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Drugs -Rap -Rape –America: Bankrupt?

On the day transcripts are released that show Tricky Dick, disgraced President, lied:  we learn the details –an employee walked into a locker room –saw an old man in a shower –his penis in a little boy with his arms  on shower wall –and he?  –Punched the old pig –grabed the child –yelled for help –called cops?

Witness to horrific crime:  walked away –went home -called his father -they went to the head coach Next Day….  Police?  Naw, the employee wants to stay in the club house –keep his job –his mouth Shut.

The raped child?  Just collateral damage –damaged childhood, so what….

I’ve thought this before, and if you weren’t around at the time Know:  when the vile Tricky Dick used his position –office of the Presidency to “settle” old scores, part of the shock of the things he did –the legacy of what he did.  For maybe the first time:  a person who was Supposed to Lead –morally bankrupt.

During the Watergate Hearings on Tricky Dick’s corruption was forever riveting –reverberant testimony of a young staffer who told the superb Committee:  “stay away from Washington”…if you have principles….

Except:  Tricky Dick’s rot has spread….  Don’t feel good:  take a pill –71% of Americans take prescription meds –the rare ? teen who doesn’t ‘do’ drugs –while, often, listening to trash sold as “music” that trashes -dehumanizes women –created by people with zero talent –who defile race, never extol the Things That Matter –“rap”

The child in the shower –four YEARS after a child raped by the same vile stinking piece of puke –but the District Attorney, of  Pennsylvania, somehow ‘buried’  first criminal exposure of rape.  –The “first” rape of a child –in locker room?   A puke doesn’t suddenly start raping children in his 50’s –diseased garbage like him have looong history of destroying children –from way back.  Who knew then –Who protected the children from university money-maker “athletic” puke  –How many children –over the decades?

WHO has Character in America –WHO is above ‘I’ve got mine/too bad for you/I want More’?  WHO in Congress stands up for Doing the Right Thing –resists the influence Money wants to buy?  –WHO on Wall Street looks at shoveling garbage mortgages to the guardians of pensions –says This Wrong/Won’t Do?

See something –Say Something?

The “conservative” Party –who Believe in the Constitution –put on Another Show & Tell last night –demonstrated they Know Nothing, Care About No one.   Clean air, drinkable water?   –One For eliminating Certainly the department charged in the Constitution with Census –counting us, in the Commerce Department –we~ don’t~need~no ~stink’n~ed-u-kat’n –and for Sure uhm…uhm –oops ‘stepped in it’ when he couldn’t ‘member The Third department he Definitely intends to shut when he’s for Sure the Press-i-dent, the One who has signed off on execution of more people than any in US history….

–One  –“over-worked” so much had an affair and sued his wife for divorce –while she was in hospital bed fighting cancer –he and wife #3 rang up $1/2 Million bucks ‘credit’  at a jewelry store for he “doesn’t remember on what” –but chided the “media” for ‘failing to accurately report how economy functions’…

One doesn’t care –the number who Some Day will need medical care:  100% –Determined any way to delete government Plan for Americans’ health needs –as candidate & spouse run a ‘clinic’ -on government funds that will ‘pray away the gay’ –as they collect salary -funds -giveaways  –for not growing crops to “run” their farm…

–One –knows nada on international affairs -finance -economy –amused at getting outted  for sexual assault  on several women –witnessed, who wanted employment -not servicing his penis –two:  given year’s salary compensation –for being treated as garbage receptacle… each woman:  someone’s daughter –amusing??

One wants ALL Americans:   to follow his Ideology –take away rights of women, minorities –regulation on finance, food, nation’s assets –too bad if others hold competing views…

One wants government to Dono things, nothing at all –find our own way to deal with port, bridge, road, train track repair –predatory practices –regulatory oversight –shore up defense, military on our own –newly-ill should suck it up, at least get out of everyone else’s way…

One bastardized an entire corporation, un-employed thousands to pocket $millions –and stands For —every side of every issue, so he cannot be ‘nailed’ for a thing…

One –right brains -experience -knowledge –but his Party’s wrong “religion” to be Commander-in-Chief of dysfunctional  nation…

the Dwarf Gang wasn’t all there:  they won’t let two others –shout~it~out~with~glee….   Presidential wannabes –the crazies Americans -creatures -planet can choke on….

As the world watches debt-ridden Greece, soon Italy, fall into the abyss…
a nice looking, well-spoken man, the Head of the Fed, Bernanke, quietly, oh so quietly  –printing ever more money –backed by Nothing –to cover our troubled waters –will Destroy America…  America –choking on oily boys’ tax-rebates on oil -coal choking the planet –everyone taking –pulling away from the middle, No One punching –putting back –rescuing….

daVine Remedy
You don’t understand complicated currency markets –international debt, but You can:  Prepare for future –Pay Yourself First, mimic Chinese save 30% —grow your own veggies, some herbs —tell yourself -children “other priorities” than newest shiny objects…

NOT  gobble quick toxic “food” –drugs –massive debt –enticements by burglars of America  —NOT be sheep for corporations —keep plastic out of sightshop Corner commerce, not corpulent corporations… Demand those you gave your Vote to –vote for Best Interest of the country.   You Can do organic -creative -thoughtful things to Help –self –neighbors –America… YOU can push back.

And Today–

I called Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences –heard, in my own ear:   Billy Crystal will be next Academy Awards host –hand out the Oscars!  Best news I’ve heard all year… Yippeee.  daVine Remedy… Bon Appetite!


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US DEBT Penta-goons, ex Generals: Un-American?

I’ve been spending summer reading books –drilling down on Who -What -Where -How of monstrous mess we’re in now.

From all of it I’m writing a series, which I’ll publish later on, from all that I’ve learned, there is so much to say -so much that Congress has done that hasn’t gotten the ‘Sunshine’ it deserves….

But I cannot get past a page of one book –so full of specifics, that I’ve renewed it three times.  So much to say hard to choose just one headline….

But consider:   People, like the ignorant fool Ben Stein, Republicans, right-wingers, war-lovers, The Thug & The Dick who got the US into war to help their pals, et al, say “Don’t cut Defense” –which sounds ‘reasonable’ –until it gets Translated:

Some US generals, retired, formed a group, a corporation; they went back to their very good pals still on the job and:   got a defense contract worth $400 Million bucks…  taxes they paid on that income?   Squat –Zero

–they registered the “headquarters” of their little corporation:  in a tidy little building –in a tidy little mailbox in a tidy little off-shore country that doesn’t bother with taxes -reporting -paperwork –noticing who pays the rent….

Then the ex generals:  went back to their very good pals and got another contract –worth $1 BILLION bucks –and kept All the money on that too –even the Payroll taxes their employees Should have paid to US government, but didn’t cuz, they’re ‘working’ for an off-shore biz.

The ex generals:  are retired –as in You, me, all tax-paying Americans pay their pension –perks –medical –all their benefits.  Our ‘reward’ –they triple-dip, we get the bill.  THIS is “defense” –this is how/why I call the five-sided vultures who reside in “Defense” department:  Penta-goons.

Every –EVERY year:  they FIND things to buy –to INCREASE the money they got the previous year, from “our” representatives in Congress, so they can justify putting out their paws each new year and saying “more, please.”

–Injured returning vets –forced to apply for medical aide:  to SEVENTEEN different departments –with 17 un-coordinated computer programs that don’t ‘line up’ = nearly Impossible to receive aide.

–Tell returning injured vets ‘go live over there’ –and wait ’till we get to you’ –rat-infested, mold-infested slum housing –until reporter Dana Priestly of Washington Post exposed the kind of housing Penta-goons didn’t ‘mind’ –miraculously cleaned up when the story hit print.

Penta-goons  don’t have a prob –when Congress Removed Usury laws –or when dozens of un-regulated paycheck ‘loaners’ opened shop just outside bases in nearly every state, so military, who cannot possibly understand the ‘fine’ print, wind up owing so much interest on a “simple” loan eventually they have nothing to live on.

Penta-goons got no interest in looking out for young unsophisticated new recruits –and all those instant loan sharks waiting for them….

Penta-goons far too ‘busy’ to bother:  when burglars of America, I call them, “foreclose” on a house of military serving in war zone –even if the bankster cannot PROVE they are the lender –even if military home-owner NOT in default –even if bank weasels Violate specific laws that Prevent them from foreclosing when military owner is In a War Zone.  Penta-goons can’t be bothered to bother with any of that.

“Support” our troops?

As the Penta-goons got ever-larger budgets during The Thug & The Dick years –for un-paid wars:  Penta-goons shipped Nation’s Guard to go fight war in mountains, in desert –but didn’t ship night goggles –maps –bullet-proof vests –hardened transport –nor even enough waterbullets

-You forgot:    parents -mothers raised the money to buy Kevlar bullet-proof vests for years –because Penta-goons couldn’t be bothered to order -pay.

All that:  “Patriotic” –the “American Way”?  They make me want to puke on them.

daVine Remedy for Penta-goons:  slash their/our budget Two-thirds –so the military genius generals –and lobbyists for war-profiteers, entire military-industrial-complex who are running the country into bankruptcy, have to do Smart Efficient Hard-work things, NOT suck blood –on a second/spare un-wanted billion-buck engine for un-wanted un-needed jet Nobody has any use for/doesn’t even work.

Penta-goons need to Actually defend the country, NOT spend our very hard-earned money –ten times more than Any other country –so they can fight the last war they lost.  They need a new definition of the American Way.  –daVine

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Women: Zero, Males: NY “Prosecutor” Vance


The New York of Papa-Doc-Dictator-for-Life Mike Bloomberg also has District “Attorney” Cyrus R. Vance Jr., elected right after largest dollar theft in US history. Between them: it’s difficult to tell which decade –century we’re living in.

Midget Mike somehow got city legislature to agree –ought to be allowed to violate city’s charter –gave His Ego-ness a Third Term as mayor. Emboldened by uh, ‘popularity,’ he’s thrown personal liberty under the proverbial bus with his Dictates:
no restaurant salt
no tobacco –indoors OR out
no fat
no menu board without calories
no cars on certain streets
no tax-free thing
–he was a Democrat, then a Republican, now “Independent” of all, but oops, over $400 Million bucks meant for schools went astray, and on and on, whatever His Whimness fancies and still in office.  Oh well.

Meanwhile over at the place where the law-abiding look for prosecution of the non-abiding:
Head “Prosecutor” Vance got a case that came with DNA, seamen, blood,  hair, saliva, bruises, fibers, photos, swath of carpet, co-workers’ testimony –and frightened distraught victim, in shock.

Then: with a tad of ruse and luck, cops found the accused, hauled his butt off to jail –delivered up not months -weeks -days later, but with only seconds to spare –only hours after the ‘alleged’ crime —with accuser -and employer’s ID confirmation.

Pop Quiz:
YOU  –buckled into a seat on a plane –cops walk up and say
stand up, you’re under arrest
–you would say?

AnswerMost people would reply
Why –what for
–but not This accused. Detectives reported:  accused merely stood and complied –without one word –didn’t ask “why.”  Damn odd –for an innocent person.

Not Enough –for ‘super’ Cyrus
Wall spatter, body fluids  –Testimony –Evidence –live victim, silent perp = Not Enough for ‘head’ prosecutor Vance.  He decided:   if a female needs law on her side, he needs Perfect Woman for him to like bother, do his thing, shuffle any paper.

Cuz Ya know, a person who spends every day:
plowing a vacuum –cleaning up droppings of indifferent humanity, totally restoring to ‘never-before-occupied condition’ in room after room, floor after floor on List that must be checked -verified –could be uh, “guilty.”

–Has energy –time –“motivation” to take a ‘break’ –right in the middle of the day, for a bit of “consensual” ‘slap & tickle’ with checked-out over-nighter unexpectedly Still In The Room???

Ya, that’s the ticket, what Minimum Wage worker wouldn’t go for that, what’s the beef –sounds daVine.

Males, right-wingers –or not, don’t need Supremes to change any laws for them to be happy –put women “in their place”:  New York rulers –“watchdogs” on the ‘job.’

Tobacco –The Real Scourge
Afghan females attending school –beaten… Chinese infant girls –drowned… burhka-shrouded in love –stoned to death… 70,000 flights each day dump 271 MILLION pounds of toxins every year –buses, taxis, SUVs, street BBQs, oil-heaters not counted. –No problemo, no midget-Mike to-do list. Oh But if you want salted soup –smoke a cigar –calorie ignorance? Stay the hell Out of New York City.

New York:  New Rules
You want to molest
–beat –rape –kill a woman:  just accuse her of once telling a lie and you’re ‘golden’ –NY whipped wimps won’t do squat against you, apparently.  Added plus:  other women, seeing that, will dummy up –what dummy will attempt to rat out any rat –ever?  –Beaten mouths will stay shut, happily less work for silly Cyrus.

Want to Scam Big Time
–STEAL $2 TRILLION bucks off home-buyers –public fund managers –foreign governments –feds –tax payers, So What –turn millions home-less, hollow out pensions, rip off stockholders  –oops, smash US economy.    Oh Well world’s largest theft bonuses you, babe –with millions.  But get insurance policies on those toxic assets –put & call options on your scam for when it crashes, to rack up even more.   But Don’t forget the ratings boys, who make it all “smellable” –make sure their cut is big.  Keep’n ’em all Ignorant:  keeps you fat & happy.

Then Just Lie:  call it “legal”  –NY regulators, NYSE, Fed, SEC and “prosecutor” –won’t do squat on you, cuz Banksters Too Big to screw.  –It’s how to get elected “governor” of New York.

Want to jack price
–oil –gas –corn –sugar –beef –coffee = fuel, food —daily for giant claw corporation?  Just get your butt on Wall Street, weasel:  the “regulators” who “watch”… busy oh so busy looking at flies on ceilings.

Got a penis?  Ain’t life grand.

Crack “prosecutor” Cyrus –probably has a penis, but he’s a ball-less wonder
–HE won’t “see” a problem with six giant NY burglars of America manipulating commodity prices –for their own benefit –No Crime here, folks, just move along.  But:  Don’t forget to drop something hefty in the ‘collection’ plate, for the good ol’ boys in blue –who ‘watch out’ for you.

–Beaten wife, cop rape, dead prostitute –assault maid:  She Once Told a Lie defense, too small to prosecute.   Pull off world’s largest theft, work another scam hourly?  Too big to prosecute.  –Well WHAT do you want New York to do, to them it’s still 1952.

Old boys club –penis power:   ain’t it daVine…

Rich old boys:  Less is More…
Big boys want release –freedom from restraint.   You –family, friends, neighbors, don’t mind satisfying them –squeezing –wallet for $2.50 more a gallon than REAL market price of gas –sofa cushions for grocery coin –donated dollars to pay electric -gas -heating oil bills.  —Less regulation is better, right?

Too daVine Remedy
Rats who rape, pillage –Ignore –have to come back some day –as a woman –broke …in high heels… some day:  have to face G-d –and a touchy-feely boss….

Till then:  there ARE Democrats —YOUR power –your e-mail account –Your voice… Your vote… daVine….

Your thoughts?

E-mail this:  to everyone….


*UPDATE   There are no accidents?
New York  -Press Conference – Just as Prosecutor Cyrus Vance  to announce he was incapable of prosecuting a pig for assaulting a maid in a hotel –by blaming the maid —earthquake struck
–entire eastern coast where Banksters’ grotesque theft has crushed jobs, housing, families, local economies and governments –and inland including Washington DC –that should have prevented their assault. Vance and his yes-men:  ran.

Where can any of them hide?

NOTE:  This author a pretty good researcher –but if e-mail address exists for Cyrus Vance Jr, Mystery where.   To Contact “prosecutor” Vance:
Twitter Mobile

* * * * *

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daVine Remedy

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Ditch Corp’s –Create Your OWN Job? White House: Helping

Fed up looking for a job? Hate your soul-killing over-worked under-paid job –working for some obscenely over-paid pension-stealing blockhead who wouldn’t recognize a Good idea if it was gift-wrapped? –Really really want to leave corporations in the Dirt? THIS Time is for You, Binky.

Just as I was entering the business world– I heard the story–
A man invented a new product, on his own time, in his garage –product so original: nothing like it existed in the market place. He mentioned it to a co-worker –who mentioned it –yadda yadda till the head of the company for which he worked –ordered him to give it the corporation.

The man who created –product so new, so hot –so popular it generated entirely new food category, sued. Corporation: ‘buried’ the creator with lawyers; net: multi-millions, even decades later. “Carnation Instant Breakfast” creator: received $30,000 –TOTAL, died un-credited, in debt, penniless.

I thought the story so important, valuable –instructive, never forgot it.

Think of the Real you –person you were –age 5 –at age 6: what sane, Thinking adult would submit that person to working entire life for huge corporation?

Corporations –anti-American?
During past ten years: 40 THOUSAND US manufacturing corporations have shut down, moved off-shore –start up in China: production only if they disclose ALL technology, plans –some to make $.02 more per unit –Profit utterly lost on shipping costs –Market lost, Americans without job, cannot buy = utter stupidity.

I worked for a giant bank corporation –once, temporarily. The immorality –greed –stupidity of bloated corporations so rampant: vowed I’d sweep floors before I’d do it again.

I never did either one: used my skills, ideas, passion –created my own job, my own business –a few actually; first one: at age 8.

daVine Remedy
Create your own job! If You have had Enough –slave-hood, stupidity –want to live the real you, create, pool all you learned -know to fill that ‘hole’ in the world you’ve identified: This White House wants to help You!

Startup America:  New Commitments Fueling America’s Entrepreneurs

Posted by Austan Goolsbee on April 20, 2011 at 08:46 AM EDT

This afternoon at Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley, following the President’s national town hall on Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity, I’ll join a group of entrepreneurs for a livestreamed panel on Startup America, the White House-led initiative to encourage and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship across the country.

This initiative is a top priority for President Obama. Entrepreneurship is a key ingredient to economic growth. Startups all across the country play a crucial role in job creation, since these companies generate the lion’s share of net new jobs. Startups are also responsible for developing breakthroughs in industries such as information technology, biotechnology, and clean energy that will allow the United States to compete and win in the global economy.

The Obama Administration is doing its part to create the right environment for high-growth entrepreneurship. We are reducing taxes, streamlining and eliminating burdensome regulations, increasing access to capital, expanding opportunities for high-quality mentorship and entrepreneurial education, and speeding up the commercialization of federally funded research.

Here are some highlights of our progress to date:

* We have eliminated capital gains taxes on qualified small business investments made in 2011 and the President has called to make this incentive permanent.
* We’re focused on removing barriers to entrepreneurship, especially federal regulations or rules that do more harm than good. We’re in the middle of a national tour to listen to entrepreneurs, and identify where we can cut red tape to make it easier to start and grow a business. And we urge you to submit your own ideas for reducing barriers.
* The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has made an open call for investment managers and limited partners to take advantage of its new Impact Investment Initiative, which will deploy $1 billion in capital to match private sector investments in small companies focused on emerging sectors or underserved markets.
* As part of the Joining Forces initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to mobilize support for military families, SCORE has created the new Veteran Fast Launch Initiative that will accelerate high-growth startups founded by veterans and their families. The new program leverages SCORE’s national network of 13,500 volunteer mentors and trainers, the SBA’s Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOC), and a package of services, scholarships and free software provided by major corporate partners. Veteran Fast Launch will support 16,000 military veterans and their families and help launch 3,000 new businesses during the first year.
* In an effort to ensure the best return on our nation’s $148 billion annual investment in federal R&D, the Department of Energy just launched an initiative called “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” that cuts upfront patent licensing costs and challenges entrepreneurs to commercialize technologies from our national laboratories.
* We’re identifying more ways to ensure that entrepreneurs can access the capital they need to grow and create jobs. Led by Secretary Geithner, the Treasury Department recently convened an Access to Capital Conference bringing together policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, and academics to figure out how both the public and private sectors can unlock access to capital at each stage of growth for a small company.
* Senior Administration officials are expanding outreach to entrepreneurs and investors on how the President’s policies and priorities are unleashing new market opportunities for entrepreneurs, including in education technology.

However, we know that the private sector, not the government, is the most important driver of entrepreneurial activity. That is why we are proud to announce a new private-sector alliance called the Startup America Partnership.

* The Partnership has secured new commitments that will deliver over $400 million of value to U.S. entrepreneurs, through core services from over a dozen companies including American Express, Google, HP, Intuit, and Microsoft. This is on top of the first round of major private-sector commitments announced by the Partnership when it launched less than 90 days ago. Clearly chairman Steve Case, CEO Scott Case (no relation), founding board member Carl Schramm and the rest of the Partnership team have been busy.

In his State of the Union address, the President reminded us that “America was born to win the future.” The President believes that entrepreneurs will be architects of that future and central to America’s ability to compete and prosper in the 21st century.

We are still in the startup phase of Startup America, but we are already seeing big results. Both the Obama Administration and the private sector are doing what it takes to answer the President’s call to action – enhancing the ability of entrepreneurs across the country to develop new ideas and create new jobs. Stay tuned for more news from the White House and the Startup America Partnership, as these campaigns continue to forge ahead.

Austan Goolsbee is Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

Need –goal focus –business plan/definition of “business plan”  –marketing answers –small, big mysteries solved –High quality, relevant help NOW?   Start:   writing –actually write out your FIRST ideas -thoughts -questions –insecurities –worries, fears, what-ifs.   DO NOT censor yourself -edit for ‘public’ viewing, just Write the Real stuff you want to KNOW.

Then:  call up SCORE –there’s a chapter in every major city –get an appointment.   –Take your notes, instincts -common sense and Go –to the place full of Been There Done That peeps –former bookkeepers  –marketing mavens –shipping geniuses –accountants –CEOs –sales reps –who now use their skills, knowledge, wisdom, smarts for Fun –helping newbies.  Ask away.

Listen –with a pen, pay Real attention, drill down.   Maybe:  your Idea –tweaked a tad is the way to go –could be marketable….  –Remember NOBODY knows it All, not everyone will click, But:  Paired up with a blockhead –idea-killer –intimidator –past the sell-by goof?  Go with your instincts –Just Get:  another appointment.  If:  entirely disinterested business person says same thing –you don’t want to hear:  Only you can decide what next.

You really REALLY want to KNOW = if your product –idea –service will ‘fly’ –but zero bucks to do full out marketing survey?
1st Ask yourself:  would YOU lay out cash money for “X” –if Joe Blow was offering?
#2 –no joke, I’ve done this –and many times, sometimes saved myself tons of grief, money:  ask people in the street/bus/post office line, etc –what they think about “x” problem –do they need/wish they had “X”
–would they pay $x for it, no, then $”y”
–what would be the easiest way/place to for them to get “X”/HOW would they want to get it
If it’s an entirely new product/idea/service: of course be vague enough not to give away your idea yet accurate enough to get meaningful response.

Once, ready to start a business, but undecided between two, life-long desire to make women’s shoes with unique features: I spotted a well-known, mature actress sitting at nearby outdoor table. –Ideal customer, certainly could afford, so without all the details how my shoes would be better than any on the market, I asked her: would she buy? Though she didn’t want to talk, she gave enough answer, details –for me to decide.

The market –small-ish, even as mail-order, difficult sale –on stream-lined custom-made shoes with unique features. So I used my connections -ideas, went with larger market, near universally-wanted, easier sale: grade #1 hard-to-get, unique Middle Eastern, Asian spices, staples. Got to know, fed by (lol), enjoyed –some of the best, most creative famous chefs around. For nearly 15 years: deeply satisfying, creative (often gave recipes, suggestions) –tons of fun.

So daVine Remedy for You?

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Show Up Burglars of America: Show Up –Protest Tax-Dodgers on Tax Day

While You’re buried in receipts –dealing with taxes:   corporate burglars of America preparing for REFUND from federal government after they ripped off America.

BofA:  ripped off those who just wanted a home –loaned on inflated prices –no proof of income or even ID –sliced -diced garbage loans and with Wall Street weasels, bundled up the garbage and sold it to managers of public-employee pensions, city and state government investors –without revealing the concealed trash –bought thousands of options betting price would fall –waited for pay-off on insurance policies bought “if” the price fell on the trash they created  -sliced-up -sold.

GE –If you haven’t heard:  owner of NBC –weapons factories –holder of giant contracts with Penta-goons, made multi-billions in Profit = tax owed?   Submitted 24,000-page tax ‘return’ that will “protect” their billions of profit: will pay $0 in taxes

–AND GE  will get Rebate from broke US Treasury –Americans.

Corporate burglars
PAID Moody’sStandard & Poors rating agencies: “rated” stinking garbage as Class “A” laundry. NO investor would have –could have bought the covered-up filth without their stamps. –WHY haven’t the rating agency heads been arrested for lies –greed –graft?

When the market, duh, crashed from their greed:   all the burglars went to the feds –sobbed ‘poor us’ –got billions that prevented bloated bastards from bankruptcy –to keep on keep’n on rip-off scams.

NO way to Prove who holds any mortgage
–economy cratered from scams
Prices fell  –on Homes of owners with inflated mortgages can’t make payments without job –wiped out in economic crash –stock market cratered by banksters –seize homes without legal foreclosure or any PROOF they own the property –after they re-sold slices of bundled rotten mortgages –to thousands of unsuspecting investors –on “investments” with fake ratings.

TaDa:  the trash hit barrel-bottom –banksters who KNEW all, made money on all the garbage loans –on the insurance policies on the loans –on the put options when the market crashed.

Taxes Wall Street weasels will pay on billions of profit from the garbage they created  = $0

Big banksWall Street weasels
–so bloated with cash they buy lobbyists  –‘good deals’ from Congress:   hope You too dumb to understand what you just read, what they did –too busy to bother –not angry enough to act.

You can give the tax-dodgers big Heads Up: embarrass corporate thieves who ripped off America –pay NO TAXES –expose cowards, sly foxes who hide in gilded lairs. Protests across America –You can join Americans –in Los Angeles on Tax Day:

noon Monday – April 18 –in Hollywood

You're Invited:
Protest corporate tax dodgers:
Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles

Host: Lisabeth R., MoveOn member

Where: Corner of Sunset and Vine (in Los Angeles)

When: Monday, Apr. 18, at 12:00 PM

Can you come?
Click below for more details and to RSVP:

I'll be there
I can come.

Can't make it
Sorry, I can’t make it this time.

What: While vital government services get cut, corporations like GE are making huge profits, but paying no federal taxes. So, on Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles, and at hundreds of events across the country, we’ll gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. We’ll demand that our leaders make them pay up, instead of cutting billions from programs that would create new jobs, drive economic growth and help the needy and our nation’s children.

–don’t just get angry:  urge everyone you know to join up  –Protest corporate tax dodgers –Monday April 18, 2011 –there’s more of us than them

Can’t go?  Send this to:  neighbors –friends –co-workers –PTA –your e-mail contact list

WHERE Are the Arrests
WRITEAttorney General Eric HolderDepartment of Justice:  demand  justice   –banksters arrested, prosecuted for burglarizing Americans —daVine remedy for gross grotesque theft —daVine Remedy for Burglars of America

President Obama Schedule, Saturday Address: Budget, April 16, 2011

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daVine Remedy

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Paul Ryan, the Elephants? Bridge, All 69,000 –Too Far

Paul Ryan wasn’t,  apparently, very good at arithmetic when he was in school.  How do I know?

US bridges –all 69,000 are rusted –sagging –sinking –crumbling –ready to fall down –way past sell-by/expected life span date by decades –held together with wire –hope, prayers.  But “Representative” Ryan:   doesn’t mind and doesn’t  see any reason to spend OUR money to improve any bridge –any ancient infrastructure, not even for saving jobs or, duh, lives.

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...

Image via Wikipedia

You?  For SURE: can count on those whacky “liberals”  –safely cross

paid-for superbly-well maintained top-notch “liberal” Golden Gate bridge in  San Francisco.

For Suresafely cross NO other bridge in the US  –without a snorkel, a wetsuit and a paid-up life insurance policy, thanks to ‘conservatives’  like Paul Ryan and his pals.   oh well

What does Elephant Ryan and his math-challenged pals want to DO with our money instead?   Give OUR money to that desperately needy, whinny ‘needy’ group their donors:   the wealthiest 2% of Americans. The Elephants:   want to slash rate of tax the bully-boys pay into the pot –and then take it from the 98% …hmmm….

daVine Remedy –for crumbling bridges: You could share thoughts -commuter -travel plans with Rep. (R) Paul Ryan and his “leader” in the House:  sobsister John Boehner

BTW   In case you don’t know:
IF every department –program –agency of federal government –if every grant -school -equipment -program -highway -freeway federally-funded for states was Shut Down –IF every IRS -border -FBI -CIA -TSA agent –air traffic controller -translator -ambassador -clerk -assistant -driver -nurse -doctor -tech -printer -train conductor -engineer –everyone working for federal government was fired on Monday:

the deficit –the debt created by starting two wars and giving our money to drug-makers and banksters during last “administration”  would NOT be Enough –wouldn’t cover.  SHUTTING down government would NOT equal the amount of the debt –”conservatives” caused.

Only –ONLY if we SLASH Defense department –$590 BILLION Every year AND

if wealthiest 2% of Americans paid just 4% more tax on their Personal Income AND

all –ALL US corporations making money in the US –like GE and burglars of America (BofA) PAID tax on their profit AND actually brought back their money from secret off-shore banks AND

Elephants STOP giving ‘rebate’ –money –$15 Billion to ethanol makers –$40 Billion to oily corporations –giant ag, giant farm corporations to NOT grow crops –Texas doctor “farmers” getting $15,000 Every year AND

STOP giving tax breaks to American, foreign corporations Making money in US AND

–NOT by delivering senior adults to insurance corporations, but create SMART way to manage Medi-Care cost

THEN we could pay down our deficit –get out of debt, get back to healthy robust economy.  Cutting Food Stamps -Vet programs -heating oil to low-income -health clinics –Paul Ryan’s “math” AIN’T gonna cut it.

–Till then the Elephants –the wealthiest 2% –will be using bridges?    Well, we can only hope –IF Ryan and his “pals” get their way.  –True daVine remedy for Elephant stomp –insanity, unfairness.

So:  what country will You move to –if the Elephants in the House get their way?

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Jobs? Penis War on Women -Water -Mountain Tops Shuts Down Sanity

Penis War
People– Worried About Jobs –got Nutters instead
Americans saw Wall Street weasels, big banks screw with mortgages –crashed stock market –neighborhoods –pensions –jobs –economy.

Republicans who were in charge in Congress, in White House: bailed out the banks –gave OUR tax money AND tax breaks to banksters, big insurance corporations –wealthiest 2%.

Businesses unable to get bank loans and Americans unable, unwilling to spend, so jobs were slashed. While all that happened:   we got a new President.

During his first two years in office:  new President worked on restoring economy and jobs.

Too Little, Too Slow
So many Americans have lost their job –pension –home:  Republicans called for indictments –arrests?   Arrest their donors, Hell no, no, they merely mounted PR campaign to blame the new President for the old problems –they caused.   Republicans  did such a good PR  job:  they actually convinced enough ignorant people to vote FOR majority of Republicans to House of Representatives in 2010 Election.
Funded those candidates?  Wealthy –corporations funded Republicans and people angry about the bank bailouts who call themselves “Tea Party.”

It’s Easy to be Angry
What Matters:  to be Informed. Tea Party people –and those they elected to represent them:  are ignorant about what Really happened –about Republican bills that gave corporations “tax breaks” for sending jobs overseas –for slashing jobs –for taking US natural resources oil -coal -minerals -water BUT not paying taxes on it –for giant corporate farms paid for not growing un-wanted –FOR any one who gave MONEY to Republicans, screw everyone else.  Did YOU get tax break for being super wealthy –to KEEP more of your wealth?

They:  don’t understand How government Really functions.


Crybaby Speaker John Boehner and his people in Congress

John Boehner

Image via Wikipedia

–in Republican Party:  hate programs that help –workers –Middle-class –newly unemployed –food, shelter  insecure –disabled –senior adults –those who like government.

–Extreme “conservatives” in Elephant Party:   don’t want to fund those programs that help average -low-income Americans, Do want laws = taxes that favor wealthy -corporations, even when those tax “breaks” INCREASE government debt, weaken US.

YOU –think Congress members are arguing about debt -money?  Naw, Tea Party members in House of Representatives: would rather shut down federal government than agree to fund health care for low-income American women.

Uterus War
Federal money cannot be spent for abortion –that’s federal law. Tea Party members don’t care –about screening for cancer –about family planning IF funds go to same organizations that also help a woman get a necessary abortion. –If a fetus growing without a spine -head -limbs -heart: “conservatives” don’t care –they don’t want to fund ANY that can help women get an abortion for ANY reason.

HOW is personal health the Business of Government???

If it is government’s business to control womens’ health: WHY isn’t there Penis war?

WHY is the drug that causes erection:  government-paid/reimbursed, but the drug that controls birth isn’t?

What Does screening for cancer have to do with abortion? Nothing. But Tea Party: is making war –using government to make war on poor womens’ health if they think a poor woman can also get an abortion.

Tea Party Extremists
–help their donors: people who own coal mines, mine minerals –drill for oil on federal land for private profit. Those corporations donate to Republicans, Tea Party –fund election campaigns.

Those donors: want to blow up tops of mountains –without regulations or regulators or agencies or laws bothering them.

–They want to drill in places -ways that will interfere with drinking water –without regulations, regulators stopping them.

Social agenda –right to control one’s own health, drinking water –mountain tops: all on Tea Party plate and so determined to get those and other social issues made legal: they want to shut down federal government until they get what their donors want.

Want to survive while your loved one is a warrior in war on terrorists –while you struggle with disability –survive in retirement –pay bills while you’re unemployed –search for groceries, shelter? Tough, Tea Party: doesn’t care.

Tea Party Wing of Republican Party
Claim: government should balance last year’s budget This year –but really TRY to slash funding of programs for non-wealthy –non-donors to their Party: they hate you –want to SHUT DOWN government rather than help you.

War warriors –US military in Iraq, Afghanistan –bases, waters around the world? Nevermind FBI tracking Internet thieves -pedophiles -white collar crime -bank robbers, either. –Will NOT be paid if government shuts down. Republicans, Teabaggers: government open or shut, they WILL still collect $180,000 paycheck.

Tea Party Members of Republican Party So ignorant, radical –indifferent to what life IS like for 98% of Americans: Mad Hatters are making War on middle-class –on you.

Now: Mad Hatters Rule.

At midnight tonight:  Tea Party will CAUSE SHUT DOWN of our government, wanted or NOT.

But if they succeed Will Tea Party irresponsible nuts: STAY OFF federal highways –airplanes that require federal air traffic controllers –NOT call FBI -police -fire fighters? Hell no. But THEY will still get their check during SHUTDOWN, to hell with everyone else.

Will the last Mad Hatter
please turn out the lights when they leave –then:  explain to the rest of America HOW they will pay –for warriors carrying out war on terrorists –for women who have cancer –for unemployed –for hungry who’ve lost job -pension -home because of their “management” –so they can give MORE to their donors

–WHY they will still collect a paycheck –while Americans go without

–HOW they will Start Up government again:  WHAT will change the situation they created?

–WHAT it will COST to SHUT down government –start up again —WHERE they will get the money

Did You want extremists —right-wing Republicans Mad Hatters in control of government –or did You want J-O-B-S and good economy?

daVine Remedy
–for ignorant self-serving Republicans, Tea Party nuts running OUR government: You –better Remember ALL THIS the next time you are asked to vote –for Democrats.

Mad Hatters rule
blackmailing US government –making war on the President –on drinking water –on mountain tops –on womens’ uterus. –It’s their way –or no way.

Republicans INCREASED Debt
–Gave wealthiest 2% –huge corporations bigger cut of their taxes. Now they want to make up the debt on –everyone else.

Oh, You still don’t have job –enough groceries –missing pension –under water with your home? Ask Republicans: WHERE is sanity –fiscal responsibility –JOBS?

Let’s start:  a penis war.

Ignorance: NOT bliss.
Republicans: help only themselves. We MUST un-vote self-serving –donor-helping Mad Hatters –get them OUT of our government. Till then:   daVine Remedy May G-d HELP the rest of us.

WRITE: to your member in Congress –to John Boehner, Speaker for the Elephants in the House Contact

DONATE:  to Democrats

Oh BTW:   national Passport Day at Post Offices –tomorrow, Saturday April 9.   Good luck with that.


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