no more margin, to take a position. Then: require new high tax on profit; no tax deduction on losses.

Now: speculators heavily invested in commodities, and in stock market, their “income”? While we, 98% of Americans, sofa-dive for coin to pay for gas, groceries –Middle easterners rioting over price of wheat, fruit, veg –food: wealthy speculators, earning most of their income in the market, pay less tax than You -anyone; their profits –income, taxed at only 15%.

You can whine about prices for food –clothing –gas to family, friends or: You can make a Difference —Write to Pres. Obama –to your reps in Congress.

Demand Commodity Market controls be enforced –speculators get no more margin –charged, taxed more.

If they Don’t hear from You:
President, Congress reps WILL assume you’re ‘fine’ with soaring costs -gas price –no tax or curbs on speculators, do nothing.

Sorry, but Plus 4 –ocean orgy…end
I read about the quake

smashed fishing boats,

only minutes after it happened, my First thought:  the world has asked, begged –demanded Japanese stop killing whales –clubbing dolphins –removing all tuna.

As I watched the ensuing tsunami sweep fishing boats into streets -bridges -rubble, I knew:  they would have NO boats to destroy sea creatures.

If you’re a Baby Boomer you may remember –how Yellow fin tuna tasted, how delish, when you were a child….  Now tuna population so depleted:  at risk –entire species disappearing –near-extinct thanks to Japanese fishing methods -thanks to sushi.

Japanese fishermen:  kill unwanted fish getting/netting tuna –plus remove too many tuna.

Car atop boat atop building,

But Now:  left Alone fish have strong chance to survive –reproduce –escape.  It’s daVine Remedy –for sea life.

Sorry, but devastation in Japan:  a Plus for sea creatures….

Organic -creative -wise —daVine remedy for taking far too much from the sea… now not able to take ANY…. Nature… taking revenge… balance.

daVine Remedy –to protect wild fish –Help those helping the sea:  send donation to Green Peace Heal the Bay –your favorite environmental non-profit.

daVine Remedy –to help suffering Japanese?
I wouldn’t trust Red Cross to hold my lunch. –You forgot what they did with 9/11 donations?  They bought office supplies -furniture and bonused themselves.  When they learned their blood —AIDS-taintedrefused to stop supply –or even test.  Women in childbirth, hemophiliacs, surgery patients –killed by Red Cross blood.   After 1994 Northridge earthquake newly homeless ‘Got’:  no motel vouchers -grocery -gas -clothes vouchers -bus tokens -help -Red Cross Indifference.  I know:  I –thousands asked. Salvation Army did the heavy lifting, Red Cross:  refused.

Red Cross:  is a For-profit Business, keeps as much as possible.  If you send donation to them “for” Japanese survivors:  you have SHORT memory and, sorry, no brains.

Donate to Japanese relief–
the hottest scam going.  DO NOT respond in ANY way to ANY message you receive. Click on a ‘donate’ link:  you’ll get virus -Trojan horse -ripped off –bank account wiped out.

To donate Contact:  closest or Washington, DC Japanese Embassy or Consulate Or find an organization Yourself

For any org:  ask HOW they will get the money to Japanese government -people –get Details, verify to determine legitimacy.

daVine Remedy –to get safe -clean –renewable energy?
DONATE National Resource Defense Council the organization, among other successes, that got cars, toxins, garbage removed from Hudson River –river so CLEAN -restored, fish returned, humans swim  Does more than just care about environment -creatures -your health.  –Join for news -ideas -tips -events or donate –any amount: nrdc –I’ve followed them for years, they are superb, trustworthy.

Donate to the oldest US environmental group — Sierra Club our lobbyist, only one registered to lobby US Congress for us.

Are YOU smarter than Japanese?
Japanese: quake-hardened people, yet no personal emergency kit –now: waiting in 14-hour lines –hoping for “ten items only” –from scarce stores. ACTUALLY assemble –your own personal get-outta-trouble kit, find here:


usgov kit list

make your own kit –SF Chronicle

Or You can hide under the covers–
Don’t assemble supplies: after disaster –fire, flood, tornado, quake, hurricane, explosion –walk around begging for help, IF You can walk. But, duh, If everyone did that: we’d all die.

daVine remedy –Get a clue:
assemble a kit THIS WEEK –one for car/work, one at home. If not: don’t whine -beg for water, too later.

– – – – –

You want to Know–
what’s going on –WHOLE objective story –hate ads:   You need to support our “eyes, ears” watching government –reporters can’t do the job for free –donate to PBS

* * * * *

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February 15, 2011: Tasty Toothy Truthiness –Today

Though I’m recovering from both recent move and illness, still, have got the energy, barely, to oogle the tellie –whatever did we do before we had the brilliance of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert….

Last night Colbert announced a Valentine for everyone
he created a flavor with Ben & Jerry Ice cream called “AmeriCone” and today –today only, if you buy a scoop –another will be given FREEEeeee!

Colbert Flavor

vanilla with fudge chunks and caramel-covered waffle cone two-for-one is only for February 15, 2011 –but:  You can buy the flavor all year –donations to Colbert’s foundation for wounded soldiers all year.

Stephen Colbert in New York City at Border's s...

Image via Wikipedia

Stephen Colbert:  will give his portion of the proceeds to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.   –How’s that for Truthiness –you don’t hear any such from The Dick or The Thug who Ordered those soldiers to go in to battle –where they got injured.  Oh well, now that they don’t have government-paid staff –aides aiding their every word, probably somebody just forgot to tell them to donate —DO a thing to make up for putting them in harm’s way —causing wounds, injuries, death.   Oh well, they’ll probably get around to thinking about that, eventually.

Meanwhile, till then:  find local Ben & Jerry store today
–grab a scoop + one.  If it’s still cold outside:  just ask for both scoops in a cup and pop into your freezer till ice cream weather arrives!

daVine –Stephen Colbert –Truthiness –new flavor –donating.   Pass along/e-mail this to family -friends -co-workers -neighbors -club members –whole PTA.  Bon Appetite.

NOTE: To read more here’s links, but I don’t have speakers hooked up so don’t know what they “say”…—scoops-of-americone-dream –scroll/see:  right side

Ben & Jerry’s –Find a store (Colbert’s flavor under “s” for Stephen),


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End of 2010: Tastes, Taxies, Taxes, Teas, Toppers, TV odds, ends

No one needs a calendar  –we Know:   but no matter How Much we Think we prepared, it does no good, December arrives –with chaos.  We scream, silently, ‘WHY isn’t there Another week in this month’ …ah well.

So busy:  forgot to buy cocoa –the good one:  imported Droste…when I first found it:  a box cost $3 -something, last year $11 -something, who knows this year… but winter without it –borrrr-ing… it probably costs less from the Internet, but who wants to wait…  and didn’t even Think –remember to get Broguiere’s, Best egg nog made by anyone –in glass bottle, from the last dairy still standing in Los Angeles.  I’ve never found -created an egg nog that even comes close to being as good….  It’s even a pleasure to take the bottle back, for recycling and refund.  Well, guess no chance of any now, next year?   

Prosecco –with tiny taste of tangerine juice, still delish for New Year’s morning Parade watching….

Bottega Louie…Lousy Louie???
I just wanted some bread, good crusty bakery loaf… trudged down to the “deli”… Somebody, please, Explain that place to me… when it opened last year:  I so wanted to like it –I tried, really hard to …like it.  First you have to cope –noise bouncing, off every hard white marble surface, everywhere –“music” –so loud your brain, ears happy for street noise… then you have to wait –till the oh-so-hip behind the counter finish talking –to each other –so many clumped back there it’s a mystery… but they way ain’t interested in talking to Customers….

In the beginning:  fat loaves –multi-grain whole wheat, de-lish –and yippee: they had Walnettos, favorite of every boomer who remembers the tiny squares that just fit in tiny pockets…great oatmeal cookies, 3/$1.  Deli case:  loaded with excellent choices, not all consistently good –not all consistently available, but pasta -Chinese tofu noodles -mac & cheese -veggies w/unique sauces –very worth the trip, even with the cheese choices –$10 to $14 More per pound than anywhere else…

Then once just before 7 pm:  All of it GONE, except the noise.  Completely empty deli case –“oh, we don’t do that any more” –no deli –no dinner to go –in the evening???  —Loaves: reduced to saucer-size, but still at $5+.  In conversations with waiting others:  bad reviews on various menu choices–“never order pizza”–so I gave whole thing a pass, for months. 

But wanting Bread, popped in –and shouldn’t have bothered:  entire deli case –filled with Nothing to eat –all sugar, colored up for holidays –where’s the Food?  “Deli at the end wall” –one plate each:  fish -chicken -pig -broccoli…slim pickens…for vegetarian…. 

Dead-center of loft central, full of singles, But: No communal table –no comfortable, cozy creative dinner –no To Go choices –and:  No more visits to arrogant noisy stuck up over-priced lousy Louie.  How the heck:   are they still in business?

But Search Continues –WHERE is the great Bakery
–between Silver Lake and downtown?  Half a dozen chocolatiers shops –but No bakery bread –‘homemade’ pie –good cookies???   How’s that Possible in town full of foodies –and ‘famous’ chefs???  Ya, and good luck hunting up “local bakery” on The Internets….

Rituals…London, Mexico, Manhattan…San Francisco…Los Angeles…no matter where in the world, no matter what Else:  always Afternoon Tea, journal writing, on my birthday… some place beautiful, special… this year:  bad table, which I liked anyway –great service –scrumptous Tea. 

Elegant tiny tasty sandwiches –though some places serve as courses, next on the epergne:  scones missing, replaced with odd but tasty pumpkin square and clotted crème -French jams; next:  elegant chocolate shapes of delight, then fourth of more –dipped strawberry, a fruit triangle, a chocolate ‘cake’ encased in dark chocolate…instead of tea -strong coffee, which makes British waiters laugh, but no one minded sherry, a very good one, substituted for champagne, which I think never goes with chocolate, went Very well with all the tiny fine arts… and writing, about the year, at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel, downtown…. Superb service, earned every bit of large tip….

Do the teabaggers, the actual ones –not the ones ‘manufactured’ by the Koch brothers and Karl-crush-Democrats-Rove, Get:  if EVERY department -agency -bureau –employee of federal government was closed –shut down –fired, the Amount “saved” Would NOT equal the Amount Owed on our Debt?  Do they?

I’ve done enough homework to KNOW:  people who have “joined” Tea… party:  mostly retired –mostly collecting Disability –Social Security –Unemployment checks –BUT:  they ‘want’ Government in Reduced size–just not THEIR part –that sends checks…. 

So ill-informed people, sipping tea, DON’T UNDERSTAND how government Really works:  gave away their vote –to the un-witch –the uninformed angry –the muddle-brained –the newbie –Put responsible Republicans in Serious No-win situation.

If the Republicans who Know what they’re doing:  keep on doing whatever –diss the “will” of Teabaggers –booted in two years.  The Ignorant newbies:  claim they don’t mind if they’re booted in two years.  In the meanwhile?  The old hands:  will ‘reward’ those that funded them –Wall Street weasels –Penta-goon contractors –medical insurance moochers.  –So the rest of us will get –good and screwed.

The Regulators –who are supposed to Watch –that the rules get followed, follow the few allowed to do Whatever, create more Madoffs without funding to follow any.  The rich:  will get So Much richer…  When:  will the screwed-over march in the street –march on Washington, assuming they Have enough to eat to march anywhere.

Republicans –Could have ‘baked’ really good loaves –reduced to reverting to revisionary role –revved by Teabaggers wanting ‘yesteryear’ that Never was. 

Meanwhile:  those who gave senior adults the ‘Donut’ –prescription drug ‘hole’ –two un-funded wars –relaxation of rules that rocketed Forty THOUSAND manufacturing companies OUT of the US –blindness to torture -lies –violations:  still at it.

Republicans:  either Truly Don’t understand monetary policy –Ben Bernanke’s shanigans –How to create jobs –or do, but want to make Pres. Obama Look Bad, will Do Nada….  Those shocked to arrive at the curb –of home they used to own, stolen by un-regulated un-investigated do-nothing Darrell Issa:  will ask ‘what now’…and will get back sound of Silence.

Bankster bastards –corporate weasels, Target -Haliburton -oily boys -Chamber of horrors ‘commerce’ crowd, Wall Steet weasels –abetted by the no-supreme boys on the bench:  will, eventually, twist the United States of America into a knot so rife with corruption it will take Middle-class -middle-wage earners rioting to un-do.

WHOM do They Imagine:  will be their ‘customers’ if middle-class ex mortgage holders –ex employed –morphed into home-less mob?

Employed Americans –would morph the Debt –the Deficit –the Devaluation of the dollar back to Do-able.  But not on THIS path….

Personally:  I’m de-lighted the Elephants have enough members to control the House.  The rounded-up recipe of dysfunctional Republicans –who only mouth the Talking Points –cannot even begin to Deliver any thing that matters.  –Just a ‘release’ valve, for the Glenn Becky ginned up ignorant Teabaggers, will occupy the seats for only two years.  –You’ll see:  two years will zip by….

Hey, Taxi…
Some downtown things: seemed smarter by taxi… driver to the Biltmore: nice person, and swiped the card; taxi driver from the Biltmore: not so much… I knew instantly: a dirty guy –claimed ‘don’t worry about meter, I not charge you’ –while meter tick -tick -$3 more than identical trip to same destination.

Next day I called the company to say so, but discovered: neither got paid –magnent strip back of the card not working? Not into theft: I called first company, gave details to get driver paid. Second company: told me to “quit harassing” them when I tried to do the same.  Pretty strange –who drives people –uses up gas –for free?

daVine Lesson, in Los Angeles:  Checker cab –check.  But Bell cab –only if you’re a boob, they are bonkers.

UnTax…The Rich…
At holiday party: I met a man usually nobody usually meets. Consultant –to Democratic causes, campaigns, candidates –just as he was headed for the door. Still smarting –from the bloodless bout Pres. Obama ‘fought’ with the elephants over taxes, and still miffed, mystified, I asked his take on entire Don’t Tax the Rich deal.

He grinned broadly and said: it was brilliant of Obama; he said people have No Idea how little the Republicans care about ‘little’ people. If he hadn’t made the deal: he wouldn’t have gotten all the things he got out of it, it was very very smart.” Oh

Okay…but I Still need somebody to Explain: WHY richest 2% of Americans CANNOT speak up –DO the right thing –PAY 4% more tax when the law was WRITTEN for them to Go Back to paying 39% –one of world’s lowest tax rates. Warren Buffet, richest person in US, pays 14% while his secretary pays 35% tax –and the fairness –the debt –the righeousness of that is???

Oprah –Steve Forbes –CEO of Burglars of America (BofA) –Goldman Sachs –Koch brothers: DON’T PAY fair share –amount of tax code, but Do enjoy the benefits –and ‘patriot’ reputation —Why? They ain’t daVine….

Just Top-of-the-head Topper…
I wanted a hat –thick, stylish –warm hat for the cold. Sheesh, I may have wanted a trip on a SST. Google “hat” –pick a neighborhood, any area –and Good Luck with that. For all the ‘hot’ –tech toy –apps –wise guy stuff: The ‘Internets’ REALLY have Looong way to go.

You CANNOT FIND a Place to buy a hat. At least with the good old Yellow Pages: if you know the alphabet –turn to “H” and have at it. No Way does THAT work –for finding Good hat…. Amazon has hats…5,700 of them…total number you can try on: zero. By the time I Find: winter no longer daVine….

Senators, at least the ones that count: didn’t seem to care: they actually voted –to let a company that provides ‘pipes’ –also provide the content that goes THROUGH their very own pipes…thus: in about two weeks Comcast, the guys who started out their corporate life with Really Lousy reputation, will take over parts of NBC….

What, do you suppose, are the odds: we, the viewers of content, will get Good Stuff out of those pipes? We’ll be Lucky to get Odds, Ends –leftover junk… reporters –journalistic standards –ethics??? Ya, right. KNBC on-air readers: turned into mush –gooey, disgusting bores now, how much worse will it get with people who don’t know ANY thing about delivering News –doing reporting.

People on TV: ‘do’ cooking segments
–So gross. WHEN will Somebody TELL them: it is Tacky –Low class –diz-gusting to EAT on camera? Sheesh, did ALL come from low-class homes with Zero manners??? What do they: Imagine a viewer gets out of seeing them chomp away? Not diz-gusting Enough: they try to TALK with packed cheeks. Really: How Dumb are these people? –Not a single one has director with brains, class?

Ah well, while we were busy with the holidays…FCC: voted for Net Neutrality …daVine…
Eventually: we won’t have to bother with pipe-fitters –trash news –sly FOX or any junk dealers. We will pull what we want, when we want it off the Internet –Everything we want except good bread -deli -hats -politicians, news… not so daVine ….

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End of 2010: Odds, Ends

In a country that does nothing whatsoever to Prevent corporations that speed-fry ‘food’ –devoid of nutrition –market-target children:   Odd that children developing serious problems –health issues previously weren’t seen except in adults of advanced age?   Ya, surprise, surprise.  WHY can’t they leave children Alone.

Do the old white males who run Rose Parade fiefdom –even Know what goes on in the Real World?  The old white bores:  Only interested in means to their Ends –publicity, free of course, so their choice for “Marshall” of Rose Parade? 

They chose  Queen of fat –a ‘chef’ who, if you have ever seen her cook, you know:  makes THE MOST diz-gusting –unappetizing –fat-laden stuff of anyone, anywhere.  Stuff she throws into a bowl:  makes one’s arteries clop clop -clog just watching.  WHY is she, Paula Dean, some kind of symbol for 122nd Rose Parade???

More proof the Old White Guys:   live in their own world?  You:  won’t see the Parade next New Year’s, thanks to those pea-brains.  BOOKMARK this page:   come back later to Sign a Petition –to demand they Drop their Bias –SHOW the Parade next year.

He Who Admires nazies…
End of the Year means:  END to the squatter in California’s “governor” seat, FINALLY.  IF You are one of the rare few who doesn’t know:  Gov. Ahrmpit Arnold admires hitler –“admires” what he “achieved” –“…he rose from nothing, to be a leader –for the little people… I want to do that.”  –THAT’s who You/7o% of Californians thought would be “cool” –“macho” to do the Hard Actual work of running government.

“Macho”  sexual predator –documented by eight women reporters found BEFORE the Ignorant arrogant predator elected –many many more who refused to work  on any picture, because of him.  What are the Odds:  You are happy Now?

Think California’s debt crisis problems:  due to “recession”?  Odds are you do, but:  Not True.   First Day Ahrmpit’s butt hit the seat HE cost us $11 BILLION bucks, pay-back to his patron who PUT him up for office –and the Real Reason he ran:  to help pig Ken Lay, dead CEO of ENRON.  Gov. Ahrmpit:  stopped the lawsuit filed by Governor Gray Davis against ENRON for illegal shut-off of electricity throughout California.  Gov. Ahrmpit:  accepted $.05 for every $1 Ken Lay owed us. oh well? 

Era of Stupid, Incompetence:  Ends Good riddance to old nazi-lover trash –he ends his disgrace in Our state when Breath of FRESH air —Jerry Brown  is inaugurated Governor –Monday January 3, 2011 –11 am (televised) —daVine

Proper, Smart, Quality governing begins…  What do you think:  should be First order of business?  –Post in Comments, below.

Odds are you won’t Agree, but, My choice:  I say we put End to the LOBBYISTS –out of business –put our Elected representatives in charge of Looking OUT for the state –long-range view.  How? 

As soon as an elected rep learns the ‘ropes’ around Sacramento:  their term Ends –out of office.   Who doesn’t leave?  Lobbyists –they are at EVERY rep’s door, every day –with checks –getting bills written for their bosses –not for long-term Interest of California.  What are the Odds : WE can get Good Smart Government out of THAT?  –daVine Remedy to run government: TERM LIMITS in state government HAVE to go.

Proof?  Two members of Legislature:  one Termed Out –so he ran for seat of another termed out –and now:  Swapping offices, literally, since one address isn’t in the District, here in So Cal.   Since Thanksgiving:  one shut off his phone –while staff of the other Waited –to find out amount of the Moving Budget and when the check would arrive.  Totally stupid –un-daVine

Odds Are: You THINK You Know –Best Burger…
But I double-dare you, to pop over to Pasadena:  get in line at drive-thru window of Orean —on Lake, be patient –then order a burger –better make that two, you’ll want one in the fridge, for lunch later, get it with ‘fries’ and then, unless you’re made of very tough stuff, pull into a parking space

–find out if that isn’t The End –the Best burger in all of So California… daVine….  and Yes, I’ve had hole-in-the-wall –hotsy-totsy Exec chef –and all the other offerings, Nothing comes Close to OreandaVine

Then go back:  ask them if you can sign a Petition –to get them to come back/open a branch in LA –Silver Lake –Echo Park –or Hollywood, where they used to be.

Security –Social Type
Tea-baggers believe, apparently, they can End:  the federal account of working Americans for some security when an employee doesn’t work any more.  Though they haven’t even taken their seats, every one of them mouthing the words –inaccurately: “Social Security is broke”

WHAT are the Odds —they Each came up with that phrase –by themselves?  –WHO programmed them –and so fast?  SS:  Ain’t ‘broke.’  It is FUNDED through next several decades –WE ARE funding it with Every paycheck.  So WHY do Old and NEW Elephants–my 2011 word for those of Republi-cant persuasion–say this stuff?

If you were busy passing notes to that cute one, few rows over –when you Should have been paying attention in History:  you would Know –Elephants loathe –despise –revile President Roosevelt, the one who was elected to office four times -successfully prosecuted World War II –brought the country through worst Depression in US history.

Stock Market crashed –banks took everyone’s money and just closed their doors –and life Ended for One worker out of every four –jobless, homeless, broke and ripped off –beyond destitute, but elderly people no longer had the ability to fend for themselves.  Pres. Roosevelt: saw elderly people living in the street. Roosevelt:  started Social Security. 

Oddly: Elephants still hate Roosevelt –Hate Social Security , Lord only knows why –it’s SELF-funded.  They don’t care: their hatred Bottomless.

Odds are it should be Tweaked a bit, since American expected life-span runs to late 70’s and 80’s:
-Those who do repetitive, and hard-labor jobs –assembly line, waitress in diners, etc, for twenty -thirty years:  should probably get earlier start, age 62 –63
-non-physical labor employees, middle-range wages:  change to age 69 -70
-Those with “6 figure X” pension and savings by say age 60 –should NOT receive any Social Security checks –giving money to ‘retired’ Millionaires, Billionaires:  obscene. 
Yes, it’s called ‘means-testing’ and it Should End ‘one size fits all‘ –All of it changed ASAP.

My opinion feds should run PSAs, non-stop:
‘Amount you need to live today –Save enough money every month to enable you to live the same/comfortably when you aren’t able to work any more –Start Saving TODAY’ 

SS should be One leg –of Three-legged stool:  SSprivate pensionpersonal savings –and two of those should be in investments that gets more than just the measly tenth of 1% stupid banksters paying now.

But END Social Security???  Elephants:  should get a grip –move on to constructive use of their time, cuz it Ain’t Gonna happen.  Period.

The Gooey Chase is On…
Odds are, unless you don’t own a TV, you cannot miss ‘warm fuzzy’ come on ads by Chase Bank started about a year ago in California –to come get a credit card.

–Never pull out Chase card –they’re chasing Californians after New Yorkers quit doing business with the banksters chasing homeowners out of their homes.

All the Banksters:  KNEW Congress was going to ‘mess’ with their ‘credit’ card scam –the jacked up rates –“late” fees, etc., etc.

Best Revenge –End the Banksters
Who needs Congress: YOU Be the Change you want to see. Take your money OUT –of Burglars of America (BofA), Chase chasing you, Citi –Wells Fargo fiasco –using un-educated mortgage “servicers” to STEAL homes –without even any papers, bankster BASTARDs that Caused the recession –got rescued by Taxpayers –and paid themselves millions in ‘bonus’ with the ‘rescue’ money.

–It’s the Right thing to —END your account –shut it and move to an institution that Does have Ethics —ISN’T about grotesque theft.

Find:  a credit union –way NOT hard to do. Once you bank with one:  you will LOVE it, I Promise, I’ve had one for over three decades. –ATM fees: $0 –Checks –this & that stuff:  same; you are a member, they Don’t gouge, they will actually get to know your name.

Account insured –and for much more than bankster limit.  Plus: You CAN have a debit card/credit card –without ‘jerked’ interest rate.  Can also get LOW cost loan to buy a home, a car; a pension, savings account.  Some:  have ROTH-IRAs.  Live -work -school in Pasadena? You qualify for E-Central credit union, on Fair Oaks.

We CAN ‘starve’ the banksters —End them, in every state –unless they get ethics –or bankruptcy.  –There’s more of us than them.

Make it a Promise to Yourself:  before January Ends –do some homework, find a credit union or a decent bankclose your bankster account –cut up their “credit” card –move money to a decent institution.  It’s the patriotic thing to do.  —daVine Remedy for pigs, thieves.

Google “credit union” in your area; ask each the qualifications to open account.
Or:  ONE Calif. Bank –started three years ago, by people appalled at what’s gone on with banksters –set up for low-income loans for homes, small biz.

No credit union made lousy mortgages -sold junk mortgage pieces to Pension funds –then demanded billions from Taxpayers after greedy failure.

NO credit union went bankrupt/got taken over –wiped out pensions or caused the recession.

If Americans Watch Dummies…
If you dumb-down your brain –watch Really worthless married –hoarding –desperate –pregnant –over-populating women –help make cable stations rich:  what are the Odds you will End your ability to Think –have anything worthwhile to say –become as dumb as what you watch?  100%

Sly FOX “News”…
If you watch local, cable version of sly “news” –how will you find out the truth –the facts –the rest of the story?  How can we END America’s slide –expect Next generation to compete in the world: if YOU watch the lies, the junk, the mangled facts, mixed up ‘history’ –misinformation put out by Rupert Murdoch  and his dummies?

Watched local sly FOX during election?  You saw the bobble-heads, none are real reporters, slant every bit of coverage on candidates –to favor the Republicans –whether or not they were good candidates or even had a Clue what they were talking about.

In Los Angeles:  three Sundays before November 2 election the local mental midget on sly FOX started out every sentence with slanted description of Meg-the-elephant-Whitman –and in person cut off opposing candidate Jerry Brown repeatedly.

Sly FOX “news” –when you’re watching:  ask yourself ‘why are they showing THIS –what aren’t they showing –why aren’t they asking the hard questions –where is the proof of ANY thing they say?’ –Then END your addiction to manipulation:  change the channel

–No?  Then DON’T whine, wonder why your representative in Congress takes money from Wall Street –and gives YOU ‘lip service’ –but NEVER ever any Real help -solutions to the country’s problems.

Come back:  More Odds, Ends later.


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Things That Aren’t Here Any More: Brains, Class, Stephanie Edwards

Probably like you, this author’s New Year’s Day includes certain long-time habits….  Even though only a few miles from the Actual parade:  snuggled in on the sofa, in ‘jammies’ surrounded by The Snack and the telly. 

Though the ‘jammies’ long-replaced with cozy red or black or striped kind of long-johns, the palate long-since evolved in sophistication, The Snack always included.  –Silly dated tasty: dry Onion Soup Mix -mixed with sour cream and, since Trader Joe’s “ran out of the best chips”-say what???-instead, saltine crackers.  

To Go with:  de-lish white wine, sparkling… Medjool dates…carefully-made egg-salad with green onions, on seeded corn rye triangles… medley of organic tomatoes with goat cheese, on whole wheat triangles…tiny Brussels sprouts, roasted, dusted with Parmesan cheese…ripe tangerines… Miss Gracelet –fudge cake…in the French Press:  organic coffee beans…yum….

When I turn on “Rose Parade” -I wanna watch roses -flowers –floating in amazing shapes…I Don’t want to watch people –goose-stepping down the boulevard, striped pants, dumb tall hats, batons –flipping in the wind. -It’s the “Rose Parade’ -why band followed by band, band, band? 

–Bands crammed in, ad nausea…sheesh, after the band of each college that will play in the Rose Bowl -after some prize-winner or some such other special band, why, Please, are there More bands –then MORE –followed by horses –and MORE bands? 

Really, I’d like to know:  WHO is the audience–for band-ad nausea palooza -parents, grandparents, siblings of the marchers, Then Who wants to WATCH people march -in a band???

Tournament of Roses Committee:   the floats Don’t –they whiz past cameras –so fast, nearly impossible to See. Forget It -can all those bands, Please.

While I’m at it:  Get into THIS century, please.  This is the 119th Tournament –119 years ago:  you made a pact -not to have the Parade on a Sunday -so the floats, and the noise and the cars, wouldn’t scare the horses ‘parked’ in front of churches, for worshipers attending Christian services.   Jewish people don’t worship on Sundays–Muslims, Buddhists -millions of others don’t.  It is Time –at least Pretend you aren’t a bunch of WASPs –white Anglo-Saxon Protestant old white guys, oblivious to the Real World.  –TRY to evolve.

Dumb Rules:  Change it.  –No body takes a horse to church -anymore, believe it.   -WHAT is more depressing than First day of the New Year and NO Parade?  Stop pandering, favoring one religion over ALL others. The Parade should be ON January 1 -whatever day of the week that happens to be. Fix it.

daVine Remedy:  Floats on January 1 -any/every day of the week.

Good Thing…
It’s a good thing, good things to eat:  what’s on TV isn’t…some stations “think” violence –guns –garbage –sell-ebrities “news” appropriate, during the holidays.  Other individuals:  missing the decency gene. 

19 months ago today, this blog, daVine Remedy , went live.  Since then the second-highest most clicked-on:  posts about Stephanie Edwards –booted from the KTLA Rose Parade commentary booth.*  

Stephanie Edwards:  bright, charming, witty, personable, smart…fun -maybe the Best commentator of any, anywhere, booted out of the booth -flung into the bleachers -during major rain-storm, to do ‘color’ from the curb, while two bores bored each other, Los Angelenos and all viewers of the “Rose Parade” two years ago –by bone-heads ‘running’ KTLA.  Why? 

The female who took Stephanie Edwards seat–she cannot be called
“replacement”-so dull, frumpy, dumb, it is True Mystery Why she has Any job on TV–most likely hired:  to pander to ONE ethnic group of viewers…though there are Only five -eight(?) TV stations broadcasting in non-English already, to pander to that ethnic group.  The rest of us???

Her “partner” in pedestrian palaver:  a dried up old bore, without the brains G-d gave chickens -“I attended Pasadena City College, for three weeks” -the guy who didn’t notice/care he told an anti-Semitic joke -into a live mic -on camera, to Roger Moore, doing a documentary, “Roger & Me” on GM’s shut-down of an auto plant.  You Know someone is Old Bore:  when they say Exact same sentences -every year, year after year after year.  -So trite:  you can hit the “mute” button -look at the picture -KNOW what he is saying about it.  

Those bores –instead of the splendid Stephanie:
a downer…spoils the Parade….

KTLA:  no class.  No brains. 

daVine Remedy  -Dump the dummy and the duffus –bring back Stephanie

UPDATE Stephanie! Yes!

After Parade: The Game
If you aren’t a fan -of football -sports -college games –don’t know: in Los Angeles, we all still get hypnotized –The Game –Pasadena’s Rose Bowl.  This year:  Illinois and USC faced off over pigskin….

Flat out admit:  this author doesn’t read Sports page, of any newspaper –heck, can barely keep up with all the food -political -environmental reading, can hardly find time, or interest, in another subject.  -So this author isn’t aware if anyone has already said, written it, so I will:  USC: plays d-i-r-t-y.

It doesn’t matter–What else the coach, the players of USC do, They commit more fouls than any other team.  -It is rare, it seems, for a play run by USC to finish -without punctuation of a flag.    -Yanking a shoulder -facemask -elbow -ankle -whatever.  From “unsportsmanship” –They steal -they trick –well-worn phrase from the refs -pointing to the brat brawlers, listing the grievance, the yardage lost in penalty. 

For full disclosure:  this author a supporter of UCLA -and got that way from years of seeing the garbage out of the bores of the over-rich, the arrogant, the Might Makes Right believers.  Every person I’ve ever met, known who came out of USC:  believes they are “superior” -privileged -somehow entitled -to use “Disabled” parking stickers to park in front of the door of any store, any market –cut in front of the line; pay others to take the test, write the papers. 

I once interviewed interns, for my Beverly Hills-based ad agency.  With some reservations, I chose one -from USC.  On the day she was to begin:  no show.  I called herand got:  “I told my parents I was going to work in an agency; they said I wasn’t going to go into advertising.”  So much, for adulthood, responsibility, manners….  The Job Counselor was just as appalled.  The intern who Wanted the job:  was delighted –and happy, when it turned into a paying job, with varied unusual tasks and freedom to set the priorities.

Their pretty-boy millionaire coach
Reputation -for aggression at recruiting players.  His aggression -at seeing those young players get an education?  Not on anybody’s radar, not, apparently, important…or even relevant?  How many of the students -turned out after playing football for him, turned out with an education or an NFL contract -or ability to provide themselves with a living?How many the millionaire coach recruits -wind up with paid rent -new clothes -parents’ bills paid -free tuition, quietly thumbing nose at the rules -for everybody else?  See:  Reggie Bush –and How Many others?

Oh –USC isn’t crammed full of brats?  Really?
Their daddies: just a few weeks ago, tried to strong-arm the Commissioners who manage the Coliseum –to get their way –to get luxury boxes –‘better’ lights –‘special’ parking –perks –Control –of The CITY’S arena –so the brats could play in –luxury.

–The Coliseum, good enough –for 1984 Olympics –for Los Angeles residents, “not” good enough for fat cat daddies of the darlings who prance around USC campus. Ya, right. Way Cool, Commissioners –and Rose Bowl managers, way to go, Both refused to cave to the whiners! –Not Even for $100 Million-buck ‘sweetener.’ Way Cool.

USC:  no brains, no class. 

daVine Remedy  -in the New Year, may USC get Every thing they have Earned -including a seat on the sofa, in their jammies, watching the 2009 Rose Bowl game…as UCLA Proves who has the class.

During boring parts of the Parade, the bands, and the commercials during the Game:  “mute” button?  Nope.  Nice little treat, courtesy of other end of TV dial:  “The Honeymooners” -marathon, on KDOC, channel 56.  Delightful, fun, funny.  Good old golden oldie. Sweet.

So for a Really Good 2008:  we need A Change –to look forward to Stephanie Edwards, back where she belongs, fewer bands, way less/invisible USC…and Democrats, everywhere, elected to federal office…May “8” be a Very Good Year…daVine Remedy!

(*–Only:  the cardinal thug Roger & his Taj Mahony monument to himself and abetting -enabling -hiding child rapist “priests” in his employ, and the post on church’s cash, $660 million, he used to buy his way out of the trial -evaded admitting crimes he committed, gets more readership.)

* * * * *
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The Year? Football Did It!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know:  author cares passionately –about several subjects, facts are checked, sticks to journalistic ethics, so this page may surprise. If you’ve never read it before: you will probably decide the author is nuts! Either way: I know what I know….

One evening while sitting in the bar of a restaurant, waiting for a table and friends, shortly after moving back to Los Angeles from San Francisco, I was watching TV.  I was able to move back thanks to the large check my last employer handed me, out of guilt when he eliminated my job.  It was Time to leave San Francisco, I had had way more than enough.  Specifically:  after art school I looked for a job –189 times.  I had so many interviews and follow-up correspondence, with so many people, I started keeping detailed notes so I didn’t get them confused.  There were no jobs, for me. 

But Los Angeles, with three interviews set up:  landed a plum –on my first interview, with a title, benefits, creative autonomy and perks; I had a car and, gulp, an apartment in Beverly Hills.  It was a very good time.

So I was watching the TV over the bar –a football game.  Table and friends appeared, game over.  I made a mental note, about the winner.  I kept thinking about that game all evening.  That week-end I went to the library and looked up past records. The same team:  had won that game the previous year.  I began paying attention.

Flash forward several years:  Majority of Americans had voted for one candidate… the no-longer supreme court:  blocked the doorway –stoped the clock they started –told disenfranchised voters, whose ballots were thrown in the trash, ‘too bad, get out of the way, it’s pay-back time to our patrons’ –then inserted their choice into the Oval Office…. 

It was stunning…I had fear….  I was so outraged I actually did something I never even thought of before:  I wrote to the no-longer supreme court.  The team had lost that year. The team had lost…I knew what was coming –oh, not the Specifics, but the gist of it….

Though I was too young to have any context for it, and the volume was stupefying:  I watched every second of the Watergate Hearings of Tricky Dick Nixon –and the re-runs late into every night.  But I Never ever thought I would see, in my lifetime, a person Actually worse than Tricky…but I could feel it…I Knew…. 

Hunkered down, I watched, barely exhaling –BAM  –they missed the catch in the end zone –last few seconds of the game…last few seconds –I groaned as I hit the “off” button –just as the doorbell rang. –Oh, the delivery men, bringing the long-awaited new sofa, just in time for Thanksgiving, great!  –Maybe:  It wouldn’t be true, this year.  Wrong.  After waiting for that sofa to arrive:  there were the men and the truck, on the promised day:  they had the wrong sofa…It had started…..  no-longer supreme sling-shotted their boy into the Oval….  And so it began….

A cat stuck in the crawl space between the ceiling and the roof…flat tires…hot tooth…so much more:  I stopped telling people, the volume was so great I started to sound, well, nutty.

The following year:  the team lost, again…I opened the door to my warehouse –water floated out –along with papers and some boxes –entire warehouse was flooded… no orders could be shipped, drums of spices were lost, antique rug, furniture, everything soaked…took three weeks to move out.

The next year:  the team lost…one of my parents died, suddenly, a few months later…. 

Over 3,000 Americans –unarmed innocent civilians, murdered. The team lost again…or vice versa…. The next twelve months, I barely moved, as I watched the news –all morning, afternoons, all night…when I did venture out, only for must-do errands, get back in the car –it wouldn’t start –completely dead, nothing wrong with the new battery, just dead –and stranded, so many times AAA wrote me a letter, they weren’t happy, neither was I…it rained on my head –in four rooms of my home…every thing with a nose: tried to get into my home through the gap of the breakfast room French doors leading to the garden –possum, feral cats, skunk, spiders, moths…endless parade…mail was stolen…then the mailbox….

Oval Office Occupant: lobbed the Nation’s Guard –out of the country, first into Afghanistan…where the Rummy gave ‘thumbs up’ on the order to shoot to kill –two entire wedding parties: murdereded, bad guys killed with them: zero….

There wasn’t any reason to watch, I knew, so I didn’t, I just heard it on the ten o’clock news –who needed to actually See the team loose….

Apparently the chair of the joints didn’t want to look, either, he actually told Bob Schiefer on “Face the Nation” –that he didn’t look at the Report he received from the International Red Cross –for several months –or even before he went on camera, but he did look at the pictures of Iraqis, detained, on no charges –humiliated –damaged —stripped naked –tortured…in prison under US military control –with ‘no one’ in charge –till they decided the female general they told to sit in the corner, mind her own buisness, stay out of it, was to “blame.” They demoted her, Blackwater
“contractors” –who ordered the grunts to do the “softening Up” walked away, un-caught –un-accountable –uncharged, un-named.

The team:  repeat ‘performance’ –for the next two years.

“Patriot” Act of theft –librarians silenced…FBI incompetence exposed: a translator detailed, on “60 Minutes” how her supervisor thought it was “perfect” opportunity –to get more money out of Congress, for translators. She found her previous day’s work: deleted in the morning, she was working on making Arabic messages useful to field agents, but she was working ‘too fast.’ FBI: had an informant –living IN the house with two of the killers of the 3,000. –FBI bureaucrats: permission to seize a suspect’s computer –Denied. –All Saudis: rounded up, across the country –allowed to leave the country day after 9-11 –the only plane allowed to fly –not a single one questioned. –Antiquated rules, protocol, computers. –The only agent who linked all the terrorists AND the Plan: fired merely months before the attack, for a petty infranction, murdered in one of the New York towers struck by torpedo planes.

“Rose petals and kisses” –morphed into garbage –toxic water –no electricty –museum –hospital –home –no school children or military or grandfathers or infants or heads safe….

US borrowing billions of dollars, every week, I told my aunt. She didn’t believe me, said she hadn’t heard anything about that, where was that happening. I told her the Only way the Occupant could run his fake war was to run weekly bond auctions–IF the Chinese showed up.

And so it went…I waited for reporters –every stripe of media to get into it –debate –public outrage –at least: Full airing of facts. But instead all: cowed by the fear of being ‘tainted’ with “un-Patriotic”….  Silence was defening.

Floods…tsunami…death…murder…incompetence…mendacity…piled onto more deaths..hurricane..bodies floating in sewage…lies, more lies and damn lies.

Then I felt it –I Knew, so I watched:  It was Thrilling. It was A Thing of Beauty. When it was over: I stood up and applauded, grining ear to ear. The team won…IT was Over!

What happened?  Nine –count ’em, NINE of those avaricious self-serving rats –“quit” –“retired” –shoved –pushed off the bridge –thrown under the bus –garroted. Exposed. Fired. GONE.  –NOT counting those who Got a whiff of what the “right” wing nutters were selling –and the stench that accompanied it, and jumped the ship before they were shoved, like the first Secretary of the Treasury.

The Dick, who spoke for NO raped military woman, stood up for NO returned injured -maimed -surgical patient who got the VA dance of death –protected NOBODY, except the bodies in the coffins at Dover Airforce –from a female photographer and from reporters –chair of the joints:  booted.

The little Nell, who worshipped at his feet, thrown to the “religious” wolves then thrown out the door when she didn’t perform.

The Rummie…who Ordered generals NOT to read hundreds of pages, written by the knowledgeable, on what would happen AFTER the “war” –the night goggles, water, Kevlar vests, hardened transport, maps, Exit Plan –NOT sent, got a sore bottom as his ass hit the tarmac, his face ground into the blame he EARNED.

The good little toadie tossed in way over his head at the Department of Justice –humiliated, revealed, exposed and turned out.

Every lie: exposed. Every incompetence: revealed. Republi-cants: loose control of the House. –Loose absolute control of the Senate. Occupant: rendered impotent.

The Team: won in 2006.

Wal-Mart “low” prices –to China –to Dafur: exposed. The Chinese have beve dropped communism –for the vast wealth, the billions hauled in by slave labor and $.71 an hour wages –which begot a wealthy class with a taste, then an addiction, fed by GM for oil –an Suddanese terrorists, who don’t have a problem raping, murdering –women, babies, children, all the men. –Exposed.

But the year also brought millions to foreclosure and bankruptcy? Millions more: can now afford to buy a home –at a Reasonable Realistic price, while the avaricious speculators, stuck with condos they never intended to occupy –deservedly stuck with mortgage bills.

It Also brought: drought –famine –200 new species added to the Engandered List?  It also brought: a Noble Peace Prize –for the Planet –to the man who should have been President.  –Affront to the Pres. of Vice and His oily boys network.  The Criminal behaviour of the Pentagoons and their sordid VA:  exposed –on the front page –getting cleaned up, the rat bureaucrats Fired.

It’s all Good. Nearly every lie: exposed. Lame and limping, with an eroded, shell-shocked base –millions more disgusted. Nature: does Not make mistakes… daVine perfect justice….

My entire household and even the entire garden:  was packed, moved, put in storage –I had to go live in a hotel –for two months –several things were stolen –I returned with 106 boxes, plus 18 more from the hotel, can’t find a dam thing, not ready for the holidays, way hope nobody comes over.  But: almost entirely repaired, don’t fear rain, everything is freshly painted, most things work –can see the squirrels chase each other in the 100-year old walnut trees, everything is clean.  Nobody in my life died or was injured.  Though my car was stolen, gone, I am Home.  I found maybe The Best lawyer on the planet, or, at least in the US.  I know who stole my car, we’re suing. Justice… daVine….

So what now….. Well: the Game is on –Saturday, December 1, 2007…USC vs UCLA…. Who will win that Game…what will happen in the next twelve months? I Think…I know…but it is not a Strong image…does that mean it will be Tie game? Dunno…. If you follow the Rivalry, you already know which team won/brought This year’s fortune…if you know nothing about American football, nevermind the LONG-standing rivalry, this may all seem Absurd….

Let’s leave it: Hope for the RIGHT team to win…I don’t think the country, or I, could stand another loss….

* * * * *

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