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Plus Side of Japan Catastrophe: Bombs -Bonds -Food -Fish

An earthquake hit part of Japan –9.0, so fearsome, horrific, powerful –destructive it leveled entire Northern island end and engendered tsunami so large residents, viewers in shock, awe and fear –yet has pluses.

I am not an optimist. –I Always look two -three jumps ahead for behind-scene deceit -corruption -coercion, down-side, down-turns -depression -down-market = opportunities –for exposure, truth.

So to look at result of massive destruction –on careful, competent, conservative country –people:  invites thoughtful positives –many pluses, in my view –some pluses like–

Plus #1
Powering America –any country, on nukes: very VERY stupid. Weasels are crawling out of their lobbyist holes -all kinds of hiding places, to mouth mealy –‘must have nukes’ —

BBC News/PA Wire

energy pot of gold –for them.   But:  we DO NOT “need” nukes –radiation death –legacy of poison for future generations on “buried” left-over toxic waste.  Nope, NO More Nukes –on beach fronts –on “safe” ground –any place, USA.

–They AIN’T “safe” –“clean” –“efficient” –“bargain” energy.  Energy –from nukes –such a “good” idea?

Problem at Plant #1 --and #2 #3 #4

Really?   Okay, two things:
1. IF nukes, plants ‘so good’ –“good” for carbon footprint:  tell me Exactly, specifically WHERE do spent –toxic nuke rods go after they’re used? Which train –which truck, driver will take those rods –WHERE —through your state –to?  Your neighborhood or somebody –anybody else’s?

People in Nevada:  still smarting over promises –LIES The Thug told them when he was campaigning to get into the White House, *poof* AFTER he got “elected” by no-longer supreme court.  Though he promised NOT:  The Thug shipped spent nuke rods.  –There to rest WE HOPE –without leaking –killing generations, for centuries….

But oh gee, President Obama:  shut down the Nevada Yucca Mountain hole in the ground for toxic rods.  Where to tuck toxic waste now –some lawmakers wonder?

2. Nukes –so good:  then let’s put a nuke plant ON the lawn –of the White House.  No? Then How about storing:  at YOUR house?

We DON’T “need” bombs –sub-boats –shelters –plants of nukes.  From now ON:  we demand –reps in Congress– “NO NUKES” in the US.   So lobbyists:  get outta town, go get a decent job.

But WHERE are the French “storing” their toxic radioactive rods —during the YEARS  for those to cool off?  hmm….

US nuke plant ‘managers’ move toxic spent rods –to?

The Valley of the Drums, a toxic waste dump in...

Kentucky toxic waste, Wikipedia

Local utility companies “store” toxic nuke hot and cooled rods:  on site –right on earthquake faults –in neighborhoods –on coasts –IN cities… that would be hit in a tsunami -hurricane -tornado….

REAL daVine Remedy –for climate-changing we Are doing to planet?  Pres. Obama must MUST make an Energy Plan –NOW.  He MUST:  ignore all the money nuke industry shoved at him -Congress while campaigning for office.

Members of Congress who are speaking for nukes:  MUST ignore the $372 MILLION bucks they got from nuke industry.

Plus Number 2:
The ONLY reason the United States can function –pay bills:  bond market –borrowing –every week.  Who buys our bonds –loans us money to keep on keep’n on? Near-biggest buyer:  Japanese.  But Now:  Japan needs its money –and plenty more to reconstruct, get back to normal.

Highly unlikely Japanese will show up: at our weekly beg-fests, loan us big bucks for looong time. So right NOW: we must turn to biggest suckers of our dwindling cash –Penta-goons. Those “patriotic” pushers of TVs into EVERY room of every base and jets, weapons, tanks —extra unwanted motors NOBODY needs –so they can fight the last war Penta-goons screwed up, and Scream: “No More.”

‘Patriotic’ Penta-goons –their pencil-pushers and political pischers (sorry, lol) put the squeeze on Congress/our money, year after years.  They got bases –plants –suppliers –contractors in EVERY state to “prevent” Congress members from ‘straying’ from Their bottom-less paycheck ‘reservation.’

“Their” obscene Budget MUST get slashed $100 Billion now, $100 billion next year –every year until: they are the size WE can afford, actually need —NOT “defense industry”-wanted size. Industrial military complex: making America weak –killing America.

NO MORE “supplemental” budget so Nobody knows REAL total Penta-goons suck out of our economy –out of us.

Gravy train: pulls into station, lays over until they get the message, get realistic. How realistic? The people they are fighting in Afghanistan: use crude cheap IUDs hand-shoved into sandy roads –blow up trucks -tanks -convoys -military with “hardware” costs no more than ten-buck bill at a hardware store.

Penta-goons fighting that on billion-buck a week budget –with bloated equipment-cost, FOR-PROFIT contractors. –That’s NOT counting actual $9 Billion American dollars shipped they actually LOST –the $18 BILLION American money shipped -handed out to locals, no receipt by rep of last White House occupant. ENOUGH.

We HAVE to cut our expenses –to match our income. We could cut food stamps -education -payment to disabled, retired –or dump what we DON’T need: Penta-goon’s budget. We could wait –till no one loans us any more money -we’re desperate –or we could slash it NOW.

Plus #3
Producers, Investors, Speculators –looking at Japan’s losses -future need for lumber, steel, fuel, food, etc., are making ‘bets’ –speculating, which way various markets -prices go. Speculation –changes the price –of all, to all.

Chicago Board of Trade

Commodities –cotton, cocoa, beef, sugar, wheat –soybeans –oil –price of gas, trade daily on US Commodity exchange. Example: coffee beans cost $168 last year, but speculators have driven price to $267, by yesterday. Hence, though US economy has zero inflation: that cuppa joe will cost You more; that ‘bargain’ burger costing more to produce, price passed on to You. –Increases passed on to those who cannot pay more, hence riots in Middle east.

Market Should –used to work: those connected to actual commodity production, farmers -granaries -shippers, etc, bought/sold options to protect future price/hedge against Future outcome.

But now: Wall Street weasels, many bloated with cash reaped off Bank Bailout, shoving money into commodity exchange, speculating to make even more dough.

What does it “cost” to speculate?
Investors: allowed to take a position with only 10%. Remedy –to protect commodity price?

President Obama:  should –demand regulators get Funded –DO their job AND call for change in commodity market.

One remedy –to keep the market ‘free’ –fair –flowing, Pres. Obama could, possibly, call for a two-tier market.

Tier One:  for commodity producers –continue to put up only 10% to take a futures position.

Tier Two:  for non-producers, those investing -speculating in the market –be forced to put up 100% cash, and no more margin, to take a position. Then: require new high tax on profit; no tax deduction on losses.

Now: speculators heavily invested in commodities, and in stock market, their “income”? While we, 98% of Americans, sofa-dive for coin to pay for gas, groceries –Middle easterners rioting over price of wheat, fruit, veg –food: wealthy speculators, earning most of their income in the market, pay less tax than You -anyone; their profits –income, taxed at only 15%.

You can whine about prices for food –clothing –gas to family, friends or: You can make a Difference —Write to Pres. Obama –to your reps in Congress.

Demand Commodity Market controls be enforced –speculators get no more margin –charged, taxed more.

If they Don’t hear from You:
President, Congress reps WILL assume you’re ‘fine’ with soaring costs -gas price –no tax or curbs on speculators, do nothing.

Sorry, but Plus 4 –ocean orgy…end
I read about the quake

smashed fishing boats,

only minutes after it happened, my First thought:  the world has asked, begged –demanded Japanese stop killing whales –clubbing dolphins –removing all tuna.

As I watched the ensuing tsunami sweep fishing boats into streets -bridges -rubble, I knew:  they would have NO boats to destroy sea creatures.

If you’re a Baby Boomer you may remember –how Yellow fin tuna tasted, how delish, when you were a child….  Now tuna population so depleted:  at risk –entire species disappearing –near-extinct thanks to Japanese fishing methods -thanks to sushi.

Japanese fishermen:  kill unwanted fish getting/netting tuna –plus remove too many tuna.

Car atop boat atop building,

But Now:  left Alone fish have strong chance to survive –reproduce –escape.  It’s daVine Remedy –for sea life.

Sorry, but devastation in Japan:  a Plus for sea creatures….

Organic -creative -wise —daVine remedy for taking far too much from the sea… now not able to take ANY…. Nature… taking revenge… balance.

daVine Remedy –to protect wild fish –Help those helping the sea:  send donation to Green Peace Heal the Bay –your favorite environmental non-profit.

daVine Remedy –to help suffering Japanese?
I wouldn’t trust Red Cross to hold my lunch. –You forgot what they did with 9/11 donations?  They bought office supplies -furniture and bonused themselves.  When they learned their blood —AIDS-taintedrefused to stop supply –or even test.  Women in childbirth, hemophiliacs, surgery patients –killed by Red Cross blood.   After 1994 Northridge earthquake newly homeless ‘Got’:  no motel vouchers -grocery -gas -clothes vouchers -bus tokens -help -Red Cross Indifference.  I know:  I –thousands asked. Salvation Army did the heavy lifting, Red Cross:  refused.

Red Cross:  is a For-profit Business, keeps as much as possible.  If you send donation to them “for” Japanese survivors:  you have SHORT memory and, sorry, no brains.

Donate to Japanese relief–
the hottest scam going.  DO NOT respond in ANY way to ANY message you receive. Click on a ‘donate’ link:  you’ll get virus -Trojan horse -ripped off –bank account wiped out.

To donate Contact:  closest or Washington, DC Japanese Embassy or Consulate Or find an organization Yourself

For any org:  ask HOW they will get the money to Japanese government -people –get Details, verify to determine legitimacy.

daVine Remedy –to get safe -clean –renewable energy?
DONATE National Resource Defense Council the organization, among other successes, that got cars, toxins, garbage removed from Hudson River –river so CLEAN -restored, fish returned, humans swim  Does more than just care about environment -creatures -your health.  –Join for news -ideas -tips -events or donate –any amount: nrdc –I’ve followed them for years, they are superb, trustworthy.

Donate to the oldest US environmental group — Sierra Club our lobbyist, only one registered to lobby US Congress for us.

Are YOU smarter than Japanese?
Japanese: quake-hardened people, yet no personal emergency kit –now: waiting in 14-hour lines –hoping for “ten items only” –from scarce stores. ACTUALLY assemble –your own personal get-outta-trouble kit, find here:


usgov kit list

make your own kit –SF Chronicle

Or You can hide under the covers–
Don’t assemble supplies: after disaster –fire, flood, tornado, quake, hurricane, explosion –walk around begging for help, IF You can walk. But, duh, If everyone did that: we’d all die.

daVine remedy –Get a clue:
assemble a kit THIS WEEK –one for car/work, one at home. If not: don’t whine -beg for water, too later.

– – – – –

You want to Know–
what’s going on –WHOLE objective story –hate ads:   You need to support our “eyes, ears” watching government –reporters can’t do the job for free –donate to PBS

* * * * *

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End of 2010: Tastes, Taxies, Taxes, Teas, Toppers, TV odds, ends

No one needs a calendar  –we Know:   but no matter How Much we Think we prepared, it does no good, December arrives –with chaos.  We scream, silently, ‘WHY isn’t there Another week in this month’ …ah well.

So busy:  forgot to buy cocoa –the good one:  imported Droste…when I first found it:  a box cost $3 -something, last year $11 -something, who knows this year… but winter without it –borrrr-ing… it probably costs less from the Internet, but who wants to wait…  and didn’t even Think –remember to get Broguiere’s, Best egg nog made by anyone –in glass bottle, from the last dairy still standing in Los Angeles.  I’ve never found -created an egg nog that even comes close to being as good….  It’s even a pleasure to take the bottle back, for recycling and refund.  Well, guess no chance of any now, next year?   

Prosecco –with tiny taste of tangerine juice, still delish for New Year’s morning Parade watching….

Bottega Louie…Lousy Louie???
I just wanted some bread, good crusty bakery loaf… trudged down to the “deli”… Somebody, please, Explain that place to me… when it opened last year:  I so wanted to like it –I tried, really hard to …like it.  First you have to cope –noise bouncing, off every hard white marble surface, everywhere –“music” –so loud your brain, ears happy for street noise… then you have to wait –till the oh-so-hip behind the counter finish talking –to each other –so many clumped back there it’s a mystery… but they way ain’t interested in talking to Customers….

In the beginning:  fat loaves –multi-grain whole wheat, de-lish –and yippee: they had Walnettos, favorite of every boomer who remembers the tiny squares that just fit in tiny pockets…great oatmeal cookies, 3/$1.  Deli case:  loaded with excellent choices, not all consistently good –not all consistently available, but pasta -Chinese tofu noodles -mac & cheese -veggies w/unique sauces –very worth the trip, even with the cheese choices –$10 to $14 More per pound than anywhere else…

Then once just before 7 pm:  All of it GONE, except the noise.  Completely empty deli case –“oh, we don’t do that any more” –no deli –no dinner to go –in the evening???  —Loaves: reduced to saucer-size, but still at $5+.  In conversations with waiting others:  bad reviews on various menu choices–“never order pizza”–so I gave whole thing a pass, for months. 

But wanting Bread, popped in –and shouldn’t have bothered:  entire deli case –filled with Nothing to eat –all sugar, colored up for holidays –where’s the Food?  “Deli at the end wall” –one plate each:  fish -chicken -pig -broccoli…slim pickens…for vegetarian…. 

Dead-center of loft central, full of singles, But: No communal table –no comfortable, cozy creative dinner –no To Go choices –and:  No more visits to arrogant noisy stuck up over-priced lousy Louie.  How the heck:   are they still in business?

But Search Continues –WHERE is the great Bakery
–between Silver Lake and downtown?  Half a dozen chocolatiers shops –but No bakery bread –‘homemade’ pie –good cookies???   How’s that Possible in town full of foodies –and ‘famous’ chefs???  Ya, and good luck hunting up “local bakery” on The Internets….

Rituals…London, Mexico, Manhattan…San Francisco…Los Angeles…no matter where in the world, no matter what Else:  always Afternoon Tea, journal writing, on my birthday… some place beautiful, special… this year:  bad table, which I liked anyway –great service –scrumptous Tea. 

Elegant tiny tasty sandwiches –though some places serve as courses, next on the epergne:  scones missing, replaced with odd but tasty pumpkin square and clotted crème -French jams; next:  elegant chocolate shapes of delight, then fourth of more –dipped strawberry, a fruit triangle, a chocolate ‘cake’ encased in dark chocolate…instead of tea -strong coffee, which makes British waiters laugh, but no one minded sherry, a very good one, substituted for champagne, which I think never goes with chocolate, went Very well with all the tiny fine arts… and writing, about the year, at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel, downtown…. Superb service, earned every bit of large tip….

Do the teabaggers, the actual ones –not the ones ‘manufactured’ by the Koch brothers and Karl-crush-Democrats-Rove, Get:  if EVERY department -agency -bureau –employee of federal government was closed –shut down –fired, the Amount “saved” Would NOT equal the Amount Owed on our Debt?  Do they?

I’ve done enough homework to KNOW:  people who have “joined” Tea… party:  mostly retired –mostly collecting Disability –Social Security –Unemployment checks –BUT:  they ‘want’ Government in Reduced size–just not THEIR part –that sends checks…. 

So ill-informed people, sipping tea, DON’T UNDERSTAND how government Really works:  gave away their vote –to the un-witch –the uninformed angry –the muddle-brained –the newbie –Put responsible Republicans in Serious No-win situation.

If the Republicans who Know what they’re doing:  keep on doing whatever –diss the “will” of Teabaggers –booted in two years.  The Ignorant newbies:  claim they don’t mind if they’re booted in two years.  In the meanwhile?  The old hands:  will ‘reward’ those that funded them –Wall Street weasels –Penta-goon contractors –medical insurance moochers.  –So the rest of us will get –good and screwed.

The Regulators –who are supposed to Watch –that the rules get followed, follow the few allowed to do Whatever, create more Madoffs without funding to follow any.  The rich:  will get So Much richer…  When:  will the screwed-over march in the street –march on Washington, assuming they Have enough to eat to march anywhere.

Republicans –Could have ‘baked’ really good loaves –reduced to reverting to revisionary role –revved by Teabaggers wanting ‘yesteryear’ that Never was. 

Meanwhile:  those who gave senior adults the ‘Donut’ –prescription drug ‘hole’ –two un-funded wars –relaxation of rules that rocketed Forty THOUSAND manufacturing companies OUT of the US –blindness to torture -lies –violations:  still at it.

Republicans:  either Truly Don’t understand monetary policy –Ben Bernanke’s shanigans –How to create jobs –or do, but want to make Pres. Obama Look Bad, will Do Nada….  Those shocked to arrive at the curb –of home they used to own, stolen by un-regulated un-investigated do-nothing Darrell Issa:  will ask ‘what now’…and will get back sound of Silence.

Bankster bastards –corporate weasels, Target -Haliburton -oily boys -Chamber of horrors ‘commerce’ crowd, Wall Steet weasels –abetted by the no-supreme boys on the bench:  will, eventually, twist the United States of America into a knot so rife with corruption it will take Middle-class -middle-wage earners rioting to un-do.

WHOM do They Imagine:  will be their ‘customers’ if middle-class ex mortgage holders –ex employed –morphed into home-less mob?

Employed Americans –would morph the Debt –the Deficit –the Devaluation of the dollar back to Do-able.  But not on THIS path….

Personally:  I’m de-lighted the Elephants have enough members to control the House.  The rounded-up recipe of dysfunctional Republicans –who only mouth the Talking Points –cannot even begin to Deliver any thing that matters.  –Just a ‘release’ valve, for the Glenn Becky ginned up ignorant Teabaggers, will occupy the seats for only two years.  –You’ll see:  two years will zip by….

Hey, Taxi…
Some downtown things: seemed smarter by taxi… driver to the Biltmore: nice person, and swiped the card; taxi driver from the Biltmore: not so much… I knew instantly: a dirty guy –claimed ‘don’t worry about meter, I not charge you’ –while meter tick -tick -$3 more than identical trip to same destination.

Next day I called the company to say so, but discovered: neither got paid –magnent strip back of the card not working? Not into theft: I called first company, gave details to get driver paid. Second company: told me to “quit harassing” them when I tried to do the same.  Pretty strange –who drives people –uses up gas –for free?

daVine Lesson, in Los Angeles:  Checker cab –check.  But Bell cab –only if you’re a boob, they are bonkers.

UnTax…The Rich…
At holiday party: I met a man usually nobody usually meets. Consultant –to Democratic causes, campaigns, candidates –just as he was headed for the door. Still smarting –from the bloodless bout Pres. Obama ‘fought’ with the elephants over taxes, and still miffed, mystified, I asked his take on entire Don’t Tax the Rich deal.

He grinned broadly and said: it was brilliant of Obama; he said people have No Idea how little the Republicans care about ‘little’ people. If he hadn’t made the deal: he wouldn’t have gotten all the things he got out of it, it was very very smart.” Oh

Okay…but I Still need somebody to Explain: WHY richest 2% of Americans CANNOT speak up –DO the right thing –PAY 4% more tax when the law was WRITTEN for them to Go Back to paying 39% –one of world’s lowest tax rates. Warren Buffet, richest person in US, pays 14% while his secretary pays 35% tax –and the fairness –the debt –the righeousness of that is???

Oprah –Steve Forbes –CEO of Burglars of America (BofA) –Goldman Sachs –Koch brothers: DON’T PAY fair share –amount of tax code, but Do enjoy the benefits –and ‘patriot’ reputation —Why? They ain’t daVine….

Just Top-of-the-head Topper…
I wanted a hat –thick, stylish –warm hat for the cold. Sheesh, I may have wanted a trip on a SST. Google “hat” –pick a neighborhood, any area –and Good Luck with that. For all the ‘hot’ –tech toy –apps –wise guy stuff: The ‘Internets’ REALLY have Looong way to go.

You CANNOT FIND a Place to buy a hat. At least with the good old Yellow Pages: if you know the alphabet –turn to “H” and have at it. No Way does THAT work –for finding Good hat…. Amazon has hats…5,700 of them…total number you can try on: zero. By the time I Find: winter no longer daVine….

Senators, at least the ones that count: didn’t seem to care: they actually voted –to let a company that provides ‘pipes’ –also provide the content that goes THROUGH their very own pipes…thus: in about two weeks Comcast, the guys who started out their corporate life with Really Lousy reputation, will take over parts of NBC….

What, do you suppose, are the odds: we, the viewers of content, will get Good Stuff out of those pipes? We’ll be Lucky to get Odds, Ends –leftover junk… reporters –journalistic standards –ethics??? Ya, right. KNBC on-air readers: turned into mush –gooey, disgusting bores now, how much worse will it get with people who don’t know ANY thing about delivering News –doing reporting.

People on TV: ‘do’ cooking segments
–So gross. WHEN will Somebody TELL them: it is Tacky –Low class –diz-gusting to EAT on camera? Sheesh, did ALL come from low-class homes with Zero manners??? What do they: Imagine a viewer gets out of seeing them chomp away? Not diz-gusting Enough: they try to TALK with packed cheeks. Really: How Dumb are these people? –Not a single one has director with brains, class?

Ah well, while we were busy with the holidays…FCC: voted for Net Neutrality …daVine…
Eventually: we won’t have to bother with pipe-fitters –trash news –sly FOX or any junk dealers. We will pull what we want, when we want it off the Internet –Everything we want except good bread -deli -hats -politicians, news… not so daVine ….

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Go Into Killer Whale Tank: Surprise When People, Plans, Potential Get Killed?

A young woman–
with a passion for wild things, got into tank with known killer –got so close, the killer did what comes naturally: ‘rag-dolled’ till it killed her. Blame –the killer, for instinct –the woman, for passion?

‘It’s acceptable –to use both, and too bad –if one unhappy and one dead –if the outcome unwanted,’ says the toadies, the defenders –of the status quo, of “tradition” newly-minted.

While the tank owner, bending others to his will, no matter what, hides from responsibility –for using his money to corral the killer, hiring the woman, profiting off of both, and blames –the woman.

The passion, the woman… just as dead.

A young man–
with a passion for solving problems, using law as the vehicle, tried a ‘squeeze play’ –got into “think” tank with known killers, killers paid to kill whatever stands in their employers’ way. The killers didn’t stop biting, swimming.

Those who want tank protection, and affordable?

The killers –for thwarting, for hiding what they do, for doing what they were hired to do –for following their own interests, instincts swimming in the tank?

The employers –for doing what they set out to do –to satisfy even bigger sharks’ appetites? If they profit while others go without -cannot breathe -function -live, why surprise, they are only following instincts and money.

If ‘white’ is labeled ‘black’ –blame the holder of the brush –for the publicity of ‘color change’? –Blame the “reporter” -the bobble-head who reads the copy every time color and subject are changed –examining entrails minutia –without ever examining How Much Money the killer was paid?

When the killers shrink the tank, profit expands… people who paid and those who couldn’t… just as dead, but sooner –covered in profit.

Sly Fox ‘guarding’ “news” knows: tell the old, the scared, the ill, the tired, the dumb a lie often -loud enough, they will believe it.

daVine Remedy –for those who decide who lives, who dies –who gets paid, who gets paid off…
–we need Smart reporters –who TAKE the time to tell Entire story
–we need those guarding the tank: to make simple declarative Descriptive statements –if we don’t know WHAT the guard or the remedy is, we can’t be for or against
–we need Leaders who lead

He/she who pays the piper: calls the tune
–we need reporters to ask: ‘How Much have you been paid –by whom, to sing that tune’ —Every time, to Anyone “interviewed” who speaks against fair, affordable tank protection.

To the killers and their employers: death has a price –shrink the tank, expand profit with indifference, denial…equals more. The supply of killers, their employers, bigger sharks is Endless. They will Always want –more.  More –feeding them, is more important to them than passion…law, the life of an infant -a mother -a teacher -a student -a fisherman. Who speaks for them? Who will stop the killers?

Don’t the sharks, the employers, their killers –their supporters also have to get in the tank, some day?

In the US, those without health care: kills 68 a day

Eventually each will be in the tank –with predators or with helping hands?

We need to fight –now:

Or: you could just wait –till a rusty nail -bike crash -pneumonia -freeway pile-up -heart attack -pregnancy -ski accident -disease puts your health, your finances, your future in jeopardy.

Write to your representatives –Senator –House member Congress Tell them you want reasonable-cost medical insurance –that can’t be taken away.

* * * * *
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Murder –Suicide..? hmm…None of the Above! That’s the Ticket!

HOW Ah-mazing is that…a woman went to have a drink –with a man she just met….  But instead of a drink:  she put the barrel of a gun in her mouth. 

Hmm…well, women are fickle, right?   She pulled the trigger –cuz she was bored?  –Cuz she didn’t wanna mess up her apartment –cuz it was Tuesday –Wednesday –Thursday?  Oops, she didn’t write a note –like ‘please feed the cat, see ya later, don’t hold up breakfast for me, send my stuff to –.’   Oh well, she prolly just fergot, women are kinda dumb, right?  It is kinda strange though, ya know, to mess up her face like that…ya know, cuz she like fixed herself to go out –including her face, so if she was SO unhappy –that she wanted to kill herself, why did she bother making herself look pretty?   Gnaw on a gun barrel –well maybe that was so she could show:  she was spontaneous. But then, Really, is it so unusual –for a woman to wrap her entire mouth around a gun barrel…How many women –since records have been kept –have done that….  –Two hundred –Seventy-Five?   Two?  –Any?  Well, maybe the record-keepers just didn’t do a Good Job –of finding any, who offed themselves, thataway.  There must be –at least one, somewhere….  Oh, ya –there Is!  The woman who got dressed up for the evening and went to a stranger’s home for a drink! 

Oh, well what woman hasn’t gone on to a man’s home and had him Insist she stay still, ya know –while he rests the barrel of a loaded gun –on her forehead….  –There must be oh, five, six women, At Least who had that happen…it is odd, though, how it happened  –to each –with the same guy.  Hmmm.  Well and all still, a tiny guy, with the money and the really small head, holding teeny tiny itty bitty brain…just big enough to think up Why a beautiful healthy woman would Want to Pick his house –for her Last Scene.  How Clever of him, to figure that she Thought it was A Good Place…to die. 

Hmmm…wonder how she knew –what it looked like, since she had, ya know, not ever been there before.

Then along came a bunch of confused people…confused by it all…the kind:  when G-d was handing out the brains, He just walked on by…and without even the Common Sense He gave chickens…they clumped together in a room…wondering…which way was Up.

Plucked from the pool…that Somehow figured out how to register to vote –NOT HOW TO THINK…. 

You were wondering –how the LA School Bored were do’n –How Los Angeles teachers were do’n?  Really?  Guess What:  Whole Crop –even dumber, not Taught How to Think –on their way –to a business –shop –block –gene pool –jury…near You.  You do realize, don’t you:  the Stupid procreate.

Hold onto your hair, the Future is going to be a bumpy ride…well, Maybe:  we’ll All get lucky, find somebody who just happens to have a loaded gun handy, that we can gnaw on, so we won’t be around –when the Stupid take over. 

May G-d help you RIP, no thanks to “jury.”  May the rest of us –Get at Least ONE person who Knows How –to prosecute –a stinking weeny Murderer.  …and some daVine justice…

* * *   * * *   * * *

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Moving Tip

If you haven’t followed this blog, lately, while extensive repairs were done, this author had to move out.  Bloody nightmare, moving is awful.  Now back, unpacking and shifting, shifting –constantly (whew!) and at one point:  time to shift a floor-standing rack into the breakfast room, which brought to mind an experience that might help you, if you’re moving.

When three-year lease was up on apt. in elegant Spanish-style building and greedy crazy owner wanted $1,400. more a month, no-brainer decision to move. (How “crazy”?  He watched to see me drive out of the garage, then:  entered my apt., went through my underwear drawer…people hated that creep so much:  one, a screenwriter, who had Enough, set owner’s part of the building on fire…happily:  dead now….)  Believe it, or not, it was Easy, once, to move to another place in Los Angeles:  stable neighbors, yet vacancies in every neighborhood, fabulous great buildings –stinking “developers” hadn’t ripped down (–no politicians let them, then), rents were reasonable –at least in scale with salaries, nobody paniced over groceries/utilities Vs. rent…LA rents are sooo high now, it would take a massive Serious quake for That to return….  (With a little luck:  a quake would wipe the “developer” species also….)

So:  moved to a cottage, built by Charlie Chaplin. –Maybe most charming cottage I’d ever seen. Surrounded by beautiful old trees, birds, rear garden with a fountain, low wall surrounding huge stepping-stones in the front, steep asymmetrical roof, arched front door; large bathroom, huge kitchen, parquet floors throughout, balanced against:  no bedroom, just one large main room. (Neighborhood long-timers said:  he built it as a ‘dressing room’ –for Laurel & Hardy, when they shot movies nearby; maybe…maybe not:  Gloria Vanderbuilt’s hubby bought it years later….)  I had a wrought iron plant stand, seven feet long, I decided to use as a ‘room’ divider.

Invited a friend, from the apt., to come over.  She was a bit of an odd duck, much ahead in age, but good company and a sensational decorator.  I thought she would enjoy seeing the cottage.  She arrived when the movers were still off-loading.  As I was showing her around the movers came to the door with the heavy wrought iron stand.  It was so large –tall:  they couldn’t get it through the doorway.  If I couldn’t get it indoors:  I couldn’t create a bedroom on one side, with drapes, and a dining room on the other side.  Left outside, in the garden:  it would be stolen.  I freaked.

I started imitating a headless chicken.  The cottage windows were leaded glass –the largest didn’t open, the kitchen windows weren’t any solution.  I did not know what to do.

My friend went to the door:  she told the movers to turn the stand up-side-down. That sounded nuts…I thought, hmmm, maybe she had had a few drinks…. I watched –incredulous –mouth open, as she instructed them.

I would not have believed it if I had not been watching the whole time:  they dipped —then gracefully moved the stand indoors.  It was stunning.  Thinking of physics, I asked her –how –how did she think of that –how did she know it would work –if it wouldn’t fit right-side-up –it didn’t get any shorter –WHY did it fit through the door turned the other way?

She just grinned.  Long experience…lifetime of problem-solving, I guess.  I still think of that, whenever I get stuck, about any thing.

I got an idea, when I moved back here:  swapped what I was using for office desk and dining room table –solved several problems.  Now the dining room:  has the French bistro table base and long narrow marble top, so there is plenty of room to get around it, yet more surface for dining.  The office “desk” top (–finished wood chopping block) is three inches wider, so plenty of space for keyboard (and elbows, for a change), yet shorter, easier to get to the bookcase, with storage space for files in the 1940’s rolling cart it sits on, originally intended for my 1940’s roaster.  There is Always a Plan B, you just have to think of it, in some different way.  Takes some of the ‘sting’ out of moving…and fun, imagining new ways to put things together… daVine….

* * * * *
Note: Please excuse any errors, smashed paragraphs, etc., this bit of WordPress is temporarily screwy, cannot fix, at the moment.
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Roger Mahony Admits Guilt: Six Hundred Million Six Hundred Thousand Times

Most religions:  set aside one day a week for contemplation, religious rites, worship.  Those who obey Catholic version of religion:  do it on Sunday, usually.  What was Roger Mahony, so-called “Catholic” –so-called “leader” of Los Angeles branch of the cult, doing –on what is supposed to be day of worship:  pulling one of the Oldest insurance tricks known in the modern world.  Rodger Dodger showing his True stripes:  trying to save his ass –only hours before his ass would wind up in the hot seat, AKA Witness Box.  Why?

Told that an employee of Catholic cult was raping –sodomizing –destroying children –Roger-the-thug-Mahony:  did what? 

First:  didn’t tell anyone –except his pals; patted the employee on the head, gently

Then:  he said variations of ‘your kid “must have” misunderstood’ –to parents –of children who had NEVER SEEN A PENIS before a church employee destroyed their life with one.  Thug Mahony:  LIED. 

Then: “spiritual” leader of Catholic cult LIED to police. 

Thug Mahony told police:  HE would REMOVE rapist employee from contact with children.  Liar. 

Thug Mahony did not, apparently, take rape seriously –he moved that rapist and others –to more children –all over California –for THIRTY YEARS. 


Thug Mahony:  GUILTY of aiding, abetting rape –sodomy –abuse of children.  WHY isn’t he in jail, indicted –waiting prosecution –accessory –transporting to evade crimes –crimes against humanity?


Police:  GUILTY –Closed the case when THEY HAD EVIDENCE OF CRIME. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING.  Who the hell cares. WHY aren’t THOSE “officers” of the law:  arrested –sitting in JAIL –under prosecution for dereliction –aiding & abetting –accessory to Multiple crimes?


In addition to testimony of now-grown victims of church-employed rapists, How does anyone KNOW –thug Mahony’s participation in the crimes? 

One  the rapist caught, sheltered by thug Mahony:  stated –admitted all the facts on film. Documentary   Deliver Us From EvilTwo cultist Roger Mahony offered CASH to those who sued him –to prevent having to testify –on NUMEROUS church employees who USED children –on his knowledge of their crimes –on his active effort to move –hide the rapists.  –660 MILLION ways to KNOW:  Roger Mahony, thug –GUILTY.

Why Did He Do It

–WHY did Thug shelter church employees –when he found out –sick perverted gratification –on those who could not defend themselves?  This author suspects:  

          Roger-the-thug-Mahony:  homosexual

Maybe he has engaged in homosexuality with the employees who raped children –did not want to face any of it, face his own homosexuality.  Even if he is not homosexual, hear the fake apology to know:  Roger Mahony mentally diseased, AS SICK AS THOSE WHO TORTURED, ABUSED CHILDREN.  He ENABLED IT.  He LIED ABOUT IT.  Kept up the LIES –THIRTY YEARS.

Why Did They Do It Did lawyers take –advantage?  Lawyers for now-grown abused children:  negotiated, obviously, with thug Mahony/church lawyers to get cash –instead of a trial.  Why?  Yes, easier –to second-guess, from the sideline, what others do, when the shoes aren’t being worn, but, sorry, this author:  has seen this movie –many times.  Why:  those who wanted some justice –settled only for some cash?

IF:  lawyers had not not-so-subtly pressured them to accept the money instead of going for justice –what WOULD have happened?

1.)  They might have got thug Mahony’s ass squarely on the hot seat –admitting his crimes

2.)  They most certainly would have got:   HALF to DOUBLE more money

3.)  They would have seen their lawyers WORK for their fee

4.)  Maybe:  forced Mahony to resign –condition of settlement


It is this author’s opinion:  for lawyers only to negotiate with the perpetrator and his church-paid mouth-pieces then receive nearly HALF the Plaintiffs’cash but no trial work –Obscene.  The Plaintiffs:  should have DEMANDED

1.)  lawyers get NO MORE payment than that of a realtor:  6%


2.) –double that per cent ONLY IF:  they DID TRIAL WORK


United front, plaintiffs could have stood their ground –the lawyers would, eventually, accept lower per cent.  A lawyer’s fee:  ain’t in stone –it is only a commodity, negotiable.  Lawyers representing thug’s insurance co:  knew what they were doing –plaintiffs did not, they, understandably, still in grief.


NO good reason to settle –on a Sunday; BEFORE the trial began –before the thug had sweat pouring down his weasel face….


Part of the settlement should have been:  Catholic church pay for therapy –AND fork over ALL files, notes, records on the bastards who stole their childhood with thug Mahony’s aid.  –The cash:  compensation for pain, suffering, grief, stolen childhood.  –Not for their own therapy –now necessary because of the church’s employees.  To “settle” for Less money –and to pay lawyers full fee when NOT pursuing the case to the end:  ill-advised.  

Catholic cult:  owns Plenty of assets and has insurance.  –They could always run to the source of job promotions for more settlement money:  Vatican –they have Billions. IF it cost so much that the cult got put out of business:  where’s the bad?


John Paul Swell?

If you Think cult head John Paul was swell –someone to admire:  THINK some more.  Thug Mahony would NOT be in current position –nor in position to move rapists around –if “Catholic” John Paul had not promoted him.  How “swell” do you think he was now?  The german who succeeded swell John Paul:  no better –he gave thug Roger a promotion also.  They BE in SERIOUS DENIAL in Rome.


Would you waste spit on such a “leader”?

Small comfort –to tag “>Roger Mahony –‘thug’ –he ‘bought’ the labels, with 660 MILLION bucks –after moving “priest” after “priest” –after hiding files –after denials.  After Many years:  he did what pimps for insurance companies do –waited until the last possible day –to “settle” his crimes –with cash. Will that Keep him out of prison Att. Gen. Brown?


Thug:  moved rapists to various communities in California.  That makes it:  state crime.  Current Attorney General:  raised under Catholic influence –will he ignore, carry out the law?


California Attorney General Brown:  WHERE ARE YOU?  The thug who aided, abetted rapists:  hiding in Plain sight.  WHAT the Hell are you waiting for –WHY haven’t you had him arrested?  WHEN will you prosecute?  Hurry up –before thug scampers into a hospital bed to hide.


Members of California Legislature, Assembly:  Statute of Limitations on pedophilia crimes MUST be changed –NO Time limit.  If you are not there to make laws to protect the least of us:  what the hell are you doing there?  –That is your first responsibility –to protect –to serve those who cannot do it for themselves.  WE DON’T NEED government –or you for any other purpose.



What will thug Mahony do now?  Think about it.  Thug needs dough –lots of it.  Source for lots of cash?  Illegals –pouring in –to California –into the place where HE is hiding –marble-clad monument to his ego –“church –for sanctuary.”  Believe it.  No, NOT agricultural workers, for whom we should be grateful –not computer programmers, ditto.  But –Those who will suppress already suppressed wages –the criminals –gang members –the rootless –those connected to drug trade –no ties or identity.


 –Jam into already inadequate amount of low-cost housing, driving up rents, house prices, in good neighborhoods, for ‘grow’ and meth labs –into ERs, un-insured, causing hospitals to close –crowd already jammed streets, freeways, un-insured, DUI, hit-and-run –cause LAUSD egomaniacs to Steal hard-won homes for even MORE un-necessary schools for Falling enrollment of citizens.  No Problemo to el Thugo.  He already declared:  intends to IGNORE any new immigration laws.   –Advertising to his market.


MOST of the people sneaking into the country:  obey Catholic cult –will give part of their un-taxed wages to Catholic church –Mahony hopes his –and to the smugglers who got them into the US.  Count on it.  –If You don’t demand his arrest, indictment –for committing crimes –over 500 –600? times –for which YOU would be arrested Immediately for committing just one time –el Thugo will be aiding people who enter the US illegally –to get their money.  Remember:  laws DON’T MEAN ANYTHING to Roger Mahony.


Proof Oval Office pimp:  doesn’t give a damn about “terrorists” or laws –or You?  People illegally entering, remaining in the US:  WHAT has he actually DONE about those?

IF he had not invaded country that didn’t attack the US –hadn’t invaded FOR NO REASON, people who now hate Americans –want to kill Americans –ALSO trying to sneak into US.  Pimp:  ONLY wants us to be ‘scared’ enough to give him money –allow him to carry on being imperial thug –but NOT protest his failures, his incompetence –impotence doing any to Actually Protect the US.  THAT would get in the way of his plans –for abetting his benefactors. 


You GAVE them money.  You GAVE them your vote –entrusted to protect, to serve.  It Is Pay-Back time.


DEMAND California Attorney General:  arrest, prosecute thug Roger Mahony.


DEMAND California Legislature:  eliminate statute of limitations laws on pedophilia crimes.


DEMAND US Congress:  protect Americans from illegal entry into the US.  If they don’t:  Demand they get real —gut budget for “Homeland Security” and tell Oval Office occupant to SHUT HIS MOUTH.


If You make no DEMAND –do nothing: 

a)  You are as guilty as thug Mahony, as Guilty as Oval Office pimp

b)  You are one of the sheep

 DO NOT WEEP:  when they come –for your job –your home –for your child –for your life.  NO amount of money will save you.  Note –to Plaintiffs who will receive cash  It is an OLD movie –Believe it: Stay OUT of car dealerships, Wal-Mart, stores, pricey -junk food restaurants.  —NO THING you can buy –eat –wear, drink, gamble will make you Feel Better.  –Do not ‘treat’ –fool yourself –on junk comfort –waste the money on some object, to make you “happy.”  It won’t.

DO NOT believe ANY who contact you:  that they can “increase” the money.  Say:  you are recording them, will turn over tape to police if they contact you again.  You cannot be a victim without giving Permission:  HANG UP/DELETE. 


If you want to do something good for yourself:  provide your OWN security –put the money in the bank or credit union, in long-term large CDs. 


Keep liquid:  only that which you will need for therapy bills.  –AFTER you have Thoroughly investigated therapists, found one who KNOWS how to treat, gives time-line for treatment, cure.  Otherwise:  ALL the money will go to Wal-Mart –a scammer or to therapist, but You will be no better.  –No thanks to thug Roger Mahony, as putrid as there ever was —NOT daVine


G-d will see that he –cult pedophiles get ALL that he, they deserve.  G-d doesn’t accept cash.


* * * * *

If you are curious:  the most heavily-read on this blog –Roger thug


* * * * *

NOTE:  SHEESH –either WP is screwed up –servers –settings or puter –Don’t Know which –tried to edit, correct Several times, fed up trying, don’t know what is wrong.  Will fix IF I find out.  Sorry, check back later. 


* * * * *

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Since June 12…

If you haven’t followed my little saga: I’ve been living in a hotel suite, high on a hill –for weeks, while Contender for “Dumbest Human on the Planet” repaired my home. –Lived there so long: saw fire at the hotel…boring CNN, Lou Dobbs pretend to do news…fire rage through Hollywood Hills…one-year anniversary of this blog…little bobble-heads & whiners –pretend they know what they’re talking about, on Fox…a swarm of bicyclists, from up north, swoop down over freeway over-pass one 2 am…beautiful moon-rises –in between tedious patches of watching paint dry, literally. –So long I learned to cook, sorta, in the suite’s radiation machine, even blogged results of mac & cheese tasting.

Been away…
Waited so long for my home to be finished:  went apoplexic –diz-gusted –to fury, rage –resignation, calm –arrived at: indifference. I Ceased to Care what was done, what wasn’t –the screw-ups –the OMGs –the HOW is THAT Possibles –to: Fine by me. I ran outta steam to care. Well, I am a recovering perfectionist…. Or maybe the Mental Midget incompetent evil-doer just flipped into: amusing, to me. THAT sort of behavior: usually found only in right wing of right wing ‘Republican’ Party and in Solitary Confinement inhabitants. I do believe nobody That Evil –Stupid ought to be allowed in the street without a sign around his neck –warning he was among the decent.

I would like to be there, though, to see it –when the Universe extracts daVine justice. –Vengeance? –Pain?

* * * * *
Did He Listen
Moving…I said to one of the movers: “Do you know anything about computers?”
He began his life story. It was a “Yes” or “No” question.
So I said: “when you are ready to move the computer find me and I’ll shut it down. Unplug it from the wall and leave the cords plugged into the po” –*Boom* –I didn’t get to say: “power strip.” –Bent on ‘showing’ he knew what he was doing –reached over, yanked the plugs out of the puter…. Gee What a ‘Surprise’ they broke –screws inside the holes, the other “half” in his hand. Hence: few blog posts.

So: why don’t I just get the puter fixed –or get another one?  Ever try walking –getting on a bus –into a taxi –with a computer And a monitor?  Maybe I’ll post more on this later, but I’ll say this much:  The Evil one stole my car. May he rot in hell, soon.

* * * * *
Promptly at 6 PM…
–Cupboards full –furniture still in every room –did it matter? Not to them. Movers all decided: they were “done” –for the day. They piled –18 boxes into the smaller truck, headed off to the hotel….  Jeeze. They did return –seven days later!  Jeeze. Plenty of time for Dumbest Human on the Planet to: steal. He had nice pickens, no thanks to the movers…. He WILL get his, some day…. Don’t you just Hope –there IS a hell –for certain people?

* * * * *
Did He Listen…
Told the mover packing up the kitchen: ‘kitchen tools go in the box for the hotel –ALL, please.’

Did he listen? Without a can opener:  hammer in one hand, flathead screwdriver in the other –slowly…very verry slowly…for every-single-can. Mostly:  I stared at the cans, imagined how the contents tasted. No surprise: between the radiation machine/lack of stove, no can opener, no car to get groceries, stomping up/down hotel’s steep hill: I lost weight. Mostly: my diet became weirdly un-balanced. Whodda thunk it: now I crave broccoli…. Want cherry tomatoes –any green thing –fresh berries. Heck, might even eat dreaded zucchini, hang the allergy.

* * * * *
While I was away…Global Pollution Improved, Slightly: Greening of the Planet
The one doing imitation of a governor, badly, in California has a Favorite nazi. nazi: dropped dead. Yea –one less piece of trash on the planet. In case you haven’t done your homework, fell for his act –not smart enough to give your vote to a qualified person: govenidiot was In Love with nazi kurt waldheim. –How much? “Maria and I just love him –we wanted him at our wedding.” Why didn’t nazi waldheim attend their wedding? The US government wouldn’t let the pond-licking sub-human trash into the country: he was on the “Banned” list. How did guven-thug’s favorite nazi get on the List?

Ah, nazi waldheim didn’t like to talk about it…a once-famous dead actor I once adored –until he talked/made up lies for him –denied that the nazi did anything, you know, anti-social. Too bad. This author SAW the photographs: nazi waldheim –in full nazi costume –surrounded by nazi pals –on the cliffs in Greece. Most people don’t even know: there were any Greek Jewish people –thanks to guventhug’s pals. They rounded up Greek Jewish citizens, gave them a choice: they could jump, get shot or shipped. Most: murdered in death camps. That trash: “pal” of California guventhug.

Imitation governor
–The one who cut a deal with ENRON’s dead Ken Lay, Mike Milkin and current White House occupant to Get Into California’s governor office –so he could save Lay’s ass. –You didn’t mind, did you, that guventhug: screwed California as his ass hit the governor’s chair – “settled” Governor Grey Davis’s suit against ENRON, already in the courts, for $.05 on the dollar and thereby got the suit thrown out. Guventhug: cost California approximately THREE BILLION BUCKS.

That was the suit: on ENRON thugs who shut down California’s power grid “for maintenance” during soaring summer heat –refused to turn electricity back on –until customers—families, singles, elderly, hospitals, single parents, disabled, nursing homes, small-business owners—and the state forked over hundreds of dollars –Every week. Still think he is “cool”? That’s the Same ENRON: that screwed its own employees –out of salary –future pension –existing pension, of long-time employees, too aged to go get jobs to survive… THAT’S the trash guventhug hangs with…Every time I see his grinning stupid thug face on TV: I wish somebody would expose him & the ‘deal’ –or smash his face until he Admits what he did. Let’s see those TV cameras Terminate him. Pure pig, on the hoof. He needs to be strung up by his thumbs….

–Too cowardly to go up against Real competition, That suit WAS the reason he “failed” to get into his Party’s Primary –paid off all the women he attacked –used and abused them then bought their silence –used his wife –and willing Oprah Winfry –and You –all to prevent opposition to getting into the governor chair. Still think he is “cool”?

His daddy belonged to the nazi party; daddy’s pals were nazis and daddy NEVER renounced the nazi party. He didn’t see anything wrong with wanting full-blown nazi at his wedding…. How about you? Still think THAT is a person we should second-guess the founders for –to change the Constitution?

He thinks people are: sheep. –Not voters –Sheep who need a leader to follow. He doesn’t care how, doing what, he wants to “lead the sheep; be a leader for the sheep that aren’t smart enough to think for themselves.”

After you know that Maria Shriver, a Kennedy, and the Euro trash she married was “very fond of (nazi) kurt” –any thing she/he says has any value? If President Kennedy was alive –picture him allowing such trash into the family? These are people to allow any prominent place –anywhere in the US? Still think US Constitution should be changed –foreign-born allowed to hold presidential office?

California “Republican”
–who voted for low-class Euro trash? Then you are a hypocrite. You were all steamed over Bill Clinton –Where was your ‘indignation’ –‘moral outrage’ when Euro-trash was exposed for abusing women –while he was married?

California Hispanic
–who thought he AND you would be “macho” if you voted for him? How “macho” do you feel now –now that you know he doesn’t give a damn about you? Don’t whine about the consequences–things he has said, done against you: next time DO your homework –Educate yourself BEFORE you vote –or don’t vote.

California female
–who thought sexual predator –“sexy”? –You have NO excuse when Eight women were willing to go on record, stand before cameras, file suit. How Many remained silent? –How many were paid off? HOW did Euro-trash Get a reputation in this town –so bad that no matter how badly the job was needed, if he was on the picture: women refused to work with him?

Get it Yet
–nazi-lover Will Say Any Thing –Do Any Thing –to step on you to get some adoration, attention? –Any thing except of course experience, education –hard work –the stuff everybody else has to do to attain anything of value. Still glad you threw away your vote –on someone who doesn’t know squat about actually governing? Still think the US Constitution should be changed? If you said “yes” to any of those: –Go, be in love –steroids, died hair, capped teeth, black heart, nazi core, pimp and all, he’s your “man” –and do Not whine about the consequences and don’t come back here. I don’t write for stupid people.

* * * * *
While I was away…WordPress Gnomes
Busy…they made some changes…I don’t fully understand, technically. I did not do it correctly, so if you have a prob with the feed: lemme know, in Commentsection. Please describe whatever as clearly as possible. I’ll go look for solution. Meant to make it easier for you, but I’m clueless…!

Do you read this blog——via an RSS feed? Do me a favor: tell me, in Comment, and which one.

* * * * *
nazi, II
One night on the “Charlie Rose Show” (–June 23?) the guest was a man who wrote a biography of hitler’s propagandist and “filmmaker” lanie refinstahl (–if you think I care enough to look up correct spelling: you haven’t read this blog before).

In art school I took required course “Film Appreciation” at 4 PM once (–twice?) a week. Not hard to take –free movies –in the afternoon. One day without much explanation the instructor ran the film: “Triumph of the Will.”  It was September, in San Francisco and, in case you don’t know:  warmest month in California —our summer. I hadn’t ever heard of her or the film, knew nothing of its context, way didn’t understand german and it had no sub-titles. If you’ve seen the thing you know: with the goose-stepping, yelling, fist-pounding, marching, weaponry, etc, it goes on and on. So I’m sitting in the back of the class, bored, drowsy watching hitler rant.

I hadn’t ever seen more than few seconds of hitler on film, didn’t know if/what of it would be on the test, so, semi-fascinated, it’s droning –I’m watching but on ‘auto-pilot.’ After a long time –suddenly: I said out-loud –involuntarily “it’s flopped!” The instructor, a filmmaker –turned around –then the entire class and in disbelief said   “what did you say”
I said: “it’s flopped –in the long-shot of the nazi flags.”
The instructor, film still running, said: “ I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Instructor stopped the projector and said “I don’t think so, but I’ll re-wind and run it again and show you”
–To which I heard collective *groan* from classmates. Now I’m edgy, felt his skepticism/disdain, began to feel insecure –but I knew what I saw –or thought I did.

Instructor: “I’ve looked at this film many times; I’ve shown it to dozens of classes over the years –I’ve never seen it and neither has anyone else.”
Another collective *groan* It takes a long time to rewind back to that part, then the Instructor: freezes the film.

Slowly –huge flags rise –music builds –flags appear –*Viola! –there it is: the swastikas: backwards –flopped.

Instructor: “–I’ve never seen it –you are the first person who noticed, the symbols are backwards.”

Why? Why did she do that? It was no surprise to her –that the lowest scum that had ever walked the earth had hired her—after her scheming, self-promotion—to make a film glorifying him. She knew: which way the perverted Indian symbols went. –she shot, edited, screened the thing –thousands of nazis –millions of krouts saw it. –Nobody said anything? Why were the swastikas backwards?

She was still alive when I saw the film. I thought of writing to her, asking. But dismissed the idea –I had no idea where she was, how to get a letter to her –doubted she would tell me the answer even if I could find her. But it bothered me. When the Internet flattened all walls she was 95. I looked to see if I could find her, gave up.

The swastikas appear the right way in every scene but one. She is dead now. Why do you think she did it? Leave your thoughts in “Comments” below.

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Did you ever see a dead body –in the street?  I have –twice, most recently only two years ago. It has a profound effect…. Every morning:  people wake up, go outside –20 –70 bodies…Picture seeing –hands bound –some headless –on the street –in the neighborhood –in the allies, beside small shops –neighbors, brothers, uncles, nieces, mothers…in Iraq. Imagine: living with THAT.  –Not Knowing:  you –your family member Next –your child going off to learn –never coming home from school –ever?…. American media:  know all about that. What story do they tell –focus on?

A man got on a plane to go get married. American media: used that to whip sheep –into a frantic frenzy…the man has a disease. Is he contagious? If so: why doesn’t his fiancée, then bride, have it? American media don’t know, don’t care –they “can’t” be bothered to tell you –what the local prostitutes, AKA Local government, are up to –how local schools are educating/failing to ready children for the world –any thing that Matters to your life. –They way got Loads of our airwaves –print space to Focus –on the “cute” fuzzy animal story –on Drivel –on ah-mazingly dumb wannabe Ac-tors –on Crap. Click on FCC website –Complaint page –Speak UP.

If You Don’t Protest: the Crap media ‘delivers’ –DO NOT Whine –when your government has been stolen –your Rights –gone, taken by imperial utterly incompetent uneducated indifferent arrogant ignorant gross pig –the mega-wealthy get ALL that they want –your children go off to wars You didn’t want –while you sit and rock, working your mind:  How you will pay for medical care –for disease you have –now that you & your spouse watched your job get exported to China –surrounded by toxins, lethal fish, produce, pet food –in a world that grows more pollution daily –and American media cranks out More crap on “celebrities” and fake news…. Then: it will be Too Late.

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Ah, Bliss…
Home! Finally Really really actually home, broken puter, loads of boxes and all! Eight Weeks –but back…the squirrels…the little garden, cherry tomatoes –Calla lilies –hydrangea growing great…the beautiful old trees…the new pedestal sink…smooth fresh ceilings…doors all weather-stripped …windows all fresh…furnace fixed. Jubilation! –Found the toothbrushes, the lemons, the world’s greatest bread knife –one coffee cup –the remote control –the case of red wine –nice! But: Would pay to know exact location –mouse pad –hair brush –can -bottle opener. –Cash money, really. Well, they have to be in –one of the 106 –97 boxes…but: the shelf top –of the large bookcase???  Hmmm?

If you have a place to come home to:  be grateful. Everything is only possile with: home. –Think about your life –if you didn’t have a roof over it…. If you can:  help someone else have a place to come home to –few things are more important. Mine –daVine –and even better when all the un-packing, decorating –ideas for it done! daVine!   Where is that box of shoes….

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