Fire Fighters –Do It, Wet or Dry

–channel-flipping… pictures … “best”-selling singer… Perception… reality… I don’t listen –watch any movie with him in it –ever.

Nothing ‘White…’ …’wonderful’ about him.   People knew.  After he finished work:  he went home and beat his children. Bing Crosby:  creep.

Crosby:  took out his problems –beat up –defenseless children, all of them, every day.  One:   survived childhood, but later on killed himself; all had serious problems.  Excused for addiction to alcohol?  No friggn’ way –Crosby was a thug -just a punk –bully -a criminal, the worst kind.

Small person:  he wasn’t man enough to pick on people his own size.

I am so fed up with so-called reporters:   saying gaga crap about Crosby –without ever mentioning his soul-killing of boys for which he was Supposed to be responsible.

He shouldn’t have been praised –then, now –he should have been exposed —publicly disgraced —imprisoned –his records destroyed, thrown in the gutter… his children:  supported, valued.  He got praise –WHO spoke for the children?

…channel-flipping… and there’s Another one –with a gooey-eyed “reporter” –both pretending to be ignorant –NOT ONE has the balls to SAY to pedophile-pusher cardinal thug Roger Phony Mahony’s Face:  “do you have any thing to say to those sodomized -raped by church employees because you moved them around California –after you KNEW what they had done?”

No, the course is NOT –they just shove the microphone under his flapping jowls on Christmas eve –he spouts the usual dung. Ya, but:  Why?  WHY do “reporters” NEVER say the Rest of the sentence –why does the pedophile-pusher get FREE air time –Without questions –or even mention of the  Theft of Childhood he CAUSED/enabled?

Then… Beguiled by weak sun appearance, between fluffy whites, I finally went out in the morning, with a long To Do list –suddenly cut very short –as I went to do an ordinary thing:  stepped off the sidewalk.

–people -drivers stopped, watched –as I Suddenly got ‘planted’ –no way back -not forward –rain drops –morphed into rushing muddy flood down the street –so big -so fast -so rushing -so wide:  first time I REALLY got what it must be like –fall into Los Angeles River…. My brain:  kept waiting –for  ‘stop’ –wanted to change the channel –so I could just cross –while the light –the light turned red –me planted/stuck in the Way… would have been funny brain-works –if it hadn’t been so scary, dangerous….

…channel-flipping –bright yellow slickers… fire fighters bracing a senior adult as she descended a ladder –escaped –rescued –but nearby her car shrouded, up to the windows –horrendous mud swallowed ‘sunny’ Southern California –not forgotten on sunny today….

Perception…reality… thinking of fire fighters… the view from their ‘hill’… I should think it would be all too easy for them –to reflect on the “not” –who not saved…the losses… they show up, but they cannot save every house -car -cat -Grandmother….

I called nearby station house.  Captain answered.  I said:  You saved the ones you were supposed to save –the ones you didn’t save, you weren’t meant to –please tell the crew –not to take in –not to feel bad about the losses.  He was surprised, he thanked me.

NO one expects Perfect, just do –no excuses, no booze-soaked brain –no taking out problems on others, on those who cannot fight back –no mouthing the words.

The daVine Remedy:  Show up –step off the curb –do what you’re Supposed to do, best way you can… THAT’s what’s expected… that’s Honoring G-d.

Another storm headed this way… to hell with bullies, enablers –sly FOX & co –the grotesquely over-paid –the hypocrite –the stupid –the slob –the small …TG for fire fighters…for those who Show up.

* * * * *

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