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Ronald Reagan: Almighty Idol –American Idle? Superbowl of Reality

Ronald Reagan was a man who, after decades of toiling in Hollywood, making B movies and heading up the union for actors, and shilling for GE at every kind of plant and meeting, finally had the timing to get elected to national office:  President of the United States.

Elephants –hardcore, casual and presidential wannabes all are making big deal out of  Sunday February 6, 2011 when he, if he had lived, would have been 100 years old.  Why?  Because they’re the Elephant party, the answer smacks of the obvious: 
a.) his widow, nurse Nancy, wants them to and
b.) it’s SURELY a way to pull in money, for whatever

But while all the forced hoopla is splaid –all over every media outlet desperate, to fill way too many air time minutes –with heavily-laden goop, which ones will tell the Whole story –not just widow Nancy’s version?

I am so very tired–
the lard Elephants slather over Ronald Reagan.   Watching the ad nauseum promos, though still ill I got out of bed to write.

Each time one of the wannabes invokes his name:  the myths groooow.  Though I’ve written these in other essays, the following, in non-essay form, some of the Rest of the Reagan Story –facts –Ronald Reagan, non-god –for the poor memory and the weren’t born crowd.

Reagan was a Democrat
–till Nancy’s daddy got hold of him, didn’t let go until he convinced him:  it was in his ‘best’ interest to ‘convert’ –change party affiliation to Republican, to stay married to his daughter.

Made a serious run
at unseating the Party’s head: President Gerald Ford, something Just Not Done

Reagan was elected to office NOT by some magical fairy dust
–conversian of even hardcore Democrats, but because:  after Tricky Dick Nixon disgraced himself by going into burglary -lies -suitcases full of cash biz, disgraced the Presidency and the country, Tricky plucked Ford from Congress –when Tricky’s Vice President got caught as a thief. I know, but Truly. 
Nobody believed Ford was “clean” –hadn’t made a deal with the devil, and when Ford “declared” Tricky Dick ‘absolved’ of his Crimes, as in “pardoned” –Americans were Certain of a deal.  Therefore:  first chance we elected a Democrat, Jimmy Carter.

we were so shell-shocked from Watergate -hearings -mysterious deaths -bags of money -lies and spies -and stinking fake war with real death in Vietnam:  Very unfortunately for everyone, we didn’t look at Carter hard enough before we pulled the lever for him. 

Carter:  will go down in history down at the bottom of the list of Presidents.  Trust me:  he was as lousy as any we’ve Ever had.  If you’re curious, just One of multi-griefs Carter caused: he actually used Olympic athletes to punish Russia –refused to allow Americans to compete in the games because they were held in Soviet Union. 
–Not enough reason to despise Carter?  Friends asked friends:  to take their car, and wait in long long lines at gas stations –for gas that was supposedly in short supply.  –Other countries loathed Carter as much as Americans…created embargo of oil to US.

We could not dump Carter fast enough.  First chance we got:  we, every single state but one, voted “for” his opponent, which happened to be Reagan.  Elephants, duh, somehow always leave out that part, that we would have voted “for” ANY body who could walk & talk who wasn’t Jimmy Carter.  –Remember that next time you hear Carter whine about getting dissed by some dignatary -event -dinner; when he writes another book to keep his name in print. 

–Plenty weren’t thrilled to get Reagan, but Mostly most of us figured:  though  he was a Republican, he wasn’t very bright and he wasn’t Carter, so we’d tolerate him, how much damage could he do. 

How much damage:  Reagan lied, Big Time.  He lied to Congress, he lied to Americans:  his people sold weapons to thugs, he claimed they didn’t; then he claimed he didn’t know about it, then he went on camera and:  apologized –for all of it. 

Remember THAT next time you see Liar:  Oliver North on sly FOX “news” blathering –about any thing.  North:  convicted of crime of telling lies to Congress –Under Oath.   Right-wingers put together enough money to mount an appeal and magically got his Conviction reduced.  DOESN’T change = Oliver North:  convicted Liar for Ronald Reagan.

Working peopleHow Much Damage?
A german corporation came over to buy oldest east coast chain of supermarkets. They had zero interest in groceries -service -customers -Americans -growing the business; their sole interest:  they wanted the company’s cash.  Employees:  had put millions into their OWN retirement account, which the chain held for them.   The krauts decided:  buy the company, snatch the cash.

Retired employees –pensioners:  turned to federal government –to agency oversees corporations’ pensions.  Ronald Reagan:   “government is the problem” –didn’t care about already-retired employees loosing their pensions.  His response?  President of the US:  refused to look out for retired –to appoint anyone to fill vacancy of agency head –rendered agency utterly useless to protecting pensioners. 

Well Reagan was right:  government was the problem –for failing to protect.

Right-wingers, Teabaggers:  have ripped current First Lady for programs she is supporting, Which are?
1. Trying to reduce soaring rates of childhood diabetes, from obesity
2. Supporting military families: those serving in war zones.


First Lady Nancy’s causes?
1. She hired an astrologist
no, not astronomy, a person who ‘reads’  stars –to ‘determine’ fate, one’s horoscope, Decide: dates, times of meetings –whom to trust, hire, believe. Believe it. Nope, not joking. When Americans heard about it:  people went nuts.
2. Dishes
Nancy Reagan:  ordered new plates –for the White House –cost $2,000 per plate –dead center of a Recession, red & gilt plates, while her husband slashed aid to unemployed -to hungry -to broke -to states. Plates….

-#2 Myth of “Conservative” Ronnie-babe?
When he moved into the White House:  248,000 worked for federal government
When he moved out:  475,000 were on government’s payroll —Ronald Reagan EXPANDED government.

and the #1 Myth about the currently-getting annointed 40th President:
federal deficit:  INCREASED –by $1 BILLION bucks –on his watch.

Remember last two FACTS:  as you hear all the “conservative”-lovers, Reagan-wannabes blather as they try to snatch his ‘mantle’ to get nod to be next President.  —Expanded government, Increased deficit NOT exactly “balanced” budget –“conservative” ideals.

Just in case you’re curious, want a daVine day watching the pigskin parade –who who will win?  It will be:  Steelers.  How does this author know?  I’m psychic, babe!  Do I care? Not even a tiny bit, so grab a vegetarian slice a good brew, hug a Designated Driver and Bon Appetit.


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CA Debt Crisis: Gov. Brown 5 PM January 31, 2011

We begin New Year with very good news of very good person as our back-to-the-future good new leader Jerry Brown.  Monday at 5 PM, January 31, 2011:  our Governor will give Californians low-down on our State.

Whew, it cudda been a rich right-winger –winging us into deep grief, to help out rich pals. As it is: we already had Plenty grief from that Party, with the sexual predator who squatted the office for seven years, doing Nothing that helped.

How gross was he? Jerry Brown: asked the squatter to let him get an early start on the Budget by vacating the offices early. Predator: refused. Brown’s group asked the Predator to allow them to use the offices on the Friday before the swearing-in: Predator refused. The sexual predator, who admires hitler, refused to vacate “governor” offices until late Sunday night. –Ya, he really “cares” about the state. Remember that, when he tries to clean up his rep –go for ANY other political position.

Here’s hoping we DON’T hear anything about/from that slug any more.

Governor Brown has worked non-stop anyway. He has created a proposed budget and submitted to Legislature, and in refreshing openness put on-line.

You can see it here –I’m posting both the Summary and the Specifics

Proposed Budget Summary

Proposed Budget Details

You might want to Bookmark this page, return to look up different agencies, departments to see what is proposed; send your thoughts to your state reps and to the Governor in next few months.

It is refreshing that the Governor is doing this in January –not just before fiscal year ends in June, so we all have Plenty of time to weigh this against that to fix the giant hole the Predator created.

In case you don’t know: on his First Day in office ignorant knows nothing sexual predator “accepted” $.05 for every $1 ENRON, his benefactor, owed California for illegally shutting off our electricity during major heat wave. That “settlement” cost California $11 Billion bucks –which grew to our current deficit of $28 Billion. So much for “Republican fiscal responsibility.”

Governor’s State of the State speech will be televised at 5 PM, PST. I believe also on the web.

I welcome your thoughts, comments –post below.

Personal Note: I’ve had residence and health issues lately –whew, am I ill, for only time since winter of 1988, hence no posting lately. –Heck this is hard to post; I’m trying to get health and posting schedule back, asap.

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Tucson: Light a Candle? Or Light Bonfire Under Congress: NRA

Second Amendment
Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Okay, I’m fluent in English, my first language, I get that Amendment to US Constitution.   My interpretation:  Humans “in militia” —people –need weapons to keep country free of invasion –free for defense –defense of country.

It doesn’t say:   ‘she who has biggest gun closet in her home –stocked with more guns than any other candidate, therefore ‘qualified’– should run the Elephant Party.’

But a mental midget in Tucson, Arizona decided Saturday:
‘best’ way to deal with his problems– his perceived ‘government’ problems, to pick off non-militia humans –around the entrance of a supermarket –pumped vast number of bullets, fast –so the wounded, dead will –what, not ‘bother’ –invade him any more? –Front of the supermarket now ‘secure’ –free from ‘invasion’?

–Mental mucus and his “legal” semi-automatic weapon:  ‘taught’ government not to infringe –mess with grocery store entrance?

I copied it word for word, which part of the Second Amendment means:  ‘American civilian peoples have “right” to possess semi-automatic weapons’?

The purpose of shooting multiple rounds of bullets very fast? –Vast tracts –states in the US in danger of loosing “security” –vastly constantly over-run by vast numbers of bison –bear –Big Foot –British Red-coats?

A Member of Congress in front of that supermarket is fighting to live now, an object –target of the mental midget, bullet from his semi-automatic weapon went through her head –her head.

So Right Now –maybe for First time:  the Other 534 Congress Members really GET –the mother of honor student daughter just before graduation –the father to a rising high school football star –the grandmother with grandson in her lap –hundreds of Chicago parents to young teens –what thousands already know –when semi-automatic bullets leave hopes, dreams, youth, love –bleeding out.

When does it end?

-Number of Americans who want to shoot multiple rounds of bullets –very fast? Half –quarter of 1%? Maybe:  fewer

-Number of Good Reasons to shoot off multiple rounds of bullets –fast?  0

-Number of semi-automatic weapons purchased without Registration -Waiting period -Background check at a Gun Show?  unlimited

-Number of Americans who want gun control and ALL gun sales to conform to laws?  80%

Number of cops who would be happy –if semi-automatic weapons banned?  100%

-Number un-wounded –un-dead Saturday —every day:   if mental midgets didn’t have a semi-automatic weapon?

-Number that enables semi-automatic weapons to be manufactured -privately held:  multi-millions  –pumped into campaigns of members of Congress every year –by one group.

NOW that Congress Members GET what it feels like –have fear –KNOW that it CAN happen to them:  there will ever be a Better Time to DEMAND Congress make the weapon of choice for mental midgets –drug thugs -gangbangers Illegal?

We cannot undo the wrong –restore life stolen from a 9-year old also standing in front of that market.  We Cannot get rid of estimated 500 MILLION guns in the US —STOP the NRA pumping money into Congress members, but:  there are More of us than them.

You:  sure can go light a candle –count your blessings it wasn’t you –This time.

Or You can decide daVine Remedy for carnage, for crushing life senselessly:  put a bonfire under Congress to outlaw semi-automatic weapons.

–Demand your members of Congress:   make manufacture and possession of semi-automatic weapons ILLEGAL –with grace period to turn in –mandatory added sentence for use –sale illegal anywhere in the United States. –Demand gun sales at Gun Shows conform and obey ALL gun laws.

–Don’t write —don’t demand end to semi-automatic weapons?  Don’t decry death dealt by the stupid –enabled by NRA and by Congress –when it happens to You and yours.

Despite mailers to make money: President Obama is NOT opposed to gun ownership –he has done NOTHING to restrict gun possession.  DON’T believe lies put out by NRA –they’re using the President –and fear, to raise money.

To STOP manufacture –sale –possession of semi-automatic weapons in the US– YOU can start here –for free
Contact your representative in the House HERE

Contact:  Speaker of the House HERE

Contact:  your Senators HERE

It’s NOT complicated, it’s daVine Remedy to murder….

* * * * *

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End of 2010: Tastes, Taxies, Taxes, Teas, Toppers, TV odds, ends

No one needs a calendar  –we Know:   but no matter How Much we Think we prepared, it does no good, December arrives –with chaos.  We scream, silently, ‘WHY isn’t there Another week in this month’ …ah well.

So busy:  forgot to buy cocoa –the good one:  imported Droste…when I first found it:  a box cost $3 -something, last year $11 -something, who knows this year… but winter without it –borrrr-ing… it probably costs less from the Internet, but who wants to wait…  and didn’t even Think –remember to get Broguiere’s, Best egg nog made by anyone –in glass bottle, from the last dairy still standing in Los Angeles.  I’ve never found -created an egg nog that even comes close to being as good….  It’s even a pleasure to take the bottle back, for recycling and refund.  Well, guess no chance of any now, next year?   

Prosecco –with tiny taste of tangerine juice, still delish for New Year’s morning Parade watching….

Bottega Louie…Lousy Louie???
I just wanted some bread, good crusty bakery loaf… trudged down to the “deli”… Somebody, please, Explain that place to me… when it opened last year:  I so wanted to like it –I tried, really hard to …like it.  First you have to cope –noise bouncing, off every hard white marble surface, everywhere –“music” –so loud your brain, ears happy for street noise… then you have to wait –till the oh-so-hip behind the counter finish talking –to each other –so many clumped back there it’s a mystery… but they way ain’t interested in talking to Customers….

In the beginning:  fat loaves –multi-grain whole wheat, de-lish –and yippee: they had Walnettos, favorite of every boomer who remembers the tiny squares that just fit in tiny pockets…great oatmeal cookies, 3/$1.  Deli case:  loaded with excellent choices, not all consistently good –not all consistently available, but pasta -Chinese tofu noodles -mac & cheese -veggies w/unique sauces –very worth the trip, even with the cheese choices –$10 to $14 More per pound than anywhere else…

Then once just before 7 pm:  All of it GONE, except the noise.  Completely empty deli case –“oh, we don’t do that any more” –no deli –no dinner to go –in the evening???  —Loaves: reduced to saucer-size, but still at $5+.  In conversations with waiting others:  bad reviews on various menu choices–“never order pizza”–so I gave whole thing a pass, for months. 

But wanting Bread, popped in –and shouldn’t have bothered:  entire deli case –filled with Nothing to eat –all sugar, colored up for holidays –where’s the Food?  “Deli at the end wall” –one plate each:  fish -chicken -pig -broccoli…slim pickens…for vegetarian…. 

Dead-center of loft central, full of singles, But: No communal table –no comfortable, cozy creative dinner –no To Go choices –and:  No more visits to arrogant noisy stuck up over-priced lousy Louie.  How the heck:   are they still in business?

But Search Continues –WHERE is the great Bakery
–between Silver Lake and downtown?  Half a dozen chocolatiers shops –but No bakery bread –‘homemade’ pie –good cookies???   How’s that Possible in town full of foodies –and ‘famous’ chefs???  Ya, and good luck hunting up “local bakery” on The Internets….

Rituals…London, Mexico, Manhattan…San Francisco…Los Angeles…no matter where in the world, no matter what Else:  always Afternoon Tea, journal writing, on my birthday… some place beautiful, special… this year:  bad table, which I liked anyway –great service –scrumptous Tea. 

Elegant tiny tasty sandwiches –though some places serve as courses, next on the epergne:  scones missing, replaced with odd but tasty pumpkin square and clotted crème -French jams; next:  elegant chocolate shapes of delight, then fourth of more –dipped strawberry, a fruit triangle, a chocolate ‘cake’ encased in dark chocolate…instead of tea -strong coffee, which makes British waiters laugh, but no one minded sherry, a very good one, substituted for champagne, which I think never goes with chocolate, went Very well with all the tiny fine arts… and writing, about the year, at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel, downtown…. Superb service, earned every bit of large tip….

Do the teabaggers, the actual ones –not the ones ‘manufactured’ by the Koch brothers and Karl-crush-Democrats-Rove, Get:  if EVERY department -agency -bureau –employee of federal government was closed –shut down –fired, the Amount “saved” Would NOT equal the Amount Owed on our Debt?  Do they?

I’ve done enough homework to KNOW:  people who have “joined” Tea… party:  mostly retired –mostly collecting Disability –Social Security –Unemployment checks –BUT:  they ‘want’ Government in Reduced size–just not THEIR part –that sends checks…. 

So ill-informed people, sipping tea, DON’T UNDERSTAND how government Really works:  gave away their vote –to the un-witch –the uninformed angry –the muddle-brained –the newbie –Put responsible Republicans in Serious No-win situation.

If the Republicans who Know what they’re doing:  keep on doing whatever –diss the “will” of Teabaggers –booted in two years.  The Ignorant newbies:  claim they don’t mind if they’re booted in two years.  In the meanwhile?  The old hands:  will ‘reward’ those that funded them –Wall Street weasels –Penta-goon contractors –medical insurance moochers.  –So the rest of us will get –good and screwed.

The Regulators –who are supposed to Watch –that the rules get followed, follow the few allowed to do Whatever, create more Madoffs without funding to follow any.  The rich:  will get So Much richer…  When:  will the screwed-over march in the street –march on Washington, assuming they Have enough to eat to march anywhere.

Republicans –Could have ‘baked’ really good loaves –reduced to reverting to revisionary role –revved by Teabaggers wanting ‘yesteryear’ that Never was. 

Meanwhile:  those who gave senior adults the ‘Donut’ –prescription drug ‘hole’ –two un-funded wars –relaxation of rules that rocketed Forty THOUSAND manufacturing companies OUT of the US –blindness to torture -lies –violations:  still at it.

Republicans:  either Truly Don’t understand monetary policy –Ben Bernanke’s shanigans –How to create jobs –or do, but want to make Pres. Obama Look Bad, will Do Nada….  Those shocked to arrive at the curb –of home they used to own, stolen by un-regulated un-investigated do-nothing Darrell Issa:  will ask ‘what now’…and will get back sound of Silence.

Bankster bastards –corporate weasels, Target -Haliburton -oily boys -Chamber of horrors ‘commerce’ crowd, Wall Steet weasels –abetted by the no-supreme boys on the bench:  will, eventually, twist the United States of America into a knot so rife with corruption it will take Middle-class -middle-wage earners rioting to un-do.

WHOM do They Imagine:  will be their ‘customers’ if middle-class ex mortgage holders –ex employed –morphed into home-less mob?

Employed Americans –would morph the Debt –the Deficit –the Devaluation of the dollar back to Do-able.  But not on THIS path….

Personally:  I’m de-lighted the Elephants have enough members to control the House.  The rounded-up recipe of dysfunctional Republicans –who only mouth the Talking Points –cannot even begin to Deliver any thing that matters.  –Just a ‘release’ valve, for the Glenn Becky ginned up ignorant Teabaggers, will occupy the seats for only two years.  –You’ll see:  two years will zip by….

Hey, Taxi…
Some downtown things: seemed smarter by taxi… driver to the Biltmore: nice person, and swiped the card; taxi driver from the Biltmore: not so much… I knew instantly: a dirty guy –claimed ‘don’t worry about meter, I not charge you’ –while meter tick -tick -$3 more than identical trip to same destination.

Next day I called the company to say so, but discovered: neither got paid –magnent strip back of the card not working? Not into theft: I called first company, gave details to get driver paid. Second company: told me to “quit harassing” them when I tried to do the same.  Pretty strange –who drives people –uses up gas –for free?

daVine Lesson, in Los Angeles:  Checker cab –check.  But Bell cab –only if you’re a boob, they are bonkers.

UnTax…The Rich…
At holiday party: I met a man usually nobody usually meets. Consultant –to Democratic causes, campaigns, candidates –just as he was headed for the door. Still smarting –from the bloodless bout Pres. Obama ‘fought’ with the elephants over taxes, and still miffed, mystified, I asked his take on entire Don’t Tax the Rich deal.

He grinned broadly and said: it was brilliant of Obama; he said people have No Idea how little the Republicans care about ‘little’ people. If he hadn’t made the deal: he wouldn’t have gotten all the things he got out of it, it was very very smart.” Oh

Okay…but I Still need somebody to Explain: WHY richest 2% of Americans CANNOT speak up –DO the right thing –PAY 4% more tax when the law was WRITTEN for them to Go Back to paying 39% –one of world’s lowest tax rates. Warren Buffet, richest person in US, pays 14% while his secretary pays 35% tax –and the fairness –the debt –the righeousness of that is???

Oprah –Steve Forbes –CEO of Burglars of America (BofA) –Goldman Sachs –Koch brothers: DON’T PAY fair share –amount of tax code, but Do enjoy the benefits –and ‘patriot’ reputation —Why? They ain’t daVine….

Just Top-of-the-head Topper…
I wanted a hat –thick, stylish –warm hat for the cold. Sheesh, I may have wanted a trip on a SST. Google “hat” –pick a neighborhood, any area –and Good Luck with that. For all the ‘hot’ –tech toy –apps –wise guy stuff: The ‘Internets’ REALLY have Looong way to go.

You CANNOT FIND a Place to buy a hat. At least with the good old Yellow Pages: if you know the alphabet –turn to “H” and have at it. No Way does THAT work –for finding Good hat…. Amazon has hats…5,700 of them…total number you can try on: zero. By the time I Find: winter no longer daVine….

Senators, at least the ones that count: didn’t seem to care: they actually voted –to let a company that provides ‘pipes’ –also provide the content that goes THROUGH their very own pipes…thus: in about two weeks Comcast, the guys who started out their corporate life with Really Lousy reputation, will take over parts of NBC….

What, do you suppose, are the odds: we, the viewers of content, will get Good Stuff out of those pipes? We’ll be Lucky to get Odds, Ends –leftover junk… reporters –journalistic standards –ethics??? Ya, right. KNBC on-air readers: turned into mush –gooey, disgusting bores now, how much worse will it get with people who don’t know ANY thing about delivering News –doing reporting.

People on TV: ‘do’ cooking segments
–So gross. WHEN will Somebody TELL them: it is Tacky –Low class –diz-gusting to EAT on camera? Sheesh, did ALL come from low-class homes with Zero manners??? What do they: Imagine a viewer gets out of seeing them chomp away? Not diz-gusting Enough: they try to TALK with packed cheeks. Really: How Dumb are these people? –Not a single one has director with brains, class?

Ah well, while we were busy with the holidays…FCC: voted for Net Neutrality …daVine…
Eventually: we won’t have to bother with pipe-fitters –trash news –sly FOX or any junk dealers. We will pull what we want, when we want it off the Internet –Everything we want except good bread -deli -hats -politicians, news… not so daVine ….

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CA’10 Attorney General: Who’s Afraid of Kamala Harris? Karl Rove! UPDATE #21!


100% Precincts Partially or Fully Recorded –

You —unhappy with “wasteful government spending”?  Thank:  those who insisted on “voting” to get free food from vendors –who violated federal election law  –the Mail-in voters who turned in ON election day –all costing counties, California Serious money to verify the worthless and the last-minute ballots, over 2 million.   So 28 days after election, Count:

UPDATE #21  At press conference, Biltmore Hotel, downtown Los Angeles this morning, six days after opponent, Steve Cooley, conceded, Kamala Harris:  declared VICTORY!


Ballots still to be counted:  not enough for Cooley to overcome her lead.  Kamala Harris:  California’s next Attorney General.  Well Done!

pthhsssst raspberry to Karl-devil incarnate-Rove:  take that –and Lump it.  You –your oily boy friends AIN’T gonna do whatever the hell –in California –and get away with it.  YOU Ain’t got –Ain’t enough money to pull it off –fool California voters.  Now KEEP your sorry Republi-cant ass OUT of California elections, business. 

UPDATE #20Nov. 30 – 11:17 AM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,432,004
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,356,971

Up Date #19Nov. 29  – 3:34 PM –I saw :45 after it posted –THIS is getting significant –and Exciting

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,422,463
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,350,897

UPDATENov. 26:  Secretary of State office gathering ballot count from counties around the state.  I checked:
Nov. 25 :  office closed – Thanksgiving
Nov. 26 :  office closed –  a furlough day –thanks to budget “management” of guy squatting “Governor” seat.   If you don’t know, his election:   cost California $11 BILLION bucks his First day in office –sly ignorant sex-predator ‘settled’ Gov. Grey Davis suit against ENRON –at $.05 for every DOLLAR owed California for electricity rip-off –to help Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON, his backer.  —Real reason he ran for governor and we in financial crisis.  Check back Monday Nov. 29 for ballot up-date.

UPDATE #18 – Nov 24 – 3:37 p.m.

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,396,359
Steve Cooley 00(Rep) 4,338,135

–A newspaper is declaring Harris the winner –by their estimate of ballots left to count -proportion they think Harris will get.  –Since neither they nor I NEXT to any county’s ballots/counting room:  I’ll wait for State’s tally.  If they are open -post new total Friday I will also.  Good holiday to you.

UPDATE #17 – Nov 23 – 3:40 PM –this morning count and all the past several updates have been in Harris’s favor, with  spread getting wider –this is getting exciting:

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,362,484
Steve Cooley 0 (Rep) 4,308,720

Election:  must be certified on November 28…Dec. 3– we’ll know soon.

UPDATE #16: Nov. 22 – 4:45 PM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,340,454
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) 4,288,568

UPDATE:  November 22, 2010, 11:18 am

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,313,599
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) -o4,270,043

Those who Gave –hot dogs, cupcakes, coffee, etc. to “voters”: committed serious violation of  federal law –feds will prosecute some.

UPDATE #13 – Nov. 19 – 1:50 PM  — — #14 – 4:14 PM:
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,260,135 4,291,854
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,226,651 4,248,804

#12  – Nov 18 – 10:57 am
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,224,230
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,193,990

#9 – Nov 11 PM #10 : the up-dates have been so small not worth posting; LA County Registrar gave notes this week: he has about 399,000 ballots left to count, Provisional AND Mail-in.

# 7Nov 9 – PM –The reason to do homework on candidates; NOT demand to “vote” when not registered –costing California huge money in over-time to count worthless Provisional ballots

#6 – Results – November 7, 2010

I’ve been watching totals see-saw all week-end.  This morning LA Registrar of Voters gave up-date:

Election ballots are counted

Provisional, Mail-in ballots not mailed ahead of time –remaining:  about 300,000

Statewide:  about 2 million ballots left to count

As of Sunday 5:42 pm:  about 36,000 more votes for Cooley (it’s hard to write that) –so far, but with time and ballots, looks good for Harris.

I’m thinking:  the counties where people vote Republican/’men only need apply’/don’t get:  same old junk & cramming over-crowded prisons is costing Big –they are in counties (rural, ag, mountains) mostly with fewer precincts –easily already counted; that leaves urban areas, SF, LA & San Diego, better informed more sophisticated,  with Possibilites.

County Registrars have until: November 28 to verify signatures, turn in totals State Registrar has until December 10 to certify counts, declare winners.

I will number the Up-Dates; if you are one of the many wanting the news – get it sent to you:  you can Subscribe to this site  – SEE Sidebar =====>

-Results – Nov. 5

Kamala D. Harris (Dem) 3,302,221 3,320,911 3,461,232

Steve Cooley 000—(Rep) i3,293,191 3,309,074 3,453,370

only 9,030 11,837 votes separate the candidates –Too Close to Call –I don’t have any fingernails left. Gonna be long week-end.

Cooley scheduled a Press Conference for Thursday morning to announce himself the winner, then canceled –until ‘it’s more definitive.’

–Okay, this is going to take a lot longer, Registrar offices are counting Mail-in and Provisional ballots now, since election day votes did not show a clear winner.

-Results – This afternoon:  about 20,000 14,000 more votes for Harris –Too Close to Call

-Results – Nov. 3 – 3:02 am – 92% votes counted

Kamala Harris ahead by about 38,000 votes –Too Close to Call
Will post final results, check back.

Does it matter if you vote?
In state with more than 38 million people approximately 43% voted in this election. If you had contacted five people who each did the same:  the difference may have been Much greater.  Still, so far I’m happy with result –how about you?

Encourage every person you know to register to vote This week.

Kamala Harris
Smart, innovative District Attorney in Northern California is the candidate of choice for next Attorney General. Who is afraid –very afraid she will win? Karl Rove. The name ‘seems familiar’ –but your brain has hit “pause” with all of the Meg-it’s everyone else’s fault I hired an illegal-Whitman ads?

Karl Rove
Remember The Thug & The Dick –Republi-cants who squatted the White House illegally, eight years –brought us two wars –torture –invasion of privacy all without warrants?  Karl Rove was their Brain! He: looks like a lump of dough- ssscheemed, plotted to change government into a thing that made war on Americans.

Why would hemeroid Karl Rove care —who we choose for next California Attorney General? What’s that to the creep who devoured all the e-mail and phone calls AT&T diverted to him to spy on us? Ahhh, that would be for Rove’s choice –Harris’ opponent.

Get this:  after the squatters fired Rove, he sucked around till he landed another job and Now sucks money out of giant corporations and foreigners for US Chamber of Horrors in their quest for more ‘commerce.’

Hemeroid Rove: plots political plans to defeat Democrats/get right-wing nuts and Teabaggers into political office –so they can “help” some more.  So Why does looser Rove care –have a candidate in our election?

Most Californians don’t know

Besides all the other laws of the state: The Attorney General enforces environmental laws. Legislature passed AB-32, the new Green technology bill.

Chamber of Horrors members attracted to off-shore, AKA: throwing jobs off-shore -tossing Americans into un-employment so mega corporations can “improve” their bottoms and bank accounts; and in drilling.

–Oily boys from Texas and others–foreigners?–want US to STAY hooked on oil, don’t care fossil fuel is dirty –causes breathing problems –warming the planet –all gone in a few decades.

They want us to stay ON oil Now. They gave puss-bag Rove money to run ALL those nasty ads against Harris.

Rove’s choice in our election: an old Republican lump who thinks the Attorney General salary is “so low”– $150,000 –so lousy: why does he “want” the job? If you elect him he intends to file for double pensions –on TOP of the salary; it’s called: double-dipping. Cute. He doesn’t have a problem with allowing Texas -Saudis, others to drill off California.

How stupid is hemmeroid Karl Rove?

Rove: hides his True purpose, shoved $1.1 Million bucks from his Chamber bosses into Los Angeles local TV stations for nasty false ads against Harris that lie, as though she is ‘weak’ on the death penalty.

Harris’ stand? Harris didn’t seek the death penalty on the cop killer because: the JURY returned a verdict of Second Degree murder; doesn’t allow for Death Penalty.

But Majority of Californians: against the death penalty. LOL, it’s no ‘negative’ to brand Harris opposed to it! Dumb ignorant creep’s scare tactics Might work on the ignorant, they don’t work in California.

Harris: WILL enforce all laws, including death penalty and environmental laws.

Hemeroid Hopes you don’t know

Hopes you will Believe his stupid lying ad and vote for the Lump in his pocket, the Republican –so oily boys can drill for oil off California coast –just like BP drilled off Louisiana.  If they screw up– ‘spill’ –they’ll have a pal in office, thanks to weasel Rove and your ignorance.

Reasons to Vote FOR Kamala Harris:
-Re-elected: second term San Francisco District Attorney
-Endorsed by numerous Chiefs of Police –many in counties near SF
who know her work first-hand
-wants to do innovative programs instead of just stuffing more prisoners into already over-crowded prisons
-started numerous innovative programs for prisoners, ex cons so they won’t commit crimes again
-her innovations: so successful looked at by other states and Dept. of Justice to copy
-she is fresh, smart –NOT same old same old costly ways of doing things –that AREN’T working

PROP 23 stinking Texas oily boys –Don’t give a damn about OUR “unemployment” –AND neither does Meg Whitman, she hired an illegal instead of a citizen. Oil corp. Valero, etc. –care about being forced to obey our laws –paying fees for stinking up our air, water, land.
Who is Really behind Prop 23 —who got Prop 23 on our ballot? Meg Whitman’s lawyer .  Send A Message to Texas oily boys: tell them to stay OUT of California — Prop 23 Vote NO

Who will win Nevada?
Harry Reid is in a fierce fight with a Teabagger –crazy Sharon Angle, who wants to privatize Social Security, do away with Education and many other functions of government.  She DOESN’T want to give UP the money she will make doing that –while she tells people who are on unemployment “go get a job” –like at a fast food joint.

–Are the polls wrong?   Yup.  Pollsters:  don’t poll people of color –people who use cell phones only.
daVine Remedy Prediction –for Nevada, for US:  Harry Reid will represent Nevada in the Senate.

UPDATE Prediction: Correct
–even Republicans voted for Harry Reid over ill-educated wrong-sided Sharon Angle.

Prediction – President:  I predicted by the time he gave second State of the Union speech, nearly every segment across America would be angry at Pres. Obama.

Prediction Future?
Barack Obama:  will be re-elected President
Republicans: will go back to Minority party
A Real Third Party will be formed –maybe in time for 2012 election: combined forces of angry Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians –disgusted at corporations’ control of government.

* * * * *

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CA DEBT CRISIS Governor Race: Will They Fool You –Again?

Democrat – Independent:  registered voter?  Vote –at your kitchen table?  SEE Page bottom

The last time Governor of California was a Democrat:   ENRON forced Californians to pay phony jacked up utility bills –every week, threatened to shut off electricity during major heat wave if they didn’t pay.

Gov.  Grey Davis had the Proof —the electricity was falsely shut off, rates unjustified. He went to the regulatory agency in Washington DC  –to stop ENRON  illegal practices. The agency refused to do a thing, they took orders from: The Dick, President of Vice in the White House, his energy “plan” for pals, like ENRON.

No help from regulators: Gov. Davis filed lawsuit against ENRON. 

What happened next? A bunch of very rich Republicans –Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON –thief, dead after conviction of massive fraud, ex-convict junk bond trader Mike Milken, The Thug in the White House, others made plan:  put an ignorant actor in California’s governor office. 

“Sexy”? EIGHT women accused the ignorant actor of molestation for which he paid them damages AND he apologized —after exposed.   Actor’s “hero”?  Worst monster in history, hitler –also admired by his father, nazi party member at his death.

“Macho” candidate ‘man’: didn’t have the spine to stand up against competition in his party –Republican Primary.

Instead the backers used massive non-stop publicity: to convince Californians it would be “macho” and “sexy” to have an ignorant actor in the governor’s office.  For NO Good reason: 70% of Californians –including You? –fell for the scam, voted against Gov. Davis –voted Ignorant ‘macho’ nazi-lover into office.

When lousy actor got into office?
Put into office:  to “settle” California lawsuit against ENRON –“macho” hump “accepted” $.05 for every DOLLAR ENRON Owed us –stopped the suit.

California:  lost $11 (eleven) BILLION bucks Minimum on “macho”  guy’s First day as governor. Was it “sexy” for You?  Republican Ken Lay & pals stole Millions from California families -schools -seniors -businesses -hospitals –ripped off ENRON employees, active & retired –investors –any/everyone to line their pockets.

Now –Is it “macho” for you –over 12% of Californians without a job? Are you enjoying Clueless “Republican” actor –charging around the world on OUR dime –while our economy –debt plunges downhill?

‘Macho’ “man” decided “good” way to “balance” the budget?  Punk: cut Disabled supplement –THREE times last year. YOU wanna live on $260 –any month? Is budget balanced? Duh.

Four Indian tribes: got FAT new contracts off ‘macho’ signature without Legislature approval –he screwed the state out of millions of the SIX BILLION they expect to collect –but oops it’s too late to take it into court to reverse. Oh well?

Actor man: DID help most powerful union in California –huge raises for Prison Guards. But a judge: made Ignorant Newbie  REVERSE those contracts and fat pay raises.

Do you like a good joke?
Predator’s Plan B to balance budget:  forced DMV workers to take furlough days –and he is jacking up auto registration fee. DUH –Long lines when you get there –to pay MUCH more to register your car. Is it “good” for you?

Now: we are over $25 Billion in debt.

Rich white Republican insiders
The scam worked so well first time, they are trying it AGAIN. This time: they want Californians to believe a person who has NEVER voted –EVER –never even registered, would make a “good” governor because This Time the candidate comes from–wait for it–business.

Butt Oops: what we got here –Another Ignorant newbie Knows NOTHING about being a Public Servant. This Time: it’s Another Rich one –who is piling up MILLIONS to convince Californians that even though She KNOWS NOTHING about How to Be a Public Servant –we should give her the job.

But: WHO will she do a Job on? If YOU fall for this scam a Second time: WHAT will we loose? 

Will she decide –infrastructure –roads -highways -bridges -trains “boring” –cost “too much” –STOP maintaining them? Will senior adults, disabled: get cut off? Will she decide it’s “good business” to leave pensions bloated –the ones who endorsed her? Will our water problems: be over her head?

Forget “insider” stuff  —You Already know Meg Whitman:
-Paid herself $162 MILLION dollars –to get job pays $212,100 that
she doesn’t know how to do
-Social Security sent notice her Hispanic in-home employee
documents fake three years after hire, but kept her six MORE years
–now claims she didn’t know; so NINE years of employer taxes –unpaid?
-ZERO experience, Knows NOTHING about governing
-Wealthy people are behind her –why? What will they gain?

Just One Gain: Prop. 23
Two Texas oil companies: claim to “care” about California employment –“so much” they want us to STOP our Green switch to solar power, wind energy programs –that will cut dirty air –dirty fuels. Do You believe they “care” about our unemployment? –Or care it will cost them money? 

Cost jobs???  Green tech the ONLY sector:  Adding NEW jobs in California.

Texas oily boys: funded Prop. 23 to get California to stop Green technology.  Who got paid to WRITE the Prop. –got it on November 2010 ballot?  An attorney:  the one behind Meg Whitman.

Do you need any More evidence she should NOT be our next governor?

What else do the rich Republicans backing newbie Meg Whitman: Expect to get if they get her elected?

Want to find out –on HER first day?  They fooled you once, if they do it a Second time the shame:  is on You.

How About: YOU Don’t fall for this scam AGAIN. How about: we get a smart Knowledgeable EXPERIENCED person in the Governor’s office and we Don’t get scammed –again.

Jerry Brown:  KNOWS how to do the job, already elected governor –twice.

Former Governor (now California Attorney Gener...

Image via Wikipedia

California had jobs –balanced budget –no frills –no waste –no phony hype.  Eight years:  he  drove –a battered old second-hand car (ugly, lol) –not chauffeured limousine –not private jets. He lived in a bachelor apartment, not in a lavish estate.

“Sexy” Cigars Rock ‘nRoll –NOT
We have difficult road ahead.  Voters have ‘approved’ stupid measures –failed to lift Term Limits –lobbyists and SELF-serving dummies run California.

Jerry Brown:  experienced, frugal, wise, tough. California is in a LOT of trouble and we: cannot afford another ignorant newbie –again. We need Smart to lead –restart California’s Can Do economy –leadership for innovation –not “special” breaks for the wealthy –not politics.

CARE about California –your life,  family, neighbors –what happens here?  You need to vote for Jerry Brown.

You need to tell EVERY person you know to vote for him.

It’s the ONLY way to FIX Mess of  what has happened to California with rich insiders and their “macho” moron.  This time:  California needs a leader –a Real man.

We are lucky Brown is willing to take on this miserable job.  You have Second Chance to Do It Smart: DON’T screw it up this time.

daVine Remedy for California: Jerry Brown, smart, experienced, knowledgeable, frugal Democrat.

~To Vote –at Your Kitchen Table~
Application for Vote-by-Mail Must Send By  midnight October 25, 2010 –IF you are already California Registered Voter -request Vote-by-Mail ballot to skip traffic, lines, bad weather.

Get the Form:
-fill in ON-LINE
-fill in back page of your last Voter pamphlet
-print out from Registrar website & mail in
Fill out carefully –INCOMPLETE OR INACCURATE you will not receive. 

Then watch your mail for the ballot; when ballot arrives:  vote and Return ballot promptly.  If you are delayed:  You MAY turn in the ballot at your usual Polling place on election day. Form for Los Angeles County here:

You may NOT apply for someone else –that is a crime

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CA DEBT CRISIS Would You Spend $119 UPDATE $142 Million -to Get Job Pays $212,000?

UPDATE  Meg Whitman:  hired a woman to work in her home.  Three years later:  she got letter from Social Security –notice that the woman’s SS # wasn’t valid; Whitman’s husband wrote a note to the woman on bottom of a letter:  ‘take care of this, thanks”

The woman:  claims she told Whitman -that she was in the US illegally, asked for help with an immigration attorney to become legal worker.

Candidate Whitman:  claims it’s Everyone else’s fault –she hired an illegal worker.

Six YEARS later:  after first letter received, legal or illegal worker, Whitman fired the woman.  Why –six more years of employment? 

What NO one has noticed -made Public:  WHAT happened to Social Security DEDUCTIONS/Payments? From employment in 2000, to first letter in 2003, and firing in 2009 Either:  Whitman or accountant Continued to send in those deductions –which WOULD HAVE generated MORE ‘not valid SS #’ letters TO Whitman –proof/can’t deny.   –Or:  Whitman paid the woman in cash –next six years.  BUT if Whitman switched –paid in CASH:  why?  –Why did she make a change? 

If Whitman had an employee:  she OWES Social Security payments on that employee’s salary –entire Nine years.  Whitman:  cannot have it BOTH ways –kept ON employing illegal worker and paying her cash because of it, but claiming NOT to Know she was here illegally.  Whitman:  is telling LIES. 

Worse: Whitman had the gall to accuse Jerry Brown of exposing her illegal employee. Major OOPS Newspaper reporter of Capitol Alert posted: Whitman told her backers about the illegal employee –in 2009!

Either way: do we want next Governor who is that –sloppy? If she cannot Take Care of details just in her own home: how the hell can she manage world’s eighth largest economy, California?

California –in the worst state of its history.  

Thanks to voters who failed to do their homework on issues, candidates, ballot props –divisive politics –some truly insane laws on budget and referendums, and the ignorant Republican lump squatting in “governor” seat:  we have massive debt, massive problems, massive gridlock.  

Happily, we’re getting Rid of the Lump –who cost us Serious Money  

Two people are candidates for governor, One:  another ignorant Republican newbie knows Zilch about governing, But wants the job –so badly spending $119  $142 MILLION bucks —SELF-financed, to get a job paying $212,100 bucks a year.  uh, Why???  

Republican candidate  ZERO knowledge How to Govern –Knows NOTHING whatsoever about even grassroots conflict –resolution and Holy Cows:  has NEVER voted –for ANYONE –ever, entire adult life.  

Why the Hell would anyone  SPEND that kind of money –to get a job for which they are utterly UN-qualified?  Why?  Hell, would YOU spend even ONE Million bucks –to get a job you Didn’t know how to do???  

What I want to know:  if self-financer GETS the job –WHAT will happen in California –to our Debt –our already dysfunctional Legislature –our Green programs –to public services –to infrastructure –to our water problem???  

–Just say  ‘oh well’ –to farmers Vs. residents competing for water?  — ‘why spend money on buses’ to workers???  –‘Too bad’ on crumbling roads -bridges -freeways???   KNOWLEDGE of educational system, budget?   KNOWS How To ‘straighten out’ the powerful Prison Guard union?  –lol, I’d Pay to see THAT in my lifetime.  

–Do What –about the Indian Casino/Gambling Compacts the Lump screwed up –cost California BILLIONS over next decade?   ‘Fiscal’ “conservative” Republican:  You Do know  it’s Too Late to take them to court –fix the Mess he made -get back LOST revenue. 

WHAT will the Republican newbie candidate DO to get back the Personal fortune spent to get “Governor” job? 

Meg Whitman:   With NO record –no previous voter approval, How can we even begin to Guess what she Would do –to us –to the state –to budget –to disabled –to tax code –to senior adults –to Services to make SURE she gets her money back?   

Sexual predator Republican newbie Lump we got in governor’s office now –his ‘way’ to “balance” the budget: 0HE cut aide to disabled– THREE times last year. 

Did he get budget, uh, balanced?  Duh.  Here’s a good one: 0California the ONLY state doesn’t accept Food Stamps from Ag Dept. for senior adults, poverty children, disabled. –The Lump rejects $2.3 billion food aid EVERY year.  Hell, even the extreme right-wing Republicans in the South don’t turn down FOOD for ill -elderly.  sheesh 

When the ignorant Lump was running for office, Meg Whitman? Couldn’t be bothered –DIDN’T vote for her Party’s candidate –the first time, didn’t vote for him the Second time.  NOW she wants support from Republicans??? 

Does anyone else think it’s Mighty Odd:  she has NEVER even voted FOR  Republican candidate –for President?  — Didn’t vote for Reagan, either time.  —Whitman didn’t vote –for McCain and Palin, either. What a pal. 

Any mystery why Republican National Committee isn’t, uh, around –no checks? 

How much of an ignorant newbie is Meg Whitman? 
Major no-no in California:  she ran TV commercials –in summer. We DON’T do that here.  Just NOT done, bad form.  Guess she didn’t hire Californians –or anybody more knowledgeable than herself to ‘run’ her, uh, spending spree.  oops 

Meg Whitman at eBay Live 2005-01-13 (2)

Image via Wikipedia

Meg Whitman:  didn’t care enough to actually VOTE –any Democrat -any Republican –anybody –ever.   IS she Registered to Vote –now? Where is Proof? 

–WHY would we, California voters, want her –now —newbie —during Crisis? 

WHY is she spending THAT kind of money, her OWN money –according to campaign finance accounting office, the Highest amount ever spent for any state’s office –to help rich pals?  –Now:  at $142 million, even higher.

sheesh, I say:  NO clue about working people, environment, housing, education, transportation, water, agriculture, unions, infrastructure, tribes, working with others –NO experience, No voting, No job skills —No way.  

Spending $119 MILLION –to get a job she’s not even qualified to do???   Not daVine Remedy for California.  That’s a big NOPE on Meg Whitman for governor.


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