CA’10 Attorney General: Who’s Afraid of Kamala Harris? Karl Rove! UPDATE #21!


100% Precincts Partially or Fully Recorded –

You —unhappy with “wasteful government spending”?  Thank:  those who insisted on “voting” to get free food from vendors –who violated federal election law  –the Mail-in voters who turned in ON election day –all costing counties, California Serious money to verify the worthless and the last-minute ballots, over 2 million.   So 28 days after election, Count:

UPDATE #21  At press conference, Biltmore Hotel, downtown Los Angeles this morning, six days after opponent, Steve Cooley, conceded, Kamala Harris:  declared VICTORY!


Ballots still to be counted:  not enough for Cooley to overcome her lead.  Kamala Harris:  California’s next Attorney General.  Well Done!

pthhsssst raspberry to Karl-devil incarnate-Rove:  take that –and Lump it.  You –your oily boy friends AIN’T gonna do whatever the hell –in California –and get away with it.  YOU Ain’t got –Ain’t enough money to pull it off –fool California voters.  Now KEEP your sorry Republi-cant ass OUT of California elections, business. 

UPDATE #20Nov. 30 – 11:17 AM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,432,004
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,356,971

Up Date #19Nov. 29  – 3:34 PM –I saw :45 after it posted –THIS is getting significant –and Exciting

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,422,463
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) =4,350,897

UPDATENov. 26:  Secretary of State office gathering ballot count from counties around the state.  I checked:
Nov. 25 :  office closed – Thanksgiving
Nov. 26 :  office closed –  a furlough day –thanks to budget “management” of guy squatting “Governor” seat.   If you don’t know, his election:   cost California $11 BILLION bucks his First day in office –sly ignorant sex-predator ‘settled’ Gov. Grey Davis suit against ENRON –at $.05 for every DOLLAR owed California for electricity rip-off –to help Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON, his backer.  —Real reason he ran for governor and we in financial crisis.  Check back Monday Nov. 29 for ballot up-date.

UPDATE #18 – Nov 24 – 3:37 p.m.

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,396,359
Steve Cooley 00(Rep) 4,338,135

–A newspaper is declaring Harris the winner –by their estimate of ballots left to count -proportion they think Harris will get.  –Since neither they nor I NEXT to any county’s ballots/counting room:  I’ll wait for State’s tally.  If they are open -post new total Friday I will also.  Good holiday to you.

UPDATE #17 – Nov 23 – 3:40 PM –this morning count and all the past several updates have been in Harris’s favor, with  spread getting wider –this is getting exciting:

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,362,484
Steve Cooley 0 (Rep) 4,308,720

Election:  must be certified on November 28…Dec. 3– we’ll know soon.

UPDATE #16: Nov. 22 – 4:45 PM

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,340,454
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) 4,288,568

UPDATE:  November 22, 2010, 11:18 am

Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,313,599
Steve Cooley 0(Rep) -o4,270,043

Those who Gave –hot dogs, cupcakes, coffee, etc. to “voters”: committed serious violation of  federal law –feds will prosecute some.

UPDATE #13 – Nov. 19 – 1:50 PM  — — #14 – 4:14 PM:
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,260,135 4,291,854
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,226,651 4,248,804

#12  – Nov 18 – 10:57 am
Kamala Harris (Dem) 4,224,230
Steve Cooley 0-(Rep) 4,193,990

#9 – Nov 11 PM #10 : the up-dates have been so small not worth posting; LA County Registrar gave notes this week: he has about 399,000 ballots left to count, Provisional AND Mail-in.

# 7Nov 9 – PM –The reason to do homework on candidates; NOT demand to “vote” when not registered –costing California huge money in over-time to count worthless Provisional ballots

#6 – Results – November 7, 2010

I’ve been watching totals see-saw all week-end.  This morning LA Registrar of Voters gave up-date:

Election ballots are counted

Provisional, Mail-in ballots not mailed ahead of time –remaining:  about 300,000

Statewide:  about 2 million ballots left to count

As of Sunday 5:42 pm:  about 36,000 more votes for Cooley (it’s hard to write that) –so far, but with time and ballots, looks good for Harris.

I’m thinking:  the counties where people vote Republican/’men only need apply’/don’t get:  same old junk & cramming over-crowded prisons is costing Big –they are in counties (rural, ag, mountains) mostly with fewer precincts –easily already counted; that leaves urban areas, SF, LA & San Diego, better informed more sophisticated,  with Possibilites.

County Registrars have until: November 28 to verify signatures, turn in totals State Registrar has until December 10 to certify counts, declare winners.

I will number the Up-Dates; if you are one of the many wanting the news – get it sent to you:  you can Subscribe to this site  – SEE Sidebar =====>

-Results – Nov. 5

Kamala D. Harris (Dem) 3,302,221 3,320,911 3,461,232

Steve Cooley 000—(Rep) i3,293,191 3,309,074 3,453,370

only 9,030 11,837 votes separate the candidates –Too Close to Call –I don’t have any fingernails left. Gonna be long week-end.

Cooley scheduled a Press Conference for Thursday morning to announce himself the winner, then canceled –until ‘it’s more definitive.’

–Okay, this is going to take a lot longer, Registrar offices are counting Mail-in and Provisional ballots now, since election day votes did not show a clear winner.

-Results – This afternoon:  about 20,000 14,000 more votes for Harris –Too Close to Call

-Results – Nov. 3 – 3:02 am – 92% votes counted

Kamala Harris ahead by about 38,000 votes –Too Close to Call
Will post final results, check back.

Does it matter if you vote?
In state with more than 38 million people approximately 43% voted in this election. If you had contacted five people who each did the same:  the difference may have been Much greater.  Still, so far I’m happy with result –how about you?

Encourage every person you know to register to vote This week.

Kamala Harris
Smart, innovative District Attorney in Northern California is the candidate of choice for next Attorney General. Who is afraid –very afraid she will win? Karl Rove. The name ‘seems familiar’ –but your brain has hit “pause” with all of the Meg-it’s everyone else’s fault I hired an illegal-Whitman ads?

Karl Rove
Remember The Thug & The Dick –Republi-cants who squatted the White House illegally, eight years –brought us two wars –torture –invasion of privacy all without warrants?  Karl Rove was their Brain! He: looks like a lump of dough- ssscheemed, plotted to change government into a thing that made war on Americans.

Why would hemeroid Karl Rove care —who we choose for next California Attorney General? What’s that to the creep who devoured all the e-mail and phone calls AT&T diverted to him to spy on us? Ahhh, that would be for Rove’s choice –Harris’ opponent.

Get this:  after the squatters fired Rove, he sucked around till he landed another job and Now sucks money out of giant corporations and foreigners for US Chamber of Horrors in their quest for more ‘commerce.’

Hemeroid Rove: plots political plans to defeat Democrats/get right-wing nuts and Teabaggers into political office –so they can “help” some more.  So Why does looser Rove care –have a candidate in our election?

Most Californians don’t know

Besides all the other laws of the state: The Attorney General enforces environmental laws. Legislature passed AB-32, the new Green technology bill.

Chamber of Horrors members attracted to off-shore, AKA: throwing jobs off-shore -tossing Americans into un-employment so mega corporations can “improve” their bottoms and bank accounts; and in drilling.

–Oily boys from Texas and others–foreigners?–want US to STAY hooked on oil, don’t care fossil fuel is dirty –causes breathing problems –warming the planet –all gone in a few decades.

They want us to stay ON oil Now. They gave puss-bag Rove money to run ALL those nasty ads against Harris.

Rove’s choice in our election: an old Republican lump who thinks the Attorney General salary is “so low”– $150,000 –so lousy: why does he “want” the job? If you elect him he intends to file for double pensions –on TOP of the salary; it’s called: double-dipping. Cute. He doesn’t have a problem with allowing Texas -Saudis, others to drill off California.

How stupid is hemmeroid Karl Rove?

Rove: hides his True purpose, shoved $1.1 Million bucks from his Chamber bosses into Los Angeles local TV stations for nasty false ads against Harris that lie, as though she is ‘weak’ on the death penalty.

Harris’ stand? Harris didn’t seek the death penalty on the cop killer because: the JURY returned a verdict of Second Degree murder; doesn’t allow for Death Penalty.

But Majority of Californians: against the death penalty. LOL, it’s no ‘negative’ to brand Harris opposed to it! Dumb ignorant creep’s scare tactics Might work on the ignorant, they don’t work in California.

Harris: WILL enforce all laws, including death penalty and environmental laws.

Hemeroid Hopes you don’t know

Hopes you will Believe his stupid lying ad and vote for the Lump in his pocket, the Republican –so oily boys can drill for oil off California coast –just like BP drilled off Louisiana.  If they screw up– ‘spill’ –they’ll have a pal in office, thanks to weasel Rove and your ignorance.

Reasons to Vote FOR Kamala Harris:
-Re-elected: second term San Francisco District Attorney
-Endorsed by numerous Chiefs of Police –many in counties near SF
who know her work first-hand
-wants to do innovative programs instead of just stuffing more prisoners into already over-crowded prisons
-started numerous innovative programs for prisoners, ex cons so they won’t commit crimes again
-her innovations: so successful looked at by other states and Dept. of Justice to copy
-she is fresh, smart –NOT same old same old costly ways of doing things –that AREN’T working

PROP 23 stinking Texas oily boys –Don’t give a damn about OUR “unemployment” –AND neither does Meg Whitman, she hired an illegal instead of a citizen. Oil corp. Valero, etc. –care about being forced to obey our laws –paying fees for stinking up our air, water, land.
Who is Really behind Prop 23 —who got Prop 23 on our ballot? Meg Whitman’s lawyer .  Send A Message to Texas oily boys: tell them to stay OUT of California — Prop 23 Vote NO

Who will win Nevada?
Harry Reid is in a fierce fight with a Teabagger –crazy Sharon Angle, who wants to privatize Social Security, do away with Education and many other functions of government.  She DOESN’T want to give UP the money she will make doing that –while she tells people who are on unemployment “go get a job” –like at a fast food joint.

–Are the polls wrong?   Yup.  Pollsters:  don’t poll people of color –people who use cell phones only.
daVine Remedy Prediction –for Nevada, for US:  Harry Reid will represent Nevada in the Senate.

UPDATE Prediction: Correct
–even Republicans voted for Harry Reid over ill-educated wrong-sided Sharon Angle.

Prediction – President:  I predicted by the time he gave second State of the Union speech, nearly every segment across America would be angry at Pres. Obama.

Prediction Future?
Barack Obama:  will be re-elected President
Republicans: will go back to Minority party
A Real Third Party will be formed –maybe in time for 2012 election: combined forces of angry Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians –disgusted at corporations’ control of government.

* * * * *

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