What the Huck??? Preacher: Upset With Pregnant Unwed –Poor Mary?

I don’t follow –the made-up religion, the one that worships a Jewish man who was a carpenter, considered lazy because he didn’t do any work.    –The one that a queen, touring Jerusalem, centuries after he died, “decided” his birthday was in December  –dead-winter, when  pagans needed cheering up –the 25th seemed good.   His original story –Testament –written by witnesses, wise ones:  got serious re-write centuries after death, by a king, in England, who also wasn’t there,  hence “King James bible.”

So help me:

Didn’t a man and a pregnant woman  –wind up walking around without any money, so broke best he could do, story goes I think, he bunked them into somebody’s barn –where she delivered –the eventual Jewish non-working carpenter.  Pretty sure: They weren’t married.

I mean if they were married: Where was the wedding? Where’s the certificate –proof?  What’s their anniversary? –No mention:  their parents and guests —saw them get married? –Her father let his daughter Mary marry –a man so broke???   Really?  No dowry?

I’ve read “The Source” –researched by hundreds of world scholars, researchers, each chapter detailing origin of each known religion since Man could walk & talk, heck, when I was only a teen.  It didn’t say thing One:  about Mary and Joe, mom and dad of the Jewish carpenter, got married.

Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, speak...

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So two thousand+ years later:   a lower-class guy –who claims to be a preacher –Mike Huckabee, follower of long-dead Jewish carpenter, wasn’t upset, minded his own business, sorta, when an unemployed teen of a public political mother:  got pregnant –got a baby –got no wedding.

But now –he’s “upset” –whining about a famous, employed, wealthy pregnant adult woman engaged to marry???  What the Huck???

What am I missing here?

I’m confused.  Is he “upset” an adult woman can afford to support a baby –on her own?  Or:   it’s ‘okay’ for unmarried broke teens to have a baby, but not unmarried wealthy adults???  uh, Either way:  What is that — to him?

–He doesn’t want ‘no birth’n –of any babies’???

Is he “upset” –now, cuz he wants to be president of a country, and his “upset” gets him ink –tons of ‘running’ cash?

I don’t know, so help me out: If  Huckabee is a preacher –isn’t he supposed to, like, forgive stuff –be compassionate –just be happy a baby is about to join the world?  No?

–He’s “upset” that women who aren’t married have sex??? Well then, If true –HE had his way:   wouldn’t all kinds of males, newts, Joes and grandfathers –be way upset mitt him for dissing their, uh, deal???

–He’d be “happier” if the broke unmarried teen, the wealthy unmarried woman:  would have aborted the, uh, evidence –of sexual intercourse???  hmmm… Really?

This author no scholar, but:    G-d DIDN’T create “marriage” –MAN did.  So if G-d created man, woman AND made procreation possible –and sex, uh, pleasurable –isn’t preacher/president-wannabe dissing G-d’s work?

–What’s “religion” –unmarried teen mother –an unmarried adult mother got to do with him –with political ambition? Well, scholars –or voters will have to sort out that issue….

No matter why the Huck’s  “upset” about Unmarried & Pregnant:   apparently ancient mom Mary now has, uh, reputation probs, history/religion-wise, at least according to the “values” of “preacher” aspiring “president.”  Oh my.

How is THAT going to go over –with the faithful –the followers?  –Dissing the mother of Jesus… that’s a biggie, no?

NOT very daVine… little preacher/president-wannabe:  put his ‘righteous’ self in a pickle –how very un-daVine.

Can one spout off –in public –on what a female you don’t even know should do with their body –and be Good preacher?

–Can one do that:   tell half the population what to do –with their body, their life –and be considered Good Candidate for president?

–Can one drag religion into politics –and use THAT as “qualification” one can cope –solve –resolve —understand complex economic, diplomatic, educational, financial, inter-national, technological, mathematical, residential, regulatory, Constitutional –terrorist, justice, defense, immigration,  taxation, health care, job-export issues?  –Yes???

One with “religious” background gets:  debentures –devalued currencies –diversified hedge funds  –destruction of pensions –diminution of the dollar  –Wall Street machinations?  Really?

One Can piss off 51% of potential voters –and still get elected to office that governs all?

Just curious
When do we have the penis-control discussion? –Ya, know: the Other half of ‘pregnant and un-married’?  Will that be in “political” debate –or in “religious” discourse –or in the press –or on second Tuesday in next week, or on the 12th of never?

Huckabee Hypocrite –Gimme a Clue

Not G-d’s job –“preacher” job description includes:  passing judgment on others?  Does that include now-destitute after massive bankster fraud –lousy education –hungry?   Well, then: just exactly Who decides –what is “acceptable” –what is not, for Passing Judgment?

If he got elected president:   we could expect plenty of “thou shalts–” instead of serious solutions?

daVine Remedy –for opening your yap –on right-wing radio -on sly FOX “news” –on spouting off How Others should live?   –Polling Place?   –Or massive boots-on-the-ground voter registration, Southern version…?

Or: we Americans should just give the Huckster really happy days –live it up, 1950s version… every “different” one –every thing stuffed into closets.  But then:   decent people didn’t discuss politics, religion, sex in public….

What the Huck?

But If  that:  How ever would he pull in dough –from ignorant, uneducated followers?  Oh well, the Huckster has enough un-daVine probs on his plate –dissing Mary, mother of the worshiped one.

daVine Remedy… Wherever will Mike Huckabee be able to celebrate Easter this year….

Comments, clean ones, welcomed.


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