Tucson: Light a Candle? Or Light Bonfire Under Congress: NRA

Second Amendment
Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Okay, I’m fluent in English, my first language, I get that Amendment to US Constitution.   My interpretation:  Humans “in militia” —people –need weapons to keep country free of invasion –free for defense –defense of country.

It doesn’t say:   ‘she who has biggest gun closet in her home –stocked with more guns than any other candidate, therefore ‘qualified’– should run the Elephant Party.’

But a mental midget in Tucson, Arizona decided Saturday:
‘best’ way to deal with his problems– his perceived ‘government’ problems, to pick off non-militia humans –around the entrance of a supermarket –pumped vast number of bullets, fast –so the wounded, dead will –what, not ‘bother’ –invade him any more? –Front of the supermarket now ‘secure’ –free from ‘invasion’?

–Mental mucus and his “legal” semi-automatic weapon:  ‘taught’ government not to infringe –mess with grocery store entrance?

I copied it word for word, which part of the Second Amendment means:  ‘American civilian peoples have “right” to possess semi-automatic weapons’?

The purpose of shooting multiple rounds of bullets very fast? –Vast tracts –states in the US in danger of loosing “security” –vastly constantly over-run by vast numbers of bison –bear –Big Foot –British Red-coats?

A Member of Congress in front of that supermarket is fighting to live now, an object –target of the mental midget, bullet from his semi-automatic weapon went through her head –her head.

So Right Now –maybe for First time:  the Other 534 Congress Members really GET –the mother of honor student daughter just before graduation –the father to a rising high school football star –the grandmother with grandson in her lap –hundreds of Chicago parents to young teens –what thousands already know –when semi-automatic bullets leave hopes, dreams, youth, love –bleeding out.

When does it end?

-Number of Americans who want to shoot multiple rounds of bullets –very fast? Half –quarter of 1%? Maybe:  fewer

-Number of Good Reasons to shoot off multiple rounds of bullets –fast?  0

-Number of semi-automatic weapons purchased without Registration -Waiting period -Background check at a Gun Show?  unlimited

-Number of Americans who want gun control and ALL gun sales to conform to laws?  80%

Number of cops who would be happy –if semi-automatic weapons banned?  100%

-Number un-wounded –un-dead Saturday —every day:   if mental midgets didn’t have a semi-automatic weapon?

-Number that enables semi-automatic weapons to be manufactured -privately held:  multi-millions  –pumped into campaigns of members of Congress every year –by one group.

NOW that Congress Members GET what it feels like –have fear –KNOW that it CAN happen to them:  there will ever be a Better Time to DEMAND Congress make the weapon of choice for mental midgets –drug thugs -gangbangers Illegal?

We cannot undo the wrong –restore life stolen from a 9-year old also standing in front of that market.  We Cannot get rid of estimated 500 MILLION guns in the US —STOP the NRA pumping money into Congress members, but:  there are More of us than them.

You:  sure can go light a candle –count your blessings it wasn’t you –This time.

Or You can decide daVine Remedy for carnage, for crushing life senselessly:  put a bonfire under Congress to outlaw semi-automatic weapons.

–Demand your members of Congress:   make manufacture and possession of semi-automatic weapons ILLEGAL –with grace period to turn in –mandatory added sentence for use –sale illegal anywhere in the United States. –Demand gun sales at Gun Shows conform and obey ALL gun laws.

–Don’t write —don’t demand end to semi-automatic weapons?  Don’t decry death dealt by the stupid –enabled by NRA and by Congress –when it happens to You and yours.

Despite mailers to make money: President Obama is NOT opposed to gun ownership –he has done NOTHING to restrict gun possession.  DON’T believe lies put out by NRA –they’re using the President –and fear, to raise money.

To STOP manufacture –sale –possession of semi-automatic weapons in the US– YOU can start here –for free
Contact your representative in the House HERE

Contact:  Speaker of the House HERE

Contact:  your Senators HERE

It’s NOT complicated, it’s daVine Remedy to murder….

* * * * *

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