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Plus Side of Japan Catastrophe: Bombs -Bonds -Food -Fish

An earthquake hit part of Japan –9.0, so fearsome, horrific, powerful –destructive it leveled entire Northern island end and engendered tsunami so large residents, viewers in shock, awe and fear –yet has pluses.

I am not an optimist. –I Always look two -three jumps ahead for behind-scene deceit -corruption -coercion, down-side, down-turns -depression -down-market = opportunities –for exposure, truth.

So to look at result of massive destruction –on careful, competent, conservative country –people:  invites thoughtful positives –many pluses, in my view –some pluses like–

Plus #1
Powering America –any country, on nukes: very VERY stupid. Weasels are crawling out of their lobbyist holes -all kinds of hiding places, to mouth mealy –‘must have nukes’ —

BBC News/PA Wire

energy pot of gold –for them.   But:  we DO NOT “need” nukes –radiation death –legacy of poison for future generations on “buried” left-over toxic waste.  Nope, NO More Nukes –on beach fronts –on “safe” ground –any place, USA.

–They AIN’T “safe” –“clean” –“efficient” –“bargain” energy.  Energy –from nukes –such a “good” idea?

Problem at Plant #1 --and #2 #3 #4

Really?   Okay, two things:
1. IF nukes, plants ‘so good’ –“good” for carbon footprint:  tell me Exactly, specifically WHERE do spent –toxic nuke rods go after they’re used? Which train –which truck, driver will take those rods –WHERE —through your state –to?  Your neighborhood or somebody –anybody else’s?

People in Nevada:  still smarting over promises –LIES The Thug told them when he was campaigning to get into the White House, *poof* AFTER he got “elected” by no-longer supreme court.  Though he promised NOT:  The Thug shipped spent nuke rods.  –There to rest WE HOPE –without leaking –killing generations, for centuries….

But oh gee, President Obama:  shut down the Nevada Yucca Mountain hole in the ground for toxic rods.  Where to tuck toxic waste now –some lawmakers wonder?

2. Nukes –so good:  then let’s put a nuke plant ON the lawn –of the White House.  No? Then How about storing:  at YOUR house?

We DON’T “need” bombs –sub-boats –shelters –plants of nukes.  From now ON:  we demand –reps in Congress– “NO NUKES” in the US.   So lobbyists:  get outta town, go get a decent job.

But WHERE are the French “storing” their toxic radioactive rods —during the YEARS  for those to cool off?  hmm….

US nuke plant ‘managers’ move toxic spent rods –to?

The Valley of the Drums, a toxic waste dump in...

Kentucky toxic waste, Wikipedia

Local utility companies “store” toxic nuke hot and cooled rods:  on site –right on earthquake faults –in neighborhoods –on coasts –IN cities… that would be hit in a tsunami -hurricane -tornado….

REAL daVine Remedy –for climate-changing we Are doing to planet?  Pres. Obama must MUST make an Energy Plan –NOW.  He MUST:  ignore all the money nuke industry shoved at him -Congress while campaigning for office.

Members of Congress who are speaking for nukes:  MUST ignore the $372 MILLION bucks they got from nuke industry.

Plus Number 2:
The ONLY reason the United States can function –pay bills:  bond market –borrowing –every week.  Who buys our bonds –loans us money to keep on keep’n on? Near-biggest buyer:  Japanese.  But Now:  Japan needs its money –and plenty more to reconstruct, get back to normal.

Highly unlikely Japanese will show up: at our weekly beg-fests, loan us big bucks for looong time. So right NOW: we must turn to biggest suckers of our dwindling cash –Penta-goons. Those “patriotic” pushers of TVs into EVERY room of every base and jets, weapons, tanks —extra unwanted motors NOBODY needs –so they can fight the last war Penta-goons screwed up, and Scream: “No More.”

‘Patriotic’ Penta-goons –their pencil-pushers and political pischers (sorry, lol) put the squeeze on Congress/our money, year after years.  They got bases –plants –suppliers –contractors in EVERY state to “prevent” Congress members from ‘straying’ from Their bottom-less paycheck ‘reservation.’

“Their” obscene Budget MUST get slashed $100 Billion now, $100 billion next year –every year until: they are the size WE can afford, actually need —NOT “defense industry”-wanted size. Industrial military complex: making America weak –killing America.

NO MORE “supplemental” budget so Nobody knows REAL total Penta-goons suck out of our economy –out of us.

Gravy train: pulls into station, lays over until they get the message, get realistic. How realistic? The people they are fighting in Afghanistan: use crude cheap IUDs hand-shoved into sandy roads –blow up trucks -tanks -convoys -military with “hardware” costs no more than ten-buck bill at a hardware store.

Penta-goons fighting that on billion-buck a week budget –with bloated equipment-cost, FOR-PROFIT contractors. –That’s NOT counting actual $9 Billion American dollars shipped they actually LOST –the $18 BILLION American money shipped -handed out to locals, no receipt by rep of last White House occupant. ENOUGH.

We HAVE to cut our expenses –to match our income. We could cut food stamps -education -payment to disabled, retired –or dump what we DON’T need: Penta-goon’s budget. We could wait –till no one loans us any more money -we’re desperate –or we could slash it NOW.

Plus #3
Producers, Investors, Speculators –looking at Japan’s losses -future need for lumber, steel, fuel, food, etc., are making ‘bets’ –speculating, which way various markets -prices go. Speculation –changes the price –of all, to all.

Chicago Board of Trade

Commodities –cotton, cocoa, beef, sugar, wheat –soybeans –oil –price of gas, trade daily on US Commodity exchange. Example: coffee beans cost $168 last year, but speculators have driven price to $267, by yesterday. Hence, though US economy has zero inflation: that cuppa joe will cost You more; that ‘bargain’ burger costing more to produce, price passed on to You. –Increases passed on to those who cannot pay more, hence riots in Middle east.

Market Should –used to work: those connected to actual commodity production, farmers -granaries -shippers, etc, bought/sold options to protect future price/hedge against Future outcome.

But now: Wall Street weasels, many bloated with cash reaped off Bank Bailout, shoving money into commodity exchange, speculating to make even more dough.

What does it “cost” to speculate?
Investors: allowed to take a position with only 10%. Remedy –to protect commodity price?

President Obama:  should –demand regulators get Funded –DO their job AND call for change in commodity market.

One remedy –to keep the market ‘free’ –fair –flowing, Pres. Obama could, possibly, call for a two-tier market.

Tier One:  for commodity producers –continue to put up only 10% to take a futures position.

Tier Two:  for non-producers, those investing -speculating in the market –be forced to put up 100% cash, and no more margin, to take a position. Then: require new high tax on profit; no tax deduction on losses.

Now: speculators heavily invested in commodities, and in stock market, their “income”? While we, 98% of Americans, sofa-dive for coin to pay for gas, groceries –Middle easterners rioting over price of wheat, fruit, veg –food: wealthy speculators, earning most of their income in the market, pay less tax than You -anyone; their profits –income, taxed at only 15%.

You can whine about prices for food –clothing –gas to family, friends or: You can make a Difference —Write to Pres. Obama –to your reps in Congress.

Demand Commodity Market controls be enforced –speculators get no more margin –charged, taxed more.

If they Don’t hear from You:
President, Congress reps WILL assume you’re ‘fine’ with soaring costs -gas price –no tax or curbs on speculators, do nothing.

Sorry, but Plus 4 –ocean orgy…end
I read about the quake

smashed fishing boats,

only minutes after it happened, my First thought:  the world has asked, begged –demanded Japanese stop killing whales –clubbing dolphins –removing all tuna.

As I watched the ensuing tsunami sweep fishing boats into streets -bridges -rubble, I knew:  they would have NO boats to destroy sea creatures.

If you’re a Baby Boomer you may remember –how Yellow fin tuna tasted, how delish, when you were a child….  Now tuna population so depleted:  at risk –entire species disappearing –near-extinct thanks to Japanese fishing methods -thanks to sushi.

Japanese fishermen:  kill unwanted fish getting/netting tuna –plus remove too many tuna.

Car atop boat atop building,

But Now:  left Alone fish have strong chance to survive –reproduce –escape.  It’s daVine Remedy –for sea life.

Sorry, but devastation in Japan:  a Plus for sea creatures….

Organic -creative -wise —daVine remedy for taking far too much from the sea… now not able to take ANY…. Nature… taking revenge… balance.

daVine Remedy –to protect wild fish –Help those helping the sea:  send donation to Green Peace Heal the Bay –your favorite environmental non-profit.

daVine Remedy –to help suffering Japanese?
I wouldn’t trust Red Cross to hold my lunch. –You forgot what they did with 9/11 donations?  They bought office supplies -furniture and bonused themselves.  When they learned their blood —AIDS-taintedrefused to stop supply –or even test.  Women in childbirth, hemophiliacs, surgery patients –killed by Red Cross blood.   After 1994 Northridge earthquake newly homeless ‘Got’:  no motel vouchers -grocery -gas -clothes vouchers -bus tokens -help -Red Cross Indifference.  I know:  I –thousands asked. Salvation Army did the heavy lifting, Red Cross:  refused.

Red Cross:  is a For-profit Business, keeps as much as possible.  If you send donation to them “for” Japanese survivors:  you have SHORT memory and, sorry, no brains.

Donate to Japanese relief–
the hottest scam going.  DO NOT respond in ANY way to ANY message you receive. Click on a ‘donate’ link:  you’ll get virus -Trojan horse -ripped off –bank account wiped out.

To donate Contact:  closest or Washington, DC Japanese Embassy or Consulate Or find an organization Yourself

For any org:  ask HOW they will get the money to Japanese government -people –get Details, verify to determine legitimacy.

daVine Remedy –to get safe -clean –renewable energy?
DONATE National Resource Defense Council the organization, among other successes, that got cars, toxins, garbage removed from Hudson River –river so CLEAN -restored, fish returned, humans swim  Does more than just care about environment -creatures -your health.  –Join for news -ideas -tips -events or donate –any amount: nrdc –I’ve followed them for years, they are superb, trustworthy.

Donate to the oldest US environmental group — Sierra Club our lobbyist, only one registered to lobby US Congress for us.

Are YOU smarter than Japanese?
Japanese: quake-hardened people, yet no personal emergency kit –now: waiting in 14-hour lines –hoping for “ten items only” –from scarce stores. ACTUALLY assemble –your own personal get-outta-trouble kit, find here:


usgov kit list

make your own kit –SF Chronicle

Or You can hide under the covers–
Don’t assemble supplies: after disaster –fire, flood, tornado, quake, hurricane, explosion –walk around begging for help, IF You can walk. But, duh, If everyone did that: we’d all die.

daVine remedy –Get a clue:
assemble a kit THIS WEEK –one for car/work, one at home. If not: don’t whine -beg for water, too later.

– – – – –

You want to Know–
what’s going on –WHOLE objective story –hate ads:   You need to support our “eyes, ears” watching government –reporters can’t do the job for free –donate to PBS

* * * * *

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CA’10 Attorney General: Who’s Afraid of Kamala Harris? Karl Rove! UPDATE #21!


100% Precincts Partially or Fully Recorded –

You —unhappy with “wasteful government spending”?  Thank:  those who insisted on “voting” to get free food from vendors –who violated federal election law  –the Mail-in voters who turned in ON election day –all costing counties, California Serious money to verify the worthless and the last-minute ballots, over 2 million.   So 28 days after election, Count:

UPDATE #21  At press conference, Biltmore Hotel, downtown Los Angeles this morning, six days after opponent, Steve Cooley, conceded, Kamala Harris:  declared VICTORY!


Ballots still to be counted:  not enough for Cooley to overcome her lead.  Kamala Harris:  California’s next Attorney General.  Well Done!

pthhsssst raspberry to Karl-devil incarnate-Rove:  take that –and Lump it.  You –your oily boy friends AIN’T gonna do whatever the hell –in California –and get away with it.  YOU Ain’t got –Ain’t enough money to pull it off –fool California voters.  Now KEEP your sorry Republi-cant ass OUT of California elections, business. 

UPDATE #20Nov. 30 – 11:17 AM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,432,004
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,356,971

Up Date #19Nov. 29  – 3:34 PM –I saw :45 after it posted –THIS is getting significant –and Exciting

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,422,463
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,350,897

UPDATENov. 26:  Secretary of State office gathering ballot count from counties around the state.  I checked:
Nov. 25 :  office closed – Thanksgiving
Nov. 26 :  office closed –  a furlough day –thanks to budget “management” of guy squatting “Governor” seat.   If you don’t know, his election:   cost California $11 BILLION bucks his First day in office –sly ignorant sex-predator ‘settled’ Gov. Grey Davis suit against ENRON –at $.05 for every DOLLAR owed California for electricity rip-off –to help Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON, his backer.  —Real reason he ran for governor and we in financial crisis.  Check back Monday Nov. 29 for ballot up-date.

UPDATE #18 – Nov 24 – 3:37 p.m.

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,396,359
Steve Cooley 00(Rep) 4,338,135

–A newspaper is declaring Harris the winner –by their estimate of ballots left to count -proportion they think Harris will get.  –Since neither they nor I NEXT to any county’s ballots/counting room:  I’ll wait for State’s tally.  If they are open -post new total Friday I will also.  Good holiday to you.

UPDATE #17 – Nov 23 – 3:40 PM –this morning count and all the past several updates have been in Harris’s favor, with  spread getting wider –this is getting exciting:

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,362,484
Steve Cooley 0 (Rep) 4,308,720

Election:  must be certified on November 28…Dec. 3– we’ll know soon.

UPDATE #16: Nov. 22 – 4:45 PM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,340,454
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) 4,288,568

UPDATE:  November 22, 2010, 11:18 am

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,313,599
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) -o4,270,043

Those who Gave –hot dogs, cupcakes, coffee, etc. to “voters”: committed serious violation of  federal law –feds will prosecute some.

UPDATE #13 – Nov. 19 – 1:50 PM  — — #14 – 4:14 PM:
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,260,135 4,291,854
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,226,651 4,248,804

#12  – Nov 18 – 10:57 am
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,224,230
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,193,990

#9 – Nov 11 PM #10 : the up-dates have been so small not worth posting; LA County Registrar gave notes this week: he has about 399,000 ballots left to count, Provisional AND Mail-in.

# 7Nov 9 – PM –The reason to do homework on candidates; NOT demand to “vote” when not registered –costing California huge money in over-time to count worthless Provisional ballots

#6 – Results – November 7, 2010

I’ve been watching totals see-saw all week-end.  This morning LA Registrar of Voters gave up-date:

Election ballots are counted

Provisional, Mail-in ballots not mailed ahead of time –remaining:  about 300,000

Statewide:  about 2 million ballots left to count

As of Sunday 5:42 pm:  about 36,000 more votes for Cooley (it’s hard to write that) –so far, but with time and ballots, looks good for Harris.

I’m thinking:  the counties where people vote Republican/’men only need apply’/don’t get:  same old junk & cramming over-crowded prisons is costing Big –they are in counties (rural, ag, mountains) mostly with fewer precincts –easily already counted; that leaves urban areas, SF, LA & San Diego, better informed more sophisticated,  with Possibilites.

County Registrars have until: November 28 to verify signatures, turn in totals State Registrar has until December 10 to certify counts, declare winners.

I will number the Up-Dates; if you are one of the many wanting the news – get it sent to you:  you can Subscribe to this site  – SEE Sidebar =====>

-Results – Nov. 5

Kamala D. Harris (Dem) 3,302,221 3,320,911 3,461,232

Steve Cooley 000—(Rep) i3,293,191 3,309,074 3,453,370

only 9,030 11,837 votes separate the candidates –Too Close to Call –I don’t have any fingernails left. Gonna be long week-end.

Cooley scheduled a Press Conference for Thursday morning to announce himself the winner, then canceled –until ‘it’s more definitive.’

–Okay, this is going to take a lot longer, Registrar offices are counting Mail-in and Provisional ballots now, since election day votes did not show a clear winner.

-Results – This afternoon:  about 20,000 14,000 more votes for Harris –Too Close to Call

-Results – Nov. 3 – 3:02 am – 92% votes counted

Kamala Harris ahead by about 38,000 votes –Too Close to Call
Will post final results, check back.

Does it matter if you vote?
In state with more than 38 million people approximately 43% voted in this election. If you had contacted five people who each did the same:  the difference may have been Much greater.  Still, so far I’m happy with result –how about you?

Encourage every person you know to register to vote This week.

Kamala Harris
Smart, innovative District Attorney in Northern California is the candidate of choice for next Attorney General. Who is afraid –very afraid she will win? Karl Rove. The name ‘seems familiar’ –but your brain has hit “pause” with all of the Meg-it’s everyone else’s fault I hired an illegal-Whitman ads?

Karl Rove
Remember The Thug & The Dick –Republi-cants who squatted the White House illegally, eight years –brought us two wars –torture –invasion of privacy all without warrants?  Karl Rove was their Brain! He: looks like a lump of dough- ssscheemed, plotted to change government into a thing that made war on Americans.

Why would hemeroid Karl Rove care —who we choose for next California Attorney General? What’s that to the creep who devoured all the e-mail and phone calls AT&T diverted to him to spy on us? Ahhh, that would be for Rove’s choice –Harris’ opponent.

Get this:  after the squatters fired Rove, he sucked around till he landed another job and Now sucks money out of giant corporations and foreigners for US Chamber of Horrors in their quest for more ‘commerce.’

Hemeroid Rove: plots political plans to defeat Democrats/get right-wing nuts and Teabaggers into political office –so they can “help” some more.  So Why does looser Rove care –have a candidate in our election?

Most Californians don’t know

Besides all the other laws of the state: The Attorney General enforces environmental laws. Legislature passed AB-32, the new Green technology bill.

Chamber of Horrors members attracted to off-shore, AKA: throwing jobs off-shore -tossing Americans into un-employment so mega corporations can “improve” their bottoms and bank accounts; and in drilling.

–Oily boys from Texas and others–foreigners?–want US to STAY hooked on oil, don’t care fossil fuel is dirty –causes breathing problems –warming the planet –all gone in a few decades.

They want us to stay ON oil Now. They gave puss-bag Rove money to run ALL those nasty ads against Harris.

Rove’s choice in our election: an old Republican lump who thinks the Attorney General salary is “so low”– $150,000 –so lousy: why does he “want” the job? If you elect him he intends to file for double pensions –on TOP of the salary; it’s called: double-dipping. Cute. He doesn’t have a problem with allowing Texas -Saudis, others to drill off California.

How stupid is hemmeroid Karl Rove?

Rove: hides his True purpose, shoved $1.1 Million bucks from his Chamber bosses into Los Angeles local TV stations for nasty false ads against Harris that lie, as though she is ‘weak’ on the death penalty.

Harris’ stand? Harris didn’t seek the death penalty on the cop killer because: the JURY returned a verdict of Second Degree murder; doesn’t allow for Death Penalty.

But Majority of Californians: against the death penalty. LOL, it’s no ‘negative’ to brand Harris opposed to it! Dumb ignorant creep’s scare tactics Might work on the ignorant, they don’t work in California.

Harris: WILL enforce all laws, including death penalty and environmental laws.

Hemeroid Hopes you don’t know

Hopes you will Believe his stupid lying ad and vote for the Lump in his pocket, the Republican –so oily boys can drill for oil off California coast –just like BP drilled off Louisiana.  If they screw up– ‘spill’ –they’ll have a pal in office, thanks to weasel Rove and your ignorance.

Reasons to Vote FOR Kamala Harris:
-Re-elected: second term San Francisco District Attorney
-Endorsed by numerous Chiefs of Police –many in counties near SF
who know her work first-hand
-wants to do innovative programs instead of just stuffing more prisoners into already over-crowded prisons
-started numerous innovative programs for prisoners, ex cons so they won’t commit crimes again
-her innovations: so successful looked at by other states and Dept. of Justice to copy
-she is fresh, smart –NOT same old same old costly ways of doing things –that AREN’T working

PROP 23 stinking Texas oily boys –Don’t give a damn about OUR “unemployment” –AND neither does Meg Whitman, she hired an illegal instead of a citizen. Oil corp. Valero, etc. –care about being forced to obey our laws –paying fees for stinking up our air, water, land.
Who is Really behind Prop 23 —who got Prop 23 on our ballot? Meg Whitman’s lawyer .  Send A Message to Texas oily boys: tell them to stay OUT of California — Prop 23 Vote NO

Who will win Nevada?
Harry Reid is in a fierce fight with a Teabagger –crazy Sharon Angle, who wants to privatize Social Security, do away with Education and many other functions of government.  She DOESN’T want to give UP the money she will make doing that –while she tells people who are on unemployment “go get a job” –like at a fast food joint.

–Are the polls wrong?   Yup.  Pollsters:  don’t poll people of color –people who use cell phones only.
daVine Remedy Prediction –for Nevada, for US:  Harry Reid will represent Nevada in the Senate.

UPDATE Prediction: Correct
–even Republicans voted for Harry Reid over ill-educated wrong-sided Sharon Angle.

Prediction – President:  I predicted by the time he gave second State of the Union speech, nearly every segment across America would be angry at Pres. Obama.

Prediction Future?
Barack Obama:  will be re-elected President
Republicans: will go back to Minority party
A Real Third Party will be formed –maybe in time for 2012 election: combined forces of angry Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians –disgusted at corporations’ control of government.

* * * * *

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ALERT Rottweiler of Rome: Ends Ban on Gays, Cardinal Relationship Exposed

The head guy of a church is under world-wide contempt for fresh exposure. After receiving notice, letters, evidence, results of investigations, he failed to take action against priests who sexually assaulted children, which was his job before bump to head of the church that employed those pedophiles.

Perverts who hid behind priestly robes: molested deaf children in the US, church-goers, choir boys in Ireland, Mexico, across Europe –for decades. As reports of the crimes –destruction of childhood, piled up with the german now known as G-d’s Rottweiler –turned over the evidence to police in each country –quietly slipped to prosecutors –defrocked, banished the destroyers of lives?

Naw, not his ‘style.’ It’s been reported letters from various church leaders, parents, victims, even the pedophiles themselves: ignored, effectively. They all got oceans of No Reply.

One pedophile hiding in church clothes knew how to work the angles: he pulled in large donations –for the church, then spent much of it, wisely apparently: he popped for lavish gifts –on the powerful hierarchy above him –who should have been guarding children, against him -delivering him to nearest police station. But oops, his largess worked: not defrocked, booted, busted, convicted or exposed.

Pedophiles in US, Mexico, Europe: merely pulled outta
‘problems’ –churches they polluted, then crammed into churches far away, with new innocent trusting children. Total pedophiles turned over to police, in any country? Zip.

Meanwhile the church’s guy in charge of Los Angeles– Roger M. Mahony

Ric Francis, Associated Press

got reports of the church’s local pedophiles and their un-churchy stuff, and did his own musical chairs bit: stuffed them into ‘rehab’ claimed them ‘cured’ and moved them on –and on and on, but with no ‘heads up’ notice to parents, children, police –anybody, anywhere.

While the sick sex two-step continued in private:  the religious cult ‘renewed’ its condemnation –publicly, of those born homosexual, as though such condemnation could alter reality, like say Ku Klux Klan or hitler could order ‘change’ –‘stop being black’ ‘stop being Jewish.’ –Declare ‘un-white’ skin -homosexuality a sin –viola, change, through the magic of “religion.” That tactic on all those putrid pedophiles –who swore an oath to G-d –to the cult? Well hey, that’s in the “Past.”

In the Past
LA ‘church’ guy raised millions and used the money not to feed, house, help working poor or destitute, some of the poorest in all of the US, but to build: spanking new church, marbled-clad to the garage, smack in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. –Where it could be seen, get attention, halt traffic for like when the famous need a funeral.

But if you ask about the marble monument –the roving pedophiles –the pension to the pervert who raped over 200 children and promised silence for air fare to Ireland, well: the “cardinal” will just scamper off to bed –in the nearest hospital, to ‘rest’ –until the questions and the questioners go away.

Before ‘frail’ church guy built the marble monument to his ego: he ruled over an old church that, he decided, too small for his act; decided to rip down. The Old: elegant, historic, beautiful, much-admired, designated national monument.

The egoist, too ‘frail’ to own up -bust pedophiles -protect children, didn’t care: on a mission, he ordered the wrecking ball, on a Sunday sneak attack, and found the energy to fight –thousands, in -outside Los Angeles who joined LA Conservancy and preservationists to stop the loss. Old church won. Oh well.

Magic Money
This author called ‘frail’ church guy’s office to ask:
Why –money not to build housing for home-less, working poor, destitute, but to build another church???

“If donors all want to specify their money goes to build a new church, the cardinal has no control over the money or the donors, we will comply.”
Hmmm, lucky him to somehow get those donors, too bad for the home-less.

Stuff(ed) in the “Past”
After the ‘frail’ LA ‘builder’ admitted there were, uhm, some probs with, oh, sodomy, priests going to ‘say goodnight’ to the children of parent-hosts who had just fed them dinner, surprise moments in confessionals, pregnancy, sexually transmitted stuff and more and more stuff, and all his ’employee’ house-shuffling: the guy got a promotion! Now we get why.

Now: all makes sense
The Rottweiler of Rome bumped up the “cardinal” of the City of Angels because they were ‘kindred’ spirits, ya know, doin’ the same stuff: telling cops they’d ‘handle’ it, keeping parents in the dark, shufflin’ the sick beasts hither and yon.

Then one day: tada! The “cardinal” gets a big pink hat –to go along with his new marble digs, his lawyers, his limos, his big fat budget –his control of local media… and swell times to look forward to, with his good pal, the Rottweiler in Rome. That’ll make it right with the raped, right?

Oh well, since all the little boys, all the little girls who were raped are all grown up now, most of the parents, some predator “priests” are dead: it’s time to forget –the letters, the reports, the scars, the pain, the loss of faith, trust, the lives destroyed, the investigations and Look Forward.

But: the police -City Attorney -DA -State Attorney General??? Interpol -International Court in the Netherlands??? MIA –why???

But hey– ‘daVine Remedy’ they don’t want the foolish faithful to forget –to send donations– ‘we got a business to run –the ‘good’ priests, who didn’t tell, still gotta eat, live off your charity.’

–‘Just slam those nasty nosy reporters, those vicious media who keep bringing up “old” news.’ The raped, in the past, waiting for justice -arrests -more than just “sorry” won’t mind….

And like, ya know, ‘we’re sorry –we got caught’ –‘we won’t hide -lie -jive -shuffle any more’ –‘if it happens again we’ll call the police, for reals’ –‘it’s OK to be gay.’

Oh look: it’s April 1st.

Pricey prizes, perks, pensions, privacy, pals: only go so far… destroyer of a child -a child’s soul… what does a pervert -abetter of perverts say: facing G-d?

Mahony Shuffle: Church Sexual Abuse Denied, Paper Trail Reveals 126 ‘Priest’ Predators

Mahony Defense: Insurance Money Stops Trial, Protects Church, Employees From 500+ Victims Settlement

* * * * *
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They Got into Your Mouth, Your Wallet, Your Home, Now John Roberts & Co Say: They Can Mess with Democracy

This isn’t a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ type blog: For the past 14 months I haven’t blogged much, on any of my blogs, because after election of Barack Obama, I got a whiff of something amiss.  I wasn’t hearing, seeing things that I expected; way Not ready to blog until I sorted out what was really happening. I had an uneasy feeling.

But as intently as I was watching some “legacy” things of the Thug and The Dick who squatted on high, illegally, for eight years, Nothing prepared me for what happened today. Thursday January 21, 2010:  the death of democracy in America can now

Founding Fathers knew: This is the worst thing that could happen to America. Corporations have been prohibited from direct influence, from funding elections –until today.

Corporations have already grown so huge national powerful that:
-when you’re hungry and broke you go to them
-when that gets you sick, your doctor doesn’t cure those diseases, but pushes you into ‘long arms’ of other corporations, which also take your money and give additional illness from toxins
-children, even 3-year olds, legally market targeted, know –which video games -toxic “diet” soda -sugar-laden cereal
-preservative-laced packaged foods they want, and stay indoors, glued to ever-flickering corporate masters, consume unto cancer-prone morbid obesity and diabetes
-when you want higher education, cheap groceries -clothes, roof, credit, you trustingly go to corporations who then rape, pillage, rip off –seize your home –and blame you for wanting home, job, being over-weight, broke…
while they whine about ‘intrusion’ and taxes on their income, profits, bonuses –after they used rigged & bought rating agencies, hedge fund managers and unknowing consumers, mortgagees, taxpayers, forgein governments, worthless SEC and special laws –to save their immoral unrepentant, corporate ass. But: Who has been arrested? WHO has paid?

The money you give corporations spent:
until now, only to blow up mountain tops/kill wind -solar energy; get Pentagon contracts, expand coal mining, change bankruptcy
-banking -insurance laws; and get even larger, better subsidies–e.g., 56 billion subsidy bucks handed to corn farm corporations past ten years why?–you to “trust” them, stifle competition, buy influence on law-makers,Congress –tax breaks –to grow more powerful, influential, wealthy. 

But vegetarian India “needs” MacNuggets –desperately poor Viet Namese thrilled with avalanche of Marlboros –Afghan civilians indifferent to day/night drone bombs –You don’t protest: corporate pal of The Thug owning rights to our genes –after our taxes paid for the mapping?

But Today: un-equal playing field
reved up via Activist “judges” who squat on highest bench, with job and real world immunity, in marble-clad Washington DC monument to their arrogance, indifference, decided: not a Person, but a thing that does not eat-sleep-breath has the Right to Speak in elections.

The No-longer supremes announced:
corporations can pour money, UNLIMITED, directly into American candidates, ballot issues, elections

John Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Allito at the core: over-turned 109-year old SETTLED law –decided they are smarter than All others who ever sat on the highest court; more clever than those who wrote the Constitution, came up with NEW interpretation and ruled to violate it.

Today: announcement of The End –of whatever you think of America, as you know it, will begin. May G-d help us.

If you don’t get what that means, yet, and imagine this ruling nothing to do with You:
you will signi up for low-cost Public Option Health Insurance next month? –ever?

Or: you will be among the kicked-out crowd, after still-powerful insurance company stoodges decide ‘newly discovered previous condition’ renders your medical bills ‘un-payable’ –their excuse to evade responsibility, drop you, keep your premiums?

When corporate flunkies announce restoration of military draft
–for their newest must-have war to earn even more on their newest must-have weapons, you will do what, exactly?

When “religious” corporations
–order new laws: American women may not use any form of birth control; no abortion/must carry till birth no matter what –even the deformed -diseased -stillborn/dead -issue of incest, rape: YOU will fight How?

Corporations fat with your cash
will now have the right to decide: who sits on local school board
–which/any books bought –how ignorant children will be –propaganda they get fed –which brand logos appear all over schools so you, neighbors and small business owners/potential employers of graduates will stop them how?

Corporate Class/Wealthiest 1%
to hell with expensive middle class, will want: working class, obedient non-union silent compliant workers, paid the minimum. When You Don’t want to make Minimum Wage? You will protest –to whom? Or: fall in line, livid and glad –you have any job….

When corporations use their cash to own/control big media
–but local newspapers can’t afford to cover City Hall, local school board, land deals, investigative reports; TV stations throw up ever-more fuzzy animal -“celebrity” gossip -‘reality’ amateur shows, but not hard, investigative news, how will you get informed?

Just stick with the Internet?
When Congress toadies end “Net Neutrality” –you must pay, dearly, for ‘fast lane’ Internet access or wait at the back of the slow lane until you can even get on the Net — Whatwill you do then? 

AT&T, T Mobil, et al have lots more money than you-friends
-neighbors-union-texters could put together to fight them, so you will –write letters to editors of newspapers –and wait?

When ‘garage’ inventors
–ship their ideas to the US Patent office –and they pass on to corporations before recording: new business will be formed by whom?

The person you gave your vote to:
has taken so much money he/she doesn’t dare do a thing to upset their corporate masters –you, neighbors, your city -state reps will like their votes or lump it. Or do you imagine –any one in Congress will still Listen to You???

With bottom-less barrels of cash and new “right” Corporations will ‘speak,’ choose who “represents” us in Congress, in White House, in Pentagon: so how will we stop them –from hiding what CIA -FBI -Treasury -State Department -Interior -Pentagon does? I can think of only seven possibilities.

daVine Remedy to corporate new power?
1. E & B: Exposure and Boycott
2. TV “mute” button during commercials all campaign season
3. Buy only from local, individual businesses/ shun national brand anything
e.g. generic or natural (spice, herb, food) drugs; debit card from a credit union; 2nd-year cars; bakery bread, farmer’s market –shun national hardware store -credit
 card -chain food -anything joint
4. Write to your state reps: demand they take back their power NOW and ban corporate money in elections –let the feds try to sue 50 states to enforce “right”
5. Massive short selling : at least 100 million still-working Americans have retirement funds to use to ‘go short’
–concentrate and rotate on any corporations that fund candidate, position ads
6. Ignore: there is Precedent –long ago Presidents who got a high court ruling they disagreed with refused to implement it, sign into law or enforce, simply ignored what the court said; high Court doesn’t have its own police, can’t do Thing One about ignored rulings
7. Withhold taxes: If all else fails we, the 99%, pay only state tax but not pay any federal tax, take huge deductions, fail to file tax return when tax owed; go to all cash for every thing
current President, Congress enacts ways to stop the death of democracy, end mutilation of the Constitution.

Want to or not
we must vote for Democratic President and Congress candidates in next two elections, so he can appoint any new judges; so they can restore law, public’s power, order, sanity —daVine Remedy against activist right-wing “conservative” “judges” and their no-longer hidden agenda.

No more watching from the sidelines
Do Not forget:
-corporations typically donate to Republican Party
-“Patriot” Act theft of rights –1,600 pages handed to Congress only the night before 9 am vote and 99% voted “for” rights theft without even reading
-AT&T diverted ALL calls, e-mail to the feds –secretly, without warrant, judge’s authority or public’s knowledge; then Senators, including Feinstein, gave them immunity from prosecution for violation of privacy, and corporations’ chief shill, the White House Thug, touted illegal acts as a “benefit” for our

If/when corporations use new “right” to speak in elections: they will make hitler & co. control of citizens look like amateurs.

Right-winger –left-winger –Libertarian –religious zealot, atheist –NRA member, peace-lover –patriot, parent –with/without job, home —no American will be immune.  

If you have other ideas, daVine Remedies to stop corporate take-over of America:  post in Comments. Forward this post to everyone you know.

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’09 March, LA -PROP B: Solar Panels –Worst Thing Ever Put on the Ballot?

***UPDATE*** Election Results –@ 11:15 PM
CARLOS ALVAREZ ooooooooooooooo 1,126 – 1.08
BRUCE DARIAN oooooooooooooooooo2,678 – 2.56
JAMES HARRIS oooooooooooooooooo 901 – 0.86
DAVID R HERNANDEZ ooooooooooooo2,142 – 2.05
PHIL JENNERJAHN oooooooooooooooo 886 – 0.85
WALTER MOORE ooooooooooooooooo23,125 -22.12
CRAIG X RUBIN oooooooooooooooooo1,718 – 1.64
GORDON TURNER 8,309 – 7.95
KATHLEEN “SUZY” EVANS 17,372 17.76
WENDY GREUEL 64,089 65.52
NICK PATSAOURAS 16,355 16.72
YES 51,590 53.21
NO 45,366 46.79

The next election in Los Angeles is Tuesday, March 3, 2009. You didn’t know –it’s time to vote again –you’re too busy/bored to show up? You will make many people mucho happy.

If you don’t show up at the polls The Two Happiest: Mayor V. and the union holding his arm, twisted behind his back, that got the mess that is Proposition B shoved onto the ballot.

Prop B – Solar Panels, All Over –Somewhere…
If you read it fast: it’s got all the right-sounding words in it.

If you read it slowly: it’s got all the right things in it to rip out your wallet and whatever bank balance you still have and the beauty to be the gift that ‘keeps on giving’ –whether you –and your children, want to or not.

–Solar panels over Los Angeles? Uh, nope.

I’m jammed up at the moment, but will make effort to return to post the details –specifics, How Prop. B MESS earns the title of: Worst Thing Ever Put on the Ballot.

daVine Remedy
–to Mayor V + Union + City Council member Eric Garcetti –their greed/ preying on our wish to have Green environment in Los Angeles, short version: show up at the polls Tuesday –so you can vote “NO” on Prop B.

If you don’t do both things:
a. You shouldn’t be allowed to vote again
b. If the ignorant and the dumb and the union members get Prop. B passed you: Best use of your time in future will be Googling maps looking for another place to live

VOTE “NO” ON PROP B – Los Angles Election – Tuesday March 3, 2009 –Be There or Be Sorry

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Plane Crash on the Hudson: Birds –Accident –Or?

After supposedly colliding with a flock of geese:  a commercial jet had to make an emergency landing Thursday, on the Hudson River in New York.  Superbly skilled pilot made the landing –so well, all survived.  Is that all there was to it?

The plane was forced to land –because of birds?  Maybe.

Every US news station, all TV, immediately fixated on the story.  What could cameras have focused on –instead? 

The thug who has squatted in the White House illegally (first time –installed by no-longer supreme court; second time: “elected” when pals changed electronic “vote” machines –he got more “votes” than voters, in seven states), past eight years, gave his last incoherent press conference.  If no other story had compelled:  cameras –bobble-heads –“analysts” would have focused on him, non-stop. –Failures –record –every bit of his minutia, his toadies, his gargantuan obscene spending.

Nature does not make mistakes 
The Universe:  extracts perfect justice.  A pilot made extraordinary landing –NOT before –day after –morning of –or long after he spoke, but: at the right time.  Squatter speaking:  rendered irrelevant.  –Dissed, by the Universe.  Accident?  I don’t think so.

He USED attack on the US: justification for all that followed –all that he and The Dick, president of vice, did –“protection” racket.  –US Constitution:  violated; Bill of Rights:  gutted, whether average American knows it or not.  NOBODY can get “secure” on stolen rights –on liberty taken.  Benjamin Franklin figured out THAT over 200 years ago.  Thug be a slooow learner?

At the End–of giant Ponnzi scam:  It is understandable Thug wants to put ‘good face’ on what he has done, failed to do –done secretly.  He claims ‘no more attacks on my watch’ –and the rabid right forms a chorus: “kept us safe.”  –Safe?  SEVERAL countries, friends of the US, had terrorists’ attacks.  –Pensions –savings –and/or job —future of nearly every non-oily American pal –destroyed.  –Do right-wingers, ‘Christians’ –reporters, any, realize: all are saying identical same sentence?

Where Did It Come From
Do the rabid right –the media –the voters remember: Thug hired a PR firm and an ad agency –after taking over our House?  They:  put the spin and the words in his mouth –on “Patriot” Act of theft  –on “smoking cloud” –of WMD not found –on “wanted: dead or alive”–and forgotten –on ‘advice’ “just shop”–on the canard “it would have been worse if we hadn’t bailed out Wall Street” –the supposed Republican turned:  socialist –as he showered our borrowed future on his pals –given away, no strings or laws attached.

But…on the bodies –in New Orleans sewage –“I should have landed and disrupted the cops?” –when he noticed/showed up a week after —thirsty hungry injured survivors –stranded, but FEMMA’s “Brownie did hellava job” …on bodies in Baghdad –not enough maps -supplies -hardened transport -military… on Afghanistan –awash in destruction and drugs?  On tops of West Virginia mountains –pristine, coal-laden –blown up –life and water rendered toxic… on Nation’s –Guard flung and forgotten… –Park land –minerals –water –oil –rights sold off to ‘donors’… on GITMO –prisoners –stuck in invented law and legal limbo…? On Iraqi oil theft –unguarded pipeline & ‘missing’ payback –revenue to ‘cover’ invasive cost? Nope just ice cream & cake and shoddy construction & clean laundry at $3 lb, supplied by the Dick’s former boss & pals –via multi-millions, but on no invoices –just barrels of cash and happy oily pals and un-indicted “conservatives” who make laws –for everyone else to obey…on sea life crashing –whales, unhinged by Navy sonar, disoriented, beached, dead –no slick slogan –no honorable mention, no reprieve –children, working-class, home-less owners, ex-employed –left behind, missions –accomplished, “macho” man.

daVine Flock of Geese…
Accident?  I don’t think so.  daVine Remedy …final speech –ignored –punctuated with perfect ‘slap’ across the face….  No?  Who sent the birds?

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One Idiot + $2 Mil Trashed +50% Drop Out + Death of History = Marlene Cantor

Marlene Cantor, realtor, as head of LAUSD:  has ruled over children with the bad luck to be forced into Los Angeles schools.

As head of the Bored: she was instrumental in hiring a “superintendent” to oversee second largest US school district.  Who did she pick?

Carpetbagger Roy Romer –because:  qualification for the job?   –Experience –knowledge –expertise?  He was:  A politician –an ex governor –from another state.

Job Performance?
Romer performed masterful task of “improving” education by raising test scores to majestic level of:  half of one per cent.  In the six years it took to get up to that ‘height’:   bragged about it –with pricey pie charts, ‘failed’ to tell Hispanic parents the WHOLE truth, and begged/berated voters to give LAUSD billions and billions to build too many schools.

While Marlene Cantor:  paid public lip-service to those who testified/pleaded with her and her Bored pals –but off-camera houses -apartments -businesses -land were seized, using coersion, money and/or eminent domain –displacing thousands, to build unwanted schools in bad locations, with cheap ugly buildings –that cost, duh, way more than budgeted.

–Then she got bond after bond put on ballots –and whined: to get the un-informed to vote for ever more billions, to keep on doing it.  She also spent –One million bucks –on a PR firm –to find out why the public objected to LAUSD board actions –why we don’t like those people. Duh.

While Marlene Cantor sat on her throne:  LAUSD built –marble-clad palace/ headquarters, costing millions –in awkward not easily accessible location. Oh well. Massive LAUSD bureaucrats and toadies and queens have to sit somewhere –why not amid lavish digs.  –Too bad that school principles have to beg –for textbooks, paint, light bulbs, chalk, pipes –heaters, a/c, grass, gym equipment.

I once listened to a Bored debate on:  spending $75 million for a math textbook. A man, who had flown in from Ohio to speak to them, was kept waiting three hours.  When they finally called on him:  he said he had examined both books they were considering and found errors –missing material –mistakes.  How did he know?  He was the university math professor who had written the original material both books had ripped off.  Board members?  They gave him:  three whole minutes to speak –short shrift, curt thanks –and a warning bell, to leave the podium. They asked not one question.  Their decision?  They merely put off voting, for another day.  Well, where’s the rush –for students to learn math –and accurtely.  Oh well.

–You can see them in action for yourself: their “hearings” run live and taped, on station KLCS, Wednesdays and Sundays. Watch them, if you’ve got the stomach.

Ol’ Marlene knows how to play the politics game and with “superintendent” carpetbagger Romer, saw to it:  ignorant broke Hispanic easily-manipulated parents remained in the dark –about the last important landmark property in Los Angeles. The place where kings -princes -ambassadors -world leaders and Hollywood royalty had held meetings, dined, danced and played:  the world-famous Ambassador Hotel. –Last stop for Robert F. Kennedy, the night he was declared winner of California Primary election for President, June 5, 1968. (No, I didn’t need to look up the date.)

When LA Conservancy volunteers walked the neighborhood, went door to door:  told parents –the Whole story –how LAUSD had gotten into bidding war, over-paid, then tried to flip the property to get back some of the money; failed –then working on destroying it.   –Neighborhood parents were as outraged as hundreds of thousands of long-time & new Los Angelenos.  –They too:  wanted the hotel to be converted to hotel + school + low-income condo housing for families AND for teachers –for students to study IN historic magnificent buildings.

The Ambassador Hotel:  Preserve history –for all, for future generations –working-class children to learn history –in beautiful historic place –with a lavish swimming pool –and a famous ballroom –for  social events and proms that could actually generate income, hard cash, for the District?  Nope –not the right politics, when there was money –and votes, for insiders at stake. 

Marlene: used her tools to help a Bored Hispanic member manipulate Hispanic parents into believing –he was Doing Some Thing for them –so he could manipulate them to vote for him –so he could flip his part-time LAUSD board job –to a full-time job on LA City Counsel –so he could suck up $150,000+ a year, plus “expenses” of course, plus a free car, free gas, free rent, free staff, free supplies and uh, expenses and pension.  Hmmm…What did Marlene get?  –GOOD question, Laura Chick, why don’t you find out for us.

Marlene and “super” Roy played them:  Ambassador Hotel –destroyed –turned into rubble –atop toxic waste –newly exposed during the destruction, but somehow not ‘found’ in the slimy Environmental Impact Report, shoved/approved by her & Bored pals.

Board members and Bureaucrats:  already stole/destroyed most of what was once part of Los Angeles history –legend and beauty and special, what was one last piece.  –We pay those “Council” people to look out for LA –at $150,000 each –every year, and mostly silently tolerate –when another junk food house, unwanted school goes up, where history –and affordable housing used to be.

But Marlene likes to keep busy: she got “qualified” ex governor shoved out of Superintendent seat.  –Then hired a pricey search company to look for another tool to run run-down schools.

All the while enrollment in LA schools: falling. Parents who can’t find decent-paying job/can’t afford to Live in LA, have pulled up their household and split for affordable places –out of state, out of gang range.

Parents who can’t afford to enroll their children anywhere better:  their children fed up –23% cannot read.  But they get ‘graduated’ –sucked into gangs –into fights –into the street –but not into honors program, school counseling, quality education or college-track program.

Of the students enrolled in elementary school:  fully 50% drop OUT of Los Angeles schools before high school graduation. Oh well.

Marlene Cantor has had NOTHING to say –or Do on that subject.  Too busy: begging for bonds to build more schools –and berating Los Angelenos for not building more sooner, nevermind the falling enrollment she knows all about. Oh well.

Meanwhile a new person got elected to mayor –on the promise to Fix the LA school mess. Ol’ Marlene got determined: to fix him for daring to poach on her territory.

Her search toadies found her the ‘perfect’ candidate –to improve test scores –stop the drop-out rate –improve illiteracy –get quality education for the next generation –run the massive school district?

Who did Bored member Marlene Cantor pick –to ‘teach’ the new mayor who’s the boss? –A former teacher –administrator –guidance counselor –superintendent?  Naw, not for Marlene.  She went way over –everyone’s head. She picked: a navy man.  Not just any Navy recruit, mind, she picked one with parents who used to be teachers. Yup, that’s the ticket.  THAT’S what we waste $24 grand a year on:  Marlene Cantor and her fix-it wagon doing a job –on un-lucky students..

Marlene waited to announce her pick of David Brewer –until the mayor was out of town. She called a press conference to announce the diss –so it would all be Done Deal, in ‘cement’ –‘legal’ –unchangeable by the time he got back.  Nice.

But oops: Marlene got bored with him, too.  While you were scrambling to pay bills -keep a roof over your head -get a few gifts together for the holidays –watching job -pension -stock market float away, Marlene’s pick for ‘super’:   got shoved out the door.  –After barely two years:  the Bored paid him off –not to work –forked over balance of his contract.  He didn’t even have time to make pricey pie charts –ego-puff claims –or even one lead-laced drinking fountain safe, as promised on camera to KNBC investigative reporter, and to parents in mailed letters.  But he did split –with two million bucks of our money. Thanks Marlene.   Oh well.

Students who don’t have textbooks -clean drinking fountains -safe schools, can’t read drop out of school, while those displaced by construction scramble to find housing they can afford in over-priced scarce rental market. –Yet the school-building goes on and on and on…. The historic Ambassador Hotel, trashed, while the neighborhood waits –for a school, not realizing, never told:  no child living there will have a school in time for them to attend.  Oops.

Marlene?  Oh she’s got a new plan:  to move on –not to run for school board seat again.  Her “job” –done.  Ah.

Who is to blame for her diz-gusting excesses –arrogance –indifference –trashing of billions for over-priced un-needed schools –two failed and un-qualified “supers” –unchanged drop-out rate –unchanged illiteracy rate?  You.

–You voted for that woman, repeatedly.  –YOU enabled her, Yet you failed to ask questions –you failed to do your homework –you listened to MALDEF –you didn’t denounce her –you didn’t organize neighbors & parents. –No, You didn’t protest even when she crossed the line, over and over and over again.

Where the petitions –the podium speakers –the letters –the outrage?  Instead:  You voted for Marlene Cantor –every time.

Now? The ignorant un-educated guy you voted to squat in the governor’s seat:  is forcing LAUSD to slash $400 million bucks –and loads of teachers, out of next year’s budget. Nice going. Oh well.

But When those drop-outs, uneducated ill-qualified who can’t read, can’t get a job –you won’t hire –and neither will anyone else: don’t whine when they turn to gangs –to your house, your car, your business, your unprotected family members to ‘pick up’ spending money.

Billions spent –buying up housing, land, businesses –to build un-needed schools for falling enrollment –half the students uneducated -ungraduated, quarter can’t read –one superintendent, unqualified, fired; one:  paid millions not to work any more.  –Your “legacy” to the next generation. 

People who “serve” the public –to serve themselves –people of Marlene Cantor’s ilk:  always exist, all over.  But it was Your job:  not to let her get into position.

Now daVine Remedy: Don’t wail about ever-growing gangs –scarce affordable housing –more junk –or the higher taxes for more cops –more guards –new prisons –to cope with the illiterate.  Just shut up and write the checks.

May G-d spare us –from your stupidity.

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