CA Debt Crisis: Gov. Brown 5 PM January 31, 2011

We begin New Year with very good news of very good person as our back-to-the-future good new leader Jerry Brown.  Monday at 5 PM, January 31, 2011:  our Governor will give Californians low-down on our State.

Whew, it cudda been a rich right-winger –winging us into deep grief, to help out rich pals. As it is: we already had Plenty grief from that Party, with the sexual predator who squatted the office for seven years, doing Nothing that helped.

How gross was he? Jerry Brown: asked the squatter to let him get an early start on the Budget by vacating the offices early. Predator: refused. Brown’s group asked the Predator to allow them to use the offices on the Friday before the swearing-in: Predator refused. The sexual predator, who admires hitler, refused to vacate “governor” offices until late Sunday night. –Ya, he really “cares” about the state. Remember that, when he tries to clean up his rep –go for ANY other political position.

Here’s hoping we DON’T hear anything about/from that slug any more.

Governor Brown has worked non-stop anyway. He has created a proposed budget and submitted to Legislature, and in refreshing openness put on-line.

You can see it here –I’m posting both the Summary and the Specifics

Proposed Budget Summary

Proposed Budget Details

You might want to Bookmark this page, return to look up different agencies, departments to see what is proposed; send your thoughts to your state reps and to the Governor in next few months.

It is refreshing that the Governor is doing this in January –not just before fiscal year ends in June, so we all have Plenty of time to weigh this against that to fix the giant hole the Predator created.

In case you don’t know: on his First Day in office ignorant knows nothing sexual predator “accepted” $.05 for every $1 ENRON, his benefactor, owed California for illegally shutting off our electricity during major heat wave. That “settlement” cost California $11 Billion bucks –which grew to our current deficit of $28 Billion. So much for “Republican fiscal responsibility.”

Governor’s State of the State speech will be televised at 5 PM, PST. I believe also on the web.

I welcome your thoughts, comments –post below.

Personal Note: I’ve had residence and health issues lately –whew, am I ill, for only time since winter of 1988, hence no posting lately. –Heck this is hard to post; I’m trying to get health and posting schedule back, asap.

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