“…covered your asses” 9/11 –Criminals –Holes

Tom Brokaw said he was doing a  program about September 11.

I respect Tom Brokaw, grew up watching former NBC nightly news anchor, one of the few who has journalistic standards, ethics.  He informed –without drippy emotion, drivel, ‘darling’ animal junk. He wrote about the Greatest Generation, who fought nazies in WW II.

I turned on the two-hour program, worked on the computer as he did the tick-tock about the day of September 11, 2001.  I waited for the second hour.

Everyone, except those born since then, already Knows the details of that beautiful hideous fall day.   Americans know –the who -what -when minutia.  We Don’t Know:  Why.
Brokaw didn’t deliver.   The minutia -the personal stories on and on.  Nothing to learn.

By Saturday afternoon:  it was apparent –the mega-corporate media were doing Me Too only –no program on any channel –not one, went beyond the tear level.  I was steamed. WHERE was The Rest of the Story…

Though 3,000 miles away, I was up, TV on that dawn –I saw the pictures –the first plane –fiery Tower. I saw the second jet slam  Tower 2 –said to myself:  why… who has been doing what –that somebody hates us so much they would do that…

By the time–
jet crashed in Washington –jet smashed into Pennsylvania field –all all planes ordered to land immediately, I was angry.   –Angry at it, angry I’d been so busy hadn’t kept up, didn’t have Clue One what was going on, Why.

The Internet –wasn’t so easy -full of info ten years ago, but I kept TV on non-stop as I plowed through everything I could find.  I was plenty suspicious….

Stunned –The Thug & The Dick had been shot-putted into the White House –not by votes but via no-longer supreme court –I wasn’t over it (never will be).      What had the CIA been doing, on their watch.

–Then Announcement:  NORAD alerted, sent to shoot down hijacked planes –Air Force sent in wrong direction??? I flat Didn’t Believe that was possible…

–The Thug –shown in a school room, open book -children seated in front of him –he sat reading after told what happened –sat –fake concern look –sat…seven minutes…

Haven’t met anyone who remembers–
I heard reporters Next day,  jumbled frightening, bizarre story:  “FBI removed a man from a San Diego house who has been living with two of the men who flew the planes” –repeated many times by many, but only that day, NEVER mentioned again.  –Why not

–HOW the hell Could FBI have a snitch —IN the house but DIDN’T Know what was going to happen??  –What was he doing there –who was he –What DID he know –How long was he there –How did they come to put him in That house –WHERE did they take him…

Day After–
a plane –ONLY plane allowed in the sky –swooped over the US –picked up Saudis, flew them OUT of the US… Why… Who Knew where they all were… Why did they go…

Who could risk going to sleep…
–Los Angeles –with so many famous parts -people –next?   With dread, I expected hit…

Stupid media — ‘reported’ repeats, night, day –until… the onion started to get peeled… The Thug had been given a Report –in January–nine months before: “Osama bin Evil Wants to Fly Plane into American Building” –o…m…g

SHOWED –actual Report –his response “okay, now you’ve covered your asses” –Say WHAT? “Commander”-in-Chief mouths off to Intelligence officers –“covered” as in:  he was expecting it –KNEW –say what??  –But —doesn’t Order:  airport personnel to Step Up –double-check ID -passengers -Visas -Passports??   –Not Word One to police departments –to listeners of ‘chatter’ –to Air Force –NOBODY?   Huh?

–Somebody told YOU: your home going to be burgled, you would –DO Nothing??

Told “Go shop”
–while Nation’s Guard tossed OUT of the country –without enough night goggles, water, maps or even bullets –to attack country with ZERO ability to attack this one —DIDN’T attack, nothing whatsoever to do with attack or terrorists …so Why

Senators told ‘Sign here’
Handed a 1,600-page document night before the morning vote –just happened to be ready only weeks after the  attack –makes Americans “secure” –strips us of liberty –of Rights Guaranteed in the Constitution, that orders librarians to become spies or be fired… WHY

Contractor, pals of The Dick
Get No Bid, No Compete contract –to serve up ice cream, hot meals and laundry at THREE bucks a pound in the desert —LOCAL $.64 gas –at $4. a gallon to the military and interrogators–unqualified–who answer to No One, who humiliate -torture Iraqis… with photos…

daVine Remedy –on Penta-goons?

The general, female, told -not to command, sit in the corner mouth shut, blame HER for contractors’ abuse… Demoted –she resigns in protest –NOBODY investigates… ship only a female private to prison… everyone else involved –goes free…Why

NO Penta-goon hauled before Congress
contractors still walking around, pockets loaded with American borrowed dough –but they DON’T pay any tax on it, American pals of The Dick –registered their corporation —off-shore, in tax-free place, so all the money they got from us, thanks to the Penta-goons –they Keep…

But: good ol’ Dicky, “Chief” of the Joints, Admits on “FACE THE NATION” –he received evidence of abuse on hundreds –illegally detained –Iraqi prisoners –Three MONTHS earlier, from European Red Cross –but didn’t LOOK at it…his butt also not hauled up before any investigative committee…

In our name: decades-old treaties WE wrote, after WW II, signed by all the decent, violated –humans on no evidence, tortured…

WHEN will Any over-paid ‘reporter’ tell the John O’Neil story –ever?  The One Person who figured out the terrorists –connected the dots –tried to tell ‘management’ –fired by FBI for trivial/fake infraction –took a job as head of Security –for World Trade Center…murdered September 11…

A man… long-time management engineer, happened to spot a door he’d never seen before, pulled it open: discovered “our” government –spying –lying –illegally listening in on ALL Americans’ conversations –sending all AND e-mail to Intelligence –NO knowledge, approval, warrant of ANY judge, thanks to Texas pals who bought AT&T…

Caught –exposed, AT&T
uses their money –as wisely as when they shipped $9 mil to their Very Good Pal –for an introduction, when they wanted the contract to wire up Saudi Arabia. A bill in the Senate:  gets them Immunity from Prosecution… No Thanks to California Senator Diane Feinstein, who, among others, helped…

Oil… What about oil –“we will pay for the war –with Iraqi oil” –just take it, as in grand theft??

I don’t know why I didn’t publish Saturday afternoon… I just kept monitoring the coverage…
then gold: Fareed Zaccaria –had The Rummy at “GPS” table…

he asked some of the questions not sob-sister Sawyer -pretty-boy Brian Williams –Chunky Todd –Joe too Scared-borough –any other American “reporter” too bought/too chicken to put to him… when The Rummy tried to turn on the charm -work his weasel way out of answering, Fareed deflected attempt to seduce, to evade –stuck with Asking… Closest anyone has gotten to the Truth… but he didn’t ask:  WHY The Rummy hasn’t apologized for ordering TWO wedding parties –shot…

Then “60 Minutes”
–what a pleasure, Lara Logan with a former FBI agent who speaks Arabic… drilled down on CIA-torture-water boarding –failure, futility to gather A Useful thing… did it make The Dick or The Thug squirm?   No camera for that reaction shot…

We –Americans, the world, still Don’t Know —Why
Osama bin BastardofEvil & Co hates America so much… Why they murdered Americans –why 343 of the best of us died trying to save them…

What is daVine Remedy
for American side –for lying -spying -pallets of borrowed billions bagged -rights stripped -abuse  -fake WMD -undercover agent’s ID exposed -violations -coercion -lying to Congress, Torture, crimes against humanity –murder?

Department of Justice:  refuses to prosecute, even investigate.

That leaves:  International Court.

As long as Americans DON’T know –Holes aren’t filled, we Aren’t “safe” –“safer” –we’re just in Ignorance and it ain’t bliss.

Send a Process Server for entire ‘Administration’ –haul their butts into International Court –demand the Truth, the Whole Truth –before and after 9/11.  Yes We can handle it.

Media, reporters:  Grow up —stop telling fantasies.

War on Terrorists –When Those who love power, money arrested –we can shred The un-Patriot Act of grotesque theft, get our country –our military back… THEN we can work on Those Who Hate… daVine….

* * * * *

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