CA DEBT CRISIS Governor Race: Will They Fool You –Again?

Democrat – Independent:  registered voter?  Vote –at your kitchen table?  SEE Page bottom

The last time Governor of California was a Democrat:   ENRON forced Californians to pay phony jacked up utility bills –every week, threatened to shut off electricity during major heat wave if they didn’t pay.

Gov.  Grey Davis had the Proof —the electricity was falsely shut off, rates unjustified. He went to the regulatory agency in Washington DC  –to stop ENRON  illegal practices. The agency refused to do a thing, they took orders from: The Dick, President of Vice in the White House, his energy “plan” for pals, like ENRON.

No help from regulators: Gov. Davis filed lawsuit against ENRON. 

What happened next? A bunch of very rich Republicans –Ken Lay, CEO of ENRON –thief, dead after conviction of massive fraud, ex-convict junk bond trader Mike Milken, The Thug in the White House, others made plan:  put an ignorant actor in California’s governor office. 

“Sexy”? EIGHT women accused the ignorant actor of molestation for which he paid them damages AND he apologized —after exposed.   Actor’s “hero”?  Worst monster in history, hitler –also admired by his father, nazi party member at his death.

“Macho” candidate ‘man’: didn’t have the spine to stand up against competition in his party –Republican Primary.

Instead the backers used massive non-stop publicity: to convince Californians it would be “macho” and “sexy” to have an ignorant actor in the governor’s office.  For NO Good reason: 70% of Californians –including You? –fell for the scam, voted against Gov. Davis –voted Ignorant ‘macho’ nazi-lover into office.

When lousy actor got into office?
Put into office:  to “settle” California lawsuit against ENRON –“macho” hump “accepted” $.05 for every DOLLAR ENRON Owed us –stopped the suit.

California:  lost $11 (eleven) BILLION bucks Minimum on “macho”  guy’s First day as governor. Was it “sexy” for You?  Republican Ken Lay & pals stole Millions from California families -schools -seniors -businesses -hospitals –ripped off ENRON employees, active & retired –investors –any/everyone to line their pockets.

Now –Is it “macho” for you –over 12% of Californians without a job? Are you enjoying Clueless “Republican” actor –charging around the world on OUR dime –while our economy –debt plunges downhill?

‘Macho’ “man” decided “good” way to “balance” the budget?  Punk: cut Disabled supplement –THREE times last year. YOU wanna live on $260 –any month? Is budget balanced? Duh.

Four Indian tribes: got FAT new contracts off ‘macho’ signature without Legislature approval –he screwed the state out of millions of the SIX BILLION they expect to collect –but oops it’s too late to take it into court to reverse. Oh well?

Actor man: DID help most powerful union in California –huge raises for Prison Guards. But a judge: made Ignorant Newbie  REVERSE those contracts and fat pay raises.

Do you like a good joke?
Predator’s Plan B to balance budget:  forced DMV workers to take furlough days –and he is jacking up auto registration fee. DUH –Long lines when you get there –to pay MUCH more to register your car. Is it “good” for you?

Now: we are over $25 Billion in debt.

Rich white Republican insiders
The scam worked so well first time, they are trying it AGAIN. This time: they want Californians to believe a person who has NEVER voted –EVER –never even registered, would make a “good” governor because This Time the candidate comes from–wait for it–business.

Butt Oops: what we got here –Another Ignorant newbie Knows NOTHING about being a Public Servant. This Time: it’s Another Rich one –who is piling up MILLIONS to convince Californians that even though She KNOWS NOTHING about How to Be a Public Servant –we should give her the job.

But: WHO will she do a Job on? If YOU fall for this scam a Second time: WHAT will we loose? 

Will she decide –infrastructure –roads -highways -bridges -trains “boring” –cost “too much” –STOP maintaining them? Will senior adults, disabled: get cut off? Will she decide it’s “good business” to leave pensions bloated –the ones who endorsed her? Will our water problems: be over her head?

Forget “insider” stuff  —You Already know Meg Whitman:
-Paid herself $162 MILLION dollars –to get job pays $212,100 that
she doesn’t know how to do
-Social Security sent notice her Hispanic in-home employee
documents fake three years after hire, but kept her six MORE years
–now claims she didn’t know; so NINE years of employer taxes –unpaid?
-ZERO experience, Knows NOTHING about governing
-Wealthy people are behind her –why? What will they gain?

Just One Gain: Prop. 23
Two Texas oil companies: claim to “care” about California employment –“so much” they want us to STOP our Green switch to solar power, wind energy programs –that will cut dirty air –dirty fuels. Do You believe they “care” about our unemployment? –Or care it will cost them money? 

Cost jobs???  Green tech the ONLY sector:  Adding NEW jobs in California.

Texas oily boys: funded Prop. 23 to get California to stop Green technology.  Who got paid to WRITE the Prop. –got it on November 2010 ballot?  An attorney:  the one behind Meg Whitman.

Do you need any More evidence she should NOT be our next governor?

What else do the rich Republicans backing newbie Meg Whitman: Expect to get if they get her elected?

Want to find out –on HER first day?  They fooled you once, if they do it a Second time the shame:  is on You.

How About: YOU Don’t fall for this scam AGAIN. How about: we get a smart Knowledgeable EXPERIENCED person in the Governor’s office and we Don’t get scammed –again.

Jerry Brown:  KNOWS how to do the job, already elected governor –twice.

Former Governor (now California Attorney Gener...

Image via Wikipedia

California had jobs –balanced budget –no frills –no waste –no phony hype.  Eight years:  he  drove –a battered old second-hand car (ugly, lol) –not chauffeured limousine –not private jets. He lived in a bachelor apartment, not in a lavish estate.

“Sexy” Cigars Rock ‘nRoll –NOT
We have difficult road ahead.  Voters have ‘approved’ stupid measures –failed to lift Term Limits –lobbyists and SELF-serving dummies run California.

Jerry Brown:  experienced, frugal, wise, tough. California is in a LOT of trouble and we: cannot afford another ignorant newbie –again. We need Smart to lead –restart California’s Can Do economy –leadership for innovation –not “special” breaks for the wealthy –not politics.

CARE about California –your life,  family, neighbors –what happens here?  You need to vote for Jerry Brown.

You need to tell EVERY person you know to vote for him.

It’s the ONLY way to FIX Mess of  what has happened to California with rich insiders and their “macho” moron.  This time:  California needs a leader –a Real man.

We are lucky Brown is willing to take on this miserable job.  You have Second Chance to Do It Smart: DON’T screw it up this time.

daVine Remedy for California: Jerry Brown, smart, experienced, knowledgeable, frugal Democrat.

~To Vote –at Your Kitchen Table~
Application for Vote-by-Mail Must Send By  midnight October 25, 2010 –IF you are already California Registered Voter -request Vote-by-Mail ballot to skip traffic, lines, bad weather.

Get the Form:
-fill in ON-LINE
-fill in back page of your last Voter pamphlet
-print out from Registrar website & mail in
Fill out carefully –INCOMPLETE OR INACCURATE you will not receive. 

Then watch your mail for the ballot; when ballot arrives:  vote and Return ballot promptly.  If you are delayed:  You MAY turn in the ballot at your usual Polling place on election day. Form for Los Angeles County here:

You may NOT apply for someone else –that is a crime


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