November 22… 1963…

I got dressed for school –listening to my clock-radio tuned to a particular news station.  I didn’t care about weather -crime -traffic junk.  Every morning:  they said the President’s schedule –what he was going to do that day.  I thought that was amazing.

That morning:  I had never heard of it, so I wondered what reason he would go to such a place.

“Politics” was very exciting, I thought, even though I was too young to understand all that it meant.  When I listened to John F. Kennedy:  I knew he was telling the truth –no matter what the subject.  Once, waiting for my mother to pick me up from school, next to a girl and her mother,  who for some reason turned to me and said:  “what do you think if Kennedy is the next President?”

That would be a very good thing, I said, he’s fresh, new, smart.  She screwed up her face and snarled:  “You won’t mind if he takes orders from the Pope?” 
— “Why would he do that?” I thought she was loony.

“He’s a Catholic!” she yelled

I was quiet as possible, felt sorry for the girl, pretty sure a President had to follow laws, slowly inched away.

Three years later… After lunch:  the tallest biggest boy in the school came through the classroom door and, as he crossed the room, said he was listening to the radio –Kennedy had been shot.  We got angry at John, making up stuff to make himself Important.  We were making nasty cracks –when the principal opened the loudspeaker:

President Kennedy has been wounded, in Dallas; buses are in front of the school ready to take you home, please be calm, leave quietly, school is now closed.”

Stunned, no one spoke or moved –or looked back at John.  When shock became belief:  we silently filed out of the room.

Once home:  we did what everyone in America did, we watched TV.  All TV stations showed only pictures of Dallas, Kennedy, Washington; told news about the President.  By the time we got home they said:  he was dead.

We saw pictures:  grown men in suits, hats, crying in the street.  I’d never seen a man cry.  It was chilling.  Every store –market –business in America closed.  No one said it, but I believe every American thought:  Who did it –What’s next?  In between the fear:  we sobbed…. 

If you saw –remember –murder of John Kennedy, it’s in your DNA.  Thanksgiving is wound into it –mixed with the most stunning funeral the world had/has ever seen.  No one wanted to watch, no one could avoid watching –the funeral.

Heads of every country:  walked simply –down Pennsylvania Avenue, hatless, together –seemingly un-guarded, just simply walked.  Though the camera caught John-John, President’s son, on the steps –after urging of his famous mother,  salute his father’s coffin as it passed, that is not the image that seared, hurt the most.

A beautiful black horse, riderless –with saddle turned backwards:  was a thing so riveting -painful, un-bearable. 

You didn’t need to be Democrat –American, you could be Republican –hater of America, Americans… but you could NOT look at the ridder-less horse and not feel… punch in the stomach …fear like no other, that the world was coming to End….

I wouldn’t wish such a day on anyone, anywhere… yet that hideous day: followed two days later by murder of the so-called murderer, Oswald, and by John-John’s birthday and his father’s burial, made worse.

–Worse, no, not by the lighting of the eternal flame at his grave… murder of:   Martin Luther King… murder:   Robert F. Kennedy, his brother –within five years.  There are Serious Haters in the world… always have been, always will be, I suppose.  Maybe those who want Justice –Fairness -Equalness are the ‘nuts’ –‘radicals’…  no matter, the haters don’t stop hating… even on Thanksgiving….

Even though –Serious coin –votes to made out of Promoting war –guns –hate –control of WOMENS’ bodies –digitally invading bodies wanting to fly home for the holiday:   those who want the Fairness, the Equalness –Peace –Prosperity for non-Wall Street insiders –and those who Don’t, the haters, Have SAME body parts –under the “different”-colored skin.  WHEN do the Haters:  STOP the hate?

WHO can be ‘Thankful’ for those who wish the President of the United States –ill? I am so very Tired of the Hate… are you?

I wonder what world would be like, now… I miss John F. Kennedy … I miss the others… families, all over the world, miss those killed in wars, of hate, for profit.   

But We still have a planet –that is livable… we Still have Opportunity to make Things Better.  We CAN still overcome the Haters… we still have daVine people in and out of government who Care –who CAN do good –who have Remedies… we DON’T have to listen to the petty -frightened –small –the haters –who want the worst, for their own gain… we Still have much for Thanks….

Whether you celebrate, or not, mourn loss, or not, miss President Kennedy, or not, one of the haters –or thief of others’ prosperity, or not:  on this One day I wish you good holiday… Best to you on Thanksgiving, one of our best… daVine….

May your spirit Rest in peace, JFK….

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