March 8, 2011 Election Result: Dumb da da DUMB

Proof that children –teachers –parents have to get Very Serious about education:  results of March 8, 2011 election in Los Angeles.  Hard clear:  barely half of people who vote understand the issues -the duplicity –the ballot well enough to make intelligent choices.

The Others who, unfortunately, are allowed to vote:  too dumb, stupid to have a clue –but everyone else has to suffer the consequences.

Those who actually voted “For” Jose Huizer:  voted for the one who LIED to parents –caused the last important landmark in Los Angeles to be destroyed, Ambassador Hotel.  But he NEVER told  neighborhood parents their children wouldn’t attend the high school mess erected in its place.

–Huizer:  didn’t say toxic waste would be exposed once the beautiful historic hotel was turned into rubble, delaying construction for Long, long time

–didn’t allow speakers to Explain:  neighborhood families COULD have  low-cost condos for families, for teachers –the hotel rooms  remodeled into elegant affordable housing that EARNED money for stupid School District.

The deceitful Huizer failed to discuss:  the historic hotel –ballroom –restaurant –swimming pool –gym –gardens turned into a school could have produced revenue for LA school district –for decades.

Huizer:  used parents, their children to get onto LA City Council –to go from earning $24,000 a year to around $250,000 –a 1/4 million bucks based on deception, lies.  He gets his face on camera –at crime scenes, what crime has he reduced?

People in the District:  had all the evidence they needed –to make smart decision.  They chose Stupid, instead.  Everyone else in Los Angeles has to live with consequences –and pay his expenses, his pension.

Bernard Parks, No Doubt, would dearly enjoy ONLY being called “Liar.”  To those who voted for the fired cop:  You cost everyone serious money.

While the incompetent useless Parks:  is focused on people’s use of tobacco –college-bound, football players, hardworking students –aunts –infants –fathers getting shot, murdered for no reason at all, as Parks looks off into the distance, unmoved to DO Thing ONE to stop the carnage.

WHERE THE HELL is your outrage –your march –your Demand he Deal with graffiti –gangbangers –guns –grotesque murder?

No problem –with innocents getting murdered?   Then how about incompetence to DO his job:  failure to oversee DWP –failure to get them, a CITY agency, to fork over the money they OWE; Failure to deal with rates –rationing –busted pipes/infrastructure?  Too boring?

WHERE is any help from Bernard Parks:  to get textbooks –enough books, into schools?

Parks:  failed to DO his job –FAILED to oversee money management.  –FAILED to hire a collection agency when the contract expired.  Thousands of UN-PAID bills, equaling multi-thousands of dollars can NEVER be collected because Bernard Parks is too lazy to DO the work –DO the job he’s tasked –paid nearly quarter Million bucks a year to DO, yet “voters” –DUMB people –by more than 600 –FAILED to fire him.

the failure to hire collection agency –I found out about it long after contract expired: in a conversation with a city employee. –But the lumps squatting on City ‘Council’ –knew –at the time it happened. –NONE demanded he DO his job, or did it for him.

Who benefited from No Collection of unpaid DWP bills? –Any family -friends -associates of Parks –friends, business owners of other ‘Council’ members?

Joel Grover, of KNBC: exposed DWP scam of charging customers for trash collection they DIDN’T do. WHERE was Parks? Too busy spending our money looking for a football team to bother DOING his job. Stupid people: rewarded him anyway. BUT: City Council squatters KNEW.

How about your own pocket:
Bernard Parks FAILED to oversee –to prevent DWP charging You –everyone, for trash collection collected by private garbage collector –you charged TWICE.

The Parks who had NO loyalty –couldn’t be bothered to look out for cops:  ISN’T looking out for you –the community –anyone but himself.  IF YOU don’t get that:   I dare you to name How –What is “better” –Improved because of the lump Bernard Parks.

I will post the election numbers later, I’m too angry, disgusted with the Dumb to bother now.

If you are a parent –or not
you damn well better make sure –demand every child:  gets an education in civics –Constitution, voting, ballots, government.  –Or the next generation will be even dumber than half the “voters” in Los Angeles now.  NOT a daVine Remedy for all the problems –your wallet.

Check back for vote totals later. NOTHING daVine –NO Remedy for Los Angeles with voters so dumb.

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