Turkey: Ab Fab & Fast

First-time Thanksgiving cook?  Turkey Panic?   –Over-slept?  –Hate dry turkey?   I’ve made turkey this way since early 1990s, so good –moist, you’ll wonder why anyone cooks turkey any other way.   NO ocean of salt -fire -expensive equipment -“special” skill -extra hands -multi-hours of basting or sun-rise prep.   Turkey: ready when you want, no matter how big the bird.

           TURKEY —Moist, Delish, Fast

No hours of basting
No dried-out bird
A 10-lb turkey:  ready in about 1½ hours

Which Kind of Turkey to Buy
Organic -frozen -brand-name -fresh?
-“Organic” –If you know what that is: post in Comments; it’s a meaningless ad buzz word for which you’ll pay –plenty
-Want enormous white breast?   –speed-bred for extreme large breast with growth hormones, which affect human hormones, and other chemicals (they don’t have to list); brand-name, frozen -up to months

“organic-fed“:  some surprisingly taste like wallpaper paste, but better than the drug-laced bird> You want “free range“:  turkey free to roam, found its own food –tastiest; order:  poultry shop, kosher butcher; fresh and frozen
In California:   Safeway/Pavilions markets offer a fresh turkey from same supplier (family) since 1947 Diestel –‘free range’ but not labeled that; I’ve found it tastiest, ‘cleanest’ (chemical-free); call to reserve

Best:  avoid any bird with wire –pop-up button –anything inserted into the skin

to thaw:  allow one day for each 5 lb –in fridge, not sink

-clean cloth
-butter -one stick (not margarine, which is hydrogenated/saturated fat, tasteless)
-bread stuffing, seasoned –uncooked
-seasonings (sage, thyme, pepper, salt)
-heavy foil -plus wax paper or parchment paper
-rack -adjustable
-roasting pan

No rack?  Alternative – use:  metal steamer with legs –small colander, upside-down –metal book holder –your goal:  raise bird so it cooks evenly all over

No roasting pan? Yes, you can buy the cheap one-time aluminum foil roaster from supermarket or
Alternative – use:  sheet cake pan or cookie sheet; line with heavy foil, extra long sheets, crimp edge high into a roll, to form side

No cookie sheet?  Use:  wire rack from portable roaster -bbq -toaster-oven -cake cooling rack –cover with heavy foil, create sides 2″ high with foil

Remove gibletseverything stuffed inside the bird –check both cavities

Giblets:  set aside to make gravy or freeze to make broth, soup; fill ice tray for handy small portion

Rinse bird:  if no filter run cold water tap till no odor of chlorine
rinse turkey inside and out thoroughly, drain
pat dry
place on wax paper -parchment or foil, with plenty of space to work

Skin:  Lift —gently separate skin from bird, working fingers around breasts, sides, back as far as possible —gently without tearing; where skin attached to bone:  leave

Stuff:  pack stuffing under the skin, gently, as far as it will go, careful not to tear skin

Interior:  leave empty —nothing inside turkey; legs, wings loose –don’t bind or tuck

Pre-heat oven
remove oven racks so only one, placed at lowest level
425 to 450 degrees –15 to 20 minutes
NOTE:  if you don’t know if temperature is accurate (example:  my oven is 75 degrees hotter than knob temp, so I subtract/lower the knob gauge 75 degrees), then set slightly lower temp (to avoid cooking too-hot)

Baste:  butter -wrapper leave on one end, rub the stick over entire skin

seasoning:  sprinkle salt very lightly –salt draws moisture out of skin; rub pepper between fingers before sprinkling

once:  I spontaneously sprinkled cinnamon, lightly, and it was The most delish of all;  if you’re not into adventure stick with the usual s & p or no seasoning

Placement:  for quick clean-up line roasting pan with foil, place rack raised high as possible in center –bird directly on rack, rounded side up

Cook:  allow :09 to :12 per pound
Check OFTEN —when some skin begins to darken:  cover that part with foil
Rest:   WAIT –Allow bird to rest –Minimum :20 before carving –carve sooner:  juices

will run out = dry meat
Remove stuffing before carving

Whole bird too much?
This method:  also works on parts –buy breast or leg only; gently lift skin, pack with stuffing, cook as above

Frozen turkey: purchase no later than four days ahead, thaw in fridge

Gas oven: call utility provider for appointment to test oven temp., adjust for accuracy –usually for free (in So. Calif); it’s low priority so you’ll have to wait for appointment, best to schedule several days/weeks before holiday, or summer when utility not so busy.

Family members argue about roasting methods –and then make gravy to cover up dry tasteless turkey, but no need.  –Just know: you can sleep in, watch the Parade, see the Game, take the applause —daVine remedy for dry boring bird, gravy unnecessary.  –Moist –tasty turkey!  No arguments….

Pass it on:  local firefighter house -friends, senior adults, residential home -homeless shelter.

Credit:  LOS ANGELES TIMES Test Kitchen, 1991

AS hard as times are now, We have much for which to be grateful, still… America is beautiful country, still… we Can solve our problems, we always have… nothing lasts forever… if you have a home:  be grateful, offer to share it with those who don’t…

                   Wishes for Good Thanksgiving

* * * * *
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Veteran Home: A Remedy

Happy Chanukah

The fun-loving frat boys –who fell into the maw that was Vietnam… still haunt me…

Old men start war –send young men to settle the score…

I cannot hire –hug –thank vets coming home now, I do not know any.

I do know:  I could do nothing to stop the war in Vietnam

I do know:  I did all that I could to prevent war in Afghanistan -in Iraq

I do know:  the “men” who occupied the White House –started the last two wars –lied.  They lied about the “reasons” to start the wars –they lied to Americans, the world.  I knew they lied –and wrote, actually begged them to abort their hideous plans….  They did not listen, they’re not listening now.

I know:  Young men, women paid the price of those lies

Thanks - For Those Who Served And Those Who St...

Image by Capt Kodak via FlickrAll Better.

Many hate us, and many protect us –whether in the places I think they should be or not…

Today is Veteran’s Day –the day to honor those who do the thankless job… I could not possibly engage -fight in war  –live with its effects –survive it, hell I cannot even stand violence on the tube…

One cannot come home from war unmarred –and just Get On with “regular” life…

I cannot change what happened –cannot, in the words of my once-three-year old sibling, Make it All Better…saying “thanks” seems inadequate… so I offer this for the returning vet with PTSD…

One particularly bad day I came home –to an empty home, livid at things -people -events that were crushing me.  Punching a wall way wasn’t going to “fix” a thing –no dog around I could –would kick, or kiss, but full of frustration –the obvious was obviously wrong –I did the opposite, something I’d never done before.  It changed me, for all time.

I offer as possible Remedy for all that comes home with the veteran of war

Go into a room where you can close the door

shut out any light, turn off any source of sound –shut off the phone

lie down on the floor –not sofa -bed -chaise -chair, stretch out on the floor

as you lay there things will come into your mind –bits, pieces –junk –images –overheard sentences –sounds, maybe odors –stuff will pour in –if this thing was put with that it would make whatever –images from childhood –forgotten sounds  –pictures –‘left-overs’…

let all pour in –don’t censor Any –whatever floats in:  let it  –let it all go in/out

stay on the floor –let all the babble -sound -sights flow/crash through, float out –don’t try to prevent a thing from appearing

stay on the floor –as long as it takes until:  your mind becomes quiet… no images -babble -chatter -junk… breath in deeply, exhale the bad air…

when your mind becomes quiet:  allow yourself to feel the peace –force nothing… stay on the floor

if you stay on the floor, fully stretched out, long enough -your mind is quiet:  you may ‘hear’ a thought –maybe two things that don’t ‘belong’ together –an idea will come together in a fresh way –maybe you will ‘hear’ a new way –get a fix on a thing –a person in a new insight… maybe:   ‘hear’ nothing at all… no information –maybe that will be the point:  peace, silence…

Once your mind is quiet:  you can Listen –you can hear things you wouldn’t hear any other way.  You can do this at the end of the day –throughout the day –at the start of your day, whyever -whenever you want –but always -only on the floor….

You will Know:  when to rise… you may feel refreshed, feel nothing at all –absence of tension… then rise, slowly

I began that day, shortly after my 22nd birthday, and done this all my life.  It changed me.

After you’ve done this I welcome comments on your experience.  I do not know that this will cure the ravages of war, but I offer to honor you on Veteran’s Day… with hope for Peace.

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Drugs -Rap -Rape –America: Bankrupt?

On the day transcripts are released that show Tricky Dick, disgraced President, lied:  we learn the details –an employee walked into a locker room –saw an old man in a shower –his penis in a little boy with his arms  on shower wall –and he?  –Punched the old pig –grabed the child –yelled for help –called cops?

Witness to horrific crime:  walked away –went home -called his father -they went to the head coach Next Day….  Police?  Naw, the employee wants to stay in the club house –keep his job –his mouth Shut.

The raped child?  Just collateral damage –damaged childhood, so what….

I’ve thought this before, and if you weren’t around at the time Know:  when the vile Tricky Dick used his position –office of the Presidency to “settle” old scores, part of the shock of the things he did –the legacy of what he did.  For maybe the first time:  a person who was Supposed to Lead –morally bankrupt.

During the Watergate Hearings on Tricky Dick’s corruption was forever riveting –reverberant testimony of a young staffer who told the superb Committee:  “stay away from Washington”…if you have principles….

Except:  Tricky Dick’s rot has spread….  Don’t feel good:  take a pill –71% of Americans take prescription meds –the rare ? teen who doesn’t ‘do’ drugs –while, often, listening to trash sold as “music” that trashes -dehumanizes women –created by people with zero talent –who defile race, never extol the Things That Matter –“rap”

The child in the shower –four YEARS after a child raped by the same vile stinking piece of puke –but the District Attorney, of  Pennsylvania, somehow ‘buried’  first criminal exposure of rape.  –The “first” rape of a child –in locker room?   A puke doesn’t suddenly start raping children in his 50’s –diseased garbage like him have looong history of destroying children –from way back.  Who knew then –Who protected the children from university money-maker “athletic” puke  –How many children –over the decades?

WHO has Character in America –WHO is above ‘I’ve got mine/too bad for you/I want More’?  WHO in Congress stands up for Doing the Right Thing –resists the influence Money wants to buy?  –WHO on Wall Street looks at shoveling garbage mortgages to the guardians of pensions –says This Wrong/Won’t Do?

See something –Say Something?

The “conservative” Party –who Believe in the Constitution –put on Another Show & Tell last night –demonstrated they Know Nothing, Care About No one.   Clean air, drinkable water?   –One For eliminating Certainly the department charged in the Constitution with Census –counting us, in the Commerce Department –we~ don’t~need~no ~stink’n~ed-u-kat’n –and for Sure uhm…uhm –oops ‘stepped in it’ when he couldn’t ‘member The Third department he Definitely intends to shut when he’s for Sure the Press-i-dent, the One who has signed off on execution of more people than any in US history….

–One  –“over-worked” so much had an affair and sued his wife for divorce –while she was in hospital bed fighting cancer –he and wife #3 rang up $1/2 Million bucks ‘credit’  at a jewelry store for he “doesn’t remember on what” –but chided the “media” for ‘failing to accurately report how economy functions’…

One doesn’t care –the number who Some Day will need medical care:  100% –Determined any way to delete government Plan for Americans’ health needs –as candidate & spouse run a ‘clinic’ -on government funds that will ‘pray away the gay’ –as they collect salary -funds -giveaways  –for not growing crops to “run” their farm…

–One –knows nada on international affairs -finance -economy –amused at getting outted  for sexual assault  on several women –witnessed, who wanted employment -not servicing his penis –two:  given year’s salary compensation –for being treated as garbage receptacle… each woman:  someone’s daughter –amusing??

One wants ALL Americans:   to follow his Ideology –take away rights of women, minorities –regulation on finance, food, nation’s assets –too bad if others hold competing views…

One wants government to Dono things, nothing at all –find our own way to deal with port, bridge, road, train track repair –predatory practices –regulatory oversight –shore up defense, military on our own –newly-ill should suck it up, at least get out of everyone else’s way…

One bastardized an entire corporation, un-employed thousands to pocket $millions –and stands For —every side of every issue, so he cannot be ‘nailed’ for a thing…

One –right brains -experience -knowledge –but his Party’s wrong “religion” to be Commander-in-Chief of dysfunctional  nation…

the Dwarf Gang wasn’t all there:  they won’t let two others –shout~it~out~with~glee….   Presidential wannabes –the crazies Americans -creatures -planet can choke on….

As the world watches debt-ridden Greece, soon Italy, fall into the abyss…
a nice looking, well-spoken man, the Head of the Fed, Bernanke, quietly, oh so quietly  –printing ever more money –backed by Nothing –to cover our troubled waters –will Destroy America…  America –choking on oily boys’ tax-rebates on oil -coal choking the planet –everyone taking –pulling away from the middle, No One punching –putting back –rescuing….

daVine Remedy
You don’t understand complicated currency markets –international debt, but You can:  Prepare for future –Pay Yourself First, mimic Chinese save 30% —grow your own veggies, some herbs —tell yourself -children “other priorities” than newest shiny objects…

NOT  gobble quick toxic “food” –drugs –massive debt –enticements by burglars of America  —NOT be sheep for corporations —keep plastic out of sightshop Corner commerce, not corpulent corporations… Demand those you gave your Vote to –vote for Best Interest of the country.   You Can do organic -creative -thoughtful things to Help –self –neighbors –America… YOU can push back.

And Today–

I called Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences –heard, in my own ear:   Billy Crystal will be next Academy Awards host –hand out the Oscars!  Best news I’ve heard all year… Yippeee.  daVine Remedy… Bon Appetite!

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ALERT Republican Lie #1: Post Office

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers

Thanks for popping in —and  Since you’re here could you do me a favor –take some papers across the country for me –I need them in upstate New York in a few days –I’m willing to pay …oh let’s say –$.50

Republicans say:   Post Office doesn’t work

This is not the first lie Republicans have told, nor the biggest lie –but the most urgent lie.  Rally:  Tuesday September 27

Who would —go all that way –to a rural address –work for so little money?   US Post Office –would not only pick up my papers, but Guarantee to deliver Directly to address –within only a few days –for so little money.

US Post Office –“not profitable, near bankrupt –bloated with too many employees,  reduce the workforce –a for-profit company could do it better, privatize PO”  –True?

Pop Quiz

  1. PO relatively new idea ‘borrowed’ from others, outdated *True *False
  2. UPS, FedEx:  make more money, do job better than PO *True *False
  3. Americans like PO, taxpayers should keep funding OOO*True *False
  4. PO doesn’t make money -0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*True *False


  1. FALSE -Benjamin Franklin was actually the ‘father’ of the Post Office –founders put the Post Office in the US Constitution, the oldest institution in America
  2. FALSE  -Every day UPS and FedEx:  use the PO to ship their packages that would not be profitable for them to deliver –e.g., to rural addresses
  3. FALSE -It’s a trick question:  though government oversees their function –PO receives NO federal money –taxpayers stopped funding the Post Office in 1982
  4. FALSE -PO makes money every year, 1st quarter 2011:  made  over $240 Million profit

So what’s going on?
Polls:   over 80% of Americans like the Post Office –support it –need it –want it to stick around, care about it.  Last year:  US Post Office did $65 Billion dollars of business and makes a profit every quarter.   So:  Why is PO saying they are broke?  What’s going on?  –Too many Postal offices –too many employees?

I’ve been using same post office for years, I know the employees:  Workforce  cut long ago, during Ronald Reagan recession, 1982.  –One employee moves from office to office —every two hours.   Now most offices don’t have enough staff and my long-time friend must fill in –all over town.  How would you like to sit down to work –then move –to a new desk –all day, every day?

Why doesn’t the Post Office have money –Why does director of Post Office say they’re broke –why are Republicans complaining?

New Rule
During the last Administration –when Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House:   they changed the rules.  Republicans made laws that require the Post Office to fund next 75 Years of health benefits for employees  –within 10 years.

No business anywhere in the world, public or private –could pay 75 years worth of bills in only ten years –and still stay in business.

Why did the Republicans change the laws –require benefits be paid in advance?  You’ll have to ask Republicans.

What is known:  Republicans do not like unions, they want Post Office to fire needed employees –bust unions –in violation of numerous previously-agreed contracts, so thousands of employees –could join millions of already-unemployed.  Why?  Ask Republicans.

What is the solution –organic, creative, thoughtful Remedy for this craziness?   You can get angry –or you can get over to a Post Office –join millions of Americans  Tuesday September 27 –across the US:  protest –closing of Post Offices –firing of needed employees –destroying Post Offices

Find a rally in your area to Save America’s Postal Service here

Find out if your representative in Congress supports the Post Office –or is part of the problem –then download Petition –sign it –send it to friends –take it to the rally

Who Else Still delivers to Every Address?
You can get angry –or you can get busy Saving our Postal Service –for farmers –for ‘unprofitable’ rural communities  –for inner cities –for ALL Americans.

For-Profit Private corporation:  would NOT deliver to Every address in America.

Note:  if you lose  a Money Order bought from For-Profit corporation, e.g., Western Union, PayDay Loan, etc., it will cost you Minimum $12+ replacement charge –and No Guarantee they will replace  lost MO; Post Office:  charges half the cost, guarantees replacement.

daVine Remedy:   Rally to Save America’s Postal Service here  now

Tuesday September 27, 2011 –or Don’t complain later

This is the first in a series –

to see entire series bookmark:   daVine Remedy https://davineremedy.wordpress.com 

–then send to your friends

Disclosure:  author raised by a Republican and a Democrat, moderates, who each eventually married respective extremists; doesn’t believe in any ideology -looks at issues, candidates on individual merit.


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US DEBT Penta-goons, ex Generals: Un-American?

I’ve been spending summer reading books –drilling down on Who -What -Where -How of monstrous mess we’re in now.

From all of it I’m writing a series, which I’ll publish later on, from all that I’ve learned, there is so much to say -so much that Congress has done that hasn’t gotten the ‘Sunshine’ it deserves….

But I cannot get past a page of one book –so full of specifics, that I’ve renewed it three times.  So much to say hard to choose just one headline….

But consider:   People, like the ignorant fool Ben Stein, Republicans, right-wingers, war-lovers, The Thug & The Dick who got the US into war to help their pals, et al, say “Don’t cut Defense” –which sounds ‘reasonable’ –until it gets Translated:

Some US generals, retired, formed a group, a corporation; they went back to their very good pals still on the job and:   got a defense contract worth $400 Million bucks…  taxes they paid on that income?   Squat –Zero

–they registered the “headquarters” of their little corporation:  in a tidy little building –in a tidy little mailbox in a tidy little off-shore country that doesn’t bother with taxes -reporting -paperwork –noticing who pays the rent….

Then the ex generals:  went back to their very good pals and got another contract –worth $1 BILLION bucks –and kept All the money on that too –even the Payroll taxes their employees Should have paid to US government, but didn’t cuz, they’re ‘working’ for an off-shore biz.

The ex generals:  are retired –as in You, me, all tax-paying Americans pay their pension –perks –medical –all their benefits.  Our ‘reward’ –they triple-dip, we get the bill.  THIS is “defense” –this is how/why I call the five-sided vultures who reside in “Defense” department:  Penta-goons.

Every –EVERY year:  they FIND things to buy –to INCREASE the money they got the previous year, from “our” representatives in Congress, so they can justify putting out their paws each new year and saying “more, please.”

–Injured returning vets –forced to apply for medical aide:  to SEVENTEEN different departments –with 17 un-coordinated computer programs that don’t ‘line up’ = nearly Impossible to receive aide.

–Tell returning injured vets ‘go live over there’ –and wait ’till we get to you’ –rat-infested, mold-infested slum housing –until reporter Dana Priestly of Washington Post exposed the kind of housing Penta-goons didn’t ‘mind’ –miraculously cleaned up when the story hit print.

Penta-goons  don’t have a prob –when Congress Removed Usury laws –or when dozens of un-regulated paycheck ‘loaners’ opened shop just outside bases in nearly every state, so military, who cannot possibly understand the ‘fine’ print, wind up owing so much interest on a “simple” loan eventually they have nothing to live on.

Penta-goons got no interest in looking out for young unsophisticated new recruits –and all those instant loan sharks waiting for them….

Penta-goons far too ‘busy’ to bother:  when burglars of America, I call them, “foreclose” on a house of military serving in war zone –even if the bankster cannot PROVE they are the lender –even if military home-owner NOT in default –even if bank weasels Violate specific laws that Prevent them from foreclosing when military owner is In a War Zone.  Penta-goons can’t be bothered to bother with any of that.

“Support” our troops?

As the Penta-goons got ever-larger budgets during The Thug & The Dick years –for un-paid wars:  Penta-goons shipped Nation’s Guard to go fight war in mountains, in desert –but didn’t ship night goggles –maps –bullet-proof vests –hardened transport –nor even enough waterbullets

-You forgot:    parents -mothers raised the money to buy Kevlar bullet-proof vests for years –because Penta-goons couldn’t be bothered to order -pay.

All that:  “Patriotic” –the “American Way”?  They make me want to puke on them.

daVine Remedy for Penta-goons:  slash their/our budget Two-thirds –so the military genius generals –and lobbyists for war-profiteers, entire military-industrial-complex who are running the country into bankruptcy, have to do Smart Efficient Hard-work things, NOT suck blood –on a second/spare un-wanted billion-buck engine for un-wanted un-needed jet Nobody has any use for/doesn’t even work.

Penta-goons need to Actually defend the country, NOT spend our very hard-earned money –ten times more than Any other country –so they can fight the last war they lost.  They need a new definition of the American Way.  –daVine

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“…covered your asses” 9/11 –Criminals –Holes

Tom Brokaw said he was doing a  program about September 11.

I respect Tom Brokaw, grew up watching former NBC nightly news anchor, one of the few who has journalistic standards, ethics.  He informed –without drippy emotion, drivel, ‘darling’ animal junk. He wrote about the Greatest Generation, who fought nazies in WW II.

I turned on the two-hour program, worked on the computer as he did the tick-tock about the day of September 11, 2001.  I waited for the second hour.

Everyone, except those born since then, already Knows the details of that beautiful hideous fall day.   Americans know –the who -what -when minutia.  We Don’t Know:  Why.
Brokaw didn’t deliver.   The minutia -the personal stories on and on.  Nothing to learn.

By Saturday afternoon:  it was apparent –the mega-corporate media were doing Me Too only –no program on any channel –not one, went beyond the tear level.  I was steamed. WHERE was The Rest of the Story…

Though 3,000 miles away, I was up, TV on that dawn –I saw the pictures –the first plane –fiery Tower. I saw the second jet slam  Tower 2 –said to myself:  why… who has been doing what –that somebody hates us so much they would do that…

By the time–
jet crashed in Washington –jet smashed into Pennsylvania field –all all planes ordered to land immediately, I was angry.   –Angry at it, angry I’d been so busy hadn’t kept up, didn’t have Clue One what was going on, Why.

The Internet –wasn’t so easy -full of info ten years ago, but I kept TV on non-stop as I plowed through everything I could find.  I was plenty suspicious….

Stunned –The Thug & The Dick had been shot-putted into the White House –not by votes but via no-longer supreme court –I wasn’t over it (never will be).      What had the CIA been doing, on their watch.

–Then Announcement:  NORAD alerted, sent to shoot down hijacked planes –Air Force sent in wrong direction??? I flat Didn’t Believe that was possible…

–The Thug –shown in a school room, open book -children seated in front of him –he sat reading after told what happened –sat –fake concern look –sat…seven minutes…

Haven’t met anyone who remembers–
I heard reporters Next day,  jumbled frightening, bizarre story:  “FBI removed a man from a San Diego house who has been living with two of the men who flew the planes” –repeated many times by many, but only that day, NEVER mentioned again.  –Why not

–HOW the hell Could FBI have a snitch —IN the house but DIDN’T Know what was going to happen??  –What was he doing there –who was he –What DID he know –How long was he there –How did they come to put him in That house –WHERE did they take him…

Day After–
a plane –ONLY plane allowed in the sky –swooped over the US –picked up Saudis, flew them OUT of the US… Why… Who Knew where they all were… Why did they go…

Who could risk going to sleep…
–Los Angeles –with so many famous parts -people –next?   With dread, I expected hit…

Stupid media — ‘reported’ repeats, night, day –until… the onion started to get peeled… The Thug had been given a Report –in January–nine months before: “Osama bin Evil Wants to Fly Plane into American Building” –o…m…g

SHOWED –actual Report –his response “okay, now you’ve covered your asses” –Say WHAT? “Commander”-in-Chief mouths off to Intelligence officers –“covered” as in:  he was expecting it –KNEW –say what??  –But —doesn’t Order:  airport personnel to Step Up –double-check ID -passengers -Visas -Passports??   –Not Word One to police departments –to listeners of ‘chatter’ –to Air Force –NOBODY?   Huh?

–Somebody told YOU: your home going to be burgled, you would –DO Nothing??

Told “Go shop”
–while Nation’s Guard tossed OUT of the country –without enough night goggles, water, maps or even bullets –to attack country with ZERO ability to attack this one —DIDN’T attack, nothing whatsoever to do with attack or terrorists …so Why

Senators told ‘Sign here’
Handed a 1,600-page document night before the morning vote –just happened to be ready only weeks after the  attack –makes Americans “secure” –strips us of liberty –of Rights Guaranteed in the Constitution, that orders librarians to become spies or be fired… WHY

Contractor, pals of The Dick
Get No Bid, No Compete contract –to serve up ice cream, hot meals and laundry at THREE bucks a pound in the desert —LOCAL $.64 gas –at $4. a gallon to the military and interrogators–unqualified–who answer to No One, who humiliate -torture Iraqis… with photos…

daVine Remedy –on Penta-goons?

The general, female, told -not to command, sit in the corner mouth shut, blame HER for contractors’ abuse… Demoted –she resigns in protest –NOBODY investigates… ship only a female private to prison… everyone else involved –goes free…Why

NO Penta-goon hauled before Congress
contractors still walking around, pockets loaded with American borrowed dough –but they DON’T pay any tax on it, American pals of The Dick –registered their corporation —off-shore, in tax-free place, so all the money they got from us, thanks to the Penta-goons –they Keep…

But: good ol’ Dicky, “Chief” of the Joints, Admits on “FACE THE NATION” –he received evidence of abuse on hundreds –illegally detained –Iraqi prisoners –Three MONTHS earlier, from European Red Cross –but didn’t LOOK at it…his butt also not hauled up before any investigative committee…

In our name: decades-old treaties WE wrote, after WW II, signed by all the decent, violated –humans on no evidence, tortured…

WHEN will Any over-paid ‘reporter’ tell the John O’Neil story –ever?  The One Person who figured out the terrorists –connected the dots –tried to tell ‘management’ –fired by FBI for trivial/fake infraction –took a job as head of Security –for World Trade Center…murdered September 11…

A man… long-time management engineer, happened to spot a door he’d never seen before, pulled it open: discovered “our” government –spying –lying –illegally listening in on ALL Americans’ conversations –sending all AND e-mail to Intelligence –NO knowledge, approval, warrant of ANY judge, thanks to Texas pals who bought AT&T…

Caught –exposed, AT&T
uses their money –as wisely as when they shipped $9 mil to their Very Good Pal –for an introduction, when they wanted the contract to wire up Saudi Arabia. A bill in the Senate:  gets them Immunity from Prosecution… No Thanks to California Senator Diane Feinstein, who, among others, helped…

Oil… What about oil –“we will pay for the war –with Iraqi oil” –just take it, as in grand theft??

I don’t know why I didn’t publish Saturday afternoon… I just kept monitoring the coverage…
then gold: Fareed Zaccaria –had The Rummy at “GPS” table…

he asked some of the questions not sob-sister Sawyer -pretty-boy Brian Williams –Chunky Todd –Joe too Scared-borough –any other American “reporter” too bought/too chicken to put to him… when The Rummy tried to turn on the charm -work his weasel way out of answering, Fareed deflected attempt to seduce, to evade –stuck with Asking… Closest anyone has gotten to the Truth… but he didn’t ask:  WHY The Rummy hasn’t apologized for ordering TWO wedding parties –shot…

Then “60 Minutes”
–what a pleasure, Lara Logan with a former FBI agent who speaks Arabic… drilled down on CIA-torture-water boarding –failure, futility to gather A Useful thing… did it make The Dick or The Thug squirm?   No camera for that reaction shot…

We –Americans, the world, still Don’t Know —Why
Osama bin BastardofEvil & Co hates America so much… Why they murdered Americans –why 343 of the best of us died trying to save them…

What is daVine Remedy
for American side –for lying -spying -pallets of borrowed billions bagged -rights stripped -abuse  -fake WMD -undercover agent’s ID exposed -violations -coercion -lying to Congress, Torture, crimes against humanity –murder?

Department of Justice:  refuses to prosecute, even investigate.

That leaves:  International Court.

As long as Americans DON’T know –Holes aren’t filled, we Aren’t “safe” –“safer” –we’re just in Ignorance and it ain’t bliss.

Send a Process Server for entire ‘Administration’ –haul their butts into International Court –demand the Truth, the Whole Truth –before and after 9/11.  Yes We can handle it.

Media, reporters:  Grow up —stop telling fantasies.

War on Terrorists –When Those who love power, money arrested –we can shred The un-Patriot Act of grotesque theft, get our country –our military back… THEN we can work on Those Who Hate… daVine….

* * * * *

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Week-end Weather -Waste -Wimp -Wire

Usually: I write semi-essay, a problem and –after some time, organic, creative, thoughtful remedy -not ‘snap’ rants, polish and publish. I depart from the Usual:

This week-end
in between errands, Like anyone else with functioning electricity and TV, I watched –increasingly annoyed.

First –and last: CNN
Wow, “network” a bloody Mess –“reporters” standing in water/wind, spouting clichés.  Hurricane Overview  –effect?   Tough –viewer got drivel after drivel –cliché-speak –from uh uh uh little-girl Anderson Cooper –screamer/giggler “Fred” –aptly-named Don Lemon to whoever, blathered:   All storm All Week-end –United States to Be Eaten by Hurricane –Yeoooow.

Ah-mzing:   NOT a Single Other thing –anywhere in the world, happened –week-end they went ‘wall-to-wall’ on ONE story.

duh, Did it cross any itty-bitty mind:  people IN hurricane Zone, uh, didn’t have electricity to WATCH CrapNotNews? –The non-distressed Bored with Hurricane Wall-to-Wall –but nope, nothing else dug up.

The Others, in 41 States
–Normal to Drought-dry?   oh, Didn’t Count.

WHAT’S with Time-Warner:    Gobs of dough –but NONE spent on a Hard News Editor???   This then That stupid format -program -bobble-head, duh, ratings continue to deflate.   Desperate:   they  throw up drivel on perfectly good airwaves that worked just fine for previous owner.

Geeze, Buy a Clue
Time-Warner Wimps:  shoveled TONS at Ted Turner to Buy CNN –because it Was Superb, THINK Maybe you should like Go Back:  Deliver Actual Newly-happening news stuff –from Around the uh, world, hmmm???

Heck nope. ‘Media Round-up’ –Fareed Zacara’s GPSMoney Watch, the RARE few things worth watching on bottom-scraper, shoved.

Thousands of Minutes
When one realizes they have 24 HOURS to drill-down –on Details –on people in Congress –long BEFORE Too Late –spent “asking” stupid questions. –Read Drivel on the Drivel they’re dishing written by drivel-lovers –off Tweets instead of Inform –Report what Americans NEED to know: blood -temperature -anger rise….

It is Shameful. Generations coming up: will be Dumbest of All.

CNN:  daVine Remedy
CNN owner Time-Warner:  stock  –short –should be shorted until they’re bankrupt –forced to sell CNN.

Gee, Cut into ‘normal’ week-end trash–PLEASE, Somebody ‘splain to me:  Why prison trash every week-end, SHEEESH–to ‘cover’ oh All Storm All Week-end, with duh, water/wind-soaked reporters speaking cliché-eze, Hurricane Minutia –round-the-clock.

–NO Libya life –Bachman blather –Perry perfumed spewings –Casee Anthony ‘wall-to-wall’ dirt “coverage”?   Nobody Thought:  the power-outed Couldn’t SEE, only non-affected, could.  oh well

Sly FOX “News”
Ditto heads.

Just a thought
If I’m on This coast –hurricane on THAT coast:  why is Local “news” ‘covering’ THAT weather?

“Reporter” wimps:  whine about the President ‘being on vacation’ –return “one day early” -blah blah.   Where the Hell was ‘report’ whine on:  No-Work Congress?   –WHO the Hell takes one week off for EVERY Two weeks “work” –now Do-Nothing House wimps:   off on Five WEEK vacation.  WHERE is complaint?

President Obama :
went to different location –for ten days and, duh, he took The Presidency/his Job with him.

Hey, Peggy Know-nothing Noonan:
Grow Up, Get a Grip –do tell us What “1,000 points of light” means and stop stupid waste on which you’re Ignorant.   –Better if Mr. Obama worked 24/7 –in ONE location???

–Shudda told THAT to your precious Thug, as he mowed weeds every month –Off-Property, in Texas.

For a Change:  CBS
Sunday Morning” not shoved/Other Things to say…whew…Jerry Lieber’s  whole Rock ‘n Roll book:  THE music… great, “Stand By Me” can hear it enough?…thanks, and RIP.  Nature Minute:  PLEASE Go Back to THREE minutes.  –Rip out wasted Who Cares “celebrity.”  THREE Minutes of Nature:  More Important.

Then: Talking Heads
A Thing –anyone has Learned from  NBC bobble-head David Gregory –ever?  “Meet” the uh press: Utter waste of time.

Jake Tapper SHOULD have been tapped host, but since CNN-left-over, Irritant Bore Christiane Whatever heads, I don’t watch “This Week” morning Mess, unless Kokie Roberts -David Brooks -Tom Friedman or Actually Knowledgeable on; last five minutes, “In Memorium” worth catching –but Reason captions NOT up Long Enough to read?  Stupid waste.

Then…The Dick
limp wimp –desperate to sell sad excuse for destroying perfectly good trees, appeared.

You remember The Dick, with his sidekick The Thug:  eight years they squatted the White House  –illegally.  Inserted  into office NOT by voters, by not-supremes, pay-back to Republi-cants who put them on no-longer supreme bench.

Second Time
2004:  Also NOT elected.   Ex, retired agents, etc.,  entered ballot-counting rooms, declared “national security” –evicted all –changed electronic ballots so The Thug & The Dick “won.”

Oops:  they changed More votes –in seven states, than Republican registered voters.

Double oops:  their dirty-deed checks –never hit the mail.   Livid:  they ratted out the rats –told members of Congress.   oh, No “news” station told you?   oh well SEE:  “US Census Bureau Report to Congress 2004 Election”

If YOUR child –thrown OUT of the Nation –put into WAR Zone –not Enough night goggles -maps  -bullets -even water –invaded a country posed ZERO threat to this nation –maimed, killed:  amusing –worth a smirk?

The Dick sought FIVE waivers to avoid going to Vietnam, so he prolly isn’t aware of what WAR is really like….

–EIGHT years
UN-funded war Stinking enough, The Dick, ex CEO Halliburton:   never met a Dover airfield plane of flag-draped coffins off-load.

War DID Help
–pals –get BILLIONS.  War zone laundry:  $3 a POUND  –lavish hot meals, cold desserts –local gas sixty-four CENTS:  $4 a gallon –American “interrogators”:  mercenaries at $150k a year, answered to No One for crimes –pallets of US cash:  ‘disappeared.’

KBR, Halliburton:  No Bid Non-compete contracts from Penta-goons?   War wimps:  ALL –contracts, “employees” put in tax-free havens –off-shore, NO payroll taxes, NO taxes on multi-billions made off war.     International treaties:  violations –Not indicted…

American –but registered in tax-free Switzerland, Cayman Islands –drilling in North Dakota now, Still not paying US taxes.  oh

The Dick Got NBC
Instead of sly FOX wimps, to sell more books:   “interview” by a NBC reporter.    The Dick wants “credit” for ‘superiority’ to The Thug & Co –silence on Violations, phantom WMD, Grotesque theft, Torture, death.  Nation’s Guard invaded “for WMD” –that didn’t exist, this week-end book roll-out:   NO Apology.   Amusing?

The Dick –wants Sales
Delusional, Imagining he’s an “Author writ-ter” –larded up the tome with Fiction –went on TV to declare:   he IS a war-criminal –he IS a liar –he IS a limp wimp –Has-been, desperate for Attention.

daVine Remedy:  International Court, PLEASE
Make his biggest fear happen:  Issue Arrest Warrant on fiction-writing vicious criminal –for Crimes Against Humanity –ASAP, so he stands trial.   –Hey, we just paid for his new heart valve & pump,  The Dick is Good to Go.

So:  US Attorney General Holder?

Wire Wire…
Desperate to ‘fill’ air:   Bobble-heads blathered hurricane-struck  “power outage” –stats.   *sigh* This author has said, for At Least ten years:
in ALL 50 tornado -hurricane -wildfire -quake -flood-prone states:  Bury Those Wires!

CAN’T we have daVine Remedy
–get into Twenty-First century, put utility wire UNDERground –once and For All Time?

Okay, unpolished, but I’m done… Your thoughts?

daVine Remedy:  Write your members of Congress, their five-week vacation ends soon.


—– —– —–

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