Proof LA City Council Stupid -Lazy Incompetent -Stupid Morons: March 8, 2011 Election

The people sitting on Los Angeles City Council —voted in, have the cushiest seats in the country:   they pay themselves more money than US Senators make.  How much?  Perks –pension –paid car, gas, “expense” account = about $250,000 –every year, for up to 12 years, thanks to dumb voters.

Did you know –1/4 million bucks a year salary?  –That doesn’t include:  all the offices, staff they want, rent, supplies, plus $100,000 “discretionary” lump every year –spent any way each wants.

Oh, you think ~they~work~hard~for~the~money?
Think some more, Binkey.  The one who “represents” you –your District:   puts in whopping two and half days a week, the weeks -days they show up.
-two days –They sit in Chamber 10 AM-ish to oh, sometimes as late as 4 PM:  chatting -doodling -reading ignoring whomever is speaking;
-Friday mornings:  ‘devoted’ to certificates -medals -awards -beauty-pics, especially for those who ‘tithe’ their campaign coffers;
-Friday afternoons: they “furlough” themselves –disappear so, supposedly, pay is cut.

–They cut transportation for Disabled: FIFTY percent; they ‘slashed’ their pay? –‘whopping’ ol’ 10% –but actually cut? Really?

–‘Council’ isn’t turning in reimbursement requests for pricey lunches, dinners -auto ‘costs’ -“expenses” -supplies, with padding attached???

Prince Eric Garcetti -Janice-I’ll-take-any-government-job-Hahn –bitter Bernie –opportunistic geezer Huizer–

US Navy 100122-N-4540W-018 Commander Steven Ha...

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Of the 15 boondoggles sitting on ‘Council’ total who are scientists –CPAs –technologists –engineers –human -animal -vermin -toxicological MDs –hold degree in City Planning, Design, Management, Methodology –water management -conservation -aqueduct design –architecture –traffic planning –bridge -highway -freeway -structural design —ANY technological background relevant to Management of second largest US city:   that would be Big 0

The stuff they stuffed into the ballot:
who among us could –would call experts to decipher “Best” way to vote on this stuff? –Why –would any do that?  Because the stuffed stuff:  involves Serious Money, How to Allocate/Spend –into serious amount of future.

–Just the ballot pamphlet, sheesh, thicker than any ever printed.  WHY didn’t our genius “representatives” decide?  WHY push this stuff onto broke –busy –bothered people way too ticked off, distracted to decide serious issues –in election that SHOULD have been paired up with Next important election. GEEEZE LOUISE.

With their “work” hours, political bias, lack of knowledge of their own job, no surprise they want US –we the people, to decide stuff, for them.

Hence: the Holy Freak’n Cow mess –of the stuff they shoved onto the ballot –in Another costly election.  –One every year, now?

Hey, Prince Eric:
you want me to do YOUR job –comm’on over to my house –do the dishes, laundry, cleaning –don’t forget the windows.

Bitter Bernie Parks: went all out, had some alleys paved, gosh, while huge parts of Central LA –still as bad, rundown, boarded up, weeds amok as 1960s, no sidewalk trees, no pocket parks –no difference him in office.   oh well

Organic –smart –creative –intelligent —daVine Remedy for All this junk? daVine Remedy:  for over-price under-worked unskilled people, happy to slash the bloated budget they carelessly ran up, but way NOT their own salary, expenses –or figure out Smart Ways to solve Problems they created?

How About:   we, the people who Vote, STOP picking –cutest –tallest –nicest –coolest one –giving away vote on people who AIN’T Qualified –don’t have Clue One –How to Write, interpret, craft a Smart bill; Manage money; Do basic math.

From Now On:   let’s ASK the Hard questions –not speak/WAIT for the REAL answers.   –Only choose people to sit on Council who HAVE the Brains —KNOW HOW to manage -solve -resolve problems –City issues –tech, engineering stuff.

Damn, people who will DO the work –at HALF the salary.

NO damn GOOD reason these incompetent lazy barely-working blockheads should be paid More money than ANY other City Council reps in the US, NOT including the blubber of Bell City about to go on trial for stealing nearly a million bucks each. –Those slobs did no work, know nothing, also incompetent.

Can’t we in Los Angeles –do better than ‘reps’ only one rung up from Bell City Council slobs?

–Let us hope –say prayers
Geezer Huizer –Bernard Parks –budget issues by ballot: All go down in flames/defeat.

I will post, eventually, the “results” of the sorry mess that is LA City ‘Councils’ failure to DO THEIR job BEFORE they shoved their responsibility onto constituents, whenever March 8th election results completed.

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Or really good daVine Remedy: write to Your ‘council’ member —ask why the hell they didn’t “think” to save money on a pricey election by combining with next; Why: THEY didn’t do the job they were elected and paid to do. –See links to Council in Sidebar ====>

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