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California Drivers: Money Extorted Via Australia -LA City Council

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Get rear-ended –ticketed for LEGAL right turn –screw Los Angeles –many California cities have discovered:  1984 ain’t working so good –way NOT daVine Remedy to improve traffic or make money HERE.

Isn’t Bernard Parks, head of Appropriations on LA City Council —Supposed to Actually WATCH where the Public’s money goes?  –Isn’t that why we pay him $190,000 a year, plus all those pricey perks, to sit on LA City Council?  WHAT IS he doing, those 2 1/2 days a week he ‘works’?

HEY –LA City Council –Mayor V –Chief BeckWHEN will You LISTEN to Controller Wendy Greuel???

Reprinted from:

Red-light cameras go dark across state December 13, 2010 | Joshua Emerson Smith

While the state collects millions of dollars from red-light cameras at intersections, a few California cities are starting to question whether the safety benefits are worth the high cost to their own coffers.

Loma Linda is the latest city to drop their red-light camera program. “Ding dong, the witch is dead,” Mayor Rhodes Rigsby told the Redlands Daily Facts after the city ended use of the cameras. Rhodes has been a vocal opponent of the program, calling on San Bernardino and Los Angeles to follow this lead.

Over the last five years, Loma Linda brought in around $200,000 from the project, the paper reported. But the bulk of the ticket fines went to the state or to Redflex, the Australia-based company that operates the cameras. “For that $200,000, we took $15 million out of the local economy” in ticket fines, the Daily Facts quoted Rigsby as saying. Whittier shuttered its program in November, choosing not to renew its contract with Nestor Traffic Systems, citing no improvement in traffic safety and declining revenue, the Whittier Daily News reported.

Because of a state law passed in 2004, renewing the contract would have meant paying Nestor a flat fee instead of a percentage of each ticket – not a good deal for the city, Whittier interim Police Chief Jeff Piper told the Daily News.

Anaheim voters have also turned off their red-light cameras, voting in November to ban them and other automated systems.

The measure passed by an overwhelming 73 percent.

“Anaheim’s voters recognized that red-light cameras are not a proven deterrent to traffic violations or traffic accidents, and I happen to agree with that assessment,” Mayor Curt Pringle told the L.A. Times.

Other cities have rejected automatic ticketing programs as well, including Union City near San Jose, Yucaipa and Costa Mesa, Cupertino, Compton, El Monte, Fairfield, Fresno, Fullerton, Indian Wells, Irvine, Maywood, Montclair, Moreno Valley, Paramount, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Roseville, San Carlos, Santa Fe Springs, Santa Maria, Santa Rosa and Upland.

The backlash is not just in California. Recently, Houston also passed a ballot initiative putting an end to red-light cameras. The Houston Police Department and many city council members support using the cameras, but they’re in the minority. “All they talk about is the money shortfall. They aren’t talking about how many lives have been saved. They are not talking about how many accidents have been reduced. They are only talking about one thing and one thing only and that is what it is always about, it always was about the money,” Michael Kubosh, with Citizen Against Red-light Cameras, told local reporters.

In Los Angeles, City Controller Wendy Greuel released a report [PDF] saying the city’s red-light camera program is actually costing the city money: Our audit disclosed that the (red-light program) has not provided additional revenue to the city. Because the city’s share of citation revenue is only about one-third of the fine amount, and many citations are either never paid or adjudicated without a payment due, we found the city received only $2.3 and $3 million from the (program) during 2008 and 2009, respectively.

When compared to a conservative estimate of the costs incurred by the city to implement the program, the (program) actually cost the city approximately $1.5 million in 2008 and $1 million in 2009.

Of the $446 ticket drivers receive, only $157 goes to the city while the county gets $74 and the state $215, according to Greuel’s report.

On top of this, many tickets are never paid, party because failure to do so does not result in a suspension of license but also because 67 percent of tickets were mailed to people making legal right turns on red. Greuel’s study found no improvement to traffic safety due to the program.

Studies in Arizona [PDF], New Mexico [PDF], and Canada [PDF] have gone further, finding that red-light cameras can actually cause accidents because drivers often stop abruptly to avoid a ticket, leading to rear end collisions.

Back in Loma Linda, similar statistics proved the demise of the program. Eighty percent of the traffic tickets produced by the cameras were for legal right turns on red. “I believe these red-light cameras are ways for city governments to legally extort money from their citizens,” Mayor Rigsby said.

WHEN do we get OFF Australian gravy train and DITCH those crooked cameras?

WHEN do we DITCH un-daVine LA City ‘Council’ member Bernard Parks?    

We got money to burn –helping Australian entrepreneurs rip off –we got $42 Million bucks, somehow, to spend on ONE elephant.  

–Despite Council president Prince Eric Garcetti’s emotion-laden blathering at the Barnsdall board meeting, he’s Actually done what about:   the Appropriations head, costly ‘bottle-neck’ –who thinks putting art in poor schools is “elitist” –but spending Major Money, OURS, out-of-town to rake in a sports team is OK, while his District’s schools don’t even have enough textbooks?  

–Ya, We KNOW why Barnsdall Doesn’t have the money, now, to put even crayons in schools all over Los Angeles.  –Does Anyone Know, yet, Why:  his granddaughter sitting next to her date –got dead –shot –up-close –through driver-side window while he utterly untouched?

Nevermind drivers –elephants –arts –sports Vs education:  whose child next?  

daVine Remedy on Bernard Parks:  March 2011  Election NOT hardly soon enough….

How Much will he -his pals cost us by THEN?  




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Los Angeles ELECTION ’10: Real Results -Cupcakes, Propositions, Voters

Did you vote in November 2010 election? Afterwards did you get free coffee –free chili dog from Pinks –free cupcake from a local bakery for voting?

A friend works at a polling place every year. We discussed the election –long after he finished the Poll work, after 10 PM. He said: people saw a sign in the bakery across the street, so people came in to “vote” so they could get a cupcake –for free. Were they registered at that polling place –registered –anywhere? Nope. But each: insisted on being allowed to “vote” anyway. But poll workers: required to give those Dummies a Provisional ballot. Did the vote count? NO!

At any Polling place: five Provisional ballots is a lot. He: handed out nearly 70 today! THAT’S not amusing.

Did you click on this: so you could see Actual Election results? Well picture: hundreds of workers in LA Registrar’s office –opening all those Provisional ballots –checking –verifying and discovering invalid –worthless –multiplied all over the state. Do you realize How Long all that takes? THAT is Your money –going to NO Good Purpose whatsoever so that dumb people, cheap ones, could get a Freebie. THAT is, duh, not the ‘purpose’ of voting.

NO: I don’t have a Bit of sympathy for the so desperate –for free coffee, hotdog, cupcake –any item, that they wasted Other’s time, money to get it. If that was You: DON’T do that again.

Did You offer Free item for “voters”? daVine Remedy –for NOT costing us money on elections
Next time: Require “voter” to show Pamphlet –with voter’s NAME on it –not just the sticker, as proof of voting.

ALL those Propositions???
HOW did all those things GET on the ballot? Here’s How: a lawyer decided he wanted to make some money, wrote a Proposition then went sucking around for somebody to pay the bill –to get it on Our ballot.

Who did the ambulance-chaser find? Some oily boys –in Texas. What did he charge them? MILLIONS –for TaDa Prop. 23 –the one where the oily boys ‘care’ about our un-employment, but Really care about Killing our Green tech laws –and stopping fees on polluters to pay for dirty air, water.

WHO was that shyster? Guess what: the SAME one who ‘used’ by Meg–it’s everyone else’s fault I hired an illegal immigrant-Whitman. –Discovered that late one night doing research for a post.

daVine Remedy –for keeping junk OFF California’s ballot: DON’T SIGN ‘petitions’ . When that kid/nice guy with a smile asks You to ‘help’ KEEP WALKING. WE Don’t sign: we don’t get ‘special’ interest self-serving Trash on our ballot. Period.

Referendums are for The People –NOT for blood-suckers, lawyers, lobbyists looking to scrape money off voters.

How Dumb Are Some “Voters” in California

The most popular post on this site: ‘verify you’re registered to vote’ –with links to check. It comes up on first page of search engine results; people land on the page every week throughout the year, more traffic two -three months before an election. To vote: you need to register, for safety, at least 30 days before the election –about the same for vote-by-mail, by the time you send in Signed written request and receive the confirmation.

So PLEASE explain to me: How/Why over 300 HUNDRED people tried to “verify registration” past FEW days on my post??? ON election day: over 100 Hundred clicked on the page to verify!

IF they didn’t Already receive the Voter Pamphlet –plus loads of campaign advertising, WHY is anyone checking registration LONG after the deadline???

There are over 40 Million people in California –imagine a “voter” can just walk into a Polling Place, Register and VOTE on the same day??? California: way NOT one of the states that allows same-day voting.

Vote-By-Mail Ballot?

Are You one of those who complain about “wasteful government spending”? Many: dropped off the Vote-By-Mail ballot AT Polling place –but why? –Really, why? Why didn’t you MAIL the ballot –long ago??? WHAT was the point of getting Mail-in ballot then waiting until the last day to turn it in?

Turning in Mail-in ballot ON Election Day: costs the county -state EXTRA money for extra help. BE the solution you want. Mail EARLY.

That Voter Pamphlet–
Right Now –Fish it out of the wastebasket: turn it over –fill it out –mail it This Week –and ~TaDa: you will receive Vote-by-Mail ballot for future elections! –No more hasseling traffic –long lines, bad weather, getting there on time. Plus: no more ‘checking registration’!

Already Tossed the Pamphlet?

Next week: put it on your calendar to Call the Registrar of Voters and request a Mail ballot –OR: go to their site –SEE Sidebar ======>
and do it in on-line. Just print it out, SIGN it, mail it. No signature: no Valid registration.

In March 2011: another election –VERY important one for LA City Council seats. Register NOW –today. Don’t register? Don’t complain when ‘your’ civil servant pays Zero attention to you –you hate the rep –she/he took money from developers -corporations -Karl Rove/Chamber of Horrors ‘Commerce’ –doesn’t care about you/what you want, need.

DID you do your homework –on candidates, propositions?

At least a month Before the election: Registrar sent out pamphlet identical to the ballot. After you read the booklet of propositions and candidate statements: you should Mark the pamphlet, take with you to Polling Place, give it to Poll worker to speed up checking your name in the book –and to zip through the ballot. Even with many candidates and propositions: with the Pamphlet propped up in front of me I zipped through the ballot in just a few minutes. People voting around me: were Reading each item.

Los Angeles Registrar of Voters: counting ballots now –all night.

Polling Place ballots: counted first, then Mail-in ballots that didn’t arrive before Election day; Provisional ballots counted within 28 days after the Election. IF you asked for Receipt of Provisional ballot: you can call Registrar’s office, give Receipt number and find out if your ballot counted; or reason why not.

Election Results –some races I’m watching, like Attorney General, are too close to call, I will post Results –after all declared Final, on another page.

* * * * *
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CA’10 Attorney General: Who’s Afraid of Kamala Harris? Karl Rove! UPDATE #21!


100% Precincts Partially or Fully Recorded –

You —unhappy with “wasteful government spending”?  Thank:  those who insisted on “voting” to get free food from vendors –who violated federal election law  –the Mail-in voters who turned in ON election day –all costing counties, California Serious money to verify the worthless and the last-minute ballots, over 2 million.   So 28 days after election, Count:

UPDATE #21  At press conference, Biltmore Hotel, downtown Los Angeles this morning, six days after opponent, Steve Cooley, conceded, Kamala Harris:  declared VICTORY!


Ballots still to be counted:  not enough for Cooley to overcome her lead.  Kamala Harris:  California’s next Attorney General.  Well Done!

pthhsssst raspberry to Karl-devil incarnate-Rove:  take that –and Lump it.  You –your oily boy friends AIN’T gonna do whatever the hell –in California –and get away with it.  YOU Ain’t got –Ain’t enough money to pull it off –fool California voters.  Now KEEP your sorry Republi-cant ass OUT of California elections, business. 

UPDATE #20Nov. 30 – 11:17 AM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,432,004
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,356,971

Up Date #19Nov. 29  – 3:34 PM –I saw :45 after it posted –THIS is getting significant –and Exciting

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,422,463
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,350,897

UPDATENov. 26:  Secretary of State office gathering ballot count from counties around the state.  I checked:
Nov. 25 :  office closed – Thanksgiving
Nov. 26 :  office closed –  a furlough day –thanks to budget “management” of guy squatting “Governor” seat.   If you don’t know, his election:   cost California $11 BILLION bucks his First day in office –sly ignorant sex-predator ‘settled’ Gov. Grey Davis suit against ENRON –at $.05 for every DOLLAR owed California for electricity rip-off –to help Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON, his backer.  —Real reason he ran for governor and we in financial crisis.  Check back Monday Nov. 29 for ballot up-date.

UPDATE #18 – Nov 24 – 3:37 p.m.

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,396,359
Steve Cooley 00(Rep) 4,338,135

–A newspaper is declaring Harris the winner –by their estimate of ballots left to count -proportion they think Harris will get.  –Since neither they nor I NEXT to any county’s ballots/counting room:  I’ll wait for State’s tally.  If they are open -post new total Friday I will also.  Good holiday to you.

UPDATE #17 – Nov 23 – 3:40 PM –this morning count and all the past several updates have been in Harris’s favor, with  spread getting wider –this is getting exciting:

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,362,484
Steve Cooley 0 (Rep) 4,308,720

Election:  must be certified on November 28…Dec. 3– we’ll know soon.

UPDATE #16: Nov. 22 – 4:45 PM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,340,454
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) 4,288,568

UPDATE:  November 22, 2010, 11:18 am

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,313,599
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) -o4,270,043

Those who Gave –hot dogs, cupcakes, coffee, etc. to “voters”: committed serious violation of  federal law –feds will prosecute some.

UPDATE #13 – Nov. 19 – 1:50 PM  — — #14 – 4:14 PM:
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,260,135 4,291,854
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,226,651 4,248,804

#12  – Nov 18 – 10:57 am
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,224,230
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,193,990

#9 – Nov 11 PM #10 : the up-dates have been so small not worth posting; LA County Registrar gave notes this week: he has about 399,000 ballots left to count, Provisional AND Mail-in.

# 7Nov 9 – PM –The reason to do homework on candidates; NOT demand to “vote” when not registered –costing California huge money in over-time to count worthless Provisional ballots

#6 – Results – November 7, 2010

I’ve been watching totals see-saw all week-end.  This morning LA Registrar of Voters gave up-date:

Election ballots are counted

Provisional, Mail-in ballots not mailed ahead of time –remaining:  about 300,000

Statewide:  about 2 million ballots left to count

As of Sunday 5:42 pm:  about 36,000 more votes for Cooley (it’s hard to write that) –so far, but with time and ballots, looks good for Harris.

I’m thinking:  the counties where people vote Republican/’men only need apply’/don’t get:  same old junk & cramming over-crowded prisons is costing Big –they are in counties (rural, ag, mountains) mostly with fewer precincts –easily already counted; that leaves urban areas, SF, LA & San Diego, better informed more sophisticated,  with Possibilites.

County Registrars have until: November 28 to verify signatures, turn in totals State Registrar has until December 10 to certify counts, declare winners.

I will number the Up-Dates; if you are one of the many wanting the news – get it sent to you:  you can Subscribe to this site  – SEE Sidebar =====>

-Results – Nov. 5

Kamala D. Harris (Dem) 3,302,221 3,320,911 3,461,232

Steve Cooley 000—(Rep) i3,293,191 3,309,074 3,453,370

only 9,030 11,837 votes separate the candidates –Too Close to Call –I don’t have any fingernails left. Gonna be long week-end.

Cooley scheduled a Press Conference for Thursday morning to announce himself the winner, then canceled –until ‘it’s more definitive.’

–Okay, this is going to take a lot longer, Registrar offices are counting Mail-in and Provisional ballots now, since election day votes did not show a clear winner.

-Results – This afternoon:  about 20,000 14,000 more votes for Harris –Too Close to Call

-Results – Nov. 3 – 3:02 am – 92% votes counted

Kamala Harris ahead by about 38,000 votes –Too Close to Call
Will post final results, check back.

Does it matter if you vote?
In state with more than 38 million people approximately 43% voted in this election. If you had contacted five people who each did the same:  the difference may have been Much greater.  Still, so far I’m happy with result –how about you?

Encourage every person you know to register to vote This week.

Kamala Harris
Smart, innovative District Attorney in Northern California is the candidate of choice for next Attorney General. Who is afraid –very afraid she will win? Karl Rove. The name ‘seems familiar’ –but your brain has hit “pause” with all of the Meg-it’s everyone else’s fault I hired an illegal-Whitman ads?

Karl Rove
Remember The Thug & The Dick –Republi-cants who squatted the White House illegally, eight years –brought us two wars –torture –invasion of privacy all without warrants?  Karl Rove was their Brain! He: looks like a lump of dough- ssscheemed, plotted to change government into a thing that made war on Americans.

Why would hemeroid Karl Rove care —who we choose for next California Attorney General? What’s that to the creep who devoured all the e-mail and phone calls AT&T diverted to him to spy on us? Ahhh, that would be for Rove’s choice –Harris’ opponent.

Get this:  after the squatters fired Rove, he sucked around till he landed another job and Now sucks money out of giant corporations and foreigners for US Chamber of Horrors in their quest for more ‘commerce.’

Hemeroid Rove: plots political plans to defeat Democrats/get right-wing nuts and Teabaggers into political office –so they can “help” some more.  So Why does looser Rove care –have a candidate in our election?

Most Californians don’t know

Besides all the other laws of the state: The Attorney General enforces environmental laws. Legislature passed AB-32, the new Green technology bill.

Chamber of Horrors members attracted to off-shore, AKA: throwing jobs off-shore -tossing Americans into un-employment so mega corporations can “improve” their bottoms and bank accounts; and in drilling.

–Oily boys from Texas and others–foreigners?–want US to STAY hooked on oil, don’t care fossil fuel is dirty –causes breathing problems –warming the planet –all gone in a few decades.

They want us to stay ON oil Now. They gave puss-bag Rove money to run ALL those nasty ads against Harris.

Rove’s choice in our election: an old Republican lump who thinks the Attorney General salary is “so low”– $150,000 –so lousy: why does he “want” the job? If you elect him he intends to file for double pensions –on TOP of the salary; it’s called: double-dipping. Cute. He doesn’t have a problem with allowing Texas -Saudis, others to drill off California.

How stupid is hemmeroid Karl Rove?

Rove: hides his True purpose, shoved $1.1 Million bucks from his Chamber bosses into Los Angeles local TV stations for nasty false ads against Harris that lie, as though she is ‘weak’ on the death penalty.

Harris’ stand? Harris didn’t seek the death penalty on the cop killer because: the JURY returned a verdict of Second Degree murder; doesn’t allow for Death Penalty.

But Majority of Californians: against the death penalty. LOL, it’s no ‘negative’ to brand Harris opposed to it! Dumb ignorant creep’s scare tactics Might work on the ignorant, they don’t work in California.

Harris: WILL enforce all laws, including death penalty and environmental laws.

Hemeroid Hopes you don’t know

Hopes you will Believe his stupid lying ad and vote for the Lump in his pocket, the Republican –so oily boys can drill for oil off California coast –just like BP drilled off Louisiana.  If they screw up– ‘spill’ –they’ll have a pal in office, thanks to weasel Rove and your ignorance.

Reasons to Vote FOR Kamala Harris:
-Re-elected: second term San Francisco District Attorney
-Endorsed by numerous Chiefs of Police –many in counties near SF
who know her work first-hand
-wants to do innovative programs instead of just stuffing more prisoners into already over-crowded prisons
-started numerous innovative programs for prisoners, ex cons so they won’t commit crimes again
-her innovations: so successful looked at by other states and Dept. of Justice to copy
-she is fresh, smart –NOT same old same old costly ways of doing things –that AREN’T working

PROP 23 stinking Texas oily boys –Don’t give a damn about OUR “unemployment” –AND neither does Meg Whitman, she hired an illegal instead of a citizen. Oil corp. Valero, etc. –care about being forced to obey our laws –paying fees for stinking up our air, water, land.
Who is Really behind Prop 23 —who got Prop 23 on our ballot? Meg Whitman’s lawyer .  Send A Message to Texas oily boys: tell them to stay OUT of California — Prop 23 Vote NO

Who will win Nevada?
Harry Reid is in a fierce fight with a Teabagger –crazy Sharon Angle, who wants to privatize Social Security, do away with Education and many other functions of government.  She DOESN’T want to give UP the money she will make doing that –while she tells people who are on unemployment “go get a job” –like at a fast food joint.

–Are the polls wrong?   Yup.  Pollsters:  don’t poll people of color –people who use cell phones only.
daVine Remedy Prediction –for Nevada, for US:  Harry Reid will represent Nevada in the Senate.

UPDATE Prediction: Correct
–even Republicans voted for Harry Reid over ill-educated wrong-sided Sharon Angle.

Prediction – President:  I predicted by the time he gave second State of the Union speech, nearly every segment across America would be angry at Pres. Obama.

Prediction Future?
Barack Obama:  will be re-elected President
Republicans: will go back to Minority party
A Real Third Party will be formed –maybe in time for 2012 election: combined forces of angry Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians –disgusted at corporations’ control of government.

* * * * *

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CA DEBT CRISIS Governor Race: Will They Fool You –Again?

Democrat – Independent:  registered voter?  Vote –at your kitchen table?  SEE Page bottom

The last time Governor of California was a Democrat:   ENRON forced Californians to pay phony jacked up utility bills –every week, threatened to shut off electricity during major heat wave if they didn’t pay.

Gov.  Grey Davis had the Proof —the electricity was falsely shut off, rates unjustified. He went to the regulatory agency in Washington DC  –to stop ENRON  illegal practices. The agency refused to do a thing, they took orders from: The Dick, President of Vice in the White House, his energy “plan” for pals, like ENRON.

No help from regulators: Gov. Davis filed lawsuit against ENRON. 

What happened next? A bunch of very rich Republicans –Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON –thief, dead after conviction of massive fraud, ex-convict junk bond trader Mike Milken, The Thug in the White House, others made plan:  put an ignorant actor in California’s governor office. 

“Sexy”? EIGHT women accused the ignorant actor of molestation for which he paid them damages AND he apologized —after exposed.   Actor’s “hero”?  Worst monster in history, hitler –also admired by his father, nazi party member at his death.

“Macho” candidate ‘man’: didn’t have the spine to stand up against competition in his party –Republican Primary.

Instead the backers used massive non-stop publicity: to convince Californians it would be “macho” and “sexy” to have an ignorant actor in the governor’s office.  For NO Good reason: 70% of Californians –including You? –fell for the scam, voted against Gov. Davis –voted Ignorant ‘macho’ nazi-lover into office.

When lousy actor got into office?
Put into office:  to “settle” California lawsuit against ENRON –“macho” hump “accepted” $.05 for every DOLLAR ENRON Owed us –stopped the suit.

California:  lost $11 (eleven) BILLION bucks Minimum on “macho”  guy’s First day as governor. Was it “sexy” for You?  Republican Ken Lay & pals stole Millions from California families -schools -seniors -businesses -hospitals –ripped off ENRON employees, active & retired –investors –any/everyone to line their pockets.

Now –Is it “macho” for you –over 12% of Californians without a job? Are you enjoying Clueless “Republican” actor –charging around the world on OUR dime –while our economy –debt plunges downhill?

‘Macho’ “man” decided “good” way to “balance” the budget?  Punk: cut Disabled supplement –THREE times last year. YOU wanna live on $260 –any month? Is budget balanced? Duh.

Four Indian tribes: got FAT new contracts off ‘macho’ signature without Legislature approval –he screwed the state out of millions of the SIX BILLION they expect to collect –but oops it’s too late to take it into court to reverse. Oh well?

Actor man: DID help most powerful union in California –huge raises for Prison Guards. But a judge: made Ignorant Newbie  REVERSE those contracts and fat pay raises.

Do you like a good joke?
Predator’s Plan B to balance budget:  forced DMV workers to take furlough days –and he is jacking up auto registration fee. DUH –Long lines when you get there –to pay MUCH more to register your car. Is it “good” for you?

Now: we are over $25 Billion in debt.

Rich white Republican insiders
The scam worked so well first time, they are trying it AGAIN. This time: they want Californians to believe a person who has NEVER voted –EVER –never even registered, would make a “good” governor because This Time the candidate comes from–wait for it–business.

Butt Oops: what we got here –Another Ignorant newbie Knows NOTHING about being a Public Servant. This Time: it’s Another Rich one –who is piling up MILLIONS to convince Californians that even though She KNOWS NOTHING about How to Be a Public Servant –we should give her the job.

But: WHO will she do a Job on? If YOU fall for this scam a Second time: WHAT will we loose? 

Will she decide –infrastructure –roads -highways -bridges -trains “boring” –cost “too much” –STOP maintaining them? Will senior adults, disabled: get cut off? Will she decide it’s “good business” to leave pensions bloated –the ones who endorsed her? Will our water problems: be over her head?

Forget “insider” stuff  —You Already know Meg Whitman:
-Paid herself $162 MILLION dollars –to get job pays $212,100 that
she doesn’t know how to do
-Social Security sent notice her Hispanic in-home employee
documents fake three years after hire, but kept her six MORE years
–now claims she didn’t know; so NINE years of employer taxes –unpaid?
-ZERO experience, Knows NOTHING about governing
-Wealthy people are behind her –why? What will they gain?

Just One Gain: Prop. 23
Two Texas oil companies: claim to “care” about California employment –“so much” they want us to STOP our Green switch to solar power, wind energy programs –that will cut dirty air –dirty fuels. Do You believe they “care” about our unemployment? –Or care it will cost them money? 

Cost jobs???  Green tech the ONLY sector:  Adding NEW jobs in California.

Texas oily boys: funded Prop. 23 to get California to stop Green technology.  Who got paid to WRITE the Prop. –got it on November 2010 ballot?  An attorney:  the one behind Meg Whitman.

Do you need any More evidence she should NOT be our next governor?

What else do the rich Republicans backing newbie Meg Whitman: Expect to get if they get her elected?

Want to find out –on HER first day?  They fooled you once, if they do it a Second time the shame:  is on You.

How About: YOU Don’t fall for this scam AGAIN. How about: we get a smart Knowledgeable EXPERIENCED person in the Governor’s office and we Don’t get scammed –again.

Jerry Brown:  KNOWS how to do the job, already elected governor –twice.

Former Governor (now California Attorney Gener...

Image via Wikipedia

California had jobs –balanced budget –no frills –no waste –no phony hype.  Eight years:  he  drove –a battered old second-hand car (ugly, lol) –not chauffeured limousine –not private jets. He lived in a bachelor apartment, not in a lavish estate.

“Sexy” Cigars Rock ‘nRoll –NOT
We have difficult road ahead.  Voters have ‘approved’ stupid measures –failed to lift Term Limits –lobbyists and SELF-serving dummies run California.

Jerry Brown:  experienced, frugal, wise, tough. California is in a LOT of trouble and we: cannot afford another ignorant newbie –again. We need Smart to lead –restart California’s Can Do economy –leadership for innovation –not “special” breaks for the wealthy –not politics.

CARE about California –your life,  family, neighbors –what happens here?  You need to vote for Jerry Brown.

You need to tell EVERY person you know to vote for him.

It’s the ONLY way to FIX Mess of  what has happened to California with rich insiders and their “macho” moron.  This time:  California needs a leader –a Real man.

We are lucky Brown is willing to take on this miserable job.  You have Second Chance to Do It Smart: DON’T screw it up this time.

daVine Remedy for California: Jerry Brown, smart, experienced, knowledgeable, frugal Democrat.

~To Vote –at Your Kitchen Table~
Application for Vote-by-Mail Must Send By  midnight October 25, 2010 –IF you are already California Registered Voter -request Vote-by-Mail ballot to skip traffic, lines, bad weather.

Get the Form:
-fill in ON-LINE
-fill in back page of your last Voter pamphlet
-print out from Registrar website & mail in
Fill out carefully –INCOMPLETE OR INACCURATE you will not receive. 

Then watch your mail for the ballot; when ballot arrives:  vote and Return ballot promptly.  If you are delayed:  You MAY turn in the ballot at your usual Polling place on election day. Form for Los Angeles County here:

You may NOT apply for someone else –that is a crime

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CA DEBT CRISIS Would You Spend $119 UPDATE $142 Million -to Get Job Pays $212,000?

UPDATE  Meg Whitman:  hired a woman to work in her home.  Three years later:  she got letter from Social Security –notice that the woman’s SS # wasn’t valid; Whitman’s husband wrote a note to the woman on bottom of a letter:  ‘take care of this, thanks”

The woman:  claims she told Whitman -that she was in the US illegally, asked for help with an immigration attorney to become legal worker.

Candidate Whitman:  claims it’s Everyone else’s fault –she hired an illegal worker.

Six YEARS later:  after first letter received, legal or illegal worker, Whitman fired the woman.  Why –six more years of employment? 

What NO one has noticed -made Public:  WHAT happened to Social Security DEDUCTIONS/Payments? From employment in 2000, to first letter in 2003, and firing in 2009 Either:  Whitman or accountant Continued to send in those deductions –which WOULD HAVE generated MORE ‘not valid SS #’ letters TO Whitman –proof/can’t deny.   –Or:  Whitman paid the woman in cash –next six years.  BUT if Whitman switched –paid in CASH:  why?  –Why did she make a change? 

If Whitman had an employee:  she OWES Social Security payments on that employee’s salary –entire Nine years.  Whitman:  cannot have it BOTH ways –kept ON employing illegal worker and paying her cash because of it, but claiming NOT to Know she was here illegally.  Whitman:  is telling LIES. 

Worse: Whitman had the gall to accuse Jerry Brown of exposing her illegal employee. Major OOPS Newspaper reporter of Capitol Alert posted: Whitman told her backers about the illegal employee –in 2009!

Either way: do we want next Governor who is that –sloppy? If she cannot Take Care of details just in her own home: how the hell can she manage world’s eighth largest economy, California?

California –in the worst state of its history.  

Thanks to voters who failed to do their homework on issues, candidates, ballot props –divisive politics –some truly insane laws on budget and referendums, and the ignorant Republican lump squatting in “governor” seat:  we have massive debt, massive problems, massive gridlock.  

Happily, we’re getting Rid of the Lump –who cost us Serious Money  

Two people are candidates for governor, One:  another ignorant Republican newbie knows Zilch about governing, But wants the job –so badly spending $119  $142 MILLION bucks —SELF-financed, to get a job paying $212,100 bucks a year.  uh, Why???  

Republican candidate  ZERO knowledge How to Govern –Knows NOTHING whatsoever about even grassroots conflict –resolution and Holy Cows:  has NEVER voted –for ANYONE –ever, entire adult life.  

Why the Hell would anyone  SPEND that kind of money –to get a job for which they are utterly UN-qualified?  Why?  Hell, would YOU spend even ONE Million bucks –to get a job you Didn’t know how to do???  

What I want to know:  if self-financer GETS the job –WHAT will happen in California –to our Debt –our already dysfunctional Legislature –our Green programs –to public services –to infrastructure –to our water problem???  

–Just say  ‘oh well’ –to farmers Vs. residents competing for water?  — ‘why spend money on buses’ to workers???  –‘Too bad’ on crumbling roads -bridges -freeways???   KNOWLEDGE of educational system, budget?   KNOWS How To ‘straighten out’ the powerful Prison Guard union?  –lol, I’d Pay to see THAT in my lifetime.  

–Do What –about the Indian Casino/Gambling Compacts the Lump screwed up –cost California BILLIONS over next decade?   ‘Fiscal’ “conservative” Republican:  You Do know  it’s Too Late to take them to court –fix the Mess he made -get back LOST revenue. 

WHAT will the Republican newbie candidate DO to get back the Personal fortune spent to get “Governor” job? 

Meg Whitman:   With NO record –no previous voter approval, How can we even begin to Guess what she Would do –to us –to the state –to budget –to disabled –to tax code –to senior adults –to Services to make SURE she gets her money back?   

Sexual predator Republican newbie Lump we got in governor’s office now –his ‘way’ to “balance” the budget: 0HE cut aide to disabled– THREE times last year. 

Did he get budget, uh, balanced?  Duh.  Here’s a good one: 0California the ONLY state doesn’t accept Food Stamps from Ag Dept. for senior adults, poverty children, disabled. –The Lump rejects $2.3 billion food aid EVERY year.  Hell, even the extreme right-wing Republicans in the South don’t turn down FOOD for ill -elderly.  sheesh 

When the ignorant Lump was running for office, Meg Whitman? Couldn’t be bothered –DIDN’T vote for her Party’s candidate –the first time, didn’t vote for him the Second time.  NOW she wants support from Republicans??? 

Does anyone else think it’s Mighty Odd:  she has NEVER even voted FOR  Republican candidate –for President?  — Didn’t vote for Reagan, either time.  —Whitman didn’t vote –for McCain and Palin, either. What a pal. 

Any mystery why Republican National Committee isn’t, uh, around –no checks? 

How much of an ignorant newbie is Meg Whitman? 
Major no-no in California:  she ran TV commercials –in summer. We DON’T do that here.  Just NOT done, bad form.  Guess she didn’t hire Californians –or anybody more knowledgeable than herself to ‘run’ her, uh, spending spree.  oops 

Meg Whitman at eBay Live 2005-01-13 (2)

Image via Wikipedia

Meg Whitman:  didn’t care enough to actually VOTE –any Democrat -any Republican –anybody –ever.   IS she Registered to Vote –now? Where is Proof? 

–WHY would we, California voters, want her –now —newbie —during Crisis? 

WHY is she spending THAT kind of money, her OWN money –according to campaign finance accounting office, the Highest amount ever spent for any state’s office –to help rich pals?  –Now:  at $142 million, even higher.

sheesh, I say:  NO clue about working people, environment, housing, education, transportation, water, agriculture, unions, infrastructure, tribes, working with others –NO experience, No voting, No job skills —No way.  

Spending $119 MILLION –to get a job she’s not even qualified to do???   Not daVine Remedy for California.  That’s a big NOPE on Meg Whitman for governor.


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CA DEBT CRISIS Heads Up: Drive Orange County VERY Carefully

BLOG UP-DATE  Sorry to inject tech stuff:  blog’s host WP will drop this template -author doesn’t want –sorry, blog appearance to change.

You’ve heard about “council” sleazeballs of tiny city Bell who jacked up their salaries to higher than LAPD Chief –double salary of US President –got rich forcing homeowners to pay huge property tax bills, now:   latest trick in city “government”?

Newest ‘government’ sleaze:  Orange County
As of Monday August 16, 2010:   If you drive through Huntington Beach and get in a car crash THEY Decide is your fault, you have to pay –the city.

Headed to Disneyland?
Headed to:  money trap –like any hick town, USA looking to scam drivers.  Other city ‘councils’ also making money off car crashes:  Fullerton , Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana.

If dingbats decide:   car crash was your fault but you are not a resident, they will bill your insurance company.   Insurance company refuses to pay  –No insurance?  They will bill you.  What a scam.

City ‘council’ claim:  “residents shouldn’t have to pay for crash of non-resident.”

EXUUUSE ME????  Just Exactly how do they imagine they got the equipment –supplies –transportation –911 hook-up & equipment –training for fire -police -emergency personnel?   –Fell out of the sky???  ALL Californians DIDN’T already ‘kick in’ with taxes INTO STATE POT –COVERED their costs???

What happens if you were driving a lousy car, say a Toyota that wouldn’t stop? City ‘geniuses’ decide:   crash your fault but insurance company –auto-maker –regulators/expert determines NOT your fault?   What, you get to pay a lawyer to defend you??? –HOPE you collect Some Day –meanwhile HAVE to pay?

If the driver:   DOESN’T pay  What happens:  they take kneecaps –firstborn child –car –and hold for ransom???

If they seize car:  HOW do you keep on earning a living -carpool co-workers -pick up children -shuttle elderly parent –live???  Does driver have to Keep on paying insurance premiums while city keeps the vehicle? 

What if the ransom is never paid???  They keep the car –sell for profit???

If a court decides seizure WITHOUT due process IS violation of US Constitution, do city Mini-minds have to reimburse –ALL the costs derived from not having one’s car?

Do ‘city’ Greed-masters:  have the power to go into business for themselves —OVER the DMV –seize a driver’s License???

What if your insurance just expired –don’t HAVE any frigg’n money –traveling THROUGH Orange County to a job interview –when you CANNOT pay:   Do “council” creeps harass you and what –toss people who have Been in a Car Crash into debtor’s prison???

“Council” mobsters charge for jail also? –If you can’t pay:   you don’t get food?

Suppose crash your fault:  but you subsequently die?  While your family grieves —they get demand for payment from city ‘council’ creeps?  Cute.

If you wound up in a local hospital for a long time before you got dead:  hospital stay makes you “resident” –you, your relatives off the hook?

City weasels don’t care:  will go after  –your children –your home –furniture, estate, books, jewelry, ANY thing to get trap money after driver dead?

Just EXACTLY Who will do Time Cards for fire fighters, EMTs to figure out your bill?  Fire fighters are on-scene for HOURS –every HOUR billable?

Do ‘billable’ hours include fuel –or gas, oil, radiator -windshield -battery fluid and air in the tires Extra?

City sleazeballs:  will bill drivers for tongue depressers –cotton balls -towels –time on stretcher –pressure monitor?  How much does oxygen go for?   If the EMT turns on ambulance siren:  does that cost extra?

Will we be charged for personnels’ uniforms –laundry, with/without starch –pro-rated cost of their boots shoe leather –shoelaces –depreciation of their belts,  shirts, trousers?  Charged for their socks or those gratis?

If a fire fighter tears his/her jacket:   we have to pay –for Whole new jacket or just for repair?

City Pea-brains:   Will pro-rate cost of helmets –medical bags? –Additional charge for crash scene pavementstreet light electricity –or “included” in crash invoice???

Uh, say:  insurance companies not known for ‘generosity’ so if tire blows –car crashes, but gee, Dowecheatem & How insurance company DOESN’T pay???  We have to pay a lawyer –sue City AND insurance ickballs?

WHO is going to tell the French –Italians, Swedes, Aussies, Spaniards, Brits?  Will Seriously Stupid “council”:  send notice to Consulats –or State Department will notify the world –ALL visitors to US, stay the hell OUT of Orange County, California?

If an un-lucky international visitor visits Orange County, car crashes:  will ‘council’ morons seize Passport –rental car or hold just their luggage for ransom?

Holy Frigg’n cows…. California —if it wasn’t already, can now be properly labeled:  Well and Truly A Mess.

What’s the daVine Remedy for sleazy city ‘government’ –visitor travel through Orange County?   DON’T.

If you’re NOT a resident of Orange County:  take a boat –train –bicycle –skateboard –para-sail  –send letter, e-mail, fax, call –find a way Around the geography –stay the heck OUT of Orange County.

How could we make California debt crisis worse?
You DON’T want a daVine Remedy for California Crisis?  To make it Worse –just really finish off the state:  vote for another amateur –Knows-nothing to replace the ignorant thug currently squatting in “governor” seat.

Ya, that’s the ticket –pick the Republican one knows Zip about law –crafting bills –Legislature -Indian casino compacts –bonds, economics.

–Wants ego-stroke “governor” on the resume, BUT Republican candidate for governor got No Clue how to balance state budget that Republicans CAUSED– ‘fix us’ right into bankruptcy.

How did Republicans CAUSE California’s debt crisis?
The thug currently squatting in “governor” seat:  put up for election –by Ken Lay, dead ex CEO of ENRON –so “governor” thug could/did sign settlement of state’s suit against Ken Lay BEFORE it got into court.   –Thug/know-nothing actor/sexual predator ‘settled’ for $.05 of every DOLLAR thief Ken Lay owed us from his ‘electricity’ “shortage” during major heat wave.   ‘Settlement’ cost California: $11 BILLION bucks.

Get ANOTHER rich arrogant on-the-job trainee?   Oh ya, that’s worked out so swell past seven years, let’s get another one of those.

–Yup, slap up your November ballot with ANOTHER Republican:   another millionaire doesn’t give a damn about unemployed -poverty -working -middle-class –education –crumbling infrastructure –innovation –immigration problems.

What DOES the trainee-wannabe “care” about?   What her backers care about:   their own taxes.

–Hasn’t got Clue One how to deal with powerful unions, bonds coming due, budget gridlock already 3/4 CONTROLLED by ballot initiatives. –SHE hasn’t resolved ANY government problem EVER.

HELP home owners –car crash victims getting Ripped off to pay for ‘government’??? Hell, she’s never even REGISTERED TO VOTE ever –entire adult life.

–Newbie candidate for governor so ignorant:  will get California even Lower bond rating –rising debt, soaring school drop-out rate –crumbling infrastructure.

–SHE doesn’t give a damn or even KNOW anything about pot holes –crammed prisons –soaring illiterate rate. 

Sure, just Choose the Newbie that has NEVER held ANY elected office –NEVER held accountable by any Voter.  NO governing record:   knows WHAT about solving scarce water problems of farmers Vs business Vs residents?  

Will Implement our new Green laws –Or business as usual dirty energy of oil boys counting on getting fatter –with a newbie they can manipulate? 

Sink the state on Ignorance, LEAVE California twisting in debt wind….

Yes, let’s vote for the one with SQUAT experience How to Govern, the self-financing Meg Whitman to run the state:  that will make the right-wingers secretly behind her, who got us Into this debt crisis and HATE government, happy.   Charging driver in a car crash for the crash:  HER kind of ‘good’ government.

Read about Orange County pukes news

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ELECTION June RESULTS: Calif. Has Dumb Voters, Still

Do you believe the President of the United States should be deported?  –Yes?  Deported to –where, Hawaii?  lol 

We had another election in California, but even with very low voter turn-out, the Dumb showed up at the polls.

They’re Hoping Nobody Will Notice
On Republican ticket (poor babies), lol, the whack-a-dope Orly Taitz who believes President Obama isn’t an American:   got herself up as candidate for Secretary of State, lol.   Worse:   over 25% 72,000  407,971  non-convicts actually voted for the immigrant who doubts President Obama’s citizenship.   wow  WHO are those people??

Bad enough she got on a ballot, but those who voted “for” her?   California has enough problems.  PLEASE:  move back to wherever/whatever goofy state you belong.  We REALLY can’t afford you/any more dummies.

Republicans:  don’t you have ANY self-control?

Thanks to dummies –one day:  we could wake up to “choice” between Two “none of the above.”  The ‘brilliant’ voted for so-called ‘Election Rights‘ —Prop 14 —meaning top two from Primary get on the ballot.  Ya, that’ll solve our problems. 

With turn-out like this Primary, we could get choice of:   a Communist and a Anarchist –OR two right-wing Republican nut jobs….  THINK that can’t happen?  How about If I told you:  a right-wing sexual predator –utterly ignorant austrian-born who admires hitler –got elected “governor” of Democratic state?  –yup, thanks to the Dumb.

HOW dumb are some voters 
The fan of hitler, California’s gubinator:   supported PROP 14 –thrilled it passed –what does THAT tell you?

PROP 15:   start of FAIR elections with public financing –instead of fat-cat SELF-financing, buying elected office.  But nooo –545,000 dummies DIDN’T get it.   –THAT’S How we got stuck with Gov. Ahrmpit –Dummies fooled on Ken Lay ENRON money.  –If that’s “OK” how come da gubinator is now stuck at:  “Approval” rating of 22% and we are stuck with mess he has made of California? 

Remember THAT when another No Experience Republican, spawn of eBay Meg Whitman wants to:  stick you in November. 

It’s really embarrassing now to say “I’m a Californian.”

daVine Remedy:  by year-end
The sexual predator:   squatting in “governor” seat –put up for election to screw us out of $11 Billion bucks, his First Day –and jacked up car registration, the very thing Dumb voters elected him to abolish

The spawn of eBay –who will save us from thousands –hundreds of thousands (?) of TV ads for drugs, lol, pounding us with her money to pimp herself… for nothing

The Delusional one –who wants to “take back Washington” by begging to be sent there –Imagines we’ll swap our state’s seniority in Congress for a newbie ex receptionist, fired from her last job –who knows NOTHING about serving ALL -negotiation –crafting a bill –economics, any issue-specifics, Carly Failure-ina

–even with dummies:  ALL with contempt for middle -working-class swept away… free to go molest again –register to vote for the 1st time, lol –wallow in their ignorance –from arrogant cushy perches, while Californians get:  Experienced Knowledgeable Smart governing for a change.

Can’t hardly wait, Mr. Brown.

Till then: 

ELECTION – Semi Final STATE Results



 Los Angeles County –

Measure E —LAUSD Bond
Los Angeles schools
–the ones that “graduate” people who can’t read –after 50% drop out:  The Truly Stupid voted to rip off those struggling to pay a mortgage.  –Now $100 a year –every year, for Years –more bucks for the bored board to play with, while Teacher’s Union whines to keep on keep’n on –antiquated stuff As Is.

–Duh, ‘we screwed up past two decades, we’re bloated with bureaucrats & bureaucracy –built marble-clad monument to ourselves, your money our headquarters, but give us more –so we can keep on SCREWING UP.’  

Gee thanks Marlene Cantor, Roy Romer.  –Hey, if you REALLY “care about the kids” –give BACK the millions you walked away with.  With “helpers” like you:  the ignorant will have a home in Los Angeles.

2/3 OF VOTES CAST – up-date:  6-13-10
MEASURE   Votes Percent
E – EDUCATION PARCEL TAX – YES   174,607 52.7
NO   156,705 47.3

 –Stupid thing passed only by Stupid voters –NOW do you get WHY you have to do homework –AND show up on voting day?

Registrar of Voter Results – Including Los Angeles4:00 am 6:00 PM

STATE MEASURE           PRECINCTS REPORTING     5,190      100.00% 
13 PROPERTY TAX LIMITS –retrofit YES              649,272   83.68
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                   126,666    16.32 
14INCREASE ELECTION RIGHTS  – YES                 400,406    51.05
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                    383,869    48.95 
15FAIR ELECTIONS ACT                   – YES                  353,278    46.04
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                   414,038    53.96 
16CONSTITUTIONAL Amendment -YES                  373,060    47.00
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)  – NO                    420,628    53.00

17 – AUTO INSURANCE                          -YES                   347,888    43.50
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                    451,774    56.50

SECRETARY OF STATE                       100.00 %
     DEBRA BOWEN                                           326,077  

     DAMON DUNN                                             164,407    69.43
     ORLY TAITZ                                                   72,376    30.57  –we need Sobriety Test                                                                                                                          at the polls?

   MERTON D SHORT                                              4,130

   ANN MENASCHE                                                 2,197  

  CHRISTINA TOBIN                                              2,234

  BILL LOCKYER                                                 330,577

  MIMI WALTERS                                               203,063

KAMALA D HARRIS                                         122,232      29.90
ROCKY DELGADILLO                                         83,754      20.49
CHRIS KELLY                                                         54,641      13.37
ALBERTO TORRICO                                             46,251       11.32
TED W LIEU                                                            46,142        11.29
PEDRO NAVA                                                        40,003         9.79
MIKE SCHMIER                                                     15,718          3.85

STEVE COOLEY                                                    161,391        58.24
JOHN EASTMAN                                                   77,458       27.95
TOM HARMAN                                                       38,275        13.81

DEMOCRATIC    ALEX PADILLA                 21,901

REPUBLICAN      KATHLEEN EVANS           11,341

* * * * *

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