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Roy Romer, Fired LAUSD Employee: Scum?

TO: Roy Romer, fired ex LAUSD employee

Doesn’t matter What kind of spin you put on it –then or now: you blew into Los Angeles –from somewhere else, like a carpetbagger, took a job you FAILED to do, didn’t improve ANY thing/one, got fired by bored/boared Los Angeles Unified School District, blew town with money you didn’t earn.

While you squatted on lofty throne, in marble-clad lavish headquarters: you didn’t do ANY thing to stop –50% of students leaving before graduation; you couldn’t be bothered to alter/notice illiteracy –24% unable to read, passed onto next grade.

You did succeed: in manipulating non-English speaking parents –to vote for bonds to give you/LAUSD billions more money –nevermind they renters, the money came on the backs of those trying to hold onto home ownership.  –Built  UNWANTED schools, un-needed, obscenely over budget –design ugly –dated construction –not a Green school or even single Green element. –Nothing environmentally-friendly –all needing costly furnace, a/c.  –All in the face of 20% annual falling enrollment.

A “superintendent” of schools –without Actual Experience –Qualification –Knowledge –Expertise: You

  • bragged on yourself, ad nausea
  • swiped over ONE MILLION BUCKS out of SCHOOL budget for “expenses” –NOT paid back
  • FAILED to improve education any way whatsoever

Impressive: the speed at which you moved your butt –whenever a kid and a camera got hooked up on TV –to make sure one of your faces got included. But: PLENTY –got left behind –un-educated –unskilled –unable to read –left to twist in the wind –OFF college track –in the streets –fresh prey for gangs –gangs you did SQUAT to diminish, while you sat in office.

–Test scores: “raised” –an entire HALF of one per cent.

All this you ‘accomplished’ well-known by parents, students, even casual observers. So why write about it, why publish your putrid self-serving exploits on the Internet?


Though your own friends –elected representatives –state officials —Thousandswho care about Los Angeles -architecture -history -beauty asked –pleaded –wrote –called –spoke –begged you not to, you did it any way.

Your nadir: You –personally saw to utter destruction of the last important Los Angeles landmark. –Lies –Politics –manipulation to destroy the Ambassador Hotel.

You did it: to puff up yourself –with immigrant parents –with so-called famous people who wanted the Hotel destroyed to serve their interests. They used you, willing pimp.

I, with hundreds of those parents, attended your first self-serving ‘hearing’ to explain yourself. –But You, your toadies, phony pie charts, fake environmentalists, LAUSD bureaucrats left out: the Whole Truth. You “forgot” to tell: NO SCHOOL –on the site of the rubble that was once the great Ambassador Hotel, in time –NO neighborhood child would still BE a child by the time a school built, if ever.

–The Great library of Alexandria –looted pyramids –even France’s Les Halles Market, Your ilk: has always existed. We can get more pie charts –replace the money you took, eventually –get another “super.” How do we replace the loss? –HOW do we repair the destruction?

You fought the LA Conservancy. You didn’t “get” the reason to retain the world-famous ballroom –that could have generated revenue –money for the school district, from rental for proms, social events, corporate meetings. —What was the cash to you.You didn’t see the “point” –converting the grand hotel –to condos –for low-income families –for teachers –for LAUSD guests. –You weren’t going to live there, what did you care –if LAUSD pays instead for guests, not your money, right?

You ignored speaker after podium speaker, including this author, who pleaded to save the Ambassador, usually not even showing up.  Ambassador Hotel:  rubble –sitting on top of newly-exposed toxic waste.   –Lethal waste NOT discovered, “somehow” in Environmental Impact “Report.”  Gee, how did that happen.

Well pal: THIS is on the Internet so even casual search will give LIE to whatever you’ve slapped up in your resume.

No landmark AND No school –NO possibility of students studying IN historic place ever –then you blew outta town, roam free.  –Searching for another community on which to prey?

Anyone even Thinking of hiring you –even as janitor, should KNOW what you did.  No students –no parents –no community –no agency, organization, group, corporation or administration: should get suckered by You.

daVine Remedy The pirates who stole ship after ship, and an oil tanker, sailed away with $3 million ransom for it, stuffed in their pockets –and drowned.  New year, new president, new possibilities.  We, who are left with your stinking “legacy”–look forward and know:  the Universe exacts Perfect justice.  –You, your putrid destruction:  reap ALL that you have sown.  daVine Remedy.

Roy Romer, carpetbagger:  the Bernie Madoff of education.

As you live on the sidelines, in the shadows/under a rock, KNOW with Certainty: on the day we open the newspaper and see your obituary –hundreds of thousands will cheer.  Believe it.  —daVine Remedy….


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One Idiot + $2 Mil Trashed +50% Drop Out + Death of History = Marlene Cantor

Marlene Cantor, realtor, as head of LAUSD:  has ruled over children with the bad luck to be forced into Los Angeles schools.

As head of the Bored: she was instrumental in hiring a “superintendent” to oversee second largest US school district.  Who did she pick?

Carpetbagger Roy Romer –because:  qualification for the job?   –Experience –knowledge –expertise?  He was:  A politician –an ex governor –from another state.

Job Performance?
Romer performed masterful task of “improving” education by raising test scores to majestic level of:  half of one per cent.  In the six years it took to get up to that ‘height’:   bragged about it –with pricey pie charts, ‘failed’ to tell Hispanic parents the WHOLE truth, and begged/berated voters to give LAUSD billions and billions to build too many schools.

While Marlene Cantor:  paid public lip-service to those who testified/pleaded with her and her Bored pals –but off-camera houses -apartments -businesses -land were seized, using coersion, money and/or eminent domain –displacing thousands, to build unwanted schools in bad locations, with cheap ugly buildings –that cost, duh, way more than budgeted.

–Then she got bond after bond put on ballots –and whined: to get the un-informed to vote for ever more billions, to keep on doing it.  She also spent –One million bucks –on a PR firm –to find out why the public objected to LAUSD board actions –why we don’t like those people. Duh.

While Marlene Cantor sat on her throne:  LAUSD built –marble-clad palace/ headquarters, costing millions –in awkward not easily accessible location. Oh well. Massive LAUSD bureaucrats and toadies and queens have to sit somewhere –why not amid lavish digs.  –Too bad that school principles have to beg –for textbooks, paint, light bulbs, chalk, pipes –heaters, a/c, grass, gym equipment.

I once listened to a Bored debate on:  spending $75 million for a math textbook. A man, who had flown in from Ohio to speak to them, was kept waiting three hours.  When they finally called on him:  he said he had examined both books they were considering and found errors –missing material –mistakes.  How did he know?  He was the university math professor who had written the original material both books had ripped off.  Board members?  They gave him:  three whole minutes to speak –short shrift, curt thanks –and a warning bell, to leave the podium. They asked not one question.  Their decision?  They merely put off voting, for another day.  Well, where’s the rush –for students to learn math –and accurtely.  Oh well.

–You can see them in action for yourself: their “hearings” run live and taped, on station KLCS, Wednesdays and Sundays. Watch them, if you’ve got the stomach.

Ol’ Marlene knows how to play the politics game and with “superintendent” carpetbagger Romer, saw to it:  ignorant broke Hispanic easily-manipulated parents remained in the dark –about the last important landmark property in Los Angeles. The place where kings -princes -ambassadors -world leaders and Hollywood royalty had held meetings, dined, danced and played:  the world-famous Ambassador Hotel. –Last stop for Robert F. Kennedy, the night he was declared winner of California Primary election for President, June 5, 1968. (No, I didn’t need to look up the date.)

When LA Conservancy volunteers walked the neighborhood, went door to door:  told parents –the Whole story –how LAUSD had gotten into bidding war, over-paid, then tried to flip the property to get back some of the money; failed –then working on destroying it.   –Neighborhood parents were as outraged as hundreds of thousands of long-time & new Los Angelenos.  –They too:  wanted the hotel to be converted to hotel + school + low-income condo housing for families AND for teachers –for students to study IN historic magnificent buildings.

The Ambassador Hotel:  Preserve history –for all, for future generations –working-class children to learn history –in beautiful historic place –with a lavish swimming pool –and a famous ballroom –for  social events and proms that could actually generate income, hard cash, for the District?  Nope –not the right politics, when there was money –and votes, for insiders at stake. 

Marlene: used her tools to help a Bored Hispanic member manipulate Hispanic parents into believing –he was Doing Some Thing for them –so he could manipulate them to vote for him –so he could flip his part-time LAUSD board job –to a full-time job on LA City Counsel –so he could suck up $150,000+ a year, plus “expenses” of course, plus a free car, free gas, free rent, free staff, free supplies and uh, expenses and pension.  Hmmm…What did Marlene get?  –GOOD question, Laura Chick, why don’t you find out for us.

Marlene and “super” Roy played them:  Ambassador Hotel –destroyed –turned into rubble –atop toxic waste –newly exposed during the destruction, but somehow not ‘found’ in the slimy Environmental Impact Report, shoved/approved by her & Bored pals.

Board members and Bureaucrats:  already stole/destroyed most of what was once part of Los Angeles history –legend and beauty and special, what was one last piece.  –We pay those “Council” people to look out for LA –at $150,000 each –every year, and mostly silently tolerate –when another junk food house, unwanted school goes up, where history –and affordable housing used to be.

But Marlene likes to keep busy: she got “qualified” ex governor shoved out of Superintendent seat.  –Then hired a pricey search company to look for another tool to run run-down schools.

All the while enrollment in LA schools: falling. Parents who can’t find decent-paying job/can’t afford to Live in LA, have pulled up their household and split for affordable places –out of state, out of gang range.

Parents who can’t afford to enroll their children anywhere better:  their children fed up –23% cannot read.  But they get ‘graduated’ –sucked into gangs –into fights –into the street –but not into honors program, school counseling, quality education or college-track program.

Of the students enrolled in elementary school:  fully 50% drop OUT of Los Angeles schools before high school graduation. Oh well.

Marlene Cantor has had NOTHING to say –or Do on that subject.  Too busy: begging for bonds to build more schools –and berating Los Angelenos for not building more sooner, nevermind the falling enrollment she knows all about. Oh well.

Meanwhile a new person got elected to mayor –on the promise to Fix the LA school mess. Ol’ Marlene got determined: to fix him for daring to poach on her territory.

Her search toadies found her the ‘perfect’ candidate –to improve test scores –stop the drop-out rate –improve illiteracy –get quality education for the next generation –run the massive school district?

Who did Bored member Marlene Cantor pick –to ‘teach’ the new mayor who’s the boss? –A former teacher –administrator –guidance counselor –superintendent?  Naw, not for Marlene.  She went way over –everyone’s head. She picked: a navy man.  Not just any Navy recruit, mind, she picked one with parents who used to be teachers. Yup, that’s the ticket.  THAT’S what we waste $24 grand a year on:  Marlene Cantor and her fix-it wagon doing a job –on un-lucky students..

Marlene waited to announce her pick of David Brewer –until the mayor was out of town. She called a press conference to announce the diss –so it would all be Done Deal, in ‘cement’ –‘legal’ –unchangeable by the time he got back.  Nice.

But oops: Marlene got bored with him, too.  While you were scrambling to pay bills -keep a roof over your head -get a few gifts together for the holidays –watching job -pension -stock market float away, Marlene’s pick for ‘super’:   got shoved out the door.  –After barely two years:  the Bored paid him off –not to work –forked over balance of his contract.  He didn’t even have time to make pricey pie charts –ego-puff claims –or even one lead-laced drinking fountain safe, as promised on camera to KNBC investigative reporter, and to parents in mailed letters.  But he did split –with two million bucks of our money. Thanks Marlene.   Oh well.

Students who don’t have textbooks -clean drinking fountains -safe schools, can’t read drop out of school, while those displaced by construction scramble to find housing they can afford in over-priced scarce rental market. –Yet the school-building goes on and on and on…. The historic Ambassador Hotel, trashed, while the neighborhood waits –for a school, not realizing, never told:  no child living there will have a school in time for them to attend.  Oops.

Marlene?  Oh she’s got a new plan:  to move on –not to run for school board seat again.  Her “job” –done.  Ah.

Who is to blame for her diz-gusting excesses –arrogance –indifference –trashing of billions for over-priced un-needed schools –two failed and un-qualified “supers” –unchanged drop-out rate –unchanged illiteracy rate?  You.

–You voted for that woman, repeatedly.  –YOU enabled her, Yet you failed to ask questions –you failed to do your homework –you listened to MALDEF –you didn’t denounce her –you didn’t organize neighbors & parents. –No, You didn’t protest even when she crossed the line, over and over and over again.

Where the petitions –the podium speakers –the letters –the outrage?  Instead:  You voted for Marlene Cantor –every time.

Now? The ignorant un-educated guy you voted to squat in the governor’s seat:  is forcing LAUSD to slash $400 million bucks –and loads of teachers, out of next year’s budget. Nice going. Oh well.

But When those drop-outs, uneducated ill-qualified who can’t read, can’t get a job –you won’t hire –and neither will anyone else: don’t whine when they turn to gangs –to your house, your car, your business, your unprotected family members to ‘pick up’ spending money.

Billions spent –buying up housing, land, businesses –to build un-needed schools for falling enrollment –half the students uneducated -ungraduated, quarter can’t read –one superintendent, unqualified, fired; one:  paid millions not to work any more.  –Your “legacy” to the next generation. 

People who “serve” the public –to serve themselves –people of Marlene Cantor’s ilk:  always exist, all over.  But it was Your job:  not to let her get into position.

Now daVine Remedy: Don’t wail about ever-growing gangs –scarce affordable housing –more junk –or the higher taxes for more cops –more guards –new prisons –to cope with the illiterate.  Just shut up and write the checks.

May G-d spare us –from your stupidity.

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Defend Parents –Cut School to Protest?

Got a beef –want to protest a political issue –thinking about cutting school –to go out into the street to protest?  Before you do think about this:

Last year I needed groceries, so I headed to the grocery store on May 1.  For several years I have avoided going a certain way so I could avoid an intersection –always jammed full of pedestrians, crossing against the light, plus idiots who try to turn left –from far right lane –plus morrons who decide to avoid long left turn lane –by stopping short to make a ‘quick’ left, blocking all traffic.  As I approached that intersection –shock.  Instead of going north, I could see –There were no people –no cars –no traffic.  When I got a green light –surprise, I could go through the intersection –no cars in the middle still waiting to turn.  I used the shortest route to the grocery store:  for the first time in years.  The next four miles were the same:  few cars, no stragglers blocking crosswalks or intersections.  Usual walkers and drivers:  all downtown at a protest. 

I thought about that, alot.  For the first time:  I could see –the impact of millions of people pouring into California –Los Angeles, when it was already crowded and what it meant for everyone already living here.

I am a California native.  I’ve watched New Yorkers, Persians, Mexicans pour into already crowded city.  But not until the May 1 2006 Mexican protest did I fully realize the impact of having so many people here –arriving un-expectedly.  That impact changed my thinking.  Now:  I am opposed to people entering this country without documentation –without local government being able to expect and prepare for new people. 

If you are Hispanic and think I am wrong, consider:  just exactly How Much would YOU like it if five –six –eight million people, say Baby Boomers –all decided the Perfect place to live –retire, was Puerta Vallarta and they ALL moved there at the same time? 

Moving in -univited, unexpected has Nothing whatsoever to do with justification or value or contribution or validity or self worth or “rights” or any other reason for moving in.  No place on Earth can take in twelve –thirteen –sixteen MILLION people un-expectedly and not suffer serious consequences.  Proof:  look at Darfur.

YOU feel you have a right to be here –uninvited?  You want to protest –a policy? –Think laws, attitudes, situation –should be changed?  You have EVERY right to say so –to protest –to make your voice heard.  But if you want to change MY mind and those of policy-makers, Do you actually think you CAN do that by:

  • Clogging streets
  • Inconvience me, every one else in Los Angeles –‘make’ us be for you/your cause –by preventing residents from going to appointments, picking up children from school/day care; getting to/from hospital-medical clinic-doctor
  • Making problems for your school, for Los Angeles Police Dept. will be “good” for your cause
  • Costing your school a WHOLE LOT of MONEY

Then you Better THINK some more, because after seeing what LA was like, last year, without you here, proving it again this year will way NOT convince me –anyone else.

You want smaller class size –gym –art –music programs?  You want smarter teachers and more of them?  THINK:  if you walk out of school during class to protest on the streets of Los Angeles –again, Do NOT look for support from me –from thousands of residents, when we see that YOU don’t give a damn about the money it costs schools for you to protest.

You want to make a protest statement protest?    daVine…   
~Organize letter-writing sessions –to Congress, to newspapers, to judges.

~Protest:  AFTER school –with help and in-put of LAPD and of school principle. 

~THINK first. Walk out of school –cost schools money, clog streets,  waste LAPD resources:  DON’T look for support or anything else from residents. We: will be DONE.

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Boo Hoo Janice Hahn Voting Woes…

When the “esteemed” babysitter of bureaucracy at LAUSD Jose Huizar (ryhmes with: geezer), used un-informed parents, once-grand Ambassador Hotel and fear to jump –to the Fraud Squad, AKA “City Council”: What did it cost? Read it for yourself here and weep.

Who Picked Up the Tab?
Who paid for the election to replace Huizar on the LAUSD Bored? Actually: YOU. Between the election and now the run-off election: More than a Million bucks, is what you paid. Hmm…how many –textbooks –teachers –after-school –art –music programs could have been bought with a Million+ bucks –instead of an election for the oh-so-caring Huizar?

Well, it’s a moot point, now: “voters” did “deep” research, and their homework, of course –and “decided” the Best use of (–other peoples’) money: was to give it to the school Bored, Millions of bucks worth of bonds –for secret polling, surveys, Romer’s ‘slushy’ fund and TaDa elections. So what’s a mil here or there, to the Bored –to you?

How many parents in the neighborhood of now-trashed Ambassador Hotel–now a toxic waste site, know what Huizar, to APPEAR caring, did –know –what it cost? Maybe: their MALDF lawyers will tell them…or they will hear it through –the grapevine maybe? Ah, well ignorance is bliss in Angle, oops, Angel town.

So I open the mail and there, with a note, is a small article my mother clipped from the newspaper. It seems Fraud Squad member Janice Hahn: went to her polling place to vote. Oops: Janice’s name wasn’t on the voting roster. Oops. It seems since the election was “small” polling places were shifted, combined, moved. Janice didn’t look up the location of her polling place, so poor Janice: if she wanted to vote, had to opt for vote by Provisional Ballot.

“I wonder how many people that happened to, but didn’t know they could still vote, by Provisional Ballot” said Janice Hahn.

Janice Hahn: has HERSELF and her co-worker pals to blame –not the usual polling location –that HER polling place was ‘moved’ –For the low voter turnout –ALL OVER THE CITY. The LAUSD election to replace Bored member Huizar: WHY wasn’t it combined –with Other MAJOR Issues –Put Off until then? WHY? Well, of course: there Must be a Law against doing something Common Sense like that. Excuuuuse Me: Change the Stupid law. WE –the Peeps, pay for those elections. I swear, in the eight years I’ve lived at the same address I’ve voted nine times (–ten times?). Even if it isn’t that many, WHY are we going to a polling place: nearly Every Year?

WHEN: will the Fraud Squad START being responsible, grouping issues into SINGLE election –not more than ONE election every TWO years?

Or: We, the Peeps, Could vote –for the Fraud Squad to pay for every other election after this one…. Oh and by the way: California legislature just voted –to move our Primary Election from June to March back to June–or the other way around? sheesh–and moved it again –to: February next year. So let’s send the tab for that one to LA City Fraud Squad. Hell, with the dough they haul in from from lobbyists and from us, they’re getting $150,000 EACH Plus “expenses” every year, they can afford to pick up an election bill, next time the whim strikes them to have another single-issue election.

So BooHoo for Janice Hahn. Pity for school children, parents, you, me –all residents under jurisdiction of Los Angeles Fraud Squad. Fraud Waste Abuse: rampant in the City of “Angles” –oops “Angels”…NOT daVine

=== === === === === ===
Care about Iraq war –health of returning soldiers –what Congress is doing? Support newspapers: Buy a local, a national, a subscription. On-line: click on relevant ads. If you don’t support newspapers: they won’t have the resources to look out for us, for democracy.

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California Lottery: “Broken”?

Did you ever stop for gas and, once you’re at the counter, buy a Lottery ticket?

Do you buy Lottery tickets where you get groceries, every week?

If that stop for gas and Lottery ticket is an Arco gas station: in the history of California Lottery, no one has won with a ticket purchased from an Arco Gas station. Since the millions of tickets sold, not one Mega millions winning ticket from an Arco Gas station. Why is that?

If you buy groceries and Lottery tickets at Vons Grocery chain, you can be sure: you will not get a Mega-millions winner. Why?

How does California Lottery “work”? If the “jackpot” not won for a while and it creeps up to a level where local television “news” considers THAT an appropriate thing –to use valuable airtime to “inform” you, then watch what happens. No winner of a Saturday drawing –announced on local TV. People, who have fooled themselves into believing they are going to win, purchase tickets –starting the next morning. What will happen then? I already KNOW, guaranteed: there is NO REASON to purchase Lottery ticket for the next drawing. The next drawing will have “No lucky winning number was picked in the Wednesday drawing.”

What happens next? Depends on how many foolish people still deluding themselves, how many tickets sell, but there will be a “winner” on the following Saturday. –Or if the greed boys want More: somehow, there will not be a ‘winning’ ticket drawn for two to four Saturdays.

I have been watching the California “Lottery” a long time. What they do is EASY to see. I suspect: the California Lottery ain’t ‘chance.’ –How else to explain no winning ticket has ever come from an Arco gas station or a Vons market, yet they both rake in millions selling tickets….

Up the chain
Why the “managers” of Lottery corporation paid such high salaries? What work is it, to push buttons –on an automated system, at sales locations; let a few ping-pong balls out of a tube? The thing needs techs who can maintain the machines, an accountant to watch/move the money, a few bookkeepers. Period. One of those can make a call to a printer and Done.

Why is the state involved in gambling –in the Lottery? No, really: why? California got ‘pitched’ by private sector, to have a lottery. The pin-brains in Sacramento at the time went for it, that doesn’t make it right. State government has No Business in proffering gambling to its citizens.

The “benefit” of California government having gambling?
The corporation was slurping their chops over the pot of cash they wanted to haul. There was resistance. To ‘sweeten’ the deal: they put up a “reason” to offer gambling. The ‘sweetener’? A portion of the haul collected “goes to schools.” If: California schools have gotten significant piece of the haul over the past several years –WHY are schools still not educating children at least as well as they did before Proposition 13 went into effect? –Educated as well as in 1960s? WHERE has all the money gone?

It’s true, you cannot see a rep from the Union that represents teachers on camera, without hearing moaning/groaning about money/lack of. Why is that? WHY do teachers wind up buying materials for their classes? WHY are there students without books? WHY do principles of schools: call Los Angeles Conservancy to ask for help –for light bulbs –paint, cement, etc. for their schools? WHY –don’t schools have enough money? –Where is the money?

One day at my best friend’s home, seated at table with her parents, husband, several guests for Thanksgiving. Her father asked: What do you think of the Lottery? Several expressed their opinion, mostly enthusiastic, favorable. When he asked me, I told him: I had seen compulsive gambling, up-close and personal, I knew what it could do to people; I thought the state should not be in the business. He was an exceptionally nice person, brilliant, unusual, taught me how to make Hard Sauce; scientist, invented a product that covered the outside of space capsule that went to the moon, so it could return without burning up. I thought it was a philosophical discussion. Though I haven’t changed my view, it still makes me wince: he said under each plate –Lottery tickets. He wanted to treat us. The year: 1984. Lottery had just begun.

So, ever since, Where is the Benefit of California government being ‘in bed’ with a private for-profit corporation offering gambling to citizens? Why has no Arco Gas station, Vons market, others ever had a Mega-million winner?

Solution: I believe new Attorney General Brown and the state Treasurer and auditor should scour Every single piece of paper, donation, deposit, expense of Lottery corporation.

When they’re done finding out how/where it went: they should do the same to the casino sink-holes “owned” by Indians –a few Indians, who are getting fat off misery of lonely people, while they boot large families out of the tribe, pocketing the money the families collected before they were ‘de-listed’ from tribes. There is NOthing spiritual about Indians pushing gambling. California government should not be abetting Indians with gambling.

Indian Politics
All those ads Indians run on local TV in California, using money made off casino gambling, touting the “wonderfulness” of what they’re doing: make me suspicious. Money they lob at California candidates: makes me angry. They want elected representatives to pass laws favorable to them, then they also want to claim they are ‘immune’ from local, state, federal law –that everyone else has to obey. Either: put gambling laws under California law or shut down the gambling halls. Either: forbid Indians from making campaign donations or allow campaign donations and change California law to INCLUDE total regulation, taxation of Indians’ casinos. One OR the other, not immunity, not both ways.

IF California is going to be in the gambling business: the business should be efficient, honest, well-run. –Why no Arco Gas or Vons Market winning ticket? –Schools should be Getting the money supposed to get. Department of Education: should examine money owed/received, where it went, what the school districts & schools did with money received.

Or: California should take over the running of Lottery.
Or: Lottery Business should be put up for bid, some other private for-profit corporation –with NO political connections to elected reps, should run the thing.
Or: California Lottery shut down.

Your thoughts? Send to: California Attorney General Jerry Brown
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer –he could use the exercise
State Auditor

Buy a national and a local newspaper –today. Newspapers are watching government; support them, subscribe so they can keep on looking out for us.

Read newspapers on-line? Click on relevant ads on newspapers on-line –they will earn money. Don’t click on ads that aren’t for you, don’t click an ad more than once –you could loose your connection to the Internet –blocked for click fraud.

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Odds: 1 out of 2, But LA Chose: 1/176 Million

Did you drive –wait in line –make SURE you got YOUR choice? The odds: you had a fifty-fifty chance to GET the one you wanted.

You did NOT choose wisely. HOW do I know? –Do I have a two-way mirror to see your face?  Nope, anyone could SEE what you chose:  you got in your car/on a bus to –somewhere –for one chance out of 176 MILLION.

You COULD have had an outstanding person look out for Los Angeles –for education of children. Election…Lottery…Lottery…voting…hmmm. You spent your time, energy, brains, money –on the Lottery. You –Mayor V…hmmm.  –Los Angeles DID NOT choose wisely.

Will you be on line –carrying a sign –moaning –groaning –about schools in your neighborhood –about children growing up ignorant, unable to Think for themselves? Will it bother you, that the next generation will not receive education even as poor as the education you received?  WHOM do you imagine will be working, paying to keep the country running –when you are finished working? 

You did NOT choose wisely.

The money trashed on Lottery tickets –in a corporation’s open palms?  How much did you waste? –Yup, WASTE, cuz YOU did not win A thing and neither did Los Angeles or schoolchildren.

Huizar??? East LA to Echo Park –re-voted “FOR” the guy who Hasn’t Done Squat, except for making SURE Los Angeles LOST its last important landmark. WHAT do you Imagine…he will ‘contribute’ to Los Angeles, hmmm?

Since the superb David Tokofsky had way More Than Enough –of carpetbagger Roy Romer’s brand of politics, with his sidekick Marlene-the-realtor-Cantor and the other sheep, and decided to leave off representing the District for a second term, what happened?

Did Silver Lake District children –next generation, get –the intelligent creative original smart former teacher, who wanted to get more Education, PE and art into classrooms? –Or did they get the one the union wanted –to maintain/control the status quo, also backed by Mayor V. and Supervisor Knobe?

See, that’s How I KNOW people in Los Angeles don’t Really give a damn: of all the people who Could have Registered to vote –Could have Voted –Could have DONE something to Make A Difference –FOR FREE –you would ALREADY know the election results.

Whom did Silver Lake get? –The enlightened teacher –with a plan to put new schools on CITY-owned land, the one endorsed by David Tokofsky? Naw. The ‘connected’ bureaucrat won. Oh yeah. Mayor V. did NOT choose wisely. But: when she votes to rip down houses, apartment buildings, shops –to put up more schools for declining number of students –whose parents will not be able to find a place to live, you won’t mind, right?

LAUSD board “choice” in Tokofsky’s district? A woman so programmed –rigid –bureaucratic: she ACTUALLY wrote on LAUSD questionnaire (posted on-line) on the Arts, she is “for” the “arts” –IF the “results” of providing art for children can be–wait for it–quantified.

Uh…translation: she’s all for painting, drawing, etc. in schools IF it fits into a box that can be labeled, measured, studied, judged, charted…. Lucky for Davinici he’s dead –ol Mona Lisa might still only be an idea –the world’s grandest things –LA children “inspired” to create –with a bureaucrat ready to pounce, if “art” not “correctly” produced? –Her qualifications –to Decide what is “art” and if/whether created???

Seven –count ’em, 7% bothered to get themselves into voting booth to choose who would see to childrens’ education Vs the number who Made Sure they threw away their money. You –Los Angeles –got in line, to buy Lottery tickets. No, I will not put up all the links showing details, of Southern California election results. No, I will not post Silver Lake new board member’s name. Looking at those once was sickening enough. I am SURE she will be spouting off, in front of cameras, so you can find out her name then.

YOU –didn’t buy any Lottery tickets? Okay, explain –WHERE was your ballot? You could have VOTED –without going to ANY poll –by ABSENTEE BALLOT. You don’t know How to vote by ABSENTEE Ballot? –You know how to get on the Internet –you’re reading this –you Could have looked it up –or you Could have: scrolled down This Page, to look it up.

Two districts: have a do-over, in May. Mayor V. has another shot, at bumping some sheep, getting his choices. Will you choose one of those candidates –or more Lottery tickets? –Or more Ignoring?

New prisons…. When I see –whining, moaning, yapping about the MILLIONS –to spend on junk the new Bored wants, to rip down housing, but not on education, NO sympathy for parents from me.

YOU don’t want –war/more? –Immigrants here illegally –Pollution –high gas price? Too Bad: YOU sent a message to those who run this country, this state, this City. –When you failed to even vote on who runs your own community, You TOLD power: We Are Sheep. –We CAN be manipulated, easily; do whatever to us…. We GOT the government we deserve.

City Council, School Board? You don’t have children –so you don’t care? WHO will be watching out for democracy? WHOM do you imagine will be managing Los Angeles –writing for newspapers –doing surgery after car-crash –running your nursing home?

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Los Angeles Children, Money, Future –Your Choice March 6, 2007

Instead of yelling at the TV, fuming with friends, doing a slow burn –it’s your turn: Tuesday March 6, 2007 in Los Angeles . Time to vote for/against: who sits on Los Angeles School Board, who represents you in City Council.

~LAUSD: You’re busy –bored –who sits on the Board doesn’t interest you? Okey dokey, when you want to hire people/someone to work/manage your business, but none of the people you interview can read, have work ethics -understand basics –service -how to think –who will be doing the work? –Make the City function –do the accounting, lawyering, doctoring, engineering, planning, nursing? –You’d rather have your money spent on prisons? Yup, it Matters.

Sadly, David Tokofsky is not running again. Probably tired of wretching –at politics of Marlene Cantor, carpetbagger ex “super” Roy Romer and his followers –who used our money to fly back and forth to Sacramento –file lawsuits, do secret polling with million dollar slush funds. –But not to get smaller class size, more/enough books or better education.

Those people only care about: maintaining stranglehold on their power, while children get dumb, dumber and fatter. –To fight the Mayor, who was, Duh, elected on campaign promise to improve the diz-gusting Mess that is educational system in Los Angeles. Shame on all of them. –Too bad: Romer didn’t drag his followers outta town with him when he left.

Mayor V is supporting some candidates, some people are lobbing heavy chunks of cash at others. I support Mayor V, generally and in many specifics. I’d like to help him with his choices for School Board, but can’t in district where I am. His choice is for: seizing property to build schools. I believe: people in political office can NO LONGER be trusted with eminent domain issues.

One of the reasons I’m angry at LAUSD quislings: they KNOW enrollment has fallen Sharply past two years —expected to fall even more in next decade. Yet: current Board went out and got ANOTHER bond passed in the last election so they could continue building 155 schools –NOT NEEDED.

Watch the LAUSD Board Hearings sometime, on Public Education channel 58. –Listen to residents, business owners Beg the bored not to destroy –to build on vacant lots –to do smarter/better planning. Then watch: –the silver-haired, silver-tongued suits, the massive entrenched LAUSD bureaucracy, trot up to the microphone –justify –“explain” why stupidity Must Prevail. You’ll need airsick bag, at all times.

LAUSD – DISTRICT 5: Bennett S. Kayser
My choice. He is a teacher, as Mr. Tokofsky was, knows first-hand what a mess we have. Opposes taking property for schools.

If he’s willing to take on the fight, sorry Mayor V, your candidate is willing to take homes for schools and she’s got a union backing her. The Teachers Union: Their money, their tactics –harmful –to children, to democracy; the biggest obstacle to quality education we have, in my opinion.

SEE who is running in your LAUSD district: Los Angeles Times Profile of Candidates

From Silver Lake Community Bulletin Board: Notes from Meeting the Candidates

~Los Angeles City Council
Important races. I have opinions…
I want to see Tom Labonge return –to represent District 4, northern part of Silver Lake-Griffith Park, etc. Happily: no one was dumb enough to run against him.

I am passionate about only one race: one person running for City Council doesn’t belong there. That person used his position to manipulate, instill fear –voted to destroy last important landmark in Los Angeles –for his own personal gain. If you are in his district and you vote for José Huizar then: you will reward him for tricking you –using you –disrespecting you. Are you a follower? –Can’t think for yourself?

If it wasn’t for Huizar (rhymes with “geezer”): the Ambassador Hotel would still be here –ready to be turned into a unique starring kind of school, where teachers could have lived, school guests stayed, condos for low-income neighborhood families and a school. Now: we’re so lucky –a brand new motel-looking load of pricey junk, where the classic 1929 graceful Art Deco hotel once stood.

–Instead, large pile of rubble, sitting on TaDa: toxic waste. –Oh, you didn’t know –the EIR “somehow” didn’t mention the land –the toxins under the Ambassador hotel? Gee…wonder how that got left out of the ‘extensive’ Report we paid for….. Motel architecture, so…inspiring…. Who needs marble –wrought iron –curved stairways, elegant polished metal elevators, old World details –Oh, that’s right: the people who sit on the LA School Board, who built themselves a marble-encrusted luxury office tower/monument to their egos –with OUR money.

Improve quality of education? –Every thing humanly possible to get? Huizar couldn’t be bothered…he had agenda. He used schoolchildren, and their parents, to get into City Council. Now: He doesn’t want to earn a living –he wants a cushy job –manipulating you, again. –Are you going to reward him? Maybe you think you aren’t entitled to anyone better? Then at least have compassion for the rest of us in Los Angeles: Vote for anyone but NOT Huizar.

Los Angeles City Council, all races in Southern Califiornia: here and look up your Polling location

Disagree with my opinions? Only my views matter –unless you Vote March 6, 2007.

Politics in Southern California races

Care about what’s going on –Oval Office –Congress –Sacramento –City Hall –your neighborhood? Care about democracy –right, left, center politics? TV media: panders, treats Americans as stupid, as cash-cows. Only newspapers make democracy work: if we don’t support them –they can’t tell us what is going on. Only “Washington Post” stories made White House & Pentagoons change their ways, deal with mess of Iraq war, wounded soldiers’ medical treatment.

Subscribe to a newspaper This Week –any newspaper. Buy a local newspaper: tomorrow. Read them on-line? FIND the ads that are relevant to you: click on the ads –newspaper will earn money for each click. News, Investigative journalsim is not free.

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