Oprah’s Homosexual Marie Antoinette: Helps Rip-off the Ripped Off

Who knows why –that exploiter of Any/All, underwear-sniffer Oprah Winfrey chose from field of Talented, Original, Creative designers/decorators:  to pluck instead the utterly banal doodad mixologist Nat Berkus to be her…shill –on a show of his own.

Perhaps she plucked him:  because he heard the rumors –in time to shove Free stuff at Miss Oprah, cuz gosh, what billionaire doesn’t want More free stuff. 

Or maybe the scooper of any ‘singer’ –any 3rd-rate Act-or with a movie to pimp on her show, to boost her crashing ratings, chose the limp with the least for his finely-crafted skill:  giggling.  No matter, the bore that is Berkus:  got his own show, the better to shove wads of money back to Winfrey.

How did aging-badly bore Berkus “earn” his money today?

The Marie Antoinette of the doodad set:  thought it would be like cool –to tell people How to join in –pick off those already ripped-off, on bits left after banksters -Wall Street pigs -money insiders STEALING pensions, homes at a rate unknown in US history, without even a Single agency or Congress member stopping them.

Those evicted from hearth and house -condo -apartment –in one way or in many ways:  are putting what’s left of their home –life, into storage.  

Without a Single Thought to the Consequences of what that means, to be without home, now, bilious Berkus:  made a “show” out of telling the stupid who watch his drivel-hour  How to Profit off those who have little left –get hold of that life-time household collection.

“Abandoned” Property???
YOU know anyone –would willingly abandon family photos –children’s toys –winter coats –pricey cookware –letters???  Oh ya, toss the ‘personal’ “junk” –baby shoes, wedding dress, blankets, trophies –the things that mean something to the Renter, to PROFIT from scooping up the rest.

Certainly Don’t know who created such a vile pig as Berkus –HOW it’s even Possible he Doesn’t Know —hasn’t heard:
-Pension Managers tricked/stuck with LOUSY garbage shoved on pension funds so Pensions–of teachers, cops, librarians, clerks, fire fighters, working poor– have been Wiped Out
-Homes, hundreds DAILY –foreclosed in bank & rating agency scams
-Thirty MILLION Americans –families, children:  without job –food-insecure –on Food Stamps
-Waiting to see if Congress will extend their Life-line –unemployment insurance

SEVENTY percent of Americans:  have LOST home/on verge of foreclosure from Criminal acts of pin-stripped gangsters pretending  ‘respectability.’

–All:  whizzed over the head of Marie Antoinette of doodads.  His idea of a show:  pick off those already picked off.

Ever seen Berkus bloviate?
The giggler: reminds me of a professor in college once explained a concept –wherein an infant makes a ‘deposit’ in his diaper –and expects mommy to be pleased.

Since the little wimp knows NOTHING whatsoever about design, way isn’t a decorator:  he looks to audience –constantly, for approval –to pump up his weak ego/missing design skills –on his ‘deposits’ –though they are no better than the ones the infant puts in the diaper.

Every time boob Berkus opens his yap:   he proves he knows Squat about design.

Who sponsors Miss Underwear-sniffer’s little doodads-on-parade show?  A purveyor of plastic –debt –now chasing Californians –and anyone else they can snag, since they got ‘chased’ out of ‘hometown,’ New Yorkers refusing to fall for their 39% plastic “credit” scam any more.

daVine Remedy –for weasels?  Where to start….  First:  Don’t participate in ripping-off those already ripped off –bad karma can/will follow You also. 

DON’T watch bloated-head filled with air Berkus –you Won’t miss a thing that matters.

Send Miss Oprah:  your thoughts –on “exciting November shows.”  —WHEN will the underwear-sniffer –who pimped sexual predator nazi-lover squatting in California Governor office -her pal to get him elected, STOP clogging up Our air waves?  CAN’T be soon enough.

CALL –Write:   your state’s elected representatives, Attorney General –demand they write laws to Protect Consumers from storage companies Seizing property  –without Due Process -laws -protection of Any kind.

SEE Sidebar for addresses =====>

Send e-mail to:  the guy who knows squat about design –desperate to do any show about anything –tell him to stop sucking up Our air waves.  Deepest Recession since 1930’s, people in desperate situation –Doesn’t need a Marie Antoinette.

DON’T put A Thing into any storage rental facility.  If you do:  COUNT on loosing it, no thanks to pigs –like Berkus, et al –who don’t mind scavaging, picking off Other People’s property.

Deep daVine Remedy:  write to your rep in House and Senate:  DEMAND they START writing bills that Look Out for us –WE the people, and STOP protecting corporations that Caused this Recession, Cause job-loss shipping jobs OUT of the US –Caused greatest theft of wealth –property –pension in US history.

YOU:  don’t write —don’t complain?  DON’T whine –when they come for YOUR home –your pension –your job –your household.

Nat Berkus, the homosexual Marie Antoinette of “decoration”:   may YOU know what it’s like to LOOSE what You care about –photos, letters, mementos –pension –home –be on RECEIVING end of what You did today.

For the Immoral trash you threw up on OUR air waves:  drop dead –soon.

best daVine Remedy of all:  the Universe WILL extract payment for what you did today.  You:  cannot inflict pain -harm on others –and for Money, and NOT get paid back.  Bad Luck to you:  evading Balance Due. 

* * * * *

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