February 15, 2011: Tasty Toothy Truthiness –Today

Though I’m recovering from both recent move and illness, still, have got the energy, barely, to oogle the tellie –whatever did we do before we had the brilliance of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert….

Last night Colbert announced a Valentine for everyone
he created a flavor with Ben & Jerry Ice cream called “AmeriCone” and today –today only, if you buy a scoop –another will be given FREEEeeee!

Colbert Flavor

vanilla with fudge chunks and caramel-covered waffle cone two-for-one is only for February 15, 2011 –but:  You can buy the flavor all year –donations to Colbert’s foundation for wounded soldiers all year.

Stephen Colbert in New York City at Border's s...

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Stephen Colbert:  will give his portion of the proceeds to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.   –How’s that for Truthiness –you don’t hear any such from The Dick or The Thug who Ordered those soldiers to go in to battle –where they got injured.  Oh well, now that they don’t have government-paid staff –aides aiding their every word, probably somebody just forgot to tell them to donate —DO a thing to make up for putting them in harm’s way —causing wounds, injuries, death.   Oh well, they’ll probably get around to thinking about that, eventually.

Meanwhile, till then:  find local Ben & Jerry store today
–grab a scoop + one.  If it’s still cold outside:  just ask for both scoops in a cup and pop into your freezer till ice cream weather arrives!

daVine –Stephen Colbert –Truthiness –new flavor –donating.   Pass along/e-mail this to family -friends -co-workers -neighbors -club members –whole PTA.  Bon Appetite.

NOTE: To read more here’s links, but I don’t have speakers hooked up so don’t know what they “say”…


http://www.colbertnation.com/home –scroll/see:  right side


Ben & Jerry’s –Find a store (Colbert’s flavor under “s” for Stephen),



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