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Women: Zero, Males: NY “Prosecutor” Vance


The New York of Papa-Doc-Dictator-for-Life Mike Bloomberg also has District “Attorney” Cyrus R. Vance Jr., elected right after largest dollar theft in US history. Between them: it’s difficult to tell which decade –century we’re living in.

Midget Mike somehow got city legislature to agree –ought to be allowed to violate city’s charter –gave His Ego-ness a Third Term as mayor. Emboldened by uh, ‘popularity,’ he’s thrown personal liberty under the proverbial bus with his Dictates:
no restaurant salt
no tobacco –indoors OR out
no fat
no menu board without calories
no cars on certain streets
no tax-free thing
–he was a Democrat, then a Republican, now “Independent” of all, but oops, over $400 Million bucks meant for schools went astray, and on and on, whatever His Whimness fancies and still in office.  Oh well.

Meanwhile over at the place where the law-abiding look for prosecution of the non-abiding:
Head “Prosecutor” Vance got a case that came with DNA, seamen, blood,  hair, saliva, bruises, fibers, photos, swath of carpet, co-workers’ testimony –and frightened distraught victim, in shock.

Then: with a tad of ruse and luck, cops found the accused, hauled his butt off to jail –delivered up not months -weeks -days later, but with only seconds to spare –only hours after the ‘alleged’ crime —with accuser -and employer’s ID confirmation.

Pop Quiz:
YOU  –buckled into a seat on a plane –cops walk up and say
stand up, you’re under arrest
–you would say?

AnswerMost people would reply
Why –what for
–but not This accused. Detectives reported:  accused merely stood and complied –without one word –didn’t ask “why.”  Damn odd –for an innocent person.

Not Enough –for ‘super’ Cyrus
Wall spatter, body fluids  –Testimony –Evidence –live victim, silent perp = Not Enough for ‘head’ prosecutor Vance.  He decided:   if a female needs law on her side, he needs Perfect Woman for him to like bother, do his thing, shuffle any paper.

Cuz Ya know, a person who spends every day:
plowing a vacuum –cleaning up droppings of indifferent humanity, totally restoring to ‘never-before-occupied condition’ in room after room, floor after floor on List that must be checked -verified –could be uh, “guilty.”

–Has energy –time –“motivation” to take a ‘break’ –right in the middle of the day, for a bit of “consensual” ‘slap & tickle’ with checked-out over-nighter unexpectedly Still In The Room???

Ya, that’s the ticket, what Minimum Wage worker wouldn’t go for that, what’s the beef –sounds daVine.

Males, right-wingers –or not, don’t need Supremes to change any laws for them to be happy –put women “in their place”:  New York rulers –“watchdogs” on the ‘job.’

Tobacco –The Real Scourge
Afghan females attending school –beaten… Chinese infant girls –drowned… burhka-shrouded in love –stoned to death… 70,000 flights each day dump 271 MILLION pounds of toxins every year –buses, taxis, SUVs, street BBQs, oil-heaters not counted. –No problemo, no midget-Mike to-do list. Oh But if you want salted soup –smoke a cigar –calorie ignorance? Stay the hell Out of New York City.

New York:  New Rules
You want to molest
–beat –rape –kill a woman:  just accuse her of once telling a lie and you’re ‘golden’ –NY whipped wimps won’t do squat against you, apparently.  Added plus:  other women, seeing that, will dummy up –what dummy will attempt to rat out any rat –ever?  –Beaten mouths will stay shut, happily less work for silly Cyrus.

Want to Scam Big Time
–STEAL $2 TRILLION bucks off home-buyers –public fund managers –foreign governments –feds –tax payers, So What –turn millions home-less, hollow out pensions, rip off stockholders  –oops, smash US economy.    Oh Well world’s largest theft bonuses you, babe –with millions.  But get insurance policies on those toxic assets –put & call options on your scam for when it crashes, to rack up even more.   But Don’t forget the ratings boys, who make it all “smellable” –make sure their cut is big.  Keep’n ’em all Ignorant:  keeps you fat & happy.

Then Just Lie:  call it “legal”  –NY regulators, NYSE, Fed, SEC and “prosecutor” –won’t do squat on you, cuz Banksters Too Big to screw.  –It’s how to get elected “governor” of New York.

Want to jack price
–oil –gas –corn –sugar –beef –coffee = fuel, food —daily for giant claw corporation?  Just get your butt on Wall Street, weasel:  the “regulators” who “watch”… busy oh so busy looking at flies on ceilings.

Got a penis?  Ain’t life grand.

Crack “prosecutor” Cyrus –probably has a penis, but he’s a ball-less wonder
–HE won’t “see” a problem with six giant NY burglars of America manipulating commodity prices –for their own benefit –No Crime here, folks, just move along.  But:  Don’t forget to drop something hefty in the ‘collection’ plate, for the good ol’ boys in blue –who ‘watch out’ for you.

–Beaten wife, cop rape, dead prostitute –assault maid:  She Once Told a Lie defense, too small to prosecute.   Pull off world’s largest theft, work another scam hourly?  Too big to prosecute.  –Well WHAT do you want New York to do, to them it’s still 1952.

Old boys club –penis power:   ain’t it daVine…

Rich old boys:  Less is More…
Big boys want release –freedom from restraint.   You –family, friends, neighbors, don’t mind satisfying them –squeezing –wallet for $2.50 more a gallon than REAL market price of gas –sofa cushions for grocery coin –donated dollars to pay electric -gas -heating oil bills.  —Less regulation is better, right?

Too daVine Remedy
Rats who rape, pillage –Ignore –have to come back some day –as a woman –broke …in high heels… some day:  have to face G-d –and a touchy-feely boss….

Till then:  there ARE Democrats —YOUR power –your e-mail account –Your voice… Your vote… daVine….

Your thoughts?

E-mail this:  to everyone….


*UPDATE   There are no accidents?
New York  -Press Conference – Just as Prosecutor Cyrus Vance  to announce he was incapable of prosecuting a pig for assaulting a maid in a hotel –by blaming the maid —earthquake struck
–entire eastern coast where Banksters’ grotesque theft has crushed jobs, housing, families, local economies and governments –and inland including Washington DC –that should have prevented their assault. Vance and his yes-men:  ran.

Where can any of them hide?

NOTE:  This author a pretty good researcher –but if e-mail address exists for Cyrus Vance Jr, Mystery where.   To Contact “prosecutor” Vance:
Twitter Mobile

* * * * *

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daVine Remedy


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Show Up Burglars of America: Show Up –Protest Tax-Dodgers on Tax Day

While You’re buried in receipts –dealing with taxes:   corporate burglars of America preparing for REFUND from federal government after they ripped off America.

BofA:  ripped off those who just wanted a home –loaned on inflated prices –no proof of income or even ID –sliced -diced garbage loans and with Wall Street weasels, bundled up the garbage and sold it to managers of public-employee pensions, city and state government investors –without revealing the concealed trash –bought thousands of options betting price would fall –waited for pay-off on insurance policies bought “if” the price fell on the trash they created  -sliced-up -sold.

GE –If you haven’t heard:  owner of NBC –weapons factories –holder of giant contracts with Penta-goons, made multi-billions in Profit = tax owed?   Submitted 24,000-page tax ‘return’ that will “protect” their billions of profit: will pay $0 in taxes

–AND GE  will get Rebate from broke US Treasury –Americans.

Corporate burglars
PAID Moody’sStandard & Poors rating agencies: “rated” stinking garbage as Class “A” laundry. NO investor would have –could have bought the covered-up filth without their stamps. –WHY haven’t the rating agency heads been arrested for lies –greed –graft?

When the market, duh, crashed from their greed:   all the burglars went to the feds –sobbed ‘poor us’ –got billions that prevented bloated bastards from bankruptcy –to keep on keep’n on rip-off scams.

NO way to Prove who holds any mortgage
–economy cratered from scams
Prices fell  –on Homes of owners with inflated mortgages can’t make payments without job –wiped out in economic crash –stock market cratered by banksters –seize homes without legal foreclosure or any PROOF they own the property –after they re-sold slices of bundled rotten mortgages –to thousands of unsuspecting investors –on “investments” with fake ratings.

TaDa:  the trash hit barrel-bottom –banksters who KNEW all, made money on all the garbage loans –on the insurance policies on the loans –on the put options when the market crashed.

Taxes Wall Street weasels will pay on billions of profit from the garbage they created  = $0

Big banksWall Street weasels
–so bloated with cash they buy lobbyists  –‘good deals’ from Congress:   hope You too dumb to understand what you just read, what they did –too busy to bother –not angry enough to act.

You can give the tax-dodgers big Heads Up: embarrass corporate thieves who ripped off America –pay NO TAXES –expose cowards, sly foxes who hide in gilded lairs. Protests across America –You can join Americans –in Los Angeles on Tax Day:

noon Monday – April 18 –in Hollywood

You're Invited:
Protest corporate tax dodgers:
Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles

Host: Lisabeth R., MoveOn member

Where: Corner of Sunset and Vine (in Los Angeles)

When: Monday, Apr. 18, at 12:00 PM

Can you come?
Click below for more details and to RSVP:

I'll be there
I can come.

Can't make it
Sorry, I can’t make it this time.

What: While vital government services get cut, corporations like GE are making huge profits, but paying no federal taxes. So, on Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles, and at hundreds of events across the country, we’ll gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. We’ll demand that our leaders make them pay up, instead of cutting billions from programs that would create new jobs, drive economic growth and help the needy and our nation’s children.

–don’t just get angry:  urge everyone you know to join up  –Protest corporate tax dodgers –Monday April 18, 2011 –there’s more of us than them

Can’t go?  Send this to:  neighbors –friends –co-workers –PTA –your e-mail contact list

WHERE Are the Arrests
WRITEAttorney General Eric HolderDepartment of Justice:  demand  justice   –banksters arrested, prosecuted for burglarizing Americans —daVine remedy for gross grotesque theft —daVine Remedy for Burglars of America

President Obama Schedule, Saturday Address: Budget, April 16, 2011

* * * * *
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daVine Remedy

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Go Into Killer Whale Tank: Surprise When People, Plans, Potential Get Killed?

A young woman–
with a passion for wild things, got into tank with known killer –got so close, the killer did what comes naturally: ‘rag-dolled’ till it killed her. Blame –the killer, for instinct –the woman, for passion?

‘It’s acceptable –to use both, and too bad –if one unhappy and one dead –if the outcome unwanted,’ says the toadies, the defenders –of the status quo, of “tradition” newly-minted.

While the tank owner, bending others to his will, no matter what, hides from responsibility –for using his money to corral the killer, hiring the woman, profiting off of both, and blames –the woman.

The passion, the woman… just as dead.

A young man–
with a passion for solving problems, using law as the vehicle, tried a ‘squeeze play’ –got into “think” tank with known killers, killers paid to kill whatever stands in their employers’ way. The killers didn’t stop biting, swimming.

Those who want tank protection, and affordable?

The killers –for thwarting, for hiding what they do, for doing what they were hired to do –for following their own interests, instincts swimming in the tank?

The employers –for doing what they set out to do –to satisfy even bigger sharks’ appetites? If they profit while others go without -cannot breathe -function -live, why surprise, they are only following instincts and money.

If ‘white’ is labeled ‘black’ –blame the holder of the brush –for the publicity of ‘color change’? –Blame the “reporter” -the bobble-head who reads the copy every time color and subject are changed –examining entrails minutia –without ever examining How Much Money the killer was paid?

When the killers shrink the tank, profit expands… people who paid and those who couldn’t… just as dead, but sooner –covered in profit.

Sly Fox ‘guarding’ “news” knows: tell the old, the scared, the ill, the tired, the dumb a lie often -loud enough, they will believe it.

daVine Remedy –for those who decide who lives, who dies –who gets paid, who gets paid off…
–we need Smart reporters –who TAKE the time to tell Entire story
–we need those guarding the tank: to make simple declarative Descriptive statements –if we don’t know WHAT the guard or the remedy is, we can’t be for or against
–we need Leaders who lead

He/she who pays the piper: calls the tune
–we need reporters to ask: ‘How Much have you been paid –by whom, to sing that tune’ —Every time, to Anyone “interviewed” who speaks against fair, affordable tank protection.

To the killers and their employers: death has a price –shrink the tank, expand profit with indifference, denial…equals more. The supply of killers, their employers, bigger sharks is Endless. They will Always want –more.  More –feeding them, is more important to them than passion…law, the life of an infant -a mother -a teacher -a student -a fisherman. Who speaks for them? Who will stop the killers?

Don’t the sharks, the employers, their killers –their supporters also have to get in the tank, some day?

In the US, those without health care: kills 68 a day

Eventually each will be in the tank –with predators or with helping hands?

We need to fight –now:

Or: you could just wait –till a rusty nail -bike crash -pneumonia -freeway pile-up -heart attack -pregnancy -ski accident -disease puts your health, your finances, your future in jeopardy.

Write to your representatives –Senator –House member Congress Tell them you want reasonable-cost medical insurance –that can’t be taken away.

* * * * *
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