Ronald Reagan: Almighty Idol –American Idle? Superbowl of Reality

Ronald Reagan was a man who, after decades of toiling in Hollywood, making B movies and heading up the union for actors, and shilling for GE at every kind of plant and meeting, finally had the timing to get elected to national office:  President of the United States.

Elephants –hardcore, casual and presidential wannabes all are making big deal out of  Sunday February 6, 2011 when he, if he had lived, would have been 100 years old.  Why?  Because they’re the Elephant party, the answer smacks of the obvious: 
a.) his widow, nurse Nancy, wants them to and
b.) it’s SURELY a way to pull in money, for whatever

But while all the forced hoopla is splaid –all over every media outlet desperate, to fill way too many air time minutes –with heavily-laden goop, which ones will tell the Whole story –not just widow Nancy’s version?

I am so very tired–
the lard Elephants slather over Ronald Reagan.   Watching the ad nauseum promos, though still ill I got out of bed to write.

Each time one of the wannabes invokes his name:  the myths groooow.  Though I’ve written these in other essays, the following, in non-essay form, some of the Rest of the Reagan Story –facts –Ronald Reagan, non-god –for the poor memory and the weren’t born crowd.

Reagan was a Democrat
–till Nancy’s daddy got hold of him, didn’t let go until he convinced him:  it was in his ‘best’ interest to ‘convert’ –change party affiliation to Republican, to stay married to his daughter.

Made a serious run
at unseating the Party’s head: President Gerald Ford, something Just Not Done

Reagan was elected to office NOT by some magical fairy dust
–conversian of even hardcore Democrats, but because:  after Tricky Dick Nixon disgraced himself by going into burglary -lies -suitcases full of cash biz, disgraced the Presidency and the country, Tricky plucked Ford from Congress –when Tricky’s Vice President got caught as a thief. I know, but Truly. 
Nobody believed Ford was “clean” –hadn’t made a deal with the devil, and when Ford “declared” Tricky Dick ‘absolved’ of his Crimes, as in “pardoned” –Americans were Certain of a deal.  Therefore:  first chance we elected a Democrat, Jimmy Carter.

we were so shell-shocked from Watergate -hearings -mysterious deaths -bags of money -lies and spies -and stinking fake war with real death in Vietnam:  Very unfortunately for everyone, we didn’t look at Carter hard enough before we pulled the lever for him. 

Carter:  will go down in history down at the bottom of the list of Presidents.  Trust me:  he was as lousy as any we’ve Ever had.  If you’re curious, just One of multi-griefs Carter caused: he actually used Olympic athletes to punish Russia –refused to allow Americans to compete in the games because they were held in Soviet Union. 
–Not enough reason to despise Carter?  Friends asked friends:  to take their car, and wait in long long lines at gas stations –for gas that was supposedly in short supply.  –Other countries loathed Carter as much as Americans…created embargo of oil to US.

We could not dump Carter fast enough.  First chance we got:  we, every single state but one, voted “for” his opponent, which happened to be Reagan.  Elephants, duh, somehow always leave out that part, that we would have voted “for” ANY body who could walk & talk who wasn’t Jimmy Carter.  –Remember that next time you hear Carter whine about getting dissed by some dignatary -event -dinner; when he writes another book to keep his name in print. 

–Plenty weren’t thrilled to get Reagan, but Mostly most of us figured:  though  he was a Republican, he wasn’t very bright and he wasn’t Carter, so we’d tolerate him, how much damage could he do. 

How much damage:  Reagan lied, Big Time.  He lied to Congress, he lied to Americans:  his people sold weapons to thugs, he claimed they didn’t; then he claimed he didn’t know about it, then he went on camera and:  apologized –for all of it. 

Remember THAT next time you see Liar:  Oliver North on sly FOX “news” blathering –about any thing.  North:  convicted of crime of telling lies to Congress –Under Oath.   Right-wingers put together enough money to mount an appeal and magically got his Conviction reduced.  DOESN’T change = Oliver North:  convicted Liar for Ronald Reagan.

Working peopleHow Much Damage?
A german corporation came over to buy oldest east coast chain of supermarkets. They had zero interest in groceries -service -customers -Americans -growing the business; their sole interest:  they wanted the company’s cash.  Employees:  had put millions into their OWN retirement account, which the chain held for them.   The krauts decided:  buy the company, snatch the cash.

Retired employees –pensioners:  turned to federal government –to agency oversees corporations’ pensions.  Ronald Reagan:   “government is the problem” –didn’t care about already-retired employees loosing their pensions.  His response?  President of the US:  refused to look out for retired –to appoint anyone to fill vacancy of agency head –rendered agency utterly useless to protecting pensioners. 

Well Reagan was right:  government was the problem –for failing to protect.

Right-wingers, Teabaggers:  have ripped current First Lady for programs she is supporting, Which are?
1. Trying to reduce soaring rates of childhood diabetes, from obesity
2. Supporting military families: those serving in war zones.


First Lady Nancy’s causes?
1. She hired an astrologist
no, not astronomy, a person who ‘reads’  stars –to ‘determine’ fate, one’s horoscope, Decide: dates, times of meetings –whom to trust, hire, believe. Believe it. Nope, not joking. When Americans heard about it:  people went nuts.
2. Dishes
Nancy Reagan:  ordered new plates –for the White House –cost $2,000 per plate –dead center of a Recession, red & gilt plates, while her husband slashed aid to unemployed -to hungry -to broke -to states. Plates….

-#2 Myth of “Conservative” Ronnie-babe?
When he moved into the White House:  248,000 worked for federal government
When he moved out:  475,000 were on government’s payroll —Ronald Reagan EXPANDED government.

and the #1 Myth about the currently-getting annointed 40th President:
federal deficit:  INCREASED –by $1 BILLION bucks –on his watch.

Remember last two FACTS:  as you hear all the “conservative”-lovers, Reagan-wannabes blather as they try to snatch his ‘mantle’ to get nod to be next President.  —Expanded government, Increased deficit NOT exactly “balanced” budget –“conservative” ideals.

Just in case you’re curious, want a daVine day watching the pigskin parade –who who will win?  It will be:  Steelers.  How does this author know?  I’m psychic, babe!  Do I care? Not even a tiny bit, so grab a vegetarian slice a good brew, hug a Designated Driver and Bon Appetit.


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