End of 2010: Tastes, Taxies, Taxes, Teas, Toppers, TV odds, ends

No one needs a calendar  –we Know:   but no matter How Much we Think we prepared, it does no good, December arrives –with chaos.  We scream, silently, ‘WHY isn’t there Another week in this month’ …ah well.

So busy:  forgot to buy cocoa –the good one:  imported Droste…when I first found it:  a box cost $3 -something, last year $11 -something, who knows this year… but winter without it –borrrr-ing… it probably costs less from the Internet, but who wants to wait…  and didn’t even Think –remember to get Broguiere’s, Best egg nog made by anyone –in glass bottle, from the last dairy still standing in Los Angeles.  I’ve never found -created an egg nog that even comes close to being as good….  It’s even a pleasure to take the bottle back, for recycling and refund.  Well, guess no chance of any now, next year?   

Prosecco –with tiny taste of tangerine juice, still delish for New Year’s morning Parade watching….

Bottega Louie…Lousy Louie???
I just wanted some bread, good crusty bakery loaf… trudged down to the “deli”… Somebody, please, Explain that place to me… when it opened last year:  I so wanted to like it –I tried, really hard to …like it.  First you have to cope –noise bouncing, off every hard white marble surface, everywhere –“music” –so loud your brain, ears happy for street noise… then you have to wait –till the oh-so-hip behind the counter finish talking –to each other –so many clumped back there it’s a mystery… but they way ain’t interested in talking to Customers….

In the beginning:  fat loaves –multi-grain whole wheat, de-lish –and yippee: they had Walnettos, favorite of every boomer who remembers the tiny squares that just fit in tiny pockets…great oatmeal cookies, 3/$1.  Deli case:  loaded with excellent choices, not all consistently good –not all consistently available, but pasta -Chinese tofu noodles -mac & cheese -veggies w/unique sauces –very worth the trip, even with the cheese choices –$10 to $14 More per pound than anywhere else…

Then once just before 7 pm:  All of it GONE, except the noise.  Completely empty deli case –“oh, we don’t do that any more” –no deli –no dinner to go –in the evening???  —Loaves: reduced to saucer-size, but still at $5+.  In conversations with waiting others:  bad reviews on various menu choices–“never order pizza”–so I gave whole thing a pass, for months. 

But wanting Bread, popped in –and shouldn’t have bothered:  entire deli case –filled with Nothing to eat –all sugar, colored up for holidays –where’s the Food?  “Deli at the end wall” –one plate each:  fish -chicken -pig -broccoli…slim pickens…for vegetarian…. 

Dead-center of loft central, full of singles, But: No communal table –no comfortable, cozy creative dinner –no To Go choices –and:  No more visits to arrogant noisy stuck up over-priced lousy Louie.  How the heck:   are they still in business?

But Search Continues –WHERE is the great Bakery
–between Silver Lake and downtown?  Half a dozen chocolatiers shops –but No bakery bread –‘homemade’ pie –good cookies???   How’s that Possible in town full of foodies –and ‘famous’ chefs???  Ya, and good luck hunting up “local bakery” on The Internets….

Rituals…London, Mexico, Manhattan…San Francisco…Los Angeles…no matter where in the world, no matter what Else:  always Afternoon Tea, journal writing, on my birthday… some place beautiful, special… this year:  bad table, which I liked anyway –great service –scrumptous Tea. 

Elegant tiny tasty sandwiches –though some places serve as courses, next on the epergne:  scones missing, replaced with odd but tasty pumpkin square and clotted crème -French jams; next:  elegant chocolate shapes of delight, then fourth of more –dipped strawberry, a fruit triangle, a chocolate ‘cake’ encased in dark chocolate…instead of tea -strong coffee, which makes British waiters laugh, but no one minded sherry, a very good one, substituted for champagne, which I think never goes with chocolate, went Very well with all the tiny fine arts… and writing, about the year, at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel, downtown…. Superb service, earned every bit of large tip….

Do the teabaggers, the actual ones –not the ones ‘manufactured’ by the Koch brothers and Karl-crush-Democrats-Rove, Get:  if EVERY department -agency -bureau –employee of federal government was closed –shut down –fired, the Amount “saved” Would NOT equal the Amount Owed on our Debt?  Do they?

I’ve done enough homework to KNOW:  people who have “joined” Tea… party:  mostly retired –mostly collecting Disability –Social Security –Unemployment checks –BUT:  they ‘want’ Government in Reduced size–just not THEIR part –that sends checks…. 

So ill-informed people, sipping tea, DON’T UNDERSTAND how government Really works:  gave away their vote –to the un-witch –the uninformed angry –the muddle-brained –the newbie –Put responsible Republicans in Serious No-win situation.

If the Republicans who Know what they’re doing:  keep on doing whatever –diss the “will” of Teabaggers –booted in two years.  The Ignorant newbies:  claim they don’t mind if they’re booted in two years.  In the meanwhile?  The old hands:  will ‘reward’ those that funded them –Wall Street weasels –Penta-goon contractors –medical insurance moochers.  –So the rest of us will get –good and screwed.

The Regulators –who are supposed to Watch –that the rules get followed, follow the few allowed to do Whatever, create more Madoffs without funding to follow any.  The rich:  will get So Much richer…  When:  will the screwed-over march in the street –march on Washington, assuming they Have enough to eat to march anywhere.

Republicans –Could have ‘baked’ really good loaves –reduced to reverting to revisionary role –revved by Teabaggers wanting ‘yesteryear’ that Never was. 

Meanwhile:  those who gave senior adults the ‘Donut’ –prescription drug ‘hole’ –two un-funded wars –relaxation of rules that rocketed Forty THOUSAND manufacturing companies OUT of the US –blindness to torture -lies –violations:  still at it.

Republicans:  either Truly Don’t understand monetary policy –Ben Bernanke’s shanigans –How to create jobs –or do, but want to make Pres. Obama Look Bad, will Do Nada….  Those shocked to arrive at the curb –of home they used to own, stolen by un-regulated un-investigated do-nothing Darrell Issa:  will ask ‘what now’…and will get back sound of Silence.

Bankster bastards –corporate weasels, Target -Haliburton -oily boys -Chamber of horrors ‘commerce’ crowd, Wall Steet weasels –abetted by the no-supreme boys on the bench:  will, eventually, twist the United States of America into a knot so rife with corruption it will take Middle-class -middle-wage earners rioting to un-do.

WHOM do They Imagine:  will be their ‘customers’ if middle-class ex mortgage holders –ex employed –morphed into home-less mob?

Employed Americans –would morph the Debt –the Deficit –the Devaluation of the dollar back to Do-able.  But not on THIS path….

Personally:  I’m de-lighted the Elephants have enough members to control the House.  The rounded-up recipe of dysfunctional Republicans –who only mouth the Talking Points –cannot even begin to Deliver any thing that matters.  –Just a ‘release’ valve, for the Glenn Becky ginned up ignorant Teabaggers, will occupy the seats for only two years.  –You’ll see:  two years will zip by….

Hey, Taxi…
Some downtown things: seemed smarter by taxi… driver to the Biltmore: nice person, and swiped the card; taxi driver from the Biltmore: not so much… I knew instantly: a dirty guy –claimed ‘don’t worry about meter, I not charge you’ –while meter tick -tick -$3 more than identical trip to same destination.

Next day I called the company to say so, but discovered: neither got paid –magnent strip back of the card not working? Not into theft: I called first company, gave details to get driver paid. Second company: told me to “quit harassing” them when I tried to do the same.  Pretty strange –who drives people –uses up gas –for free?

daVine Lesson, in Los Angeles:  Checker cab –check.  But Bell cab –only if you’re a boob, they are bonkers.

UnTax…The Rich…
At holiday party: I met a man usually nobody usually meets. Consultant –to Democratic causes, campaigns, candidates –just as he was headed for the door. Still smarting –from the bloodless bout Pres. Obama ‘fought’ with the elephants over taxes, and still miffed, mystified, I asked his take on entire Don’t Tax the Rich deal.

He grinned broadly and said: it was brilliant of Obama; he said people have No Idea how little the Republicans care about ‘little’ people. If he hadn’t made the deal: he wouldn’t have gotten all the things he got out of it, it was very very smart.” Oh

Okay…but I Still need somebody to Explain: WHY richest 2% of Americans CANNOT speak up –DO the right thing –PAY 4% more tax when the law was WRITTEN for them to Go Back to paying 39% –one of world’s lowest tax rates. Warren Buffet, richest person in US, pays 14% while his secretary pays 35% tax –and the fairness –the debt –the righeousness of that is???

Oprah –Steve Forbes –CEO of Burglars of America (BofA) –Goldman Sachs –Koch brothers: DON’T PAY fair share –amount of tax code, but Do enjoy the benefits –and ‘patriot’ reputation —Why? They ain’t daVine….

Just Top-of-the-head Topper…
I wanted a hat –thick, stylish –warm hat for the cold. Sheesh, I may have wanted a trip on a SST. Google “hat” –pick a neighborhood, any area –and Good Luck with that. For all the ‘hot’ –tech toy –apps –wise guy stuff: The ‘Internets’ REALLY have Looong way to go.

You CANNOT FIND a Place to buy a hat. At least with the good old Yellow Pages: if you know the alphabet –turn to “H” and have at it. No Way does THAT work –for finding Good hat…. Amazon has hats…5,700 of them…total number you can try on: zero. By the time I Find: winter no longer daVine….

Senators, at least the ones that count: didn’t seem to care: they actually voted –to let a company that provides ‘pipes’ –also provide the content that goes THROUGH their very own pipes…thus: in about two weeks Comcast, the guys who started out their corporate life with Really Lousy reputation, will take over parts of NBC….

What, do you suppose, are the odds: we, the viewers of content, will get Good Stuff out of those pipes? We’ll be Lucky to get Odds, Ends –leftover junk… reporters –journalistic standards –ethics??? Ya, right. KNBC on-air readers: turned into mush –gooey, disgusting bores now, how much worse will it get with people who don’t know ANY thing about delivering News –doing reporting.

People on TV: ‘do’ cooking segments
–So gross. WHEN will Somebody TELL them: it is Tacky –Low class –diz-gusting to EAT on camera? Sheesh, did ALL come from low-class homes with Zero manners??? What do they: Imagine a viewer gets out of seeing them chomp away? Not diz-gusting Enough: they try to TALK with packed cheeks. Really: How Dumb are these people? –Not a single one has director with brains, class?

Ah well, while we were busy with the holidays…FCC: voted for Net Neutrality …daVine…
Eventually: we won’t have to bother with pipe-fitters –trash news –sly FOX or any junk dealers. We will pull what we want, when we want it off the Internet –Everything we want except good bread -deli -hats -politicians, news… not so daVine ….


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