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Drugs -Rap -Rape –America: Bankrupt?

On the day transcripts are released that show Tricky Dick, disgraced President, lied:  we learn the details –an employee walked into a locker room –saw an old man in a shower –his penis in a little boy with his arms  on shower wall –and he?  –Punched the old pig –grabed the child –yelled for help –called cops?

Witness to horrific crime:  walked away –went home -called his father -they went to the head coach Next Day….  Police?  Naw, the employee wants to stay in the club house –keep his job –his mouth Shut.

The raped child?  Just collateral damage –damaged childhood, so what….

I’ve thought this before, and if you weren’t around at the time Know:  when the vile Tricky Dick used his position –office of the Presidency to “settle” old scores, part of the shock of the things he did –the legacy of what he did.  For maybe the first time:  a person who was Supposed to Lead –morally bankrupt.

During the Watergate Hearings on Tricky Dick’s corruption was forever riveting –reverberant testimony of a young staffer who told the superb Committee:  “stay away from Washington”…if you have principles….

Except:  Tricky Dick’s rot has spread….  Don’t feel good:  take a pill –71% of Americans take prescription meds –the rare ? teen who doesn’t ‘do’ drugs –while, often, listening to trash sold as “music” that trashes -dehumanizes women –created by people with zero talent –who defile race, never extol the Things That Matter –“rap”

The child in the shower –four YEARS after a child raped by the same vile stinking piece of puke –but the District Attorney, of  Pennsylvania, somehow ‘buried’  first criminal exposure of rape.  –The “first” rape of a child –in locker room?   A puke doesn’t suddenly start raping children in his 50’s –diseased garbage like him have looong history of destroying children –from way back.  Who knew then –Who protected the children from university money-maker “athletic” puke  –How many children –over the decades?

WHO has Character in America –WHO is above ‘I’ve got mine/too bad for you/I want More’?  WHO in Congress stands up for Doing the Right Thing –resists the influence Money wants to buy?  –WHO on Wall Street looks at shoveling garbage mortgages to the guardians of pensions –says This Wrong/Won’t Do?

See something –Say Something?

The “conservative” Party –who Believe in the Constitution –put on Another Show & Tell last night –demonstrated they Know Nothing, Care About No one.   Clean air, drinkable water?   –One For eliminating Certainly the department charged in the Constitution with Census –counting us, in the Commerce Department –we~ don’t~need~no ~stink’n~ed-u-kat’n –and for Sure uhm…uhm –oops ‘stepped in it’ when he couldn’t ‘member The Third department he Definitely intends to shut when he’s for Sure the Press-i-dent, the One who has signed off on execution of more people than any in US history….

–One  –“over-worked” so much had an affair and sued his wife for divorce –while she was in hospital bed fighting cancer –he and wife #3 rang up $1/2 Million bucks ‘credit’  at a jewelry store for he “doesn’t remember on what” –but chided the “media” for ‘failing to accurately report how economy functions’…

One doesn’t care –the number who Some Day will need medical care:  100% –Determined any way to delete government Plan for Americans’ health needs –as candidate & spouse run a ‘clinic’ -on government funds that will ‘pray away the gay’ –as they collect salary -funds -giveaways  –for not growing crops to “run” their farm…

–One –knows nada on international affairs -finance -economy –amused at getting outted  for sexual assault  on several women –witnessed, who wanted employment -not servicing his penis –two:  given year’s salary compensation –for being treated as garbage receptacle… each woman:  someone’s daughter –amusing??

One wants ALL Americans:   to follow his Ideology –take away rights of women, minorities –regulation on finance, food, nation’s assets –too bad if others hold competing views…

One wants government to Dono things, nothing at all –find our own way to deal with port, bridge, road, train track repair –predatory practices –regulatory oversight –shore up defense, military on our own –newly-ill should suck it up, at least get out of everyone else’s way…

One bastardized an entire corporation, un-employed thousands to pocket $millions –and stands For —every side of every issue, so he cannot be ‘nailed’ for a thing…

One –right brains -experience -knowledge –but his Party’s wrong “religion” to be Commander-in-Chief of dysfunctional  nation…

the Dwarf Gang wasn’t all there:  they won’t let two others –shout~it~out~with~glee….   Presidential wannabes –the crazies Americans -creatures -planet can choke on….

As the world watches debt-ridden Greece, soon Italy, fall into the abyss…
a nice looking, well-spoken man, the Head of the Fed, Bernanke, quietly, oh so quietly  –printing ever more money –backed by Nothing –to cover our troubled waters –will Destroy America…  America –choking on oily boys’ tax-rebates on oil -coal choking the planet –everyone taking –pulling away from the middle, No One punching –putting back –rescuing….

daVine Remedy
You don’t understand complicated currency markets –international debt, but You can:  Prepare for future –Pay Yourself First, mimic Chinese save 30% —grow your own veggies, some herbs —tell yourself -children “other priorities” than newest shiny objects…

NOT  gobble quick toxic “food” –drugs –massive debt –enticements by burglars of America  —NOT be sheep for corporations —keep plastic out of sightshop Corner commerce, not corpulent corporations… Demand those you gave your Vote to –vote for Best Interest of the country.   You Can do organic -creative -thoughtful things to Help –self –neighbors –America… YOU can push back.

And Today–

I called Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences –heard, in my own ear:   Billy Crystal will be next Academy Awards host –hand out the Oscars!  Best news I’ve heard all year… Yippeee.  daVine Remedy… Bon Appetite!


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Week-end Weather -Waste -Wimp -Wire

Usually: I write semi-essay, a problem and –after some time, organic, creative, thoughtful remedy -not ‘snap’ rants, polish and publish. I depart from the Usual:

This week-end
in between errands, Like anyone else with functioning electricity and TV, I watched –increasingly annoyed.

First –and last: CNN
Wow, “network” a bloody Mess –“reporters” standing in water/wind, spouting clichés.  Hurricane Overview  –effect?   Tough –viewer got drivel after drivel –cliché-speak –from uh uh uh little-girl Anderson Cooper –screamer/giggler “Fred” –aptly-named Don Lemon to whoever, blathered:   All storm All Week-end –United States to Be Eaten by Hurricane –Yeoooow.

Ah-mzing:   NOT a Single Other thing –anywhere in the world, happened –week-end they went ‘wall-to-wall’ on ONE story.

duh, Did it cross any itty-bitty mind:  people IN hurricane Zone, uh, didn’t have electricity to WATCH CrapNotNews? –The non-distressed Bored with Hurricane Wall-to-Wall –but nope, nothing else dug up.

The Others, in 41 States
–Normal to Drought-dry?   oh, Didn’t Count.

WHAT’S with Time-Warner:    Gobs of dough –but NONE spent on a Hard News Editor???   This then That stupid format -program -bobble-head, duh, ratings continue to deflate.   Desperate:   they  throw up drivel on perfectly good airwaves that worked just fine for previous owner.

Geeze, Buy a Clue
Time-Warner Wimps:  shoveled TONS at Ted Turner to Buy CNN –because it Was Superb, THINK Maybe you should like Go Back:  Deliver Actual Newly-happening news stuff –from Around the uh, world, hmmm???

Heck nope. ‘Media Round-up’ –Fareed Zacara’s GPSMoney Watch, the RARE few things worth watching on bottom-scraper, shoved.

Thousands of Minutes
When one realizes they have 24 HOURS to drill-down –on Details –on people in Congress –long BEFORE Too Late –spent “asking” stupid questions. –Read Drivel on the Drivel they’re dishing written by drivel-lovers –off Tweets instead of Inform –Report what Americans NEED to know: blood -temperature -anger rise….

It is Shameful. Generations coming up: will be Dumbest of All.

CNN:  daVine Remedy
CNN owner Time-Warner:  stock  –short –should be shorted until they’re bankrupt –forced to sell CNN.

Gee, Cut into ‘normal’ week-end trash–PLEASE, Somebody ‘splain to me:  Why prison trash every week-end, SHEEESH–to ‘cover’ oh All Storm All Week-end, with duh, water/wind-soaked reporters speaking cliché-eze, Hurricane Minutia –round-the-clock.

–NO Libya life –Bachman blather –Perry perfumed spewings –Casee Anthony ‘wall-to-wall’ dirt “coverage”?   Nobody Thought:  the power-outed Couldn’t SEE, only non-affected, could.  oh well

Sly FOX “News”
Ditto heads.

Just a thought
If I’m on This coast –hurricane on THAT coast:  why is Local “news” ‘covering’ THAT weather?

“Reporter” wimps:  whine about the President ‘being on vacation’ –return “one day early” -blah blah.   Where the Hell was ‘report’ whine on:  No-Work Congress?   –WHO the Hell takes one week off for EVERY Two weeks “work” –now Do-Nothing House wimps:   off on Five WEEK vacation.  WHERE is complaint?

President Obama :
went to different location –for ten days and, duh, he took The Presidency/his Job with him.

Hey, Peggy Know-nothing Noonan:
Grow Up, Get a Grip –do tell us What “1,000 points of light” means and stop stupid waste on which you’re Ignorant.   –Better if Mr. Obama worked 24/7 –in ONE location???

–Shudda told THAT to your precious Thug, as he mowed weeds every month –Off-Property, in Texas.

For a Change:  CBS
Sunday Morning” not shoved/Other Things to say…whew…Jerry Lieber’s  whole Rock ‘n Roll book:  THE music… great, “Stand By Me” can hear it enough?…thanks, and RIP.  Nature Minute:  PLEASE Go Back to THREE minutes.  –Rip out wasted Who Cares “celebrity.”  THREE Minutes of Nature:  More Important.

Then: Talking Heads
A Thing –anyone has Learned from  NBC bobble-head David Gregory –ever?  “Meet” the uh press: Utter waste of time.

Jake Tapper SHOULD have been tapped host, but since CNN-left-over, Irritant Bore Christiane Whatever heads, I don’t watch “This Week” morning Mess, unless Kokie Roberts -David Brooks -Tom Friedman or Actually Knowledgeable on; last five minutes, “In Memorium” worth catching –but Reason captions NOT up Long Enough to read?  Stupid waste.

Then…The Dick
limp wimp –desperate to sell sad excuse for destroying perfectly good trees, appeared.

You remember The Dick, with his sidekick The Thug:  eight years they squatted the White House  –illegally.  Inserted  into office NOT by voters, by not-supremes, pay-back to Republi-cants who put them on no-longer supreme bench.

Second Time
2004:  Also NOT elected.   Ex, retired agents, etc.,  entered ballot-counting rooms, declared “national security” –evicted all –changed electronic ballots so The Thug & The Dick “won.”

Oops:  they changed More votes –in seven states, than Republican registered voters.

Double oops:  their dirty-deed checks –never hit the mail.   Livid:  they ratted out the rats –told members of Congress.   oh, No “news” station told you?   oh well SEE:  “US Census Bureau Report to Congress 2004 Election”

If YOUR child –thrown OUT of the Nation –put into WAR Zone –not Enough night goggles -maps  -bullets -even water –invaded a country posed ZERO threat to this nation –maimed, killed:  amusing –worth a smirk?

The Dick sought FIVE waivers to avoid going to Vietnam, so he prolly isn’t aware of what WAR is really like….

–EIGHT years
UN-funded war Stinking enough, The Dick, ex CEO Halliburton:   never met a Dover airfield plane of flag-draped coffins off-load.

War DID Help
–pals –get BILLIONS.  War zone laundry:  $3 a POUND  –lavish hot meals, cold desserts –local gas sixty-four CENTS:  $4 a gallon –American “interrogators”:  mercenaries at $150k a year, answered to No One for crimes –pallets of US cash:  ‘disappeared.’

KBR, Halliburton:  No Bid Non-compete contracts from Penta-goons?   War wimps:  ALL –contracts, “employees” put in tax-free havens –off-shore, NO payroll taxes, NO taxes on multi-billions made off war.     International treaties:  violations –Not indicted…

American –but registered in tax-free Switzerland, Cayman Islands –drilling in North Dakota now, Still not paying US taxes.  oh

The Dick Got NBC
Instead of sly FOX wimps, to sell more books:   “interview” by a NBC reporter.    The Dick wants “credit” for ‘superiority’ to The Thug & Co –silence on Violations, phantom WMD, Grotesque theft, Torture, death.  Nation’s Guard invaded “for WMD” –that didn’t exist, this week-end book roll-out:   NO Apology.   Amusing?

The Dick –wants Sales
Delusional, Imagining he’s an “Author writ-ter” –larded up the tome with Fiction –went on TV to declare:   he IS a war-criminal –he IS a liar –he IS a limp wimp –Has-been, desperate for Attention.

daVine Remedy:  International Court, PLEASE
Make his biggest fear happen:  Issue Arrest Warrant on fiction-writing vicious criminal –for Crimes Against Humanity –ASAP, so he stands trial.   –Hey, we just paid for his new heart valve & pump,  The Dick is Good to Go.

So:  US Attorney General Holder?

Wire Wire…
Desperate to ‘fill’ air:   Bobble-heads blathered hurricane-struck  “power outage” –stats.   *sigh* This author has said, for At Least ten years:
in ALL 50 tornado -hurricane -wildfire -quake -flood-prone states:  Bury Those Wires!

CAN’T we have daVine Remedy
–get into Twenty-First century, put utility wire UNDERground –once and For All Time?

Okay, unpolished, but I’m done… Your thoughts?

daVine Remedy:  Write your members of Congress, their five-week vacation ends soon.

—– —– —–

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Paul Ryan, the Elephants? Bridge, All 69,000 –Too Far

Paul Ryan wasn’t,  apparently, very good at arithmetic when he was in school.  How do I know?

US bridges –all 69,000 are rusted –sagging –sinking –crumbling –ready to fall down –way past sell-by/expected life span date by decades –held together with wire –hope, prayers.  But “Representative” Ryan:   doesn’t mind and doesn’t  see any reason to spend OUR money to improve any bridge –any ancient infrastructure, not even for saving jobs or, duh, lives.

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...

Image via Wikipedia

You?  For SURE: can count on those whacky “liberals”  –safely cross

paid-for superbly-well maintained top-notch “liberal” Golden Gate bridge in  San Francisco.

For Suresafely cross NO other bridge in the US  –without a snorkel, a wetsuit and a paid-up life insurance policy, thanks to ‘conservatives’  like Paul Ryan and his pals.   oh well

What does Elephant Ryan and his math-challenged pals want to DO with our money instead?   Give OUR money to that desperately needy, whinny ‘needy’ group their donors:   the wealthiest 2% of Americans. The Elephants:   want to slash rate of tax the bully-boys pay into the pot –and then take it from the 98% …hmmm….

daVine Remedy –for crumbling bridges: You could share thoughts -commuter -travel plans with Rep. (R) Paul Ryan and his “leader” in the House:  sobsister John Boehner

BTW   In case you don’t know:
IF every department –program –agency of federal government –if every grant -school -equipment -program -highway -freeway federally-funded for states was Shut Down –IF every IRS -border -FBI -CIA -TSA agent –air traffic controller -translator -ambassador -clerk -assistant -driver -nurse -doctor -tech -printer -train conductor -engineer –everyone working for federal government was fired on Monday:

the deficit –the debt created by starting two wars and giving our money to drug-makers and banksters during last “administration”  would NOT be Enough –wouldn’t cover.  SHUTTING down government would NOT equal the amount of the debt –”conservatives” caused.

Only –ONLY if we SLASH Defense department –$590 BILLION Every year AND

if wealthiest 2% of Americans paid just 4% more tax on their Personal Income AND

all –ALL US corporations making money in the US –like GE and burglars of America (BofA) PAID tax on their profit AND actually brought back their money from secret off-shore banks AND

Elephants STOP giving ‘rebate’ –money –$15 Billion to ethanol makers –$40 Billion to oily corporations –giant ag, giant farm corporations to NOT grow crops –Texas doctor “farmers” getting $15,000 Every year AND

STOP giving tax breaks to American, foreign corporations Making money in US AND

–NOT by delivering senior adults to insurance corporations, but create SMART way to manage Medi-Care cost

THEN we could pay down our deficit –get out of debt, get back to healthy robust economy.  Cutting Food Stamps -Vet programs -heating oil to low-income -health clinics –Paul Ryan’s “math” AIN’T gonna cut it.

–Till then the Elephants –the wealthiest 2% –will be using bridges?    Well, we can only hope –IF Ryan and his “pals” get their way.  –True daVine remedy for Elephant stomp –insanity, unfairness.

So:  what country will You move to –if the Elephants in the House get their way?

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Plus Side of Japan Catastrophe: Bombs -Bonds -Food -Fish

An earthquake hit part of Japan –9.0, so fearsome, horrific, powerful –destructive it leveled entire Northern island end and engendered tsunami so large residents, viewers in shock, awe and fear –yet has pluses.

I am not an optimist. –I Always look two -three jumps ahead for behind-scene deceit -corruption -coercion, down-side, down-turns -depression -down-market = opportunities –for exposure, truth.

So to look at result of massive destruction –on careful, competent, conservative country –people:  invites thoughtful positives –many pluses, in my view –some pluses like–

Plus #1
Powering America –any country, on nukes: very VERY stupid. Weasels are crawling out of their lobbyist holes -all kinds of hiding places, to mouth mealy –‘must have nukes’ —

BBC News/PA Wire

energy pot of gold –for them.   But:  we DO NOT “need” nukes –radiation death –legacy of poison for future generations on “buried” left-over toxic waste.  Nope, NO More Nukes –on beach fronts –on “safe” ground –any place, USA.

–They AIN’T “safe” –“clean” –“efficient” –“bargain” energy.  Energy –from nukes –such a “good” idea?

Problem at Plant #1 --and #2 #3 #4

Really?   Okay, two things:
1. IF nukes, plants ‘so good’ –“good” for carbon footprint:  tell me Exactly, specifically WHERE do spent –toxic nuke rods go after they’re used? Which train –which truck, driver will take those rods –WHERE —through your state –to?  Your neighborhood or somebody –anybody else’s?

People in Nevada:  still smarting over promises –LIES The Thug told them when he was campaigning to get into the White House, *poof* AFTER he got “elected” by no-longer supreme court.  Though he promised NOT:  The Thug shipped spent nuke rods.  –There to rest WE HOPE –without leaking –killing generations, for centuries….

But oh gee, President Obama:  shut down the Nevada Yucca Mountain hole in the ground for toxic rods.  Where to tuck toxic waste now –some lawmakers wonder?

2. Nukes –so good:  then let’s put a nuke plant ON the lawn –of the White House.  No? Then How about storing:  at YOUR house?

We DON’T “need” bombs –sub-boats –shelters –plants of nukes.  From now ON:  we demand –reps in Congress– “NO NUKES” in the US.   So lobbyists:  get outta town, go get a decent job.

But WHERE are the French “storing” their toxic radioactive rods —during the YEARS  for those to cool off?  hmm….

US nuke plant ‘managers’ move toxic spent rods –to?

The Valley of the Drums, a toxic waste dump in...

Kentucky toxic waste, Wikipedia

Local utility companies “store” toxic nuke hot and cooled rods:  on site –right on earthquake faults –in neighborhoods –on coasts –IN cities… that would be hit in a tsunami -hurricane -tornado….

REAL daVine Remedy –for climate-changing we Are doing to planet?  Pres. Obama must MUST make an Energy Plan –NOW.  He MUST:  ignore all the money nuke industry shoved at him -Congress while campaigning for office.

Members of Congress who are speaking for nukes:  MUST ignore the $372 MILLION bucks they got from nuke industry.

Plus Number 2:
The ONLY reason the United States can function –pay bills:  bond market –borrowing –every week.  Who buys our bonds –loans us money to keep on keep’n on? Near-biggest buyer:  Japanese.  But Now:  Japan needs its money –and plenty more to reconstruct, get back to normal.

Highly unlikely Japanese will show up: at our weekly beg-fests, loan us big bucks for looong time. So right NOW: we must turn to biggest suckers of our dwindling cash –Penta-goons. Those “patriotic” pushers of TVs into EVERY room of every base and jets, weapons, tanks —extra unwanted motors NOBODY needs –so they can fight the last war Penta-goons screwed up, and Scream: “No More.”

‘Patriotic’ Penta-goons –their pencil-pushers and political pischers (sorry, lol) put the squeeze on Congress/our money, year after years.  They got bases –plants –suppliers –contractors in EVERY state to “prevent” Congress members from ‘straying’ from Their bottom-less paycheck ‘reservation.’

“Their” obscene Budget MUST get slashed $100 Billion now, $100 billion next year –every year until: they are the size WE can afford, actually need —NOT “defense industry”-wanted size. Industrial military complex: making America weak –killing America.

NO MORE “supplemental” budget so Nobody knows REAL total Penta-goons suck out of our economy –out of us.

Gravy train: pulls into station, lays over until they get the message, get realistic. How realistic? The people they are fighting in Afghanistan: use crude cheap IUDs hand-shoved into sandy roads –blow up trucks -tanks -convoys -military with “hardware” costs no more than ten-buck bill at a hardware store.

Penta-goons fighting that on billion-buck a week budget –with bloated equipment-cost, FOR-PROFIT contractors. –That’s NOT counting actual $9 Billion American dollars shipped they actually LOST –the $18 BILLION American money shipped -handed out to locals, no receipt by rep of last White House occupant. ENOUGH.

We HAVE to cut our expenses –to match our income. We could cut food stamps -education -payment to disabled, retired –or dump what we DON’T need: Penta-goon’s budget. We could wait –till no one loans us any more money -we’re desperate –or we could slash it NOW.

Plus #3
Producers, Investors, Speculators –looking at Japan’s losses -future need for lumber, steel, fuel, food, etc., are making ‘bets’ –speculating, which way various markets -prices go. Speculation –changes the price –of all, to all.

Chicago Board of Trade

Commodities –cotton, cocoa, beef, sugar, wheat –soybeans –oil –price of gas, trade daily on US Commodity exchange. Example: coffee beans cost $168 last year, but speculators have driven price to $267, by yesterday. Hence, though US economy has zero inflation: that cuppa joe will cost You more; that ‘bargain’ burger costing more to produce, price passed on to You. –Increases passed on to those who cannot pay more, hence riots in Middle east.

Market Should –used to work: those connected to actual commodity production, farmers -granaries -shippers, etc, bought/sold options to protect future price/hedge against Future outcome.

But now: Wall Street weasels, many bloated with cash reaped off Bank Bailout, shoving money into commodity exchange, speculating to make even more dough.

What does it “cost” to speculate?
Investors: allowed to take a position with only 10%. Remedy –to protect commodity price?

President Obama:  should –demand regulators get Funded –DO their job AND call for change in commodity market.

One remedy –to keep the market ‘free’ –fair –flowing, Pres. Obama could, possibly, call for a two-tier market.

Tier One:  for commodity producers –continue to put up only 10% to take a futures position.

Tier Two:  for non-producers, those investing -speculating in the market –be forced to put up 100% cash, and no more margin, to take a position. Then: require new high tax on profit; no tax deduction on losses.

Now: speculators heavily invested in commodities, and in stock market, their “income”? While we, 98% of Americans, sofa-dive for coin to pay for gas, groceries –Middle easterners rioting over price of wheat, fruit, veg –food: wealthy speculators, earning most of their income in the market, pay less tax than You -anyone; their profits –income, taxed at only 15%.

You can whine about prices for food –clothing –gas to family, friends or: You can make a Difference —Write to Pres. Obama –to your reps in Congress.

Demand Commodity Market controls be enforced –speculators get no more margin –charged, taxed more.

If they Don’t hear from You:
President, Congress reps WILL assume you’re ‘fine’ with soaring costs -gas price –no tax or curbs on speculators, do nothing.

Sorry, but Plus 4 –ocean orgy…end
I read about the quake

smashed fishing boats,

only minutes after it happened, my First thought:  the world has asked, begged –demanded Japanese stop killing whales –clubbing dolphins –removing all tuna.

As I watched the ensuing tsunami sweep fishing boats into streets -bridges -rubble, I knew:  they would have NO boats to destroy sea creatures.

If you’re a Baby Boomer you may remember –how Yellow fin tuna tasted, how delish, when you were a child….  Now tuna population so depleted:  at risk –entire species disappearing –near-extinct thanks to Japanese fishing methods -thanks to sushi.

Japanese fishermen:  kill unwanted fish getting/netting tuna –plus remove too many tuna.

Car atop boat atop building,

But Now:  left Alone fish have strong chance to survive –reproduce –escape.  It’s daVine Remedy –for sea life.

Sorry, but devastation in Japan:  a Plus for sea creatures….

Organic -creative -wise —daVine remedy for taking far too much from the sea… now not able to take ANY…. Nature… taking revenge… balance.

daVine Remedy –to protect wild fish –Help those helping the sea:  send donation to Green Peace Heal the Bay –your favorite environmental non-profit.

daVine Remedy –to help suffering Japanese?
I wouldn’t trust Red Cross to hold my lunch. –You forgot what they did with 9/11 donations?  They bought office supplies -furniture and bonused themselves.  When they learned their blood —AIDS-taintedrefused to stop supply –or even test.  Women in childbirth, hemophiliacs, surgery patients –killed by Red Cross blood.   After 1994 Northridge earthquake newly homeless ‘Got’:  no motel vouchers -grocery -gas -clothes vouchers -bus tokens -help -Red Cross Indifference.  I know:  I –thousands asked. Salvation Army did the heavy lifting, Red Cross:  refused.

Red Cross:  is a For-profit Business, keeps as much as possible.  If you send donation to them “for” Japanese survivors:  you have SHORT memory and, sorry, no brains.

Donate to Japanese relief–
the hottest scam going.  DO NOT respond in ANY way to ANY message you receive. Click on a ‘donate’ link:  you’ll get virus -Trojan horse -ripped off –bank account wiped out.

To donate Contact:  closest or Washington, DC Japanese Embassy or Consulate Or find an organization Yourself

For any org:  ask HOW they will get the money to Japanese government -people –get Details, verify to determine legitimacy.

daVine Remedy –to get safe -clean –renewable energy?
DONATE National Resource Defense Council the organization, among other successes, that got cars, toxins, garbage removed from Hudson River –river so CLEAN -restored, fish returned, humans swim  Does more than just care about environment -creatures -your health.  –Join for news -ideas -tips -events or donate –any amount: nrdc –I’ve followed them for years, they are superb, trustworthy.

Donate to the oldest US environmental group — Sierra Club our lobbyist, only one registered to lobby US Congress for us.

Are YOU smarter than Japanese?
Japanese: quake-hardened people, yet no personal emergency kit –now: waiting in 14-hour lines –hoping for “ten items only” –from scarce stores. ACTUALLY assemble –your own personal get-outta-trouble kit, find here:


usgov kit list

make your own kit –SF Chronicle

Or You can hide under the covers–
Don’t assemble supplies: after disaster –fire, flood, tornado, quake, hurricane, explosion –walk around begging for help, IF You can walk. But, duh, If everyone did that: we’d all die.

daVine remedy –Get a clue:
assemble a kit THIS WEEK –one for car/work, one at home. If not: don’t whine -beg for water, too later.

– – – – –

You want to Know–
what’s going on –WHOLE objective story –hate ads:   You need to support our “eyes, ears” watching government –reporters can’t do the job for free –donate to PBS

* * * * *

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End of 2010: Tastes, Taxies, Taxes, Teas, Toppers, TV odds, ends

No one needs a calendar  –we Know:   but no matter How Much we Think we prepared, it does no good, December arrives –with chaos.  We scream, silently, ‘WHY isn’t there Another week in this month’ …ah well.

So busy:  forgot to buy cocoa –the good one:  imported Droste…when I first found it:  a box cost $3 -something, last year $11 -something, who knows this year… but winter without it –borrrr-ing… it probably costs less from the Internet, but who wants to wait…  and didn’t even Think –remember to get Broguiere’s, Best egg nog made by anyone –in glass bottle, from the last dairy still standing in Los Angeles.  I’ve never found -created an egg nog that even comes close to being as good….  It’s even a pleasure to take the bottle back, for recycling and refund.  Well, guess no chance of any now, next year?   

Prosecco –with tiny taste of tangerine juice, still delish for New Year’s morning Parade watching….

Bottega Louie…Lousy Louie???
I just wanted some bread, good crusty bakery loaf… trudged down to the “deli”… Somebody, please, Explain that place to me… when it opened last year:  I so wanted to like it –I tried, really hard to …like it.  First you have to cope –noise bouncing, off every hard white marble surface, everywhere –“music” –so loud your brain, ears happy for street noise… then you have to wait –till the oh-so-hip behind the counter finish talking –to each other –so many clumped back there it’s a mystery… but they way ain’t interested in talking to Customers….

In the beginning:  fat loaves –multi-grain whole wheat, de-lish –and yippee: they had Walnettos, favorite of every boomer who remembers the tiny squares that just fit in tiny pockets…great oatmeal cookies, 3/$1.  Deli case:  loaded with excellent choices, not all consistently good –not all consistently available, but pasta -Chinese tofu noodles -mac & cheese -veggies w/unique sauces –very worth the trip, even with the cheese choices –$10 to $14 More per pound than anywhere else…

Then once just before 7 pm:  All of it GONE, except the noise.  Completely empty deli case –“oh, we don’t do that any more” –no deli –no dinner to go –in the evening???  —Loaves: reduced to saucer-size, but still at $5+.  In conversations with waiting others:  bad reviews on various menu choices–“never order pizza”–so I gave whole thing a pass, for months. 

But wanting Bread, popped in –and shouldn’t have bothered:  entire deli case –filled with Nothing to eat –all sugar, colored up for holidays –where’s the Food?  “Deli at the end wall” –one plate each:  fish -chicken -pig -broccoli…slim pickens…for vegetarian…. 

Dead-center of loft central, full of singles, But: No communal table –no comfortable, cozy creative dinner –no To Go choices –and:  No more visits to arrogant noisy stuck up over-priced lousy Louie.  How the heck:   are they still in business?

But Search Continues –WHERE is the great Bakery
–between Silver Lake and downtown?  Half a dozen chocolatiers shops –but No bakery bread –‘homemade’ pie –good cookies???   How’s that Possible in town full of foodies –and ‘famous’ chefs???  Ya, and good luck hunting up “local bakery” on The Internets….

Rituals…London, Mexico, Manhattan…San Francisco…Los Angeles…no matter where in the world, no matter what Else:  always Afternoon Tea, journal writing, on my birthday… some place beautiful, special… this year:  bad table, which I liked anyway –great service –scrumptous Tea. 

Elegant tiny tasty sandwiches –though some places serve as courses, next on the epergne:  scones missing, replaced with odd but tasty pumpkin square and clotted crème -French jams; next:  elegant chocolate shapes of delight, then fourth of more –dipped strawberry, a fruit triangle, a chocolate ‘cake’ encased in dark chocolate…instead of tea -strong coffee, which makes British waiters laugh, but no one minded sherry, a very good one, substituted for champagne, which I think never goes with chocolate, went Very well with all the tiny fine arts… and writing, about the year, at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel, downtown…. Superb service, earned every bit of large tip….

Do the teabaggers, the actual ones –not the ones ‘manufactured’ by the Koch brothers and Karl-crush-Democrats-Rove, Get:  if EVERY department -agency -bureau –employee of federal government was closed –shut down –fired, the Amount “saved” Would NOT equal the Amount Owed on our Debt?  Do they?

I’ve done enough homework to KNOW:  people who have “joined” Tea… party:  mostly retired –mostly collecting Disability –Social Security –Unemployment checks –BUT:  they ‘want’ Government in Reduced size–just not THEIR part –that sends checks…. 

So ill-informed people, sipping tea, DON’T UNDERSTAND how government Really works:  gave away their vote –to the un-witch –the uninformed angry –the muddle-brained –the newbie –Put responsible Republicans in Serious No-win situation.

If the Republicans who Know what they’re doing:  keep on doing whatever –diss the “will” of Teabaggers –booted in two years.  The Ignorant newbies:  claim they don’t mind if they’re booted in two years.  In the meanwhile?  The old hands:  will ‘reward’ those that funded them –Wall Street weasels –Penta-goon contractors –medical insurance moochers.  –So the rest of us will get –good and screwed.

The Regulators –who are supposed to Watch –that the rules get followed, follow the few allowed to do Whatever, create more Madoffs without funding to follow any.  The rich:  will get So Much richer…  When:  will the screwed-over march in the street –march on Washington, assuming they Have enough to eat to march anywhere.

Republicans –Could have ‘baked’ really good loaves –reduced to reverting to revisionary role –revved by Teabaggers wanting ‘yesteryear’ that Never was. 

Meanwhile:  those who gave senior adults the ‘Donut’ –prescription drug ‘hole’ –two un-funded wars –relaxation of rules that rocketed Forty THOUSAND manufacturing companies OUT of the US –blindness to torture -lies –violations:  still at it.

Republicans:  either Truly Don’t understand monetary policy –Ben Bernanke’s shanigans –How to create jobs –or do, but want to make Pres. Obama Look Bad, will Do Nada….  Those shocked to arrive at the curb –of home they used to own, stolen by un-regulated un-investigated do-nothing Darrell Issa:  will ask ‘what now’…and will get back sound of Silence.

Bankster bastards –corporate weasels, Target -Haliburton -oily boys -Chamber of horrors ‘commerce’ crowd, Wall Steet weasels –abetted by the no-supreme boys on the bench:  will, eventually, twist the United States of America into a knot so rife with corruption it will take Middle-class -middle-wage earners rioting to un-do.

WHOM do They Imagine:  will be their ‘customers’ if middle-class ex mortgage holders –ex employed –morphed into home-less mob?

Employed Americans –would morph the Debt –the Deficit –the Devaluation of the dollar back to Do-able.  But not on THIS path….

Personally:  I’m de-lighted the Elephants have enough members to control the House.  The rounded-up recipe of dysfunctional Republicans –who only mouth the Talking Points –cannot even begin to Deliver any thing that matters.  –Just a ‘release’ valve, for the Glenn Becky ginned up ignorant Teabaggers, will occupy the seats for only two years.  –You’ll see:  two years will zip by….

Hey, Taxi…
Some downtown things: seemed smarter by taxi… driver to the Biltmore: nice person, and swiped the card; taxi driver from the Biltmore: not so much… I knew instantly: a dirty guy –claimed ‘don’t worry about meter, I not charge you’ –while meter tick -tick -$3 more than identical trip to same destination.

Next day I called the company to say so, but discovered: neither got paid –magnent strip back of the card not working? Not into theft: I called first company, gave details to get driver paid. Second company: told me to “quit harassing” them when I tried to do the same.  Pretty strange –who drives people –uses up gas –for free?

daVine Lesson, in Los Angeles:  Checker cab –check.  But Bell cab –only if you’re a boob, they are bonkers.

UnTax…The Rich…
At holiday party: I met a man usually nobody usually meets. Consultant –to Democratic causes, campaigns, candidates –just as he was headed for the door. Still smarting –from the bloodless bout Pres. Obama ‘fought’ with the elephants over taxes, and still miffed, mystified, I asked his take on entire Don’t Tax the Rich deal.

He grinned broadly and said: it was brilliant of Obama; he said people have No Idea how little the Republicans care about ‘little’ people. If he hadn’t made the deal: he wouldn’t have gotten all the things he got out of it, it was very very smart.” Oh

Okay…but I Still need somebody to Explain: WHY richest 2% of Americans CANNOT speak up –DO the right thing –PAY 4% more tax when the law was WRITTEN for them to Go Back to paying 39% –one of world’s lowest tax rates. Warren Buffet, richest person in US, pays 14% while his secretary pays 35% tax –and the fairness –the debt –the righeousness of that is???

Oprah –Steve Forbes –CEO of Burglars of America (BofA) –Goldman Sachs –Koch brothers: DON’T PAY fair share –amount of tax code, but Do enjoy the benefits –and ‘patriot’ reputation —Why? They ain’t daVine….

Just Top-of-the-head Topper…
I wanted a hat –thick, stylish –warm hat for the cold. Sheesh, I may have wanted a trip on a SST. Google “hat” –pick a neighborhood, any area –and Good Luck with that. For all the ‘hot’ –tech toy –apps –wise guy stuff: The ‘Internets’ REALLY have Looong way to go.

You CANNOT FIND a Place to buy a hat. At least with the good old Yellow Pages: if you know the alphabet –turn to “H” and have at it. No Way does THAT work –for finding Good hat…. Amazon has hats…5,700 of them…total number you can try on: zero. By the time I Find: winter no longer daVine….

Senators, at least the ones that count: didn’t seem to care: they actually voted –to let a company that provides ‘pipes’ –also provide the content that goes THROUGH their very own pipes…thus: in about two weeks Comcast, the guys who started out their corporate life with Really Lousy reputation, will take over parts of NBC….

What, do you suppose, are the odds: we, the viewers of content, will get Good Stuff out of those pipes? We’ll be Lucky to get Odds, Ends –leftover junk… reporters –journalistic standards –ethics??? Ya, right. KNBC on-air readers: turned into mush –gooey, disgusting bores now, how much worse will it get with people who don’t know ANY thing about delivering News –doing reporting.

People on TV: ‘do’ cooking segments
–So gross. WHEN will Somebody TELL them: it is Tacky –Low class –diz-gusting to EAT on camera? Sheesh, did ALL come from low-class homes with Zero manners??? What do they: Imagine a viewer gets out of seeing them chomp away? Not diz-gusting Enough: they try to TALK with packed cheeks. Really: How Dumb are these people? –Not a single one has director with brains, class?

Ah well, while we were busy with the holidays…FCC: voted for Net Neutrality …daVine…
Eventually: we won’t have to bother with pipe-fitters –trash news –sly FOX or any junk dealers. We will pull what we want, when we want it off the Internet –Everything we want except good bread -deli -hats -politicians, news… not so daVine ….

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Fire Fighters –Do It, Wet or Dry

–channel-flipping… pictures … “best”-selling singer… Perception… reality… I don’t listen –watch any movie with him in it –ever.

Nothing ‘White…’ …’wonderful’ about him.   People knew.  After he finished work:  he went home and beat his children. Bing Crosby:  creep.

Crosby:  took out his problems –beat up –defenseless children, all of them, every day.  One:   survived childhood, but later on killed himself; all had serious problems.  Excused for addiction to alcohol?  No friggn’ way –Crosby was a thug -just a punk –bully -a criminal, the worst kind.

Small person:  he wasn’t man enough to pick on people his own size.

I am so fed up with so-called reporters:   saying gaga crap about Crosby –without ever mentioning his soul-killing of boys for which he was Supposed to be responsible.

He shouldn’t have been praised –then, now –he should have been exposed —publicly disgraced —imprisoned –his records destroyed, thrown in the gutter… his children:  supported, valued.  He got praise –WHO spoke for the children?

…channel-flipping… and there’s Another one –with a gooey-eyed “reporter” –both pretending to be ignorant –NOT ONE has the balls to SAY to pedophile-pusher cardinal thug Roger Phony Mahony’s Face:  “do you have any thing to say to those sodomized -raped by church employees because you moved them around California –after you KNEW what they had done?”

No, the course is NOT –they just shove the microphone under his flapping jowls on Christmas eve –he spouts the usual dung. Ya, but:  Why?  WHY do “reporters” NEVER say the Rest of the sentence –why does the pedophile-pusher get FREE air time –Without questions –or even mention of the  Theft of Childhood he CAUSED/enabled?

Then… Beguiled by weak sun appearance, between fluffy whites, I finally went out in the morning, with a long To Do list –suddenly cut very short –as I went to do an ordinary thing:  stepped off the sidewalk.

–people -drivers stopped, watched –as I Suddenly got ‘planted’ –no way back -not forward –rain drops –morphed into rushing muddy flood down the street –so big -so fast -so rushing -so wide:  first time I REALLY got what it must be like –fall into Los Angeles River…. My brain:  kept waiting –for  ‘stop’ –wanted to change the channel –so I could just cross –while the light –the light turned red –me planted/stuck in the Way… would have been funny brain-works –if it hadn’t been so scary, dangerous….

…channel-flipping –bright yellow slickers… fire fighters bracing a senior adult as she descended a ladder –escaped –rescued –but nearby her car shrouded, up to the windows –horrendous mud swallowed ‘sunny’ Southern California –not forgotten on sunny today….

Perception…reality… thinking of fire fighters… the view from their ‘hill’… I should think it would be all too easy for them –to reflect on the “not” –who not saved…the losses… they show up, but they cannot save every house -car -cat -Grandmother….

I called nearby station house.  Captain answered.  I said:  You saved the ones you were supposed to save –the ones you didn’t save, you weren’t meant to –please tell the crew –not to take in –not to feel bad about the losses.  He was surprised, he thanked me.

NO one expects Perfect, just do –no excuses, no booze-soaked brain –no taking out problems on others, on those who cannot fight back –no mouthing the words.

The daVine Remedy:  Show up –step off the curb –do what you’re Supposed to do, best way you can… THAT’s what’s expected… that’s Honoring G-d.

Another storm headed this way… to hell with bullies, enablers –sly FOX & co –the grotesquely over-paid –the hypocrite –the stupid –the slob –the small …TG for fire fighters…for those who Show up.

* * * * *

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California Drivers: Money Extorted Via Australia -LA City Council

Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles as seen fr...

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Get rear-ended –ticketed for LEGAL right turn –screw Los Angeles –many California cities have discovered:  1984 ain’t working so good –way NOT daVine Remedy to improve traffic or make money HERE.

Isn’t Bernard Parks, head of Appropriations on LA City Council —Supposed to Actually WATCH where the Public’s money goes?  –Isn’t that why we pay him $190,000 a year, plus all those pricey perks, to sit on LA City Council?  WHAT IS he doing, those 2 1/2 days a week he ‘works’?

HEY –LA City Council –Mayor V –Chief BeckWHEN will You LISTEN to Controller Wendy Greuel???

Reprinted from:

Red-light cameras go dark across state December 13, 2010 | Joshua Emerson Smith

While the state collects millions of dollars from red-light cameras at intersections, a few California cities are starting to question whether the safety benefits are worth the high cost to their own coffers.

Loma Linda is the latest city to drop their red-light camera program. “Ding dong, the witch is dead,” Mayor Rhodes Rigsby told the Redlands Daily Facts after the city ended use of the cameras. Rhodes has been a vocal opponent of the program, calling on San Bernardino and Los Angeles to follow this lead.

Over the last five years, Loma Linda brought in around $200,000 from the project, the paper reported. But the bulk of the ticket fines went to the state or to Redflex, the Australia-based company that operates the cameras. “For that $200,000, we took $15 million out of the local economy” in ticket fines, the Daily Facts quoted Rigsby as saying. Whittier shuttered its program in November, choosing not to renew its contract with Nestor Traffic Systems, citing no improvement in traffic safety and declining revenue, the Whittier Daily News reported.

Because of a state law passed in 2004, renewing the contract would have meant paying Nestor a flat fee instead of a percentage of each ticket – not a good deal for the city, Whittier interim Police Chief Jeff Piper told the Daily News.

Anaheim voters have also turned off their red-light cameras, voting in November to ban them and other automated systems.

The measure passed by an overwhelming 73 percent.

“Anaheim’s voters recognized that red-light cameras are not a proven deterrent to traffic violations or traffic accidents, and I happen to agree with that assessment,” Mayor Curt Pringle told the L.A. Times.

Other cities have rejected automatic ticketing programs as well, including Union City near San Jose, Yucaipa and Costa Mesa, Cupertino, Compton, El Monte, Fairfield, Fresno, Fullerton, Indian Wells, Irvine, Maywood, Montclair, Moreno Valley, Paramount, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Roseville, San Carlos, Santa Fe Springs, Santa Maria, Santa Rosa and Upland.

The backlash is not just in California. Recently, Houston also passed a ballot initiative putting an end to red-light cameras. The Houston Police Department and many city council members support using the cameras, but they’re in the minority. “All they talk about is the money shortfall. They aren’t talking about how many lives have been saved. They are not talking about how many accidents have been reduced. They are only talking about one thing and one thing only and that is what it is always about, it always was about the money,” Michael Kubosh, with Citizen Against Red-light Cameras, told local reporters.

In Los Angeles, City Controller Wendy Greuel released a report [PDF] saying the city’s red-light camera program is actually costing the city money: Our audit disclosed that the (red-light program) has not provided additional revenue to the city. Because the city’s share of citation revenue is only about one-third of the fine amount, and many citations are either never paid or adjudicated without a payment due, we found the city received only $2.3 and $3 million from the (program) during 2008 and 2009, respectively.

When compared to a conservative estimate of the costs incurred by the city to implement the program, the (program) actually cost the city approximately $1.5 million in 2008 and $1 million in 2009.

Of the $446 ticket drivers receive, only $157 goes to the city while the county gets $74 and the state $215, according to Greuel’s report.

On top of this, many tickets are never paid, party because failure to do so does not result in a suspension of license but also because 67 percent of tickets were mailed to people making legal right turns on red. Greuel’s study found no improvement to traffic safety due to the program.

Studies in Arizona [PDF], New Mexico [PDF], and Canada [PDF] have gone further, finding that red-light cameras can actually cause accidents because drivers often stop abruptly to avoid a ticket, leading to rear end collisions.

Back in Loma Linda, similar statistics proved the demise of the program. Eighty percent of the traffic tickets produced by the cameras were for legal right turns on red. “I believe these red-light cameras are ways for city governments to legally extort money from their citizens,” Mayor Rigsby said.

WHEN do we get OFF Australian gravy train and DITCH those crooked cameras?

WHEN do we DITCH un-daVine LA City ‘Council’ member Bernard Parks?    

We got money to burn –helping Australian entrepreneurs rip off –we got $42 Million bucks, somehow, to spend on ONE elephant.  

–Despite Council president Prince Eric Garcetti’s emotion-laden blathering at the Barnsdall board meeting, he’s Actually done what about:   the Appropriations head, costly ‘bottle-neck’ –who thinks putting art in poor schools is “elitist” –but spending Major Money, OURS, out-of-town to rake in a sports team is OK, while his District’s schools don’t even have enough textbooks?  

–Ya, We KNOW why Barnsdall Doesn’t have the money, now, to put even crayons in schools all over Los Angeles.  –Does Anyone Know, yet, Why:  his granddaughter sitting next to her date –got dead –shot –up-close –through driver-side window while he utterly untouched?

Nevermind drivers –elephants –arts –sports Vs education:  whose child next?  

daVine Remedy on Bernard Parks:  March 2011  Election NOT hardly soon enough….

How Much will he -his pals cost us by THEN?  



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