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’08 CA: Prop 93 –Let Lobbyists Run the State?

You’ve seen the ads –the LOUSY –the phony –biased ads?  Ignore.  The REAL question:  did YOU ever start a new job –and be Good at it –in a week –a month –a year?

We –California voters, voted to Terminate the length of time a candidate could represent us.  We BOOTED them –just when they got Good at the job.  THEY didn’t –Couldn’t form any loyalty to us, they knew they were getting booted.

Who filled the gap –got VERY good at pitching –GETTING –WHATEVER they wanted?  Those with Zero loyalty to Californians:  lobbyists.

Lobbyists –for special interests –big interests –oil companies –developers.  –Anybody with the bucks to hire a mouth-piece.

WE:  have to UN-do what we did.  WE:  shot ourselves in the foot –state is bleeding money –running rampant with LOBBYISTS –who GET Everything they want.

VOTE:  FOR Prop 93 –to GET BACK our state.  Period.  If –IF you don’t LIKE who represents you –they aren’t doing a good job:  vote them OUT.  –Complain –Send e-mail –get your neighbors together and organize.

Till then:  VOTE FOR PROP 93 –daVine….


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Alert! Silver Lake – Concert – Free!

Doo~wop music, in the Park:  Silver Lake is having a concert,

you’re invited!

Silver Lake daVine


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Silver Lake 2007 Calendar: August

“CALENDAR” – Silver Lake – Now at:

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Silver Lake daVine


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FREE! Silver Lake Event: tunes toes tints tomes 7-21-07



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Hollywood Hills –on Fire

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Eek –A Garcetti Sighting –Thursday???

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Event: Los Angeles Anti-Destruction, March 18

Event downtown Sunday, March 18, 2007. It could be called: ‘Anti Thug Device’ –or ‘Carpetbaggers Keep Out’ –or: ‘Keep Those Stinking Greedy Paws Off My Community & City Council Rep.’ Actual name: “Saving Los Angeles” –event is Free.

People sitting in City Council, collecting $150 thousand a year PLUS “expenses” -car -gas, etc., etc., don’t seem to mind –giving permission for the same coffee –ground-up cow joint –giant hardware store –ugly-motel apartment “architecture” –in nearly every LA community. More income for them –less community, individual/family-owned business, history, presevation for us.

Bureaucrats laughed –when people begged them not to destroy Hollywood Hills. They kept on laughing –as Valentino’s estate and dozens more were bulldozed –to put a freeway straight through the hills instead of going around, circa 1950s. –You thought nobody cared? (Long-time residents, homeowners & ex Beats I’ve met at antique auctions have told me stories of protests, marches, meetings they invaded.)

You could only watch –while out-of-towner Roy Romer and his side-kicks Marlene Cantor and Jose Huizar trashed the Art Deco splendor of major landmark Ambassador Hotel… powerless to stop those people and their hidden agenda and their stinking politics. Gosh, they “won” –the Ambassador Hotel turned into rubble –Oops, atop toxic waste.

Now: bureaucrats and their pencils and their bulldozers are getting ready to erase important parts of West Los Angeles –houses, schools, churches, community –for another freeway project. G-D forbid those people should grow a brain: ADD second deck to EXISTING freeway –go UP –instead of destroying more.

Fed up with –“developers” –out-of-town and home-grown thugs, who want to turn your community into Anywhere USA –for cash in their pockets, on special votes from “your” City Council rep?  This is the Conference for you.

Sunday March 18, 2007 Downtown:


~Schedule and all the details, including Parking info.

Could you use a giggle? GUESS who is going to “lead” the Conference opening. C’mon, guess! Well, then:  show up and see. (–Bring some rotted produce?…!)

Here is the link to this page: daVine –to e-mail it to friends, neighbors, blogs, bulletin boards.

BLOG NOTE If you wrote a comment, on any page, but it didn’t appear: Akismet Spam Catcher ate it. Apologies. I’m nearly tech illiterate, but hoping I/someone fixed it’s diet. ALSO:  I changed Page length –for FEEDS (since majority see it there).
You have as much right to express your views, opinion on this Blog as the author. –At least until/unless:  current White House Occupant invades, deletes that right also, then lies about it. So:  Feel free to Comment or re-Comment. Good St. Patty’s Day to ya!

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