Ditch Corp’s –Create Your OWN Job? White House: Helping

Fed up looking for a job? Hate your soul-killing over-worked under-paid job –working for some obscenely over-paid pension-stealing blockhead who wouldn’t recognize a Good idea if it was gift-wrapped? –Really really want to leave corporations in the Dirt? THIS Time is for You, Binky.

Just as I was entering the business world– I heard the story–
A man invented a new product, on his own time, in his garage –product so original: nothing like it existed in the market place. He mentioned it to a co-worker –who mentioned it –yadda yadda till the head of the company for which he worked –ordered him to give it the corporation.

The man who created –product so new, so hot –so popular it generated entirely new food category, sued. Corporation: ‘buried’ the creator with lawyers; net: multi-millions, even decades later. “Carnation Instant Breakfast” creator: received $30,000 –TOTAL, died un-credited, in debt, penniless.

I thought the story so important, valuable –instructive, never forgot it.

Think of the Real you –person you were –age 5 –at age 6: what sane, Thinking adult would submit that person to working entire life for huge corporation?

Corporations –anti-American?
During past ten years: 40 THOUSAND US manufacturing corporations have shut down, moved off-shore –start up in China: production only if they disclose ALL technology, plans –some to make $.02 more per unit –Profit utterly lost on shipping costs –Market lost, Americans without job, cannot buy = utter stupidity.

I worked for a giant bank corporation –once, temporarily. The immorality –greed –stupidity of bloated corporations so rampant: vowed I’d sweep floors before I’d do it again.

I never did either one: used my skills, ideas, passion –created my own job, my own business –a few actually; first one: at age 8.

daVine Remedy
Create your own job! If You have had Enough –slave-hood, stupidity –want to live the real you, create, pool all you learned -know to fill that ‘hole’ in the world you’ve identified: This White House wants to help You!

Startup America:  New Commitments Fueling America’s Entrepreneurs

Posted by Austan Goolsbee on April 20, 2011 at 08:46 AM EDT

This afternoon at Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley, following the President’s national town hall on Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity, I’ll join a group of entrepreneurs for a livestreamed panel on Startup America, the White House-led initiative to encourage and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship across the country.

This initiative is a top priority for President Obama. Entrepreneurship is a key ingredient to economic growth. Startups all across the country play a crucial role in job creation, since these companies generate the lion’s share of net new jobs. Startups are also responsible for developing breakthroughs in industries such as information technology, biotechnology, and clean energy that will allow the United States to compete and win in the global economy.

The Obama Administration is doing its part to create the right environment for high-growth entrepreneurship. We are reducing taxes, streamlining and eliminating burdensome regulations, increasing access to capital, expanding opportunities for high-quality mentorship and entrepreneurial education, and speeding up the commercialization of federally funded research.

Here are some highlights of our progress to date:

* We have eliminated capital gains taxes on qualified small business investments made in 2011 and the President has called to make this incentive permanent.
* We’re focused on removing barriers to entrepreneurship, especially federal regulations or rules that do more harm than good. We’re in the middle of a national tour to listen to entrepreneurs, and identify where we can cut red tape to make it easier to start and grow a business. And we urge you to submit your own ideas for reducing barriers.
* The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has made an open call for investment managers and limited partners to take advantage of its new Impact Investment Initiative, which will deploy $1 billion in capital to match private sector investments in small companies focused on emerging sectors or underserved markets.
* As part of the Joining Forces initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to mobilize support for military families, SCORE has created the new Veteran Fast Launch Initiative that will accelerate high-growth startups founded by veterans and their families. The new program leverages SCORE’s national network of 13,500 volunteer mentors and trainers, the SBA’s Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOC), and a package of services, scholarships and free software provided by major corporate partners. Veteran Fast Launch will support 16,000 military veterans and their families and help launch 3,000 new businesses during the first year.
* In an effort to ensure the best return on our nation’s $148 billion annual investment in federal R&D, the Department of Energy just launched an initiative called “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” that cuts upfront patent licensing costs and challenges entrepreneurs to commercialize technologies from our national laboratories.
* We’re identifying more ways to ensure that entrepreneurs can access the capital they need to grow and create jobs. Led by Secretary Geithner, the Treasury Department recently convened an Access to Capital Conference bringing together policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, and academics to figure out how both the public and private sectors can unlock access to capital at each stage of growth for a small company.
* Senior Administration officials are expanding outreach to entrepreneurs and investors on how the President’s policies and priorities are unleashing new market opportunities for entrepreneurs, including in education technology.

However, we know that the private sector, not the government, is the most important driver of entrepreneurial activity. That is why we are proud to announce a new private-sector alliance called the Startup America Partnership.

* The Partnership has secured new commitments that will deliver over $400 million of value to U.S. entrepreneurs, through core services from over a dozen companies including American Express, Google, HP, Intuit, and Microsoft. This is on top of the first round of major private-sector commitments announced by the Partnership when it launched less than 90 days ago. Clearly chairman Steve Case, CEO Scott Case (no relation), founding board member Carl Schramm and the rest of the Partnership team have been busy.

In his State of the Union address, the President reminded us that “America was born to win the future.” The President believes that entrepreneurs will be architects of that future and central to America’s ability to compete and prosper in the 21st century.

We are still in the startup phase of Startup America, but we are already seeing big results. Both the Obama Administration and the private sector are doing what it takes to answer the President’s call to action – enhancing the ability of entrepreneurs across the country to develop new ideas and create new jobs. Stay tuned for more news from the White House and the Startup America Partnership, as these campaigns continue to forge ahead.

Austan Goolsbee is Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

Need –goal focus –business plan/definition of “business plan”  –marketing answers –small, big mysteries solved –High quality, relevant help NOW?   Start:   writing –actually write out your FIRST ideas -thoughts -questions –insecurities –worries, fears, what-ifs.   DO NOT censor yourself -edit for ‘public’ viewing, just Write the Real stuff you want to KNOW.

Then:  call up SCORE –there’s a chapter in every major city –get an appointment.   –Take your notes, instincts -common sense and Go –to the place full of Been There Done That peeps –former bookkeepers  –marketing mavens –shipping geniuses –accountants –CEOs –sales reps –who now use their skills, knowledge, wisdom, smarts for Fun –helping newbies.  Ask away.

Listen –with a pen, pay Real attention, drill down.   Maybe:  your Idea –tweaked a tad is the way to go –could be marketable….  –Remember NOBODY knows it All, not everyone will click, But:  Paired up with a blockhead –idea-killer –intimidator –past the sell-by goof?  Go with your instincts –Just Get:  another appointment.  If:  entirely disinterested business person says same thing –you don’t want to hear:  Only you can decide what next.

You really REALLY want to KNOW = if your product –idea –service will ‘fly’ –but zero bucks to do full out marketing survey?
1st Ask yourself:  would YOU lay out cash money for “X” –if Joe Blow was offering?
#2 –no joke, I’ve done this –and many times, sometimes saved myself tons of grief, money:  ask people in the street/bus/post office line, etc –what they think about “x” problem –do they need/wish they had “X”
–would they pay $x for it, no, then $”y”
–what would be the easiest way/place to for them to get “X”/HOW would they want to get it
If it’s an entirely new product/idea/service: of course be vague enough not to give away your idea yet accurate enough to get meaningful response.

Once, ready to start a business, but undecided between two, life-long desire to make women’s shoes with unique features: I spotted a well-known, mature actress sitting at nearby outdoor table. –Ideal customer, certainly could afford, so without all the details how my shoes would be better than any on the market, I asked her: would she buy? Though she didn’t want to talk, she gave enough answer, details –for me to decide.

The market –small-ish, even as mail-order, difficult sale –on stream-lined custom-made shoes with unique features. So I used my connections -ideas, went with larger market, near universally-wanted, easier sale: grade #1 hard-to-get, unique Middle Eastern, Asian spices, staples. Got to know, fed by (lol), enjoyed –some of the best, most creative famous chefs around. For nearly 15 years: deeply satisfying, creative (often gave recipes, suggestions) –tons of fun.

So daVine Remedy for You?


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