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The one constant about the “Internets” –constant change.  For nearly five years this site:  has had same look; I hate change.  But host WordPress forced to change  it, Nov. 29, 2010, after original theme creator sold it to a corporation.   WP gnomes:  made a new theme but kept the essence -fixed the errors -added new header image –I didn’t much luv.  So I’ve decided:  change the image –whenever whim -weather -whoa photo strikes.

–You –dislike inconsistency –like to see what’s new –don’t care?
Your Comment welcome, as usual
Spammers want to loose connection –Akismet ON –spam and your ID auto sent to FBI

First up:  12-05-10 ~Oh the weather outside ~fright~ful ~scene inside ~de~lightful ~deVineKitten Investigates Fire  —Thanks to housemate/photographer –to see original and entire photostream click:  Anna of NY

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