Veteran Home: A Remedy

Happy Chanukah

The fun-loving frat boys –who fell into the maw that was Vietnam… still haunt me…

Old men start war –send young men to settle the score…

I cannot hire –hug –thank vets coming home now, I do not know any.

I do know:  I could do nothing to stop the war in Vietnam

I do know:  I did all that I could to prevent war in Afghanistan -in Iraq

I do know:  the “men” who occupied the White House –started the last two wars –lied.  They lied about the “reasons” to start the wars –they lied to Americans, the world.  I knew they lied –and wrote, actually begged them to abort their hideous plans….  They did not listen, they’re not listening now.

I know:  Young men, women paid the price of those lies

Thanks - For Those Who Served And Those Who St...

Image by Capt Kodak via FlickrAll Better.

Many hate us, and many protect us –whether in the places I think they should be or not…

Today is Veteran’s Day –the day to honor those who do the thankless job… I could not possibly engage -fight in war  –live with its effects –survive it, hell I cannot even stand violence on the tube…

One cannot come home from war unmarred –and just Get On with “regular” life…

I cannot change what happened –cannot, in the words of my once-three-year old sibling, Make it All Better…saying “thanks” seems inadequate… so I offer this for the returning vet with PTSD…

One particularly bad day I came home –to an empty home, livid at things -people -events that were crushing me.  Punching a wall way wasn’t going to “fix” a thing –no dog around I could –would kick, or kiss, but full of frustration –the obvious was obviously wrong –I did the opposite, something I’d never done before.  It changed me, for all time.

I offer as possible Remedy for all that comes home with the veteran of war

Go into a room where you can close the door

shut out any light, turn off any source of sound –shut off the phone

lie down on the floor –not sofa -bed -chaise -chair, stretch out on the floor

as you lay there things will come into your mind –bits, pieces –junk –images –overheard sentences –sounds, maybe odors –stuff will pour in –if this thing was put with that it would make whatever –images from childhood –forgotten sounds  –pictures –‘left-overs’…

let all pour in –don’t censor Any –whatever floats in:  let it  –let it all go in/out

stay on the floor –let all the babble -sound -sights flow/crash through, float out –don’t try to prevent a thing from appearing

stay on the floor –as long as it takes until:  your mind becomes quiet… no images -babble -chatter -junk… breath in deeply, exhale the bad air…

when your mind becomes quiet:  allow yourself to feel the peace –force nothing… stay on the floor

if you stay on the floor, fully stretched out, long enough -your mind is quiet:  you may ‘hear’ a thought –maybe two things that don’t ‘belong’ together –an idea will come together in a fresh way –maybe you will ‘hear’ a new way –get a fix on a thing –a person in a new insight… maybe:   ‘hear’ nothing at all… no information –maybe that will be the point:  peace, silence…

Once your mind is quiet:  you can Listen –you can hear things you wouldn’t hear any other way.  You can do this at the end of the day –throughout the day –at the start of your day, whyever -whenever you want –but always -only on the floor….

You will Know:  when to rise… you may feel refreshed, feel nothing at all –absence of tension… then rise, slowly

I began that day, shortly after my 22nd birthday, and done this all my life.  It changed me.

After you’ve done this I welcome comments on your experience.  I do not know that this will cure the ravages of war, but I offer to honor you on Veteran’s Day… with hope for Peace.


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