Los Angeles ELECTION ’10: Real Results -Cupcakes, Propositions, Voters

Did you vote in November 2010 election? Afterwards did you get free coffee –free chili dog from Pinks –free cupcake from a local bakery for voting?

A friend works at a polling place every year. We discussed the election –long after he finished the Poll work, after 10 PM. He said: people saw a sign in the bakery across the street, so people came in to “vote” so they could get a cupcake –for free. Were they registered at that polling place –registered –anywhere? Nope. But each: insisted on being allowed to “vote” anyway. But poll workers: required to give those Dummies a Provisional ballot. Did the vote count? NO!

At any Polling place: five Provisional ballots is a lot. He: handed out nearly 70 today! THAT’S not amusing.

Did you click on this: so you could see Actual Election results? Well picture: hundreds of workers in LA Registrar’s office –opening all those Provisional ballots –checking –verifying and discovering invalid –worthless –multiplied all over the state. Do you realize How Long all that takes? THAT is Your money –going to NO Good Purpose whatsoever so that dumb people, cheap ones, could get a Freebie. THAT is, duh, not the ‘purpose’ of voting.

NO: I don’t have a Bit of sympathy for the so desperate –for free coffee, hotdog, cupcake –any item, that they wasted Other’s time, money to get it. If that was You: DON’T do that again.

Did You offer Free item for “voters”? daVine Remedy –for NOT costing us money on elections
Next time: Require “voter” to show Pamphlet –with voter’s NAME on it –not just the sticker, as proof of voting.

ALL those Propositions???
HOW did all those things GET on the ballot? Here’s How: a lawyer decided he wanted to make some money, wrote a Proposition then went sucking around for somebody to pay the bill –to get it on Our ballot.

Who did the ambulance-chaser find? Some oily boys –in Texas. What did he charge them? MILLIONS –for TaDa Prop. 23 –the one where the oily boys ‘care’ about our un-employment, but Really care about Killing our Green tech laws –and stopping fees on polluters to pay for dirty air, water.

WHO was that shyster? Guess what: the SAME one who ‘used’ by Meg–it’s everyone else’s fault I hired an illegal immigrant-Whitman. –Discovered that late one night doing research for a post.

daVine Remedy –for keeping junk OFF California’s ballot: DON’T SIGN ‘petitions’ . When that kid/nice guy with a smile asks You to ‘help’ KEEP WALKING. WE Don’t sign: we don’t get ‘special’ interest self-serving Trash on our ballot. Period.

Referendums are for The People –NOT for blood-suckers, lawyers, lobbyists looking to scrape money off voters.

How Dumb Are Some “Voters” in California

The most popular post on this site: ‘verify you’re registered to vote’ https://davineremedy.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/08-ca-alert-are-you-registered-to-vote-for-sure/ –with links to check. It comes up on first page of search engine results; people land on the page every week throughout the year, more traffic two -three months before an election. To vote: you need to register, for safety, at least 30 days before the election –about the same for vote-by-mail, by the time you send in Signed written request and receive the confirmation.

So PLEASE explain to me: How/Why over 300 HUNDRED people tried to “verify registration” past FEW days on my post??? ON election day: over 100 Hundred clicked on the page to verify!

IF they didn’t Already receive the Voter Pamphlet –plus loads of campaign advertising, WHY is anyone checking registration LONG after the deadline???

There are over 40 Million people in California –imagine a “voter” can just walk into a Polling Place, Register and VOTE on the same day??? California: way NOT one of the states that allows same-day voting.

Vote-By-Mail Ballot?

Are You one of those who complain about “wasteful government spending”? Many: dropped off the Vote-By-Mail ballot AT Polling place –but why? –Really, why? Why didn’t you MAIL the ballot –long ago??? WHAT was the point of getting Mail-in ballot then waiting until the last day to turn it in?

Turning in Mail-in ballot ON Election Day: costs the county -state EXTRA money for extra help. BE the solution you want. Mail EARLY.

That Voter Pamphlet–
Right Now –Fish it out of the wastebasket: turn it over –fill it out –mail it This Week –and ~TaDa: you will receive Vote-by-Mail ballot for future elections! –No more hasseling traffic –long lines, bad weather, getting there on time. Plus: no more ‘checking registration’!

Already Tossed the Pamphlet?

Next week: put it on your calendar to Call the Registrar of Voters and request a Mail ballot –OR: go to their site –SEE Sidebar ======>
and do it in on-line. Just print it out, SIGN it, mail it. No signature: no Valid registration.

In March 2011: another election –VERY important one for LA City Council seats. Register NOW –today. Don’t register? Don’t complain when ‘your’ civil servant pays Zero attention to you –you hate the rep –she/he took money from developers -corporations -Karl Rove/Chamber of Horrors ‘Commerce’ –doesn’t care about you/what you want, need.

DID you do your homework –on candidates, propositions?

At least a month Before the election: Registrar sent out pamphlet identical to the ballot. After you read the booklet of propositions and candidate statements: you should Mark the pamphlet, take with you to Polling Place, give it to Poll worker to speed up checking your name in the book –and to zip through the ballot. Even with many candidates and propositions: with the Pamphlet propped up in front of me I zipped through the ballot in just a few minutes. People voting around me: were Reading each item.

Los Angeles Registrar of Voters: counting ballots now –all night.

Polling Place ballots: counted first, then Mail-in ballots that didn’t arrive before Election day; Provisional ballots counted within 28 days after the Election. IF you asked for Receipt of Provisional ballot: you can call Registrar’s office, give Receipt number and find out if your ballot counted; or reason why not.

Election Results –some races I’m watching, like Attorney General, are too close to call, I will post Results –after all declared Final, on another page.

* * * * *
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