Hire Racist? Fire: NBC

Donald Trump in February 2009

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Don Trump –you could call him illiterate incompetent immoral self-absorbed narcissist gasbag –until recently.

Small by any measure except scales, Don:    outed himself –as a racist.

Unless you don’t have  TV or any friends, you know lumpy has been all over the media –questioning the citizenship of President of the United States.   Why?

Vulgar hump Trump:   desperate –for money, using President’s birth place as attention-grabber to pump up his profile –to make him more “valuable” during contract negotiations for his trash “reality” waste-of-an-hour.  How do I know –Trump is desperate for money?

One parent, with part-time job, graduated Stanford University –tied for first place, taught at Berkeley during medical residency, world-respected doctor; step-parent –cutting room to movie studio division head, only one to  read music:  I was exposed to all kinds –dinner guests –family friends.  –Researchers –musicians -a judge at age 25, scientists, artists, tiny wealthy White Russian woman  escaped the Communists: swam ocean naked –surgeons –directors -producers –composers, like Jerry Goldsmith -Hitchcock favorite Bernard Herrmann; Streisand got whatever she wanted –with step-parent’s OK.

“the beauty of me…”
Fascinated -riveted, growing up I studied adults, learned, among many things:  Great people NEVER mention their greatness.

The Rump has “far more than $2 billion”?  —IF True:  Why is he making TV trash –for a paycheck?  –Has “made lots and lots of money with the Chinese.”     —IF true:  WHY didn’t he support Americans –made products with American workers?

Remember the joke –about the billionaire boys, Texas Hunt brothers wiped out when they tried to corner the world’s silver market:   how do you make a million dollars?  Start with a billion.  The Clump who cannot speak English correctly:   couldn’t make money owning a casino.   IF any True:  why has Trump filed for bankruptcy –several times?

IF his brags were True:  he wouldn’t be saying them.  

How Dumb is Don?
We have hundreds if not thousands of intelligence agents –FBI –CIA — others, their FULL TIME job:   investigate.   But don’t do background-check on candidates for national office???  –Wouldn’t SPEAK UP if they found a “foreigner” –would allow  foreign-born to be their Commander-in-Chief???   Really?

How Stupid?
Don –Knows squat about international relations -diplomacy -military anything.  “Foreign policy”:   –“just go in and take –take their oil.”   The Stump:  FOR stealing.   Hmmm… if some country stole our assets?   uh, I Think NEXT MOVE called “w-a-r”

LIED about the President –claimed “spent $2 million to hide his birth place”  –not true.  Republican governors –then, now:  would have to have helped him –-but why?   Dumb Don made it up –to get attention.

IF he REALLY cared about “birth place”:   Republican John McCain opposing/Republican candidate, was born in Panama NOT part of the US at the time he was born.  Where was dumb Don’s “concern” about the white non-citizen candidate during the election?

Hello IowaKansas conservatives:  the comb-over king who is ‘thinking’ about being your President –dated wife #2 while married to mother of his children. oh well, Maybe much-younger wife #3 will last -won’t get fired.

Have you noticed:  Those who blather on others’ “morality” —get caught in bed -in men’s rooms —signing earmarks for teapot museums -bridges to nowhere –giving away billions to billionaires, ignore it’s Americans’ money.

WHERE was Big Mouth when Republicans:  emptied the Treasury –put nation in deep debt  –for drug-makers –oily boys –military contractors —two unfunded wars with Nation’s Guard but without night goggles -water -maps or even enough bullets, ALL concocted -voted on by hundreds of white wise guys in Congress?

“Smarty”-pantsdoesn’t KNOW how many people are in Congress –how to write, even read,  laws.

Knows he:  “gets along with the blacks very very well”   Really?  YOU know any non-racists who talk like that?

Who will give ragged racist a paycheck?
His trash-talk show:  has been on NBC.  Who owns media giant NBC:  half owned by giant corporate bomb-maker GE, weapons contractor to the Pentagon, but loosing money, big, desperate for cash, sold half of NBC to a cable corporation.

GE:  the “folks” who make –good tax returns.  The one they turned in last week:  took over 900 accountants to produce —24,000 pages –added up to?  NBC parent GE figured on their $4.2 BILLION buck profit

Classic General Electric neon sign, in Willaco...

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–federal income tax they owe:   $0
and really ‘cool’:  on top of that profit IRS owes them –a refund

Children Watching
I feel sad –for people growing up now.  The media has ripped out standards -panders non-stop –to lowest common dummies. THAT’S what we want to show next generation?  Once:  the network was about -excellence, quality, Best Possible — “NBC White Papers” –debates -superb reporters -great cartoons –classical music concerts -plays.   –NOT pandering -barrel-bottom scraping -lifting junk off other channels they do now.

Added Up Next Month
NBC –desperate for viewers –cash, will decide –announce if they will re-hire frump Trump –for another season of trash-talk of  “C” List hasbeens.  –No “A” List celebrity –would be caught at a party with dumb Don, nevermind on his TV trash trek.

A racist –in your home?
Licensed by FCC –NBC: using public’s air waves –to shove garbage –gambling -vicious violence –aped asses –ex Tele-prompter worker pretty-boy “reporter” Brian Williams –sleazy “entertainer” lousy Leno who used a lousy actor running for office to get ratings, but “couldn’t” find time to obey Equal Time rule for his opponent in Calif’s governor race –racist dumb Don.

daVine Remedy for racism –racist –employer of racist:
Government contracts given to NBC owner GE and doesn’t pay taxes:   send your thoughts to Department of Defense

Write to –NBC  –using public’s air waves –to make money on a racist’s show

Share your thoughts –with GE… gooey ads
–of self-serving anti-patriotic  corporation –owner of NBC:  doesn’t pay any tax… your money:   spent on their light bulbs –spent on lobbyists to squeeze Congress members –economy –in their favor.

daVine  remedy  –Do more than read
NBC will announce their decision in TWO WEEKS –if they will give Trump another contract for “reality” show  –Want Trump on NBC? 
-Do the Poll
-click –Answer all that apply
Click  “share this” (poll bottom) –send to Twitter Contacts –post on Facebook
results sent to NBC:

send POLL  to e-mail contacts, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, sorority/ fraternity, PTA, religious group

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