It’s Your Turn: DUMP Bernard Parks Tuesday March 8 –VOTE

People in the community, angry at the Mayor who fired Bernard Parks from head of the Police Department, elected him  to Los Angeles City Council District #08.  How has he rewarded that loyalty?

Can YOU:  name even ONE thing that is Better because of him?

As soon as he got elected:  I watched his votes, website.  He scheduled NO events –NO meetings –NO plans for the community, he did absolutely nothing –for years –not even basic, minor things –website blank.

I’ve watched Parks closely. I can tell you:  he is one large lump of Nothing we “need” –Nothing is better in Los Angeles –NOTHING is improved because of Parks –nothing.

How Much Do You Make?
While Bernard Parks doing all that nothing:  how much did you earn? –$50,000 –$75,000 –did you pull in $100,000 a year?  While he sat around, doing squat, I hope YOU made a lot because You, me –everyone in Los Angeles has to give Parks:   a quarter of a million bucks –every year he squats on LA City Council.

Parks gets about $250,000 a year altogether –every year PLUS:
-free car
-free gas
-free office
-as many staff members, who also do squat, as he wants; who “manages” his office? You pay: his own kid a salary
-free office supplies
-expense account
and believe it:  a lump sum to spend in the District –any way he decides –$100,000 bucks –every year, even during recession, major City deficit, cut-backs and lay-offs

HOW Did Parks Spend Your Money?
Did he get pocket parks all over the District? –Trees planted in front of retail areas –your block? –Organized clean-ups? Once:  he spent some money to pave some alleys. Did you notice?

Sports –Vs Education???
How else did Parks spend our money? He flew around the country, stayed in first-class hotels, ate at expensive restaurants –many, many times: trying to get a football team. Do you see a football team here?

Why did he stop flying around the US trying to suck up to get a team? ONLY because City Controller Wendy Gruel: cut him off –told him she wouldn’t pay any more bills for out-of-town trips –during recession.  Guess he hadn’t noticed there was one going on, for everyone else.

While he was doing all that flying, spending:  schools in the District don’t have enough textbooks for EACH student.  What did Parks  do about that? –Did he spend money on books –call LAUSD school Board –demand more books –call for an investigation –even call a press conference –speak up at Council meetings:  demand better supplies?

Nope, Parks did none –nothing to improve schools in the District he “represents.”

He sure wasn’t going to spend his own money –to see about getting a team or textbooks, or even City money for books.

What Has Parks Done –to improve situation where more young men drop out of school –wind up in prison –instead of in college?  If You have watched community -prisons –Parks:  you know that’s a dumb question; the answer obvious –to everyone.

How lousy is Bernard Parks at his “job”? Parks failed: to renew or hire a collection agency when the contract ended –for over a year, so delinquent DWP accounts? Not collected –CANNOT ever be collected –hundreds of thousands of dollars *poof* forever lost, thanks to bitter Bernie, as he’s known by many. Parks: Incompetent.

How Lousy? HE is the one on City Council that “watches” the money. YOU, thousands of LA residents: got charged for trash collection –EVERY month, even when DWP Didn’t collect your trash, a private company you paid did the collection –All detailed by: Joel Grover, KNBC.

oops, But getting refund from DWP? Not so easy as getting screwed by them.

But did Parks Pay Attention –demand audit –accountability –even KNOW what the hell DWP does/doesn’t do? –It’s NOT money going in his pocket, so he doesn’t know -oversee -care.

Think about all the cars –moving –parked –idling in traffic every day, night in all of Los Angeles. Out of all those cars, One night: somebody –walked up to one car in Los Angeles, leaned in and shot the passenger. –Somebody put a bullet in a young girl’s head, left the male driver alone –walked away. Who was that passenger? The granddaughter of Bernard Parks.

HOW did that somebody figure out which car –WHERE to find it –Why was she murdered –Why was the driver, her supposed friend, left unhurt? WHY are the questions still unanswered? –WHERE is the investigation –the FBI –the demand for answers?

Wouldn’t YOU want answers if your family member murdered? –NO investigation: because some people already KNOW –who –Why?  WHY is the case unfinished?

There are NO drive-by shootings in Beverly Hills –Bel Aire –Palos Verdes –hills above Los Feliz, Silver Lake. Have you ever wondered:  why the scum, gangs, in LA commit crime only in certain neighborhoods?  — Only the people living in poorer neighborhoods –have good reason to fear the vermin that rob –car-jack –kill.  Why?

Short version
This is a big Big subject, but I’ll say this much: at one time I had a serious and on-going problem in my other-wise excellent neighborhood, and I was shocked, after living in Beverly Hills, police didn’t respond the way BH police did. Police lied in Reports; I got no help; I was dealing with Rampart police station. I got to know people –and things, as much as I could about what was going on at Rampart –when Parks was chief of LAPD. Then the Rampart scandal broke.

I learned plenty
How did a lower-class just average student afford college? –Who paid Parks college tuition?
Why did gang membership, gun possession, crime –power explode in 1980s?
Why do gangs in LA commit crime only in certain neighborhoods, stay out of others?
On his first day as chief:   why did the LAPD file that contained all info on Bernard Parks –disappear? He shredded it.

How Much is Enough?
When YOU are too tired, old –stop working:  will you get a pension? How much will You collect? How about Bernard Parks? Parks will collect:
–cop pension
–head of LAPD pension
–squatting on LA City Council pension
–AND Social Security
All paid for by you, me, all Los Angelenos for the rest of his sorry life. You know anybody who will collect FOUR pensions?

Bernard Parks –User
Parks is a taker, gives back nothing.  But we Don’t have to take it any more. YOU:   can take back your power –dump Bernard Parks –VOTE for anyone else –VOTE him OUT. IF You don’t vote –don’t vote him out:  don’t sit around whining to friends, family, barbershop -salon pals about ‘the way things are.’

VOTE the change you want to see.

Residents of District #08
What is organic –smart –creative —daVine Remedy for incompetent ignorant person who Personally sucks up and wastes public’s money –FAILS to do elected job –knows NOTHING, does Nothing helpful for District constituents?  Who knows:  what he does in secret?

DUMP Bernard Parks –today.

IF you use your power –dump Parks –vote for anyone else to represent the District: at least it’s a start –the money he sucks  –won’t get bigger with more years squatting on LA City Council, doing nothing.  Four pensions:  Enough.

E-mail this to family -friends -neighbors

* * * * *

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  1. I simply want to tell you that I am just all new to blogging and really loved this blog. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You actually have great article content. Appreciate it for revealing your web site.

    • Poppy

      Thanks, Ardath. I write on issues -politics -environment that radiate out from Southern California. Comments, all views, encouraged. Thanks for popping in, Commenting. If you want to know when new posts: click “subscribe” –you’ll get e-mail notice, free of course.

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