First-time Thanksgiving cook?  Turkey Panic?   –Over-slept?  –Hate dry turkey?   I’ve made turkey this way since early 1990s, so good –moist, you’ll wonder why any turkey cooked any other way.   NO ocean of salt -fire -expensive equipment -“special” skill -extra hands -sun-rise prep multi-hours of basting.   Turkey: ready when you want, no matter how big the bird.

           TURKEY —Moist, Delish, Fast

No hours of basting
No dried-out bird
A 10-lb turkey:  ready in about 1½ hours

Which Kind of Turkey to Buy
Organic -frozen -brand-name -fresh?
-“Organic” –If you know what that is: post in Comments; it’s a meaningless ad buzz word for which you’ll pay –plenty
-Want enormous white breast?   –speed-bred for extreme large breast with growth hormones, which affect human hormones, and other chemicals (they don’t have to list); brand-name, frozen -up to months

“organic-fed“:  some surprisingly taste like wallpaper paste, but better than the drug-laced bird> You want “free range“:  turkey free to roam, found its own food –tastiest; order:  poultry shop, kosher butcher; fresh and frozen
In California:   Safeway/Pavilions markets offer a fresh turkey from same supplier (family) since 1947 Diestel –‘free range’ but not labeled that; I’ve found it tastiest, ‘cleanest’ (chemical-free); call to reserve

Best:  avoid any bird with wire –pop-up button –anything inserted into the skin

to thaw:  allow one day for each 5 lb –in fridge, not sink

-clean cloth
-butter -one stick (not margarine, which is hydrogenated/saturated fat, tasteless)
-bread stuffing, seasoned –uncooked
-seasonings (sage, thyme, pepper, salt)
-heavy foil -plus wax paper or parchment paper
-rack -adjustable
-roasting pan

No rack?  Alternative – use:  metal steamer with legs –small colander, upside-down –metal book holder –your goal:  raise bird so it cooks evenly all over

No roasting pan? Yes, you can buy the cheap one-time aluminum foil roaster from supermarket or
Alternative – use:  sheet cake pan or cookie sheet; line with heavy foil, extra long sheets, crimp edge high into a roll, to form side

No cookie sheet?  Use:  wire rack from portable roaster -bbq -toaster-oven -cake cooling rack –cover with heavy foil, create sides 2″ high with foil

Remove gibletseverything stuffed inside the bird –check both cavities

Giblets:  set aside to make gravy or freeze to make broth, soup; fill ice tray for handy small portion

Rinse bird:  if no filter run cold water tap till no odor of chlorine
rinse turkey inside and out thoroughly, drain
pat dry
place on wax paper -parchment or foil, with plenty of space to work

Skin:  Lift —gently separate skin from bird, working fingers around breasts, sides, back as far as possible —gently without tearing; where skin attached to bone:  leave

Stuff:  pack stuffing under the skin, gently, as far as it will go, careful not to tear skin

Interior:  leave empty —nothing inside turkey; legs, wings loose –don’t bind or tuck

Pre-heat oven
remove oven racks so only one, placed at lowest level
425 to 450 degrees –15 to 20 minutes
NOTE:  if you don’t know if temperature is accurate (example:  my oven is 75 degrees hotter than knob temp, so I subtract/lower the knob gauge 75 degrees), then set slightly lower temp (to avoid cooking too-hot)

Baste:  butter -wrapper leave on one end, rub the stick over entire skin

seasoning:  sprinkle salt very lightly –salt draws moisture out of skin; rub pepper between fingers before sprinkling

once:  I spontaneously sprinkled cinnamon, lightly, and it was The most delish of all;  if you’re not into adventure stick with the usual s & p or no seasoning

Placement:  for quick clean-up line roasting pan with foil, place rack raised high as possible in center –bird directly on rack, rounded side up

Cook:  allow :09 to :12 per pound
Check OFTEN —when some skin begins to darken:  cover that part with foil
Rest:   WAIT –Allow bird to rest –Minimum :20 before carving –carve sooner:  juices

will run out = dry meat
Remove stuffing before carving

Whole bird too much?
This method:  also works on parts –buy breast or leg only; gently lift skin, pack with stuffing, cook as above

Frozen turkey: purchase no later than four days ahead, thaw in fridge

Gas oven: call utility provider for appointment to test oven temp., adjust for accuracy –usually for free (in So. Calif); it’s low priority so you’ll have to wait for appointment, best to schedule several days/weeks before holiday, or summer when utility not so busy.

Family members argue about roasting methods –and then make gravy to cover up dry tasteless turkey, but no need.  –Just know: you can sleep in, watch the Parade, see the Game, take the applause —daVine remedy for dry boring bird, gravy unnecessary.  –Moist –tasty turkey!  No arguments….

Pass it on:  local firefighter house -friends, senior adults, residential home -homeless shelter.

Credit:  LOS ANGELES TIMES Test Kitchen, 1991

AS hard as times are now, We have much for which to be grateful, still… America is beautiful country, still… we Can solve our problems, we always have… nothing lasts forever… if you have a home:  be grateful, offer to share it with those who don’t…

                   Wishes for Good Thanksgiving

* * * * *
tag:  daVine remedy roast turkey no panic fast moist last-minute flavorful, no gravy Thanksgiving dinner food holiday, republished from November 2006  https://davineremedy.wordpress.com


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