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ALERT Republican Lie #1: Post Office

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers

Thanks for popping in —and  Since you’re here could you do me a favor –take some papers across the country for me –I need them in upstate New York in a few days –I’m willing to pay …oh let’s say –$.50

Republicans say:   Post Office doesn’t work

This is not the first lie Republicans have told, nor the biggest lie –but the most urgent lie.  Rally:  Tuesday September 27

Who would —go all that way –to a rural address –work for so little money?   US Post Office –would not only pick up my papers, but Guarantee to deliver Directly to address –within only a few days –for so little money.

US Post Office –“not profitable, near bankrupt –bloated with too many employees,  reduce the workforce –a for-profit company could do it better, privatize PO”  –True?

Pop Quiz

  1. PO relatively new idea ‘borrowed’ from others, outdated *True *False
  2. UPS, FedEx:  make more money, do job better than PO *True *False
  3. Americans like PO, taxpayers should keep funding OOO*True *False
  4. PO doesn’t make money -0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*True *False


  1. FALSE -Benjamin Franklin was actually the ‘father’ of the Post Office –founders put the Post Office in the US Constitution, the oldest institution in America
  2. FALSE  -Every day UPS and FedEx:  use the PO to ship their packages that would not be profitable for them to deliver –e.g., to rural addresses
  3. FALSE -It’s a trick question:  though government oversees their function –PO receives NO federal money –taxpayers stopped funding the Post Office in 1982
  4. FALSE -PO makes money every year, 1st quarter 2011:  made  over $240 Million profit

So what’s going on?
Polls:   over 80% of Americans like the Post Office –support it –need it –want it to stick around, care about it.  Last year:  US Post Office did $65 Billion dollars of business and makes a profit every quarter.   So:  Why is PO saying they are broke?  What’s going on?  –Too many Postal offices –too many employees?

I’ve been using same post office for years, I know the employees:  Workforce  cut long ago, during Ronald Reagan recession, 1982.  –One employee moves from office to office —every two hours.   Now most offices don’t have enough staff and my long-time friend must fill in –all over town.  How would you like to sit down to work –then move –to a new desk –all day, every day?

Why doesn’t the Post Office have money –Why does director of Post Office say they’re broke –why are Republicans complaining?

New Rule
During the last Administration –when Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House:   they changed the rules.  Republicans made laws that require the Post Office to fund next 75 Years of health benefits for employees  –within 10 years.

No business anywhere in the world, public or private –could pay 75 years worth of bills in only ten years –and still stay in business.

Why did the Republicans change the laws –require benefits be paid in advance?  You’ll have to ask Republicans.

What is known:  Republicans do not like unions, they want Post Office to fire needed employees –bust unions –in violation of numerous previously-agreed contracts, so thousands of employees –could join millions of already-unemployed.  Why?  Ask Republicans.

What is the solution –organic, creative, thoughtful Remedy for this craziness?   You can get angry –or you can get over to a Post Office –join millions of Americans  Tuesday September 27 –across the US:  protest –closing of Post Offices –firing of needed employees –destroying Post Offices

Find a rally in your area to Save America’s Postal Service here

Find out if your representative in Congress supports the Post Office –or is part of the problem –then download Petition –sign it –send it to friends –take it to the rally

Who Else Still delivers to Every Address?
You can get angry –or you can get busy Saving our Postal Service –for farmers –for ‘unprofitable’ rural communities  –for inner cities –for ALL Americans.

For-Profit Private corporation:  would NOT deliver to Every address in America.

Note:  if you lose  a Money Order bought from For-Profit corporation, e.g., Western Union, PayDay Loan, etc., it will cost you Minimum $12+ replacement charge –and No Guarantee they will replace  lost MO; Post Office:  charges half the cost, guarantees replacement.

daVine Remedy:   Rally to Save America’s Postal Service here  now

Tuesday September 27, 2011 –or Don’t complain later

This is the first in a series –

to see entire series bookmark:   daVine Remedy 

–then send to your friends

Disclosure:  author raised by a Republican and a Democrat, moderates, who each eventually married respective extremists; doesn’t believe in any ideology -looks at issues, candidates on individual merit.



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“…covered your asses” 9/11 –Criminals –Holes

Tom Brokaw said he was doing a  program about September 11.

I respect Tom Brokaw, grew up watching former NBC nightly news anchor, one of the few who has journalistic standards, ethics.  He informed –without drippy emotion, drivel, ‘darling’ animal junk. He wrote about the Greatest Generation, who fought nazies in WW II.

I turned on the two-hour program, worked on the computer as he did the tick-tock about the day of September 11, 2001.  I waited for the second hour.

Everyone, except those born since then, already Knows the details of that beautiful hideous fall day.   Americans know –the who -what -when minutia.  We Don’t Know:  Why.
Brokaw didn’t deliver.   The minutia -the personal stories on and on.  Nothing to learn.

By Saturday afternoon:  it was apparent –the mega-corporate media were doing Me Too only –no program on any channel –not one, went beyond the tear level.  I was steamed. WHERE was The Rest of the Story…

Though 3,000 miles away, I was up, TV on that dawn –I saw the pictures –the first plane –fiery Tower. I saw the second jet slam  Tower 2 –said to myself:  why… who has been doing what –that somebody hates us so much they would do that…

By the time–
jet crashed in Washington –jet smashed into Pennsylvania field –all all planes ordered to land immediately, I was angry.   –Angry at it, angry I’d been so busy hadn’t kept up, didn’t have Clue One what was going on, Why.

The Internet –wasn’t so easy -full of info ten years ago, but I kept TV on non-stop as I plowed through everything I could find.  I was plenty suspicious….

Stunned –The Thug & The Dick had been shot-putted into the White House –not by votes but via no-longer supreme court –I wasn’t over it (never will be).      What had the CIA been doing, on their watch.

–Then Announcement:  NORAD alerted, sent to shoot down hijacked planes –Air Force sent in wrong direction??? I flat Didn’t Believe that was possible…

–The Thug –shown in a school room, open book -children seated in front of him –he sat reading after told what happened –sat –fake concern look –sat…seven minutes…

Haven’t met anyone who remembers–
I heard reporters Next day,  jumbled frightening, bizarre story:  “FBI removed a man from a San Diego house who has been living with two of the men who flew the planes” –repeated many times by many, but only that day, NEVER mentioned again.  –Why not

–HOW the hell Could FBI have a snitch —IN the house but DIDN’T Know what was going to happen??  –What was he doing there –who was he –What DID he know –How long was he there –How did they come to put him in That house –WHERE did they take him…

Day After–
a plane –ONLY plane allowed in the sky –swooped over the US –picked up Saudis, flew them OUT of the US… Why… Who Knew where they all were… Why did they go…

Who could risk going to sleep…
–Los Angeles –with so many famous parts -people –next?   With dread, I expected hit…

Stupid media — ‘reported’ repeats, night, day –until… the onion started to get peeled… The Thug had been given a Report –in January–nine months before: “Osama bin Evil Wants to Fly Plane into American Building” –o…m…g

SHOWED –actual Report –his response “okay, now you’ve covered your asses” –Say WHAT? “Commander”-in-Chief mouths off to Intelligence officers –“covered” as in:  he was expecting it –KNEW –say what??  –But —doesn’t Order:  airport personnel to Step Up –double-check ID -passengers -Visas -Passports??   –Not Word One to police departments –to listeners of ‘chatter’ –to Air Force –NOBODY?   Huh?

–Somebody told YOU: your home going to be burgled, you would –DO Nothing??

Told “Go shop”
–while Nation’s Guard tossed OUT of the country –without enough night goggles, water, maps or even bullets –to attack country with ZERO ability to attack this one —DIDN’T attack, nothing whatsoever to do with attack or terrorists …so Why

Senators told ‘Sign here’
Handed a 1,600-page document night before the morning vote –just happened to be ready only weeks after the  attack –makes Americans “secure” –strips us of liberty –of Rights Guaranteed in the Constitution, that orders librarians to become spies or be fired… WHY

Contractor, pals of The Dick
Get No Bid, No Compete contract –to serve up ice cream, hot meals and laundry at THREE bucks a pound in the desert —LOCAL $.64 gas –at $4. a gallon to the military and interrogators–unqualified–who answer to No One, who humiliate -torture Iraqis… with photos…

daVine Remedy –on Penta-goons?

The general, female, told -not to command, sit in the corner mouth shut, blame HER for contractors’ abuse… Demoted –she resigns in protest –NOBODY investigates… ship only a female private to prison… everyone else involved –goes free…Why

NO Penta-goon hauled before Congress
contractors still walking around, pockets loaded with American borrowed dough –but they DON’T pay any tax on it, American pals of The Dick –registered their corporation —off-shore, in tax-free place, so all the money they got from us, thanks to the Penta-goons –they Keep…

But: good ol’ Dicky, “Chief” of the Joints, Admits on “FACE THE NATION” –he received evidence of abuse on hundreds –illegally detained –Iraqi prisoners –Three MONTHS earlier, from European Red Cross –but didn’t LOOK at it…his butt also not hauled up before any investigative committee…

In our name: decades-old treaties WE wrote, after WW II, signed by all the decent, violated –humans on no evidence, tortured…

WHEN will Any over-paid ‘reporter’ tell the John O’Neil story –ever?  The One Person who figured out the terrorists –connected the dots –tried to tell ‘management’ –fired by FBI for trivial/fake infraction –took a job as head of Security –for World Trade Center…murdered September 11…

A man… long-time management engineer, happened to spot a door he’d never seen before, pulled it open: discovered “our” government –spying –lying –illegally listening in on ALL Americans’ conversations –sending all AND e-mail to Intelligence –NO knowledge, approval, warrant of ANY judge, thanks to Texas pals who bought AT&T…

Caught –exposed, AT&T
uses their money –as wisely as when they shipped $9 mil to their Very Good Pal –for an introduction, when they wanted the contract to wire up Saudi Arabia. A bill in the Senate:  gets them Immunity from Prosecution… No Thanks to California Senator Diane Feinstein, who, among others, helped…

Oil… What about oil –“we will pay for the war –with Iraqi oil” –just take it, as in grand theft??

I don’t know why I didn’t publish Saturday afternoon… I just kept monitoring the coverage…
then gold: Fareed Zaccaria –had The Rummy at “GPS” table…

he asked some of the questions not sob-sister Sawyer -pretty-boy Brian Williams –Chunky Todd –Joe too Scared-borough –any other American “reporter” too bought/too chicken to put to him… when The Rummy tried to turn on the charm -work his weasel way out of answering, Fareed deflected attempt to seduce, to evade –stuck with Asking… Closest anyone has gotten to the Truth… but he didn’t ask:  WHY The Rummy hasn’t apologized for ordering TWO wedding parties –shot…

Then “60 Minutes”
–what a pleasure, Lara Logan with a former FBI agent who speaks Arabic… drilled down on CIA-torture-water boarding –failure, futility to gather A Useful thing… did it make The Dick or The Thug squirm?   No camera for that reaction shot…

We –Americans, the world, still Don’t Know —Why
Osama bin BastardofEvil & Co hates America so much… Why they murdered Americans –why 343 of the best of us died trying to save them…

What is daVine Remedy
for American side –for lying -spying -pallets of borrowed billions bagged -rights stripped -abuse  -fake WMD -undercover agent’s ID exposed -violations -coercion -lying to Congress, Torture, crimes against humanity –murder?

Department of Justice:  refuses to prosecute, even investigate.

That leaves:  International Court.

As long as Americans DON’T know –Holes aren’t filled, we Aren’t “safe” –“safer” –we’re just in Ignorance and it ain’t bliss.

Send a Process Server for entire ‘Administration’ –haul their butts into International Court –demand the Truth, the Whole Truth –before and after 9/11.  Yes We can handle it.

Media, reporters:  Grow up —stop telling fantasies.

War on Terrorists –When Those who love power, money arrested –we can shred The un-Patriot Act of grotesque theft, get our country –our military back… THEN we can work on Those Who Hate… daVine….

* * * * *

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Show Up Burglars of America: Show Up –Protest Tax-Dodgers on Tax Day

While You’re buried in receipts –dealing with taxes:   corporate burglars of America preparing for REFUND from federal government after they ripped off America.

BofA:  ripped off those who just wanted a home –loaned on inflated prices –no proof of income or even ID –sliced -diced garbage loans and with Wall Street weasels, bundled up the garbage and sold it to managers of public-employee pensions, city and state government investors –without revealing the concealed trash –bought thousands of options betting price would fall –waited for pay-off on insurance policies bought “if” the price fell on the trash they created  -sliced-up -sold.

GE –If you haven’t heard:  owner of NBC –weapons factories –holder of giant contracts with Penta-goons, made multi-billions in Profit = tax owed?   Submitted 24,000-page tax ‘return’ that will “protect” their billions of profit: will pay $0 in taxes

–AND GE  will get Rebate from broke US Treasury –Americans.

Corporate burglars
PAID Moody’sStandard & Poors rating agencies: “rated” stinking garbage as Class “A” laundry. NO investor would have –could have bought the covered-up filth without their stamps. –WHY haven’t the rating agency heads been arrested for lies –greed –graft?

When the market, duh, crashed from their greed:   all the burglars went to the feds –sobbed ‘poor us’ –got billions that prevented bloated bastards from bankruptcy –to keep on keep’n on rip-off scams.

NO way to Prove who holds any mortgage
–economy cratered from scams
Prices fell  –on Homes of owners with inflated mortgages can’t make payments without job –wiped out in economic crash –stock market cratered by banksters –seize homes without legal foreclosure or any PROOF they own the property –after they re-sold slices of bundled rotten mortgages –to thousands of unsuspecting investors –on “investments” with fake ratings.

TaDa:  the trash hit barrel-bottom –banksters who KNEW all, made money on all the garbage loans –on the insurance policies on the loans –on the put options when the market crashed.

Taxes Wall Street weasels will pay on billions of profit from the garbage they created  = $0

Big banksWall Street weasels
–so bloated with cash they buy lobbyists  –‘good deals’ from Congress:   hope You too dumb to understand what you just read, what they did –too busy to bother –not angry enough to act.

You can give the tax-dodgers big Heads Up: embarrass corporate thieves who ripped off America –pay NO TAXES –expose cowards, sly foxes who hide in gilded lairs. Protests across America –You can join Americans –in Los Angeles on Tax Day:

noon Monday – April 18 –in Hollywood

You're Invited:
Protest corporate tax dodgers:
Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles

Host: Lisabeth R., MoveOn member

Where: Corner of Sunset and Vine (in Los Angeles)

When: Monday, Apr. 18, at 12:00 PM

Can you come?
Click below for more details and to RSVP:

I'll be there
I can come.

Can't make it
Sorry, I can’t make it this time.

What: While vital government services get cut, corporations like GE are making huge profits, but paying no federal taxes. So, on Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles, and at hundreds of events across the country, we’ll gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. We’ll demand that our leaders make them pay up, instead of cutting billions from programs that would create new jobs, drive economic growth and help the needy and our nation’s children.

–don’t just get angry:  urge everyone you know to join up  –Protest corporate tax dodgers –Monday April 18, 2011 –there’s more of us than them

Can’t go?  Send this to:  neighbors –friends –co-workers –PTA –your e-mail contact list

WHERE Are the Arrests
WRITEAttorney General Eric HolderDepartment of Justice:  demand  justice   –banksters arrested, prosecuted for burglarizing Americans —daVine remedy for gross grotesque theft —daVine Remedy for Burglars of America

President Obama Schedule, Saturday Address: Budget, April 16, 2011

* * * * *
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daVine Remedy

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Jobs? Penis War on Women -Water -Mountain Tops Shuts Down Sanity

Penis War
People– Worried About Jobs –got Nutters instead
Americans saw Wall Street weasels, big banks screw with mortgages –crashed stock market –neighborhoods –pensions –jobs –economy.

Republicans who were in charge in Congress, in White House: bailed out the banks –gave OUR tax money AND tax breaks to banksters, big insurance corporations –wealthiest 2%.

Businesses unable to get bank loans and Americans unable, unwilling to spend, so jobs were slashed. While all that happened:   we got a new President.

During his first two years in office:  new President worked on restoring economy and jobs.

Too Little, Too Slow
So many Americans have lost their job –pension –home:  Republicans called for indictments –arrests?   Arrest their donors, Hell no, no, they merely mounted PR campaign to blame the new President for the old problems –they caused.   Republicans  did such a good PR  job:  they actually convinced enough ignorant people to vote FOR majority of Republicans to House of Representatives in 2010 Election.
Funded those candidates?  Wealthy –corporations funded Republicans and people angry about the bank bailouts who call themselves “Tea Party.”

It’s Easy to be Angry
What Matters:  to be Informed. Tea Party people –and those they elected to represent them:  are ignorant about what Really happened –about Republican bills that gave corporations “tax breaks” for sending jobs overseas –for slashing jobs –for taking US natural resources oil -coal -minerals -water BUT not paying taxes on it –for giant corporate farms paid for not growing un-wanted –FOR any one who gave MONEY to Republicans, screw everyone else.  Did YOU get tax break for being super wealthy –to KEEP more of your wealth?

They:  don’t understand How government Really functions.


Crybaby Speaker John Boehner and his people in Congress

John Boehner

Image via Wikipedia

–in Republican Party:  hate programs that help –workers –Middle-class –newly unemployed –food, shelter  insecure –disabled –senior adults –those who like government.

–Extreme “conservatives” in Elephant Party:   don’t want to fund those programs that help average -low-income Americans, Do want laws = taxes that favor wealthy -corporations, even when those tax “breaks” INCREASE government debt, weaken US.

YOU –think Congress members are arguing about debt -money?  Naw, Tea Party members in House of Representatives: would rather shut down federal government than agree to fund health care for low-income American women.

Uterus War
Federal money cannot be spent for abortion –that’s federal law. Tea Party members don’t care –about screening for cancer –about family planning IF funds go to same organizations that also help a woman get a necessary abortion. –If a fetus growing without a spine -head -limbs -heart: “conservatives” don’t care –they don’t want to fund ANY that can help women get an abortion for ANY reason.

HOW is personal health the Business of Government???

If it is government’s business to control womens’ health: WHY isn’t there Penis war?

WHY is the drug that causes erection:  government-paid/reimbursed, but the drug that controls birth isn’t?

What Does screening for cancer have to do with abortion? Nothing. But Tea Party: is making war –using government to make war on poor womens’ health if they think a poor woman can also get an abortion.

Tea Party Extremists
–help their donors: people who own coal mines, mine minerals –drill for oil on federal land for private profit. Those corporations donate to Republicans, Tea Party –fund election campaigns.

Those donors: want to blow up tops of mountains –without regulations or regulators or agencies or laws bothering them.

–They want to drill in places -ways that will interfere with drinking water –without regulations, regulators stopping them.

Social agenda –right to control one’s own health, drinking water –mountain tops: all on Tea Party plate and so determined to get those and other social issues made legal: they want to shut down federal government until they get what their donors want.

Want to survive while your loved one is a warrior in war on terrorists –while you struggle with disability –survive in retirement –pay bills while you’re unemployed –search for groceries, shelter? Tough, Tea Party: doesn’t care.

Tea Party Wing of Republican Party
Claim: government should balance last year’s budget This year –but really TRY to slash funding of programs for non-wealthy –non-donors to their Party: they hate you –want to SHUT DOWN government rather than help you.

War warriors –US military in Iraq, Afghanistan –bases, waters around the world? Nevermind FBI tracking Internet thieves -pedophiles -white collar crime -bank robbers, either. –Will NOT be paid if government shuts down. Republicans, Teabaggers: government open or shut, they WILL still collect $180,000 paycheck.

Tea Party Members of Republican Party So ignorant, radical –indifferent to what life IS like for 98% of Americans: Mad Hatters are making War on middle-class –on you.

Now: Mad Hatters Rule.

At midnight tonight:  Tea Party will CAUSE SHUT DOWN of our government, wanted or NOT.

But if they succeed Will Tea Party irresponsible nuts: STAY OFF federal highways –airplanes that require federal air traffic controllers –NOT call FBI -police -fire fighters? Hell no. But THEY will still get their check during SHUTDOWN, to hell with everyone else.

Will the last Mad Hatter
please turn out the lights when they leave –then:  explain to the rest of America HOW they will pay –for warriors carrying out war on terrorists –for women who have cancer –for unemployed –for hungry who’ve lost job -pension -home because of their “management” –so they can give MORE to their donors

–WHY they will still collect a paycheck –while Americans go without

–HOW they will Start Up government again:  WHAT will change the situation they created?

–WHAT it will COST to SHUT down government –start up again —WHERE they will get the money

Did You want extremists —right-wing Republicans Mad Hatters in control of government –or did You want J-O-B-S and good economy?

daVine Remedy
–for ignorant self-serving Republicans, Tea Party nuts running OUR government: You –better Remember ALL THIS the next time you are asked to vote –for Democrats.

Mad Hatters rule
blackmailing US government –making war on the President –on drinking water –on mountain tops –on womens’ uterus. –It’s their way –or no way.

Republicans INCREASED Debt
–Gave wealthiest 2% –huge corporations bigger cut of their taxes. Now they want to make up the debt on –everyone else.

Oh, You still don’t have job –enough groceries –missing pension –under water with your home? Ask Republicans: WHERE is sanity –fiscal responsibility –JOBS?

Let’s start:  a penis war.

Ignorance: NOT bliss.
Republicans: help only themselves. We MUST un-vote self-serving –donor-helping Mad Hatters –get them OUT of our government. Till then:   daVine Remedy May G-d HELP the rest of us.

WRITE: to your member in Congress –to John Boehner, Speaker for the Elephants in the House Contact

DONATE:  to Democrats

Oh BTW:   national Passport Day at Post Offices –tomorrow, Saturday April 9.   Good luck with that.


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March 8, 2011 Election Result: Dumb da da DUMB

Proof that children –teachers –parents have to get Very Serious about education:  results of March 8, 2011 election in Los Angeles.  Hard clear:  barely half of people who vote understand the issues -the duplicity –the ballot well enough to make intelligent choices.

The Others who, unfortunately, are allowed to vote:  too dumb, stupid to have a clue –but everyone else has to suffer the consequences.

Those who actually voted “For” Jose Huizer:  voted for the one who LIED to parents –caused the last important landmark in Los Angeles to be destroyed, Ambassador Hotel.  But he NEVER told  neighborhood parents their children wouldn’t attend the high school mess erected in its place.

–Huizer:  didn’t say toxic waste would be exposed once the beautiful historic hotel was turned into rubble, delaying construction for Long, long time

–didn’t allow speakers to Explain:  neighborhood families COULD have  low-cost condos for families, for teachers –the hotel rooms  remodeled into elegant affordable housing that EARNED money for stupid School District.

The deceitful Huizer failed to discuss:  the historic hotel –ballroom –restaurant –swimming pool –gym –gardens turned into a school could have produced revenue for LA school district –for decades.

Huizer:  used parents, their children to get onto LA City Council –to go from earning $24,000 a year to around $250,000 –a 1/4 million bucks based on deception, lies.  He gets his face on camera –at crime scenes, what crime has he reduced?

People in the District:  had all the evidence they needed –to make smart decision.  They chose Stupid, instead.  Everyone else in Los Angeles has to live with consequences –and pay his expenses, his pension.

Bernard Parks, No Doubt, would dearly enjoy ONLY being called “Liar.”  To those who voted for the fired cop:  You cost everyone serious money.

While the incompetent useless Parks:  is focused on people’s use of tobacco –college-bound, football players, hardworking students –aunts –infants –fathers getting shot, murdered for no reason at all, as Parks looks off into the distance, unmoved to DO Thing ONE to stop the carnage.

WHERE THE HELL is your outrage –your march –your Demand he Deal with graffiti –gangbangers –guns –grotesque murder?

No problem –with innocents getting murdered?   Then how about incompetence to DO his job:  failure to oversee DWP –failure to get them, a CITY agency, to fork over the money they OWE; Failure to deal with rates –rationing –busted pipes/infrastructure?  Too boring?

WHERE is any help from Bernard Parks:  to get textbooks –enough books, into schools?

Parks:  failed to DO his job –FAILED to oversee money management.  –FAILED to hire a collection agency when the contract expired.  Thousands of UN-PAID bills, equaling multi-thousands of dollars can NEVER be collected because Bernard Parks is too lazy to DO the work –DO the job he’s tasked –paid nearly quarter Million bucks a year to DO, yet “voters” –DUMB people –by more than 600 –FAILED to fire him.

the failure to hire collection agency –I found out about it long after contract expired: in a conversation with a city employee. –But the lumps squatting on City ‘Council’ –knew –at the time it happened. –NONE demanded he DO his job, or did it for him.

Who benefited from No Collection of unpaid DWP bills? –Any family -friends -associates of Parks –friends, business owners of other ‘Council’ members?

Joel Grover, of KNBC: exposed DWP scam of charging customers for trash collection they DIDN’T do. WHERE was Parks? Too busy spending our money looking for a football team to bother DOING his job. Stupid people: rewarded him anyway. BUT: City Council squatters KNEW.

How about your own pocket:
Bernard Parks FAILED to oversee –to prevent DWP charging You –everyone, for trash collection collected by private garbage collector –you charged TWICE.

The Parks who had NO loyalty –couldn’t be bothered to look out for cops:  ISN’T looking out for you –the community –anyone but himself.  IF YOU don’t get that:   I dare you to name How –What is “better” –Improved because of the lump Bernard Parks.

I will post the election numbers later, I’m too angry, disgusted with the Dumb to bother now.

If you are a parent –or not
you damn well better make sure –demand every child:  gets an education in civics –Constitution, voting, ballots, government.  –Or the next generation will be even dumber than half the “voters” in Los Angeles now.  NOT a daVine Remedy for all the problems –your wallet.

Check back for vote totals later. NOTHING daVine –NO Remedy for Los Angeles with voters so dumb.

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Proof LA City Council Stupid -Lazy Incompetent -Stupid Morons: March 8, 2011 Election

The people sitting on Los Angeles City Council —voted in, have the cushiest seats in the country:   they pay themselves more money than US Senators make.  How much?  Perks –pension –paid car, gas, “expense” account = about $250,000 –every year, for up to 12 years, thanks to dumb voters.

Did you know –1/4 million bucks a year salary?  –That doesn’t include:  all the offices, staff they want, rent, supplies, plus $100,000 “discretionary” lump every year –spent any way each wants.

Oh, you think ~they~work~hard~for~the~money?
Think some more, Binkey.  The one who “represents” you –your District:   puts in whopping two and half days a week, the weeks -days they show up.
-two days –They sit in Chamber 10 AM-ish to oh, sometimes as late as 4 PM:  chatting -doodling -reading ignoring whomever is speaking;
-Friday mornings:  ‘devoted’ to certificates -medals -awards -beauty-pics, especially for those who ‘tithe’ their campaign coffers;
-Friday afternoons: they “furlough” themselves –disappear so, supposedly, pay is cut.

–They cut transportation for Disabled: FIFTY percent; they ‘slashed’ their pay? –‘whopping’ ol’ 10% –but actually cut? Really?

–‘Council’ isn’t turning in reimbursement requests for pricey lunches, dinners -auto ‘costs’ -“expenses” -supplies, with padding attached???

Prince Eric Garcetti -Janice-I’ll-take-any-government-job-Hahn –bitter Bernie –opportunistic geezer Huizer–

US Navy 100122-N-4540W-018 Commander Steven Ha...

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Of the 15 boondoggles sitting on ‘Council’ total who are scientists –CPAs –technologists –engineers –human -animal -vermin -toxicological MDs –hold degree in City Planning, Design, Management, Methodology –water management -conservation -aqueduct design –architecture –traffic planning –bridge -highway -freeway -structural design —ANY technological background relevant to Management of second largest US city:   that would be Big 0

The stuff they stuffed into the ballot:
who among us could –would call experts to decipher “Best” way to vote on this stuff? –Why –would any do that?  Because the stuffed stuff:  involves Serious Money, How to Allocate/Spend –into serious amount of future.

–Just the ballot pamphlet, sheesh, thicker than any ever printed.  WHY didn’t our genius “representatives” decide?  WHY push this stuff onto broke –busy –bothered people way too ticked off, distracted to decide serious issues –in election that SHOULD have been paired up with Next important election. GEEEZE LOUISE.

With their “work” hours, political bias, lack of knowledge of their own job, no surprise they want US –we the people, to decide stuff, for them.

Hence: the Holy Freak’n Cow mess –of the stuff they shoved onto the ballot –in Another costly election.  –One every year, now?

Hey, Prince Eric:
you want me to do YOUR job –comm’on over to my house –do the dishes, laundry, cleaning –don’t forget the windows.

Bitter Bernie Parks: went all out, had some alleys paved, gosh, while huge parts of Central LA –still as bad, rundown, boarded up, weeds amok as 1960s, no sidewalk trees, no pocket parks –no difference him in office.   oh well

Organic –smart –creative –intelligent —daVine Remedy for All this junk? daVine Remedy:  for over-price under-worked unskilled people, happy to slash the bloated budget they carelessly ran up, but way NOT their own salary, expenses –or figure out Smart Ways to solve Problems they created?

How About:   we, the people who Vote, STOP picking –cutest –tallest –nicest –coolest one –giving away vote on people who AIN’T Qualified –don’t have Clue One –How to Write, interpret, craft a Smart bill; Manage money; Do basic math.

From Now On:   let’s ASK the Hard questions –not speak/WAIT for the REAL answers.   –Only choose people to sit on Council who HAVE the Brains —KNOW HOW to manage -solve -resolve problems –City issues –tech, engineering stuff.

Damn, people who will DO the work –at HALF the salary.

NO damn GOOD reason these incompetent lazy barely-working blockheads should be paid More money than ANY other City Council reps in the US, NOT including the blubber of Bell City about to go on trial for stealing nearly a million bucks each. –Those slobs did no work, know nothing, also incompetent.

Can’t we in Los Angeles –do better than ‘reps’ only one rung up from Bell City Council slobs?

–Let us hope –say prayers
Geezer Huizer –Bernard Parks –budget issues by ballot: All go down in flames/defeat.

I will post, eventually, the “results” of the sorry mess that is LA City ‘Councils’ failure to DO THEIR job BEFORE they shoved their responsibility onto constituents, whenever March 8th election results completed.

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daVinely on Twitter –if you want to see them.

Or really good daVine Remedy: write to Your ‘council’ member —ask why the hell they didn’t “think” to save money on a pricey election by combining with next; Why: THEY didn’t do the job they were elected and paid to do. –See links to Council in Sidebar ====>

– – – – – –
Care –want democracy to survive, thrive? Support the reporters, our “eyes” “ears” –investigators who watch government for us:
-Send a donation, or monthly, to PBS
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It’s Your Turn: DUMP Bernard Parks Tuesday March 8 –VOTE

People in the community, angry at the Mayor who fired Bernard Parks from head of the Police Department, elected him  to Los Angeles City Council District #08.  How has he rewarded that loyalty?

Can YOU:  name even ONE thing that is Better because of him?

As soon as he got elected:  I watched his votes, website.  He scheduled NO events –NO meetings –NO plans for the community, he did absolutely nothing –for years –not even basic, minor things –website blank.

I’ve watched Parks closely. I can tell you:  he is one large lump of Nothing we “need” –Nothing is better in Los Angeles –NOTHING is improved because of Parks –nothing.

How Much Do You Make?
While Bernard Parks doing all that nothing:  how much did you earn? –$50,000 –$75,000 –did you pull in $100,000 a year?  While he sat around, doing squat, I hope YOU made a lot because You, me –everyone in Los Angeles has to give Parks:   a quarter of a million bucks –every year he squats on LA City Council.

Parks gets about $250,000 a year altogether –every year PLUS:
-free car
-free gas
-free office
-as many staff members, who also do squat, as he wants; who “manages” his office? You pay: his own kid a salary
-free office supplies
-expense account
and believe it:  a lump sum to spend in the District –any way he decides –$100,000 bucks –every year, even during recession, major City deficit, cut-backs and lay-offs

HOW Did Parks Spend Your Money?
Did he get pocket parks all over the District? –Trees planted in front of retail areas –your block? –Organized clean-ups? Once:  he spent some money to pave some alleys. Did you notice?

Sports –Vs Education???
How else did Parks spend our money? He flew around the country, stayed in first-class hotels, ate at expensive restaurants –many, many times: trying to get a football team. Do you see a football team here?

Why did he stop flying around the US trying to suck up to get a team? ONLY because City Controller Wendy Gruel: cut him off –told him she wouldn’t pay any more bills for out-of-town trips –during recession.  Guess he hadn’t noticed there was one going on, for everyone else.

While he was doing all that flying, spending:  schools in the District don’t have enough textbooks for EACH student.  What did Parks  do about that? –Did he spend money on books –call LAUSD school Board –demand more books –call for an investigation –even call a press conference –speak up at Council meetings:  demand better supplies?

Nope, Parks did none –nothing to improve schools in the District he “represents.”

He sure wasn’t going to spend his own money –to see about getting a team or textbooks, or even City money for books.

What Has Parks Done –to improve situation where more young men drop out of school –wind up in prison –instead of in college?  If You have watched community -prisons –Parks:  you know that’s a dumb question; the answer obvious –to everyone.

How lousy is Bernard Parks at his “job”? Parks failed: to renew or hire a collection agency when the contract ended –for over a year, so delinquent DWP accounts? Not collected –CANNOT ever be collected –hundreds of thousands of dollars *poof* forever lost, thanks to bitter Bernie, as he’s known by many. Parks: Incompetent.

How Lousy? HE is the one on City Council that “watches” the money. YOU, thousands of LA residents: got charged for trash collection –EVERY month, even when DWP Didn’t collect your trash, a private company you paid did the collection –All detailed by: Joel Grover, KNBC.

oops, But getting refund from DWP? Not so easy as getting screwed by them.

But did Parks Pay Attention –demand audit –accountability –even KNOW what the hell DWP does/doesn’t do? –It’s NOT money going in his pocket, so he doesn’t know -oversee -care.

Think about all the cars –moving –parked –idling in traffic every day, night in all of Los Angeles. Out of all those cars, One night: somebody –walked up to one car in Los Angeles, leaned in and shot the passenger. –Somebody put a bullet in a young girl’s head, left the male driver alone –walked away. Who was that passenger? The granddaughter of Bernard Parks.

HOW did that somebody figure out which car –WHERE to find it –Why was she murdered –Why was the driver, her supposed friend, left unhurt? WHY are the questions still unanswered? –WHERE is the investigation –the FBI –the demand for answers?

Wouldn’t YOU want answers if your family member murdered? –NO investigation: because some people already KNOW –who –Why?  WHY is the case unfinished?

There are NO drive-by shootings in Beverly Hills –Bel Aire –Palos Verdes –hills above Los Feliz, Silver Lake. Have you ever wondered:  why the scum, gangs, in LA commit crime only in certain neighborhoods?  — Only the people living in poorer neighborhoods –have good reason to fear the vermin that rob –car-jack –kill.  Why?

Short version
This is a big Big subject, but I’ll say this much: at one time I had a serious and on-going problem in my other-wise excellent neighborhood, and I was shocked, after living in Beverly Hills, police didn’t respond the way BH police did. Police lied in Reports; I got no help; I was dealing with Rampart police station. I got to know people –and things, as much as I could about what was going on at Rampart –when Parks was chief of LAPD. Then the Rampart scandal broke.

I learned plenty
How did a lower-class just average student afford college? –Who paid Parks college tuition?
Why did gang membership, gun possession, crime –power explode in 1980s?
Why do gangs in LA commit crime only in certain neighborhoods, stay out of others?
On his first day as chief:   why did the LAPD file that contained all info on Bernard Parks –disappear? He shredded it.

How Much is Enough?
When YOU are too tired, old –stop working:  will you get a pension? How much will You collect? How about Bernard Parks? Parks will collect:
–cop pension
–head of LAPD pension
–squatting on LA City Council pension
–AND Social Security
All paid for by you, me, all Los Angelenos for the rest of his sorry life. You know anybody who will collect FOUR pensions?

Bernard Parks –User
Parks is a taker, gives back nothing.  But we Don’t have to take it any more. YOU:   can take back your power –dump Bernard Parks –VOTE for anyone else –VOTE him OUT. IF You don’t vote –don’t vote him out:  don’t sit around whining to friends, family, barbershop -salon pals about ‘the way things are.’

VOTE the change you want to see.

Residents of District #08
What is organic –smart –creative —daVine Remedy for incompetent ignorant person who Personally sucks up and wastes public’s money –FAILS to do elected job –knows NOTHING, does Nothing helpful for District constituents?  Who knows:  what he does in secret?

DUMP Bernard Parks –today.

IF you use your power –dump Parks –vote for anyone else to represent the District: at least it’s a start –the money he sucks  –won’t get bigger with more years squatting on LA City Council, doing nothing.  Four pensions:  Enough.

E-mail this to family -friends -neighbors

* * * * *

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