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Drugs -Rap -Rape –America: Bankrupt?

On the day transcripts are released that show Tricky Dick, disgraced President, lied:  we learn the details –an employee walked into a locker room –saw an old man in a shower –his penis in a little boy with his arms  on shower wall –and he?  –Punched the old pig –grabed the child –yelled for help –called cops?

Witness to horrific crime:  walked away –went home -called his father -they went to the head coach Next Day….  Police?  Naw, the employee wants to stay in the club house –keep his job –his mouth Shut.

The raped child?  Just collateral damage –damaged childhood, so what….

I’ve thought this before, and if you weren’t around at the time Know:  when the vile Tricky Dick used his position –office of the Presidency to “settle” old scores, part of the shock of the things he did –the legacy of what he did.  For maybe the first time:  a person who was Supposed to Lead –morally bankrupt.

During the Watergate Hearings on Tricky Dick’s corruption was forever riveting –reverberant testimony of a young staffer who told the superb Committee:  “stay away from Washington”…if you have principles….

Except:  Tricky Dick’s rot has spread….  Don’t feel good:  take a pill –71% of Americans take prescription meds –the rare ? teen who doesn’t ‘do’ drugs –while, often, listening to trash sold as “music” that trashes -dehumanizes women –created by people with zero talent –who defile race, never extol the Things That Matter –“rap”

The child in the shower –four YEARS after a child raped by the same vile stinking piece of puke –but the District Attorney, of  Pennsylvania, somehow ‘buried’  first criminal exposure of rape.  –The “first” rape of a child –in locker room?   A puke doesn’t suddenly start raping children in his 50’s –diseased garbage like him have looong history of destroying children –from way back.  Who knew then –Who protected the children from university money-maker “athletic” puke  –How many children –over the decades?

WHO has Character in America –WHO is above ‘I’ve got mine/too bad for you/I want More’?  WHO in Congress stands up for Doing the Right Thing –resists the influence Money wants to buy?  –WHO on Wall Street looks at shoveling garbage mortgages to the guardians of pensions –says This Wrong/Won’t Do?

See something –Say Something?

The “conservative” Party –who Believe in the Constitution –put on Another Show & Tell last night –demonstrated they Know Nothing, Care About No one.   Clean air, drinkable water?   –One For eliminating Certainly the department charged in the Constitution with Census –counting us, in the Commerce Department –we~ don’t~need~no ~stink’n~ed-u-kat’n –and for Sure uhm…uhm –oops ‘stepped in it’ when he couldn’t ‘member The Third department he Definitely intends to shut when he’s for Sure the Press-i-dent, the One who has signed off on execution of more people than any in US history….

–One  –“over-worked” so much had an affair and sued his wife for divorce –while she was in hospital bed fighting cancer –he and wife #3 rang up $1/2 Million bucks ‘credit’  at a jewelry store for he “doesn’t remember on what” –but chided the “media” for ‘failing to accurately report how economy functions’…

One doesn’t care –the number who Some Day will need medical care:  100% –Determined any way to delete government Plan for Americans’ health needs –as candidate & spouse run a ‘clinic’ -on government funds that will ‘pray away the gay’ –as they collect salary -funds -giveaways  –for not growing crops to “run” their farm…

–One –knows nada on international affairs -finance -economy –amused at getting outted  for sexual assault  on several women –witnessed, who wanted employment -not servicing his penis –two:  given year’s salary compensation –for being treated as garbage receptacle… each woman:  someone’s daughter –amusing??

One wants ALL Americans:   to follow his Ideology –take away rights of women, minorities –regulation on finance, food, nation’s assets –too bad if others hold competing views…

One wants government to Dono things, nothing at all –find our own way to deal with port, bridge, road, train track repair –predatory practices –regulatory oversight –shore up defense, military on our own –newly-ill should suck it up, at least get out of everyone else’s way…

One bastardized an entire corporation, un-employed thousands to pocket $millions –and stands For —every side of every issue, so he cannot be ‘nailed’ for a thing…

One –right brains -experience -knowledge –but his Party’s wrong “religion” to be Commander-in-Chief of dysfunctional  nation…

the Dwarf Gang wasn’t all there:  they won’t let two others –shout~it~out~with~glee….   Presidential wannabes –the crazies Americans -creatures -planet can choke on….

As the world watches debt-ridden Greece, soon Italy, fall into the abyss…
a nice looking, well-spoken man, the Head of the Fed, Bernanke, quietly, oh so quietly  –printing ever more money –backed by Nothing –to cover our troubled waters –will Destroy America…  America –choking on oily boys’ tax-rebates on oil -coal choking the planet –everyone taking –pulling away from the middle, No One punching –putting back –rescuing….

daVine Remedy
You don’t understand complicated currency markets –international debt, but You can:  Prepare for future –Pay Yourself First, mimic Chinese save 30% —grow your own veggies, some herbs —tell yourself -children “other priorities” than newest shiny objects…

NOT  gobble quick toxic “food” –drugs –massive debt –enticements by burglars of America  —NOT be sheep for corporations —keep plastic out of sightshop Corner commerce, not corpulent corporations… Demand those you gave your Vote to –vote for Best Interest of the country.   You Can do organic -creative -thoughtful things to Help –self –neighbors –America… YOU can push back.

And Today–

I called Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences –heard, in my own ear:   Billy Crystal will be next Academy Awards host –hand out the Oscars!  Best news I’ve heard all year… Yippeee.  daVine Remedy… Bon Appetite!


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“…covered your asses” 9/11 –Criminals –Holes

Tom Brokaw said he was doing a  program about September 11.

I respect Tom Brokaw, grew up watching former NBC nightly news anchor, one of the few who has journalistic standards, ethics.  He informed –without drippy emotion, drivel, ‘darling’ animal junk. He wrote about the Greatest Generation, who fought nazies in WW II.

I turned on the two-hour program, worked on the computer as he did the tick-tock about the day of September 11, 2001.  I waited for the second hour.

Everyone, except those born since then, already Knows the details of that beautiful hideous fall day.   Americans know –the who -what -when minutia.  We Don’t Know:  Why.
Brokaw didn’t deliver.   The minutia -the personal stories on and on.  Nothing to learn.

By Saturday afternoon:  it was apparent –the mega-corporate media were doing Me Too only –no program on any channel –not one, went beyond the tear level.  I was steamed. WHERE was The Rest of the Story…

Though 3,000 miles away, I was up, TV on that dawn –I saw the pictures –the first plane –fiery Tower. I saw the second jet slam  Tower 2 –said to myself:  why… who has been doing what –that somebody hates us so much they would do that…

By the time–
jet crashed in Washington –jet smashed into Pennsylvania field –all all planes ordered to land immediately, I was angry.   –Angry at it, angry I’d been so busy hadn’t kept up, didn’t have Clue One what was going on, Why.

The Internet –wasn’t so easy -full of info ten years ago, but I kept TV on non-stop as I plowed through everything I could find.  I was plenty suspicious….

Stunned –The Thug & The Dick had been shot-putted into the White House –not by votes but via no-longer supreme court –I wasn’t over it (never will be).      What had the CIA been doing, on their watch.

–Then Announcement:  NORAD alerted, sent to shoot down hijacked planes –Air Force sent in wrong direction??? I flat Didn’t Believe that was possible…

–The Thug –shown in a school room, open book -children seated in front of him –he sat reading after told what happened –sat –fake concern look –sat…seven minutes…

Haven’t met anyone who remembers–
I heard reporters Next day,  jumbled frightening, bizarre story:  “FBI removed a man from a San Diego house who has been living with two of the men who flew the planes” –repeated many times by many, but only that day, NEVER mentioned again.  –Why not

–HOW the hell Could FBI have a snitch —IN the house but DIDN’T Know what was going to happen??  –What was he doing there –who was he –What DID he know –How long was he there –How did they come to put him in That house –WHERE did they take him…

Day After–
a plane –ONLY plane allowed in the sky –swooped over the US –picked up Saudis, flew them OUT of the US… Why… Who Knew where they all were… Why did they go…

Who could risk going to sleep…
–Los Angeles –with so many famous parts -people –next?   With dread, I expected hit…

Stupid media — ‘reported’ repeats, night, day –until… the onion started to get peeled… The Thug had been given a Report –in January–nine months before: “Osama bin Evil Wants to Fly Plane into American Building” –o…m…g

SHOWED –actual Report –his response “okay, now you’ve covered your asses” –Say WHAT? “Commander”-in-Chief mouths off to Intelligence officers –“covered” as in:  he was expecting it –KNEW –say what??  –But —doesn’t Order:  airport personnel to Step Up –double-check ID -passengers -Visas -Passports??   –Not Word One to police departments –to listeners of ‘chatter’ –to Air Force –NOBODY?   Huh?

–Somebody told YOU: your home going to be burgled, you would –DO Nothing??

Told “Go shop”
–while Nation’s Guard tossed OUT of the country –without enough night goggles, water, maps or even bullets –to attack country with ZERO ability to attack this one —DIDN’T attack, nothing whatsoever to do with attack or terrorists …so Why

Senators told ‘Sign here’
Handed a 1,600-page document night before the morning vote –just happened to be ready only weeks after the  attack –makes Americans “secure” –strips us of liberty –of Rights Guaranteed in the Constitution, that orders librarians to become spies or be fired… WHY

Contractor, pals of The Dick
Get No Bid, No Compete contract –to serve up ice cream, hot meals and laundry at THREE bucks a pound in the desert —LOCAL $.64 gas –at $4. a gallon to the military and interrogators–unqualified–who answer to No One, who humiliate -torture Iraqis… with photos…

daVine Remedy –on Penta-goons?

The general, female, told -not to command, sit in the corner mouth shut, blame HER for contractors’ abuse… Demoted –she resigns in protest –NOBODY investigates… ship only a female private to prison… everyone else involved –goes free…Why

NO Penta-goon hauled before Congress
contractors still walking around, pockets loaded with American borrowed dough –but they DON’T pay any tax on it, American pals of The Dick –registered their corporation —off-shore, in tax-free place, so all the money they got from us, thanks to the Penta-goons –they Keep…

But: good ol’ Dicky, “Chief” of the Joints, Admits on “FACE THE NATION” –he received evidence of abuse on hundreds –illegally detained –Iraqi prisoners –Three MONTHS earlier, from European Red Cross –but didn’t LOOK at it…his butt also not hauled up before any investigative committee…

In our name: decades-old treaties WE wrote, after WW II, signed by all the decent, violated –humans on no evidence, tortured…

WHEN will Any over-paid ‘reporter’ tell the John O’Neil story –ever?  The One Person who figured out the terrorists –connected the dots –tried to tell ‘management’ –fired by FBI for trivial/fake infraction –took a job as head of Security –for World Trade Center…murdered September 11…

A man… long-time management engineer, happened to spot a door he’d never seen before, pulled it open: discovered “our” government –spying –lying –illegally listening in on ALL Americans’ conversations –sending all AND e-mail to Intelligence –NO knowledge, approval, warrant of ANY judge, thanks to Texas pals who bought AT&T…

Caught –exposed, AT&T
uses their money –as wisely as when they shipped $9 mil to their Very Good Pal –for an introduction, when they wanted the contract to wire up Saudi Arabia. A bill in the Senate:  gets them Immunity from Prosecution… No Thanks to California Senator Diane Feinstein, who, among others, helped…

Oil… What about oil –“we will pay for the war –with Iraqi oil” –just take it, as in grand theft??

I don’t know why I didn’t publish Saturday afternoon… I just kept monitoring the coverage…
then gold: Fareed Zaccaria –had The Rummy at “GPS” table…

he asked some of the questions not sob-sister Sawyer -pretty-boy Brian Williams –Chunky Todd –Joe too Scared-borough –any other American “reporter” too bought/too chicken to put to him… when The Rummy tried to turn on the charm -work his weasel way out of answering, Fareed deflected attempt to seduce, to evade –stuck with Asking… Closest anyone has gotten to the Truth… but he didn’t ask:  WHY The Rummy hasn’t apologized for ordering TWO wedding parties –shot…

Then “60 Minutes”
–what a pleasure, Lara Logan with a former FBI agent who speaks Arabic… drilled down on CIA-torture-water boarding –failure, futility to gather A Useful thing… did it make The Dick or The Thug squirm?   No camera for that reaction shot…

We –Americans, the world, still Don’t Know —Why
Osama bin BastardofEvil & Co hates America so much… Why they murdered Americans –why 343 of the best of us died trying to save them…

What is daVine Remedy
for American side –for lying -spying -pallets of borrowed billions bagged -rights stripped -abuse  -fake WMD -undercover agent’s ID exposed -violations -coercion -lying to Congress, Torture, crimes against humanity –murder?

Department of Justice:  refuses to prosecute, even investigate.

That leaves:  International Court.

As long as Americans DON’T know –Holes aren’t filled, we Aren’t “safe” –“safer” –we’re just in Ignorance and it ain’t bliss.

Send a Process Server for entire ‘Administration’ –haul their butts into International Court –demand the Truth, the Whole Truth –before and after 9/11.  Yes We can handle it.

Media, reporters:  Grow up —stop telling fantasies.

War on Terrorists –When Those who love power, money arrested –we can shred The un-Patriot Act of grotesque theft, get our country –our military back… THEN we can work on Those Who Hate… daVine….

* * * * *

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Beck, Rush Proof: Haters, Tiny Testicles

Barack Obama, Democrat, set First Priority of his Presidency:   locate degenerate Osama bin Forgotten by The Thug & The Dick –who had Seven YEARS to find him, quit looking.

Got It Done
In only seventeen MONTHS:   intense -thorough -dogged hard-working federal Intelligence community carried out orders.  Presented with options, President Obama chose highly-trained specialized government military.

May 1, 2011 Navy SEALS killed murder-orchestrator of innocent thousands world-wide, over 3000 Americans working -traveling on September 11, 2001.

One seat left empty
Four days after murderer eliminated from the good earth:  President in New York –sat at each table –with sixty families of the murdered; shook hands -had lunch at fire house where entire 15, of the 343 murdered  –to condole –to personally say “promise kept ” quietly, to each who still mourn their loss.

Air jockey extreme right-wing Republican Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh:  paid tribute to Commander-in-Chief? –Honor even Acknowledge superb mission-accomplished Intelligence community -Navy SEALS –first responders –families with missing member?  Oh hell no. “Patriotism” just a ten-letter word, to them.

Declared:  President Obama –going to Ground Zero “slimy” and “disgusting”

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of mar...

Image via Wikipedia

He who is wildly confused on American history, and he who huffs -spews  barrel-bottom trash –use oxygen -energy -time -neck protrusion to prove: tiny testicles.

Cries-non-stop like a little girl Glenn Becky,

Lardbutt who Rushes
to find fault:  not men, but Whiners –haters –so small, sick they do not have Thing One positive to say –even about death of Most Wanted Killer -highly-skilled who protect us –the families, fire fighters still in shock, awed by their irreplaceable loss –certainly not Democrats who Got It Done on their watch.

The Thug, eight-year White House occupant, ordered air-craft carrier to spend half a day to turn 180 degrees, cost us thousands, so helicopter landed in ‘right’ direction:   dressed up like a pilot, and, reportedly, sock stuffed into pants so his ‘package’ exaggerated –“Mission Accomplished” above his head –all good for ‘camera’ –over 3,500 American military Iraq -Afghanistan killed after that day, in reality.

–Watch sly FOX “news”–
If you Listen to those who spew only criticism -negative -hate speech –believe Becky’s disturbed muddled mess of American history –follow rantings of Limpbutt:   no American -no lover of life, freedom, G-d can listen to haters and believe that’s ‘a good thing.’

Beck, Limbaugh, FOX use air waves:   to sell hate.   How can you –even learn a thing –have good things in Your life from that?

You imagine:   G-d put you here to hate —Wants You to learn nothing –help no one –sip from the pool of the demented?

Think more.

If You STILL don’t get how sick they are: do you want children –following not the best & the brightest –but follow them, the least -the sickest among us? daVine remedy Then don’t waste ANY time in any religious house -praying: You are a hypocrite.

daVine Remedy –for hate: turn away from he-who-is-not-a-man, not honorable Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh. Urge those you care about: stop listening to sickness -hate-speech. Surrounded by hatred: NOT why You are here.

daVine Remedy ‘opposite’ party -black-skinned -achievement… IF You stand with those who hate -spew hate:   You are no better than he who perverted a religion –used destitute sons to dishonor their families, G-d –degenerate bin Laden who caused murder of innocent humans –for no purpose.

THINK about what you are doing

“family values”?
If you watch FOX -listen to hate speech:  You help a billionaire get more money, you help his largest investor, owns 40% of FOX:   Saudi Arabian prince make money.

What does billionaire Rupert Murdoch do with his money?   He isn’t helping unemployed -hungry -newly homeless families:  he  gives money he got from You –to elected representatives in Congress –influences them to make laws favorable to him, to make more money.

Why do you help billionaires harm You –America?

YOU have free will –choice.   YOU:  daVine remedy for those who hate, espouse hate -twist laws, fairness.   Find another channel.

* * * * *

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Hire Racist? Fire: NBC

Donald Trump in February 2009

Image via Wikipedia

Don Trump –you could call him illiterate incompetent immoral self-absorbed narcissist gasbag –until recently.

Small by any measure except scales, Don:    outed himself –as a racist.

Unless you don’t have  TV or any friends, you know lumpy has been all over the media –questioning the citizenship of President of the United States.   Why?

Vulgar hump Trump:   desperate –for money, using President’s birth place as attention-grabber to pump up his profile –to make him more “valuable” during contract negotiations for his trash “reality” waste-of-an-hour.  How do I know –Trump is desperate for money?

One parent, with part-time job, graduated Stanford University –tied for first place, taught at Berkeley during medical residency, world-respected doctor; step-parent –cutting room to movie studio division head, only one to  read music:  I was exposed to all kinds –dinner guests –family friends.  –Researchers –musicians -a judge at age 25, scientists, artists, tiny wealthy White Russian woman  escaped the Communists: swam ocean naked –surgeons –directors -producers –composers, like Jerry Goldsmith -Hitchcock favorite Bernard Herrmann; Streisand got whatever she wanted –with step-parent’s OK.

“the beauty of me…”
Fascinated -riveted, growing up I studied adults, learned, among many things:  Great people NEVER mention their greatness.

The Rump has “far more than $2 billion”?  —IF True:  Why is he making TV trash –for a paycheck?  –Has “made lots and lots of money with the Chinese.”     —IF true:  WHY didn’t he support Americans –made products with American workers?

Remember the joke –about the billionaire boys, Texas Hunt brothers wiped out when they tried to corner the world’s silver market:   how do you make a million dollars?  Start with a billion.  The Clump who cannot speak English correctly:   couldn’t make money owning a casino.   IF any True:  why has Trump filed for bankruptcy –several times?

IF his brags were True:  he wouldn’t be saying them.  

How Dumb is Don?
We have hundreds if not thousands of intelligence agents –FBI –CIA — others, their FULL TIME job:   investigate.   But don’t do background-check on candidates for national office???  –Wouldn’t SPEAK UP if they found a “foreigner” –would allow  foreign-born to be their Commander-in-Chief???   Really?

How Stupid?
Don –Knows squat about international relations -diplomacy -military anything.  “Foreign policy”:   –“just go in and take –take their oil.”   The Stump:  FOR stealing.   Hmmm… if some country stole our assets?   uh, I Think NEXT MOVE called “w-a-r”

LIED about the President –claimed “spent $2 million to hide his birth place”  –not true.  Republican governors –then, now:  would have to have helped him –-but why?   Dumb Don made it up –to get attention.

IF he REALLY cared about “birth place”:   Republican John McCain opposing/Republican candidate, was born in Panama NOT part of the US at the time he was born.  Where was dumb Don’s “concern” about the white non-citizen candidate during the election?

Hello IowaKansas conservatives:  the comb-over king who is ‘thinking’ about being your President –dated wife #2 while married to mother of his children. oh well, Maybe much-younger wife #3 will last -won’t get fired.

Have you noticed:  Those who blather on others’ “morality” —get caught in bed -in men’s rooms —signing earmarks for teapot museums -bridges to nowhere –giving away billions to billionaires, ignore it’s Americans’ money.

WHERE was Big Mouth when Republicans:  emptied the Treasury –put nation in deep debt  –for drug-makers –oily boys –military contractors —two unfunded wars with Nation’s Guard but without night goggles -water -maps or even enough bullets, ALL concocted -voted on by hundreds of white wise guys in Congress?

“Smarty”-pantsdoesn’t KNOW how many people are in Congress –how to write, even read,  laws.

Knows he:  “gets along with the blacks very very well”   Really?  YOU know any non-racists who talk like that?

Who will give ragged racist a paycheck?
His trash-talk show:  has been on NBC.  Who owns media giant NBC:  half owned by giant corporate bomb-maker GE, weapons contractor to the Pentagon, but loosing money, big, desperate for cash, sold half of NBC to a cable corporation.

GE:  the “folks” who make –good tax returns.  The one they turned in last week:  took over 900 accountants to produce —24,000 pages –added up to?  NBC parent GE figured on their $4.2 BILLION buck profit

Classic General Electric neon sign, in Willaco...

Image via Wikipedia

–federal income tax they owe:   $0
and really ‘cool’:  on top of that profit IRS owes them –a refund

Children Watching
I feel sad –for people growing up now.  The media has ripped out standards -panders non-stop –to lowest common dummies. THAT’S what we want to show next generation?  Once:  the network was about -excellence, quality, Best Possible — “NBC White Papers” –debates -superb reporters -great cartoons –classical music concerts -plays.   –NOT pandering -barrel-bottom scraping -lifting junk off other channels they do now.

Added Up Next Month
NBC –desperate for viewers –cash, will decide –announce if they will re-hire frump Trump –for another season of trash-talk of  “C” List hasbeens.  –No “A” List celebrity –would be caught at a party with dumb Don, nevermind on his TV trash trek.

A racist –in your home?
Licensed by FCC –NBC: using public’s air waves –to shove garbage –gambling -vicious violence –aped asses –ex Tele-prompter worker pretty-boy “reporter” Brian Williams –sleazy “entertainer” lousy Leno who used a lousy actor running for office to get ratings, but “couldn’t” find time to obey Equal Time rule for his opponent in Calif’s governor race –racist dumb Don.

daVine Remedy for racism –racist –employer of racist:
Government contracts given to NBC owner GE and doesn’t pay taxes:   send your thoughts to Department of Defense

Write to –NBC  –using public’s air waves –to make money on a racist’s show

Share your thoughts –with GE… gooey ads
–of self-serving anti-patriotic  corporation –owner of NBC:  doesn’t pay any tax… your money:   spent on their light bulbs –spent on lobbyists to squeeze Congress members –economy –in their favor.

daVine  remedy  –Do more than read
NBC will announce their decision in TWO WEEKS –if they will give Trump another contract for “reality” show  –Want Trump on NBC? 
-Do the Poll
-click –Answer all that apply
Click  “share this” (poll bottom) –send to Twitter Contacts –post on Facebook
results sent to NBC:

send POLL  to e-mail contacts, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, sorority/ fraternity, PTA, religious group

* * * * *

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Show Up Burglars of America: Show Up –Protest Tax-Dodgers on Tax Day

While You’re buried in receipts –dealing with taxes:   corporate burglars of America preparing for REFUND from federal government after they ripped off America.

BofA:  ripped off those who just wanted a home –loaned on inflated prices –no proof of income or even ID –sliced -diced garbage loans and with Wall Street weasels, bundled up the garbage and sold it to managers of public-employee pensions, city and state government investors –without revealing the concealed trash –bought thousands of options betting price would fall –waited for pay-off on insurance policies bought “if” the price fell on the trash they created  -sliced-up -sold.

GE –If you haven’t heard:  owner of NBC –weapons factories –holder of giant contracts with Penta-goons, made multi-billions in Profit = tax owed?   Submitted 24,000-page tax ‘return’ that will “protect” their billions of profit: will pay $0 in taxes

–AND GE  will get Rebate from broke US Treasury –Americans.

Corporate burglars
PAID Moody’sStandard & Poors rating agencies: “rated” stinking garbage as Class “A” laundry. NO investor would have –could have bought the covered-up filth without their stamps. –WHY haven’t the rating agency heads been arrested for lies –greed –graft?

When the market, duh, crashed from their greed:   all the burglars went to the feds –sobbed ‘poor us’ –got billions that prevented bloated bastards from bankruptcy –to keep on keep’n on rip-off scams.

NO way to Prove who holds any mortgage
–economy cratered from scams
Prices fell  –on Homes of owners with inflated mortgages can’t make payments without job –wiped out in economic crash –stock market cratered by banksters –seize homes without legal foreclosure or any PROOF they own the property –after they re-sold slices of bundled rotten mortgages –to thousands of unsuspecting investors –on “investments” with fake ratings.

TaDa:  the trash hit barrel-bottom –banksters who KNEW all, made money on all the garbage loans –on the insurance policies on the loans –on the put options when the market crashed.

Taxes Wall Street weasels will pay on billions of profit from the garbage they created  = $0

Big banksWall Street weasels
–so bloated with cash they buy lobbyists  –‘good deals’ from Congress:   hope You too dumb to understand what you just read, what they did –too busy to bother –not angry enough to act.

You can give the tax-dodgers big Heads Up: embarrass corporate thieves who ripped off America –pay NO TAXES –expose cowards, sly foxes who hide in gilded lairs. Protests across America –You can join Americans –in Los Angeles on Tax Day:

noon Monday – April 18 –in Hollywood

You're Invited:
Protest corporate tax dodgers:
Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles

Host: Lisabeth R., MoveOn member

Where: Corner of Sunset and Vine (in Los Angeles)

When: Monday, Apr. 18, at 12:00 PM

Can you come?
Click below for more details and to RSVP:

I'll be there
I can come.

Can't make it
Sorry, I can’t make it this time.

What: While vital government services get cut, corporations like GE are making huge profits, but paying no federal taxes. So, on Monday—Tax Day—in Los Angeles, and at hundreds of events across the country, we’ll gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. We’ll demand that our leaders make them pay up, instead of cutting billions from programs that would create new jobs, drive economic growth and help the needy and our nation’s children.

–don’t just get angry:  urge everyone you know to join up  –Protest corporate tax dodgers –Monday April 18, 2011 –there’s more of us than them

Can’t go?  Send this to:  neighbors –friends –co-workers –PTA –your e-mail contact list

WHERE Are the Arrests
WRITEAttorney General Eric HolderDepartment of Justice:  demand  justice   –banksters arrested, prosecuted for burglarizing Americans —daVine remedy for gross grotesque theft —daVine Remedy for Burglars of America

President Obama Schedule, Saturday Address: Budget, April 16, 2011

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Paul Ryan, the Elephants? Bridge, All 69,000 –Too Far

Paul Ryan wasn’t,  apparently, very good at arithmetic when he was in school.  How do I know?

US bridges –all 69,000 are rusted –sagging –sinking –crumbling –ready to fall down –way past sell-by/expected life span date by decades –held together with wire –hope, prayers.  But “Representative” Ryan:   doesn’t mind and doesn’t  see any reason to spend OUR money to improve any bridge –any ancient infrastructure, not even for saving jobs or, duh, lives.

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...

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You?  For SURE: can count on those whacky “liberals”  –safely cross

paid-for superbly-well maintained top-notch “liberal” Golden Gate bridge in  San Francisco.

For Suresafely cross NO other bridge in the US  –without a snorkel, a wetsuit and a paid-up life insurance policy, thanks to ‘conservatives’  like Paul Ryan and his pals.   oh well

What does Elephant Ryan and his math-challenged pals want to DO with our money instead?   Give OUR money to that desperately needy, whinny ‘needy’ group their donors:   the wealthiest 2% of Americans. The Elephants:   want to slash rate of tax the bully-boys pay into the pot –and then take it from the 98% …hmmm….

daVine Remedy –for crumbling bridges: You could share thoughts -commuter -travel plans with Rep. (R) Paul Ryan and his “leader” in the House:  sobsister John Boehner

BTW   In case you don’t know:
IF every department –program –agency of federal government –if every grant -school -equipment -program -highway -freeway federally-funded for states was Shut Down –IF every IRS -border -FBI -CIA -TSA agent –air traffic controller -translator -ambassador -clerk -assistant -driver -nurse -doctor -tech -printer -train conductor -engineer –everyone working for federal government was fired on Monday:

the deficit –the debt created by starting two wars and giving our money to drug-makers and banksters during last “administration”  would NOT be Enough –wouldn’t cover.  SHUTTING down government would NOT equal the amount of the debt –”conservatives” caused.

Only –ONLY if we SLASH Defense department –$590 BILLION Every year AND

if wealthiest 2% of Americans paid just 4% more tax on their Personal Income AND

all –ALL US corporations making money in the US –like GE and burglars of America (BofA) PAID tax on their profit AND actually brought back their money from secret off-shore banks AND

Elephants STOP giving ‘rebate’ –money –$15 Billion to ethanol makers –$40 Billion to oily corporations –giant ag, giant farm corporations to NOT grow crops –Texas doctor “farmers” getting $15,000 Every year AND

STOP giving tax breaks to American, foreign corporations Making money in US AND

–NOT by delivering senior adults to insurance corporations, but create SMART way to manage Medi-Care cost

THEN we could pay down our deficit –get out of debt, get back to healthy robust economy.  Cutting Food Stamps -Vet programs -heating oil to low-income -health clinics –Paul Ryan’s “math” AIN’T gonna cut it.

–Till then the Elephants –the wealthiest 2% –will be using bridges?    Well, we can only hope –IF Ryan and his “pals” get their way.  –True daVine remedy for Elephant stomp –insanity, unfairness.

So:  what country will You move to –if the Elephants in the House get their way?

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What the Huck??? Preacher: Upset With Pregnant Unwed –Poor Mary?

I don’t follow –the made-up religion, the one that worships a Jewish man who was a carpenter, considered lazy because he didn’t do any work.    –The one that a queen, touring Jerusalem, centuries after he died, “decided” his birthday was in December  –dead-winter, when  pagans needed cheering up –the 25th seemed good.   His original story –Testament –written by witnesses, wise ones:  got serious re-write centuries after death, by a king, in England, who also wasn’t there,  hence “King James bible.”

So help me:

Didn’t a man and a pregnant woman  –wind up walking around without any money, so broke best he could do, story goes I think, he bunked them into somebody’s barn –where she delivered –the eventual Jewish non-working carpenter.  Pretty sure: They weren’t married.

I mean if they were married: Where was the wedding? Where’s the certificate –proof?  What’s their anniversary? –No mention:  their parents and guests —saw them get married? –Her father let his daughter Mary marry –a man so broke???   Really?  No dowry?

I’ve read “The Source” –researched by hundreds of world scholars, researchers, each chapter detailing origin of each known religion since Man could walk & talk, heck, when I was only a teen.  It didn’t say thing One:  about Mary and Joe, mom and dad of the Jewish carpenter, got married.

Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, speak...

Image via Wikipedia

So two thousand+ years later:   a lower-class guy –who claims to be a preacher –Mike Huckabee, follower of long-dead Jewish carpenter, wasn’t upset, minded his own business, sorta, when an unemployed teen of a public political mother:  got pregnant –got a baby –got no wedding.

But now –he’s “upset” –whining about a famous, employed, wealthy pregnant adult woman engaged to marry???  What the Huck???

What am I missing here?

I’m confused.  Is he “upset” an adult woman can afford to support a baby –on her own?  Or:   it’s ‘okay’ for unmarried broke teens to have a baby, but not unmarried wealthy adults???  uh, Either way:  What is that — to him?

–He doesn’t want ‘no birth’n –of any babies’???

Is he “upset” –now, cuz he wants to be president of a country, and his “upset” gets him ink –tons of ‘running’ cash?

I don’t know, so help me out: If  Huckabee is a preacher –isn’t he supposed to, like, forgive stuff –be compassionate –just be happy a baby is about to join the world?  No?

–He’s “upset” that women who aren’t married have sex??? Well then, If true –HE had his way:   wouldn’t all kinds of males, newts, Joes and grandfathers –be way upset mitt him for dissing their, uh, deal???

–He’d be “happier” if the broke unmarried teen, the wealthy unmarried woman:  would have aborted the, uh, evidence –of sexual intercourse???  hmmm… Really?

This author no scholar, but:    G-d DIDN’T create “marriage” –MAN did.  So if G-d created man, woman AND made procreation possible –and sex, uh, pleasurable –isn’t preacher/president-wannabe dissing G-d’s work?

–What’s “religion” –unmarried teen mother –an unmarried adult mother got to do with him –with political ambition? Well, scholars –or voters will have to sort out that issue….

No matter why the Huck’s  “upset” about Unmarried & Pregnant:   apparently ancient mom Mary now has, uh, reputation probs, history/religion-wise, at least according to the “values” of “preacher” aspiring “president.”  Oh my.

How is THAT going to go over –with the faithful –the followers?  –Dissing the mother of Jesus… that’s a biggie, no?

NOT very daVine… little preacher/president-wannabe:  put his ‘righteous’ self in a pickle –how very un-daVine.

Can one spout off –in public –on what a female you don’t even know should do with their body –and be Good preacher?

–Can one do that:   tell half the population what to do –with their body, their life –and be considered Good Candidate for president?

–Can one drag religion into politics –and use THAT as “qualification” one can cope –solve –resolve —understand complex economic, diplomatic, educational, financial, inter-national, technological, mathematical, residential, regulatory, Constitutional –terrorist, justice, defense, immigration,  taxation, health care, job-export issues?  –Yes???

One with “religious” background gets:  debentures –devalued currencies –diversified hedge funds  –destruction of pensions –diminution of the dollar  –Wall Street machinations?  Really?

One Can piss off 51% of potential voters –and still get elected to office that governs all?

Just curious
When do we have the penis-control discussion? –Ya, know: the Other half of ‘pregnant and un-married’?  Will that be in “political” debate –or in “religious” discourse –or in the press –or on second Tuesday in next week, or on the 12th of never?

Huckabee Hypocrite –Gimme a Clue

Not G-d’s job –“preacher” job description includes:  passing judgment on others?  Does that include now-destitute after massive bankster fraud –lousy education –hungry?   Well, then: just exactly Who decides –what is “acceptable” –what is not, for Passing Judgment?

If he got elected president:   we could expect plenty of “thou shalts–” instead of serious solutions?

daVine Remedy –for opening your yap –on right-wing radio -on sly FOX “news” –on spouting off How Others should live?   –Polling Place?   –Or massive boots-on-the-ground voter registration, Southern version…?

Or: we Americans should just give the Huckster really happy days –live it up, 1950s version… every “different” one –every thing stuffed into closets.  But then:   decent people didn’t discuss politics, religion, sex in public….

What the Huck?

But If  that:  How ever would he pull in dough –from ignorant, uneducated followers?  Oh well, the Huckster has enough un-daVine probs on his plate –dissing Mary, mother of the worshiped one.

daVine Remedy… Wherever will Mike Huckabee be able to celebrate Easter this year….

Comments, clean ones, welcomed.


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