End of 2010: Odds, Ends

In a country that does nothing whatsoever to Prevent corporations that speed-fry ‘food’ –devoid of nutrition –market-target children:   Odd that children developing serious problems –health issues previously weren’t seen except in adults of advanced age?   Ya, surprise, surprise.  WHY can’t they leave children Alone.

Do the old white males who run Rose Parade fiefdom –even Know what goes on in the Real World?  The old white bores:  Only interested in means to their Ends –publicity, free of course, so their choice for “Marshall” of Rose Parade? 

They chose  Queen of fat –a ‘chef’ who, if you have ever seen her cook, you know:  makes THE MOST diz-gusting –unappetizing –fat-laden stuff of anyone, anywhere.  Stuff she throws into a bowl:  makes one’s arteries clop clop -clog just watching.  WHY is she, Paula Dean, some kind of symbol for 122nd Rose Parade???

More proof the Old White Guys:   live in their own world?  You:  won’t see the Parade next New Year’s, thanks to those pea-brains.  BOOKMARK this page:   come back later to Sign a Petition –to demand they Drop their Bias –SHOW the Parade next year.

He Who Admires nazies…
End of the Year means:  END to the squatter in California’s “governor” seat, FINALLY.  IF You are one of the rare few who doesn’t know:  Gov. Ahrmpit Arnold admires hitler –“admires” what he “achieved” –“…he rose from nothing, to be a leader –for the little people… I want to do that.”  –THAT’s who You/7o% of Californians thought would be “cool” –“macho” to do the Hard Actual work of running government.

“Macho”  sexual predator –documented by eight women reporters found BEFORE the Ignorant arrogant predator elected –many many more who refused to work  on any picture, because of him.  What are the Odds:  You are happy Now?

Think California’s debt crisis problems:  due to “recession”?  Odds are you do, but:  Not True.   First Day Ahrmpit’s butt hit the seat HE cost us $11 BILLION bucks, pay-back to his patron who PUT him up for office –and the Real Reason he ran:  to help pig Ken Lay, dead CEO of ENRON.  Gov. Ahrmpit:  stopped the lawsuit filed by Governor Gray Davis against ENRON for illegal shut-off of electricity throughout California.  Gov. Ahrmpit:  accepted $.05 for every $1 Ken Lay owed us. oh well? 

Era of Stupid, Incompetence:  Ends Good riddance to old nazi-lover trash –he ends his disgrace in Our state when Breath of FRESH air —Jerry Brown  is inaugurated Governor –Monday January 3, 2011 –11 am (televised) —daVine

Proper, Smart, Quality governing begins…  What do you think:  should be First order of business?  –Post in Comments, below.

Odds are you won’t Agree, but, My choice:  I say we put End to the LOBBYISTS –out of business –put our Elected representatives in charge of Looking OUT for the state –long-range view.  How? 

As soon as an elected rep learns the ‘ropes’ around Sacramento:  their term Ends –out of office.   Who doesn’t leave?  Lobbyists –they are at EVERY rep’s door, every day –with checks –getting bills written for their bosses –not for long-term Interest of California.  What are the Odds : WE can get Good Smart Government out of THAT?  –daVine Remedy to run government: TERM LIMITS in state government HAVE to go.

Proof?  Two members of Legislature:  one Termed Out –so he ran for seat of another termed out –and now:  Swapping offices, literally, since one address isn’t in the District, here in So Cal.   Since Thanksgiving:  one shut off his phone –while staff of the other Waited –to find out amount of the Moving Budget and when the check would arrive.  Totally stupid –un-daVine

Odds Are: You THINK You Know –Best Burger…
But I double-dare you, to pop over to Pasadena:  get in line at drive-thru window of Orean —on Lake, be patient –then order a burger –better make that two, you’ll want one in the fridge, for lunch later, get it with ‘fries’ and then, unless you’re made of very tough stuff, pull into a parking space

–find out if that isn’t The End –the Best burger in all of So California… daVine….  and Yes, I’ve had hole-in-the-wall –hotsy-totsy Exec chef –and all the other offerings, Nothing comes Close to OreandaVine

Then go back:  ask them if you can sign a Petition –to get them to come back/open a branch in LA –Silver Lake –Echo Park –or Hollywood, where they used to be.

Security –Social Type
Tea-baggers believe, apparently, they can End:  the federal account of working Americans for some security when an employee doesn’t work any more.  Though they haven’t even taken their seats, every one of them mouthing the words –inaccurately: “Social Security is broke”

WHAT are the Odds —they Each came up with that phrase –by themselves?  –WHO programmed them –and so fast?  SS:  Ain’t ‘broke.’  It is FUNDED through next several decades –WE ARE funding it with Every paycheck.  So WHY do Old and NEW Elephants–my 2011 word for those of Republi-cant persuasion–say this stuff?

If you were busy passing notes to that cute one, few rows over –when you Should have been paying attention in History:  you would Know –Elephants loathe –despise –revile President Roosevelt, the one who was elected to office four times -successfully prosecuted World War II –brought the country through worst Depression in US history.

Stock Market crashed –banks took everyone’s money and just closed their doors –and life Ended for One worker out of every four –jobless, homeless, broke and ripped off –beyond destitute, but elderly people no longer had the ability to fend for themselves.  Pres. Roosevelt: saw elderly people living in the street. Roosevelt:  started Social Security. 

Oddly: Elephants still hate Roosevelt –Hate Social Security , Lord only knows why –it’s SELF-funded.  They don’t care: their hatred Bottomless.

Odds are it should be Tweaked a bit, since American expected life-span runs to late 70’s and 80’s:
-Those who do repetitive, and hard-labor jobs –assembly line, waitress in diners, etc, for twenty -thirty years:  should probably get earlier start, age 62 –63
-non-physical labor employees, middle-range wages:  change to age 69 -70
-Those with “6 figure X” pension and savings by say age 60 –should NOT receive any Social Security checks –giving money to ‘retired’ Millionaires, Billionaires:  obscene. 
Yes, it’s called ‘means-testing’ and it Should End ‘one size fits all‘ –All of it changed ASAP.

My opinion feds should run PSAs, non-stop:
‘Amount you need to live today –Save enough money every month to enable you to live the same/comfortably when you aren’t able to work any more –Start Saving TODAY’ 

SS should be One leg –of Three-legged stool:  SSprivate pensionpersonal savings –and two of those should be in investments that gets more than just the measly tenth of 1% stupid banksters paying now.

But END Social Security???  Elephants:  should get a grip –move on to constructive use of their time, cuz it Ain’t Gonna happen.  Period.

The Gooey Chase is On…
Odds are, unless you don’t own a TV, you cannot miss ‘warm fuzzy’ come on ads by Chase Bank started about a year ago in California –to come get a credit card.

–Never pull out Chase card –they’re chasing Californians after New Yorkers quit doing business with the banksters chasing homeowners out of their homes.

All the Banksters:  KNEW Congress was going to ‘mess’ with their ‘credit’ card scam –the jacked up rates –“late” fees, etc., etc.

Best Revenge –End the Banksters
Who needs Congress: YOU Be the Change you want to see. Take your money OUT –of Burglars of America (BofA), Chase chasing you, Citi –Wells Fargo fiasco –using un-educated mortgage “servicers” to STEAL homes –without even any papers, bankster BASTARDs that Caused the recession –got rescued by Taxpayers –and paid themselves millions in ‘bonus’ with the ‘rescue’ money.

–It’s the Right thing to —END your account –shut it and move to an institution that Does have Ethics —ISN’T about grotesque theft.

Find:  a credit union –way NOT hard to do. Once you bank with one:  you will LOVE it, I Promise, I’ve had one for over three decades. –ATM fees: $0 –Checks –this & that stuff:  same; you are a member, they Don’t gouge, they will actually get to know your name.

Account insured –and for much more than bankster limit.  Plus: You CAN have a debit card/credit card –without ‘jerked’ interest rate.  Can also get LOW cost loan to buy a home, a car; a pension, savings account.  Some:  have ROTH-IRAs.  Live -work -school in Pasadena? You qualify for E-Central credit union, on Fair Oaks.

We CAN ‘starve’ the banksters —End them, in every state –unless they get ethics –or bankruptcy.  –There’s more of us than them.

Make it a Promise to Yourself:  before January Ends –do some homework, find a credit union or a decent bankclose your bankster account –cut up their “credit” card –move money to a decent institution.  It’s the patriotic thing to do.  —daVine Remedy for pigs, thieves.

Google “credit union” in your area; ask each the qualifications to open account.
Or:  ONE Calif. Bank –started three years ago, by people appalled at what’s gone on with banksters –set up for low-income loans for homes, small biz.

No credit union made lousy mortgages -sold junk mortgage pieces to Pension funds –then demanded billions from Taxpayers after greedy failure.

NO credit union went bankrupt/got taken over –wiped out pensions or caused the recession.

If Americans Watch Dummies…
If you dumb-down your brain –watch Really worthless married –hoarding –desperate –pregnant –over-populating women –help make cable stations rich:  what are the Odds you will End your ability to Think –have anything worthwhile to say –become as dumb as what you watch?  100%

Sly FOX “News”…
If you watch local, cable version of sly “news” –how will you find out the truth –the facts –the rest of the story?  How can we END America’s slide –expect Next generation to compete in the world: if YOU watch the lies, the junk, the mangled facts, mixed up ‘history’ –misinformation put out by Rupert Murdoch  and his dummies?

Watched local sly FOX during election?  You saw the bobble-heads, none are real reporters, slant every bit of coverage on candidates –to favor the Republicans –whether or not they were good candidates or even had a Clue what they were talking about.

In Los Angeles:  three Sundays before November 2 election the local mental midget on sly FOX started out every sentence with slanted description of Meg-the-elephant-Whitman –and in person cut off opposing candidate Jerry Brown repeatedly.

Sly FOX “news” –when you’re watching:  ask yourself ‘why are they showing THIS –what aren’t they showing –why aren’t they asking the hard questions –where is the proof of ANY thing they say?’ –Then END your addiction to manipulation:  change the channel

–No?  Then DON’T whine, wonder why your representative in Congress takes money from Wall Street –and gives YOU ‘lip service’ –but NEVER ever any Real help -solutions to the country’s problems.

Come back:  More Odds, Ends later.



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5 responses to “End of 2010: Odds, Ends

  1. very good and very important information….Thank you…

  2. Poppy

    You’re welcome, Tour. Feedback is important, to me. But more important: will you cut up your bankster “credit” card? –Actually: Move your money to an ethical institution, for Good New Year? How about having Best burger in So Cal? Thank you for popping in, Commenting.

  3. Hi. I am not native english speaker, but I loving your post. I will be a regular visitor, keep it up! Greetings!

  4. Nice story, although the last part is a bit dubious in my eyes. I do hope to see more of this, but how can I stay updated with your posts? Best regards from Holland!

  5. Hi. I am not native english speaker, but I loving your post. I will be a regular visitor if possible, keep it up! Greetings!

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