Drug-Pusher ABC –Junk-Dealer CNN –Penta-goon Lover NBC: Good News

UPDATE ABC – The head of News Dept. Announced:  Addition.

Decided to add scholar –researcher –writer –Reporter?

Lawyer “News” Head, no passion for journalism -standards –informing, un-tethered to Quality, desperate to jack up eyeballs and ad revenue: frantic for something -any thing, scraped barrel-bottom –raised the barrel –looked underneath –and Aha!

‘Best’ thing to add to ABC:  argumentative tight-ass right-wing Conformist, manifesto down hard –no deviation, Elizabeth H.

Claim to fame? She ate bugs and stuff on a mindless island reality show, so Barbara (Wawa) Walters snapped her up, plopped the twenty-something and her views into the ‘View’.  When she’s not away popping out another WASP bundle, with her mind firmly shut, rightist rants –so rude, shrill, dogmatic un-watchable, from any angle.

She once had the gall, from her extremely lucky space on the sofa:  to spout right-winger Karl Rove (fired strategist of last Administration) type points at guest President Obama.
She:  “saving jobs—cops, teachers, fire fighters, etc.—doesn’t count in Recovery Job Program.”
President: “It does to those who kept their job.” She lost.

If you loved the 1950s –or wish you had been there, think the two wars started by The Thug & The Dick “winnable” –want religion shoved into government, but only one/yours, plus Republican usual rigids: you’ll like ex bug-eater extremist.  Most amazing thing about the right-winger? Her parents were hippies….

The Hassle will occur on G-dawful Mindless America’s sofa, G-d only knows why.

If “News” guy keeps this up by the time he’s outta there in December: ABC will be A Barrel-bottom Conglomerate —A Bastardized Clone of sly FOX “news.”  ABC –Will appeal to dumbest among us –skip hard news –go for the twisted –the invented “news” –the Lies also?

IF you’re thinking ‘dumb, ugly as when NBC ‘treated’ superb journalist Jane Pauley to Debra Norville shoved into sofa’  —don’t like rants –dogma –made-up stuff early morning/ever, there is still daVine Remedy:  CBS, C-Span, silence.

* * * * *

UPDATE CNN  Okay, ROFL –so hard, can’t type… ok, lol, Serious: with all the rotten –dumb –weird stuff happen’ if you could use a giggle catch this— 

Full disclosure: the In-Box So crammed full of things need posting Right Now –researching –trying to catch every word on C-Span –repeat of stock market tape, The Daily Show, this author maybe Only one who didn’t catch The News when it happened –sorry but ROFLMAO. 

Rick Sanchez, Weasel.

Mr. Klein, sorta news head —had recently given away more of CNN‘s not-valuable time to Rick Sanchez who clogged up afternoon air waves, with garbage –junk so bad Truly UN-watchable (see below). 

Last week: Pea-brain In Charge Mr. Klein –Fired! from CNN. 

Thursday: Rick-the dufus-Sanchez does radio interview to publicize his book–Who Knew he could –type?—says Truly Stupid Ignorant remarks

Friday –BAM! –next morning, his Arse booted

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show has, yes, told it like it was, Total Meathead ( Jon Stewart’s label), aka wickedly funny savages. [Stupid Washington Post being annal –if link doesn’t work click http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/01/AR2010100107147.html –for the giggle] 

Saturday night: Jon Stewart hosts a charity event in NY, changes his monologue, a bit… 

Total Meathead –what, ‘thought’ no one would hear him –on the radio??? Not only Doesn’t Get how lousy he does the job, sees himself Victim –ragged on for being a minority, but not for his, uh, ‘product’ —Toasts himself, and not in a good way 

To those who do the dull -attend meeting -digging –researching –every day, Reporters, with Standards –Total Meathead and his ilk… maybe the same as:  those with passion -love for baseball, see a huge steroid head appear –the game disrespected, the honor, the Record Books, destroyed…. Sanchez, Meathead. 

Score one for us, this side of the screen, who Just Frigg’n Want the Story –the NEW stuff that Matters, with Facts without smaltz -stupidity smeared all over it. Bobble-heads reading public’s Opinion on Mangled Stuff, dripping with emotion: we cannot get Informed. Can the Junk. 

Hmmm…Dobbs -Klein -Sanchez…this author writes, e-mails about dreadful Dobbs: suddenly canned one night two weeks later; e-mail and post —Sanchez booted five days later. This author –powerful? LOL, DE-lish. 

Good news: Total Meathead Sanchez OUT. 

You’re slow, CNN but you’re Gett’n there. Now:  ‘Marketing’ morons’ –Little girl Anderson Cooper, the gooey girls, drivel stories; hire Investigative Reporter –Cover government, Without opinion –Actual news -network. 

What If: they had respect for us –did the News for Smart people, all day -all night…. 

# # # 

ABC –Urine -Dung -Slobber About five -six weeks ago the 6th-grader “host” of whatever it is ABC throws up Saturday mornings: got camera outside on Broadway –close-up shot of his dog –close-up shot of urine, Broadway sidewalk. THAT his ‘sayonara’ his last show before he failed up-wards –booted to pandering mess for pre-teens, AKA “Night Line.”
Urine –‘cool’ –to you? –Useful –to make informed plans –decisions about issues -candidates -your life?

Later That week George –ex host of Sunday political show now host on ‘G-d Awful America’ actually ‘hosted’: the Mouth, AKA Michele Malkin, a person so extreme –aggressive -nasty –right-wing, she makes “conservatives” look like Liberals. 

ABC So Desperate

Her “credentials” –“reason” host George had her on his sofa? –Pollster –analyst -multi-degree specialist? Naw, she is sly Fox troll, she writes on a website –angry barely literate stuff, wrapped around tiny kernel of almost fact –for low-info -closed-minded -shut-in -high school drop out crowd. 

Host George: challenged junk statements –asked proof of her claims -questioned if her source of incomefrom insurance, think-tank funders, right-wing corp’s? Nope. Host George: asked the Mouth opinion on stuff. The Mouth: excreted dung

When Charlie Gibson, evening news anchor, had enough: person playing the part of “news” director at ABC summoned up –results of the newly unemployed –a wet finger up above his head –left-over leaves in a cup? 

Whatever, “News” head-juggler arrived at ‘conclusion’: ABC Evening news anchored by –experienced reporter/journalist Not, dribbled by the hostess with the leastest sob sister Diane Sawyer. –Evening news Emoted –slobbered to those who just want to know: what went on in the world –made mistake clicking on ABC

She drips –she slobbers –she over-emphasizes –fake questions as she throws up the drivel and the dross and the zoo’s cutest and slobbers emotion all over. You don’t get Informed, you do feel need to shower afterwards. 

“News” director, obviously: already cattle-prodded –lumps squatting in Disney/Capital Cities board room, who don’t give mouse ears about news –quality –Responsiblity to inform/watch government, reason they have license to use Public’s air waves, folded –“News” division into “Entertainment.” Demand Profit from informing the public –our air waves cover their salaries, too, of course. 

!TaDa –men with ‘heartbreak’ of ‘deeply’ serious rampant(?) ‘disease’ –limp penis –want erection, whenever –big pharma–highly profitable–“remedy” shoved onto the “news” half-hour non-stop. One could think: it’s epidemic. 

Proof Disney bored board don’t give slightest thought to public : booted anchor George –booted Reporter Jake Taper: to drop in CBS, CNN wash-out Christiane Amanpour -into “This Week.” Hostess:  lectures Americans on AMERICAN politics –in Patronizing heavy accent. –you’re not smart enough to get HER point: she flaps hands -glasses at camera for, uh, punctuation. Comments: Majority DOESN’T want her, STOPPED watching. Disney doesn’t care –she’s a ‘bargain’ bore? 

Disney humps

DO care about: M-O-N-E-Y. Six THOUSAND known diseases of the human body, but limp penis ad money the ONLY thing that matters to Disney, the ‘family’ mega-corporation. 

Disney bored told the lawyer guy playing the part of “news” director: cut out 28% of the people who gather –investigate –write –report news. He not passionate about journalism, reporting either, swung his money-making little guillotine -DOWN went news quality. 

Sob sister Sawyer who drips more –over less, certainly NOT taking cut in her multi-million buck salary –Do a thing which would, uh, Improve whatever it is ABC does in the evening -morning -week-ends. 

Good News

As ABC tries to copy the bottom-scrapping sly Fox ‘news’ channel, head “news” lawyer guy will join the Great Ted Koppel – OUT in the real world: he announced Quitt’n time. Hey: NOT soon enough –Don’t wait till December –Get out now

At ABC that leaves only superb reporter Martha Raddatz, sole investigative reporter Brian Ross, cut-down newsroom staff to…soldier on. –Till they axed in bored board’s Lust/Quest for More M-O-N-E-Y. Lust for Informing? As they slide down sleaze-ball road, May they: choke on it. 

daVine Remedy –to how ABC is using our air waves: stay OUT of Disney parks till they clean up their act -MEET their obligation to report Hard News –whether it makes money or not. 

Who, exactly, doesn’t care –about Obligation, Responsibility, These humps:  Send Disney: your thoughtshere 

PROOF CNN trades in Junk? Ricky Sanchez –well-named Don Lemon –little uh uh uh girl faux reporter Anderson Cooper –ascot-swathed semi comedian –giggly girls –and the Assumption: people who want to know what’s happening in the world –are as dumb as Rick-the doofus-Sanchez.

 Plus: long-past sell-by date Larry King. King, e.g., softballs lobbed at Jimmy Carter: HOW, after booted  from White House by nearly ALL voters, he earned money –HOW he got “peace” prize. 


-Jimmy Carter became deep background PR ‘advisor’ –to Yassir Arafat –PLO; 

-BADGERED Nobel committee for FIFTEEN YEARS: whining ‘you gave it to the two I put together, where’s mine’? When committee finally relented: Jimmy –used the ceremony –to lecture the world. King: NO mention of Carter –any celebrity’s, Junk.  

This author wrote to Jimmy, years ago –calling on him to deny he was covert advisor for Arafat, PLO: No Reply. 

Ted Turner, entrepreneur, visionary –put the money together to put reporters around the world to cover the world –started CNN, and regrets, as much as the public, he sold his brilliant enterprise to bloated mega-corp. Time-Warner. 

CNN, spawn of Glenn Beck, turned into: near-parody of news-reporting entity –with e.g., the wolf-man, Wolf Blitzer and his pseudo-urgent “reports.” Flip to it, in basic cable, and Major Whoop: viewer is likely to be treated to THREE-DAY OLD junk –NOT the new news stuff anybody Wants. –A car crash, somewhere? Oh ya, they’re ‘on it’ ‘on it’ ‘on it’ –Weather –200 -2,000 miles off US coast, yup THAT’s “news” to them. 

Rick Sanchez: if you missed the drivel the first time –he WILL repeat sentence –at least two more times as he “delivers” trash –the LEAST useful junk of any mouth in the biz. –News? He Actually READS Tweets –sent by the at-home crowd, ya know: to ‘liven up’ the dross. 

Sanchez on the payroll –from ‘Deep’ research slave master Time-Warner did –on the ‘under-served’ market: the stuck in bed –in nursing homes –in hospitals –in ski chalets –in maternity wards. We should take up a collection: Another survey –show them those still capable of Human Thought DON’T GIVE A THOUGHT to the trash put out by CNN. WHY are they in Cable –Anywhere? 

Corporate master Time-Warner Bloat-miesters: flog way old tired ‘slogan’ “respected news team” –laughable —ANY local junk news station going WILL read more current stuff. 

Corporate slave toiling in Big chair in little news office –who hasn’t figured out How To deliver –any timely –any that Matters, did manage to deliver: his resignation this week. Now –with the canned music tapes, the low-info big illustrations books, he goes on Time-Warner shovel shelf. GoooBye, Good riddance “news” shoveler. 

daVine Remedy –for corporate whores Time-Warner: call -tell them you -your family -friends WON’T order their cable till they respect Journalism Standards –supply Hard News. 


Once Upon a Time in America: NBC. When Americans wanted –to know the new –happening in Congress, in the world -they turned on –Not so-called ‘most trusted man’ Cronkite (–never heard that growing up), but to the ‘gold standard’ of news: Huntley & Brinkley on NBC, one in New York, one in DC. 

The two newspaper men did their own research, writing. When I was a child: everyone wanted to know what they had to say; what they said: mattered. They were serious reporters, told you what you needed to know -without zoo cuties. Huntley & Brinkley so serious: on the rare occasion when they talked to each other, it was riveting. Once: one started to laugh at something, which caused the other uncontrollable laughter –they couldn’t stop. It was a treat! 

“Marketing” morons: ‘deduced’ from that Americans want drivel chatter thrown into news broadcast; spawned Nothing anyone wants: gooey chit-chat by air-heads on every local news show –Informs no one. 

NBC –once so respected, when they announced an “NBC White Paper” investigative report, people made plans -stayed home and watched. 

It was unnerving when Chet Huntley retired to Big Sky, Montana in 1971, died only three years later; David Brinkley more serious after that. The pair succeeded by superb Edwin Newman, died just last week, 1st rate journalist John Chancellor, the ‘kid’ who always did his homework Tom Brokaw. 

But NBC moved with the times, sorta, promoted from within. A 22-year old promoted till he landed at the top, making all the decisions. Pretty-boy Brian Williams, reads the nightly news, promoted from his last one –researcher –reporter? He put up letters on the board for on-camera talent to READ. 

What does he read: all the goo anyone can stand, especially any thing sent from those avaricious suckers-up-of-public’s-money: the penta-goons. 

Contract to make a weapon for last war –Iraq construction so bad it kills –They can’t find $9 BILLION bucks they shipped to Iraq –not one receipt for multi-billions sent before that??? No prob: NBC will ‘gloss’ it –not report it, whatever the war goons want, they can get from NBC, parent and war contractor GE. 

NBC has Devolved into Junkfor Them: sell off NBC. –Who do they want to sell it to: a cable corporation –one of the worst going.


If Your -my Congress members give their okey-dokey: a supplier of Pipes (cable) will Also OWN creative Product (TV shows) to shove through those pipes –own BOTH sides. No Problem? Can you say m-o-n-o-p-o-l-y? 

Will potential buyer of NBC –Comcast cable, be dictator –and monopoly? The buyer wants: once 22-year old G-O-N-E So wonderkid announced this week: he’s Outta there in December. Does it matter –stuck-in-the-mud in charge of every thing Jeff Zucker Out? Only if: person with Newspaper Standards replaces him. 

Jeff Zucker

NBC: so lousy, Without merit –quality –depth –comedy –original programming, the ONLY thing worth watching –ONLY time I ever turn on? 

Conan Nolan, KNBC half-hour program on Sundays: Los Angeles to state government –the people, topics, politics –candidates, ballots, issues in between. 

HOW dumb is NBC? Routinely bumps Nolan’s program: for gambling, for sports. WHY is THAT bumped at all –WHY only 1/2 hour? Jeff Zucker didn’t care –money-making junk more important, so no reason to care he’s Going. 

Plenty of reason to care: about a lousy cable company becoming a monopoly: write to your Senator –if you’re Californian SEE – Sidebar under “California” –for address links 

Write to: FCC –complain –demand they DENY Comcast application/approval to buy NBC. We CAN do better. 

daVine Remedy 

Don’t write –DON’T complain when NOBODY is watching government For us, we the people, but they use OUR air waves to suck money/DON’T fulfill Obligation. 

Corporate influence –using Public’s air waves But NOT informing –control over Americans –life in America is destroying America. No?

-70% of Americans: now take at least one drug

1 in 4 children, adults: obese; diabetic –change just since 1970s and rise of cereal loaded with sugar -drive-thru junk food loaded into poor neighborhoods; cheap high fructose corn syrup, of giant Ag/mega-farm corporate producers given massive tax ‘breaks’ –shoved into soda, nearly every processed food

-85% of Americans: pension stolen –mortgage underwater –need shelter, job and/or food. 

Not enough corporate influence in our lives –now Corporations: free to pour All the money they want directly into elections –ballot issues, without identifying themselves, thanks to right-wing “conservative” no-longer supreme court. 

Glenn Beck –sly Fox “news”: rip off their own viewers–pitching gold–lie, make up facts on History. 

How much more till You wise up –Write Congress members: demand broadcasters stop trying to make money off News –stop Comcast from buying NBC? 

Bloggers: way NOT –going to do investigating, exposing, informing. Either broadcast news: DO their job –or loose license -right to use our air waves for free. 

daVine Remedy –Want democracy to survive

Newspapers: buy –subscribe –click relevant ads in on-line newspaper. DON’T: HOW do newspapers pay reporters who investigate –research candidates –bills –waste –abuse –violations –fraud –expose toxins, criminals, watch government for us?



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    • Poppy

      Thanks, Topsy.

      Even if you don’t want to do any of the daVine Remedies in the post: at least make it possible for democracy to survive –support newspapers. Buy –subscribe –click relevant ads so newspapers can pay the reporters who watch government for us. REPORTERS: followed the money –till Tricky Dick had to resign from office; the Bell city crooks scamming broke residents –till they were arrested. –Reporters exposed: what Wall Street bums did to our econmy –to peoples’ pensions, mortgages.

      Even Ben Franklin: had to earn money, like everyone else. Without reporters WE can’t survive.

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