Helicopters Circling, One Dead Man Vs Two Cops –Protest

There’s plenty of things I could be doing this Labor holiday. Instead –I call around to find out why –numerous helicopters circling, making stupid annoying racket –for a long time, when there weren’t any sirens first.

Police:  Helicopters ‘probably not’ theirs. They say:  there’s a protest going on in MacArthur Park.

A man with a reportedly small knife got shot dead by two cops Saturday. As reported: someone called the police about a man with a knife. Two cops rolled up on bicycles, reportedly ordered the man to put down the knife. Does anyone “need” to know –the context –the rest of the story –Why people in the neighborhood angry, protesting?

A knife Vs. two guns?
$100 bucks says: the cops will claim they shot the man because “feared for their life.” One man with knife Vs. two cops with guns? –“self-defense”? I call that:  incompetent training. I call that:  murder.

A knife Vs. two guns?
Long, detailed, in-depth Smart TRAINING that taught cops HOW to defuse such situations –when they were training to become cops –Where was that?

THIS murder
Exposes the Lousy training, Again. Boston boob Bill Bratton, ex LAPD chiefy –so busy jetting out-of-town, didn’t have time –or interest, to LOOK at training
–at antiquated junk cops do. –Not on his To Do list to check IF supervisors KNEW How to do Crowd Control –DID cost us MILLIONS and MILLIONS when he/they failed to DO job properly –chased, shot, struck women holding babies
-pushing strollers -anyone -everyone -even reporters covering the story of cops who chased May Day workers marching in the park after a FEW got rowdy.

–Did have time to mouth off to reporters about being out of town so much –and to make POLITICAL ads for da Mayor.   –Thank Bratton for PERMANENT 10% new tax slapped on Your phone bill –ten days after voters got tricked into voting for the tax a Judge told Mayor V. “not legal.”

–Just some of the reasons I lobbied long, hard for Charlie Beck to become Chief of LAPD after Boston Boob –quit to take a JOB with the outside “consultant” who did the court-ordered fed LAPD watching –day AFTER over-sight lifted.   duh, cozy –coincidence? Good Riddence to the Boob, another in line of incompetents.  Don’t come back, Bratton –NOBODY misses you, nobody.  IF you had any class:   proceeds of your house sale put into City kitty. –YOU part of the reason City is broke.

19th Century?
Chief Beck: a man’s man, a cop’s cop, MUST take the training manual apart and RE-EXAMINE every part –to get cops into THIS century. This case exposes long-time, stupid, criminal SOP.  –Practices like the ones involved:
woman asleep in driver’s seat of her car parked at a mall –LAPD cops startled her awake when they banged on window –shot her dead when they saw gun near her lap;
moron holding off cops –while holding his baby, both shot dead –couldn’t wait;
morons holding loot they snatched from nearby bank –hours-long shoot-out –in residential streets
“gangster” chased up my street –his final resting place when cop pumped
bullets into him after he ran, laid there, with halogen brighter-than-daylight-spots, all night
–not gonna be forgotten anytime soon.

When man with knife did not comply with cops’ orders?  On drugs –or deaf -Couldn’t understand English -disoriented -blind, blinded -confused? –Dead for THAT?  Could happen –to YOU –me –ANYone in Los Angeles and I’m fed up with it.

–ANYONE think if the man attempted to stab the cops they COULDN’T disarm him –up-close and personal??? –they “couldn’t” just WAIT? sheesh This murder: exposes the criminal acts of police –with LOUSY training.

Cops Are poorly trained
Who DOES know daVine Remedies –has the Smarts –does Smart policing –de-escalation of tense situations?  Too bad if it’s “profiling” –I’ve seen Some do some Remarkable things, How to get along, How to survive, How to do Smart in the street.

Here’s just two:
Example: waiting at red light, left-turn lane, a car rear-ended my baby. Good neighborhood lined with trees/easy-to-see light & intersection, bright sunny day, no reason to miss seeing me, others, sitting there. I was shook up, instantly angry.

As I got out thought what excuse I would hear -mental check-list of stuff to get from driver –as tall older black man rose from drab green at least 15-year old car.  He came forward: “I am so sorry I hit your car, it was completely my fault, I’m sorry” –before I spoke.

What???  NObody admits guilt –about anything. I looked down, yup, bright freshly shined chrome bumper on my vintage beauty –deeply dimpled.  Looked up –he apologized, again.  I was stunned.  I looked at his 50-something face, longer than normal.  –upper-class neighborhood –black man –in the wrong… I –backed up, got into my car, said:  not a word… drove off.

Can’t explain.  Stunned, didn’t see the point of making him pay.  Drove off, silently. Never forgot –the incident, the man, how he handled situation/what he taught -what he knew….

Example:  Crossing parking lot on my way in –rent-a-cop –stopped me –huh??? –stood in the doorway of a sanctuary —what the heck??? –Going to prove he was a ‘man’/worth his pay???  Nobody keeps a person from entering a religious building. The fool:  clearly obviously a fool.  –I wasn’t dressed inappropriately, wasn’t noisy -hadn’t said a word between my car and the door, wasn’t behaving any odd way.  He threatened me!  Idiot.  Appalled, called his bluff, let him Prove his stupidity, stayed put till:  police arrived.

It would have been amusing if it wasn’t so stupid.  When police arrived –neither stopped, they listened to pea-brain first.  Clueless what he could possibly say, I waited.  When they came to me –one went behind, one in front like I was some kind of threat, I knew they were ‘green’ -fresh out of the Academy, but this was plenty weird.  Whatever rent-a-cop had said:  they believed him –I had to leave or they would –Yikes, arrest me.  I got vocal -angry –too weird to argue with them:  I demanded their supervisor come on scene.   Surprised, but they complied, had to do.

Supervisor:  grizzled, gruff, older, likeable. I started out:  wanted complaint put in their jacket –for FAILING to cite code –reason –or even Listen.  Supervisor –listened to each of them, to me –back and forth; congregation began filling up parking lot, Actual or not, short version:  he agreed with me –rent-a-cop a moron; talked me out of complaint, convinced me not to go into the sanctuary while duffus there.  That supervisor:  Knew How to Listen, How to diffuse; everybody left, quietly. He was wise, he was pleasure to watch, he was black. (Footnote: I called sanctuary Admin. office, filed detailed complaint on pea-brain, they apologized.)

LA Police Academy: needs to pull cops like that supervisor off the street –into the Academy, give newbies Loads of his Common Sense lessons, all day, every day –long before How to put Bullets in Humans.

What will happen to those cops –who murdered a man with a KNIFE?  Even if you moved to Los Angeles six months ago, you already know what I, California native living here all my life, Knows:  Absolutely nothing will happen to those cowboys. They will stay home awhile, with pay, then go back on the street –to “protect” us some more.

Steve-what crime-Cooley, Los Angeles DA who wants to be California’s next Attorney General, Absolutely WON’T prosecute them –any cop, for murder.

Cooley plays politics with LAPD –with crime.  Cooley will hone “image” as “tough” guy –on criminals –on the side of COPS, so he will squat in his office, do squat about murder of man with a knife.

People like me (–you?):  aren’t going to go out in the street and protest.  But people who live in the neighborhood, people who knew the man “he was no trouble” are in the park protesting.  Good.  When will detailed Report –blame determined, appear?

“News” room
I called local TV stations about stupid noisy helicopters –to get them stopped. From elimination I figured out:  KNBC and probably slimy Fox must be doing the circling –spreading noise, toxins.

Assignment editors in those news rooms: DON’T send reporters to cover –CRA crooks –City Council meetings OR politics –Board of Supervisors –City Hall DAILY –DWP ding-dong con artists –Massive incompetence of School bored board, but they can circle a park, disturb residents for HOURS for ‘film at 11:00.’  –How LOCAL government spent your MONEY last week? –they can’t be bothered.

–“slimy” Fox?
Fox owner Billionaire Rupert Murdoch employs shiny/not bright Sarah Palin, Sean Shamity and Glenn Becky, the new ‘tele-vangilist’ who slimes the President nightly implying he is “Muslim” –not American, not “Christian” among many other labels.  Low-info watchers of that crap believe him –INSTEAD of doing ANY homework –THINKING for themselves –calling/writing Fox to protest –un-balanced ding-dongs.

But, oops
Billionaire Murdoch’s largest investor in Fox? oh, gosh, The SAME Arab MUSLIM who also has his money in madrassas, Middle Eastern schools that teach boys to be terrorist/hate women -Americans, AND oops, in Muslim cultural center to be built “near” Ground Zero, among many others.  oh well.   He never mentions that, guess Sky-Is-Always-Falling Glenn Becky doesn’t –mind?

daVine Remedy?
Me? You? Who needs to fear GANGS?  LAPD cops –with lethal weapons –Lousy training and NO STREET SMARTS plenty enough to worry about.  What is Remedy for cops who kill citizens –get away with it?

You CAN call Chief Beck’s office –demand END to incompetent antiquated ‘self-defense’ cowboy training –demand GOOD training.  Focus on the goal:  Don’t ‘mouth off’/be rude if you want to be taken seriously –NOT get shot by wimps with guns.  No one will answer today, leave a Smart message, or call tomorrow.
Chief Beck: 213-486-0150

WHEN did LOCAL TV “news” examine LAPD training –ever? Those are OUR air waves they’re using –to push drugs –make money.

Call local TV stations –demand HARD news –or don’t whine when all they throw up is cele-brat red carpet rag ‘news’ -fuzzy animal ‘coverage’ -crime, traffic, weather IN OTHER STATES junk -sheesh
-KNBC 818-840-4444 –ask for “News Comment line”
-KTLA 323-460-5393 –inside number, hard to get –ever see 1pm “news”? –CALL
-KCBS -KCAL 818-655-2290 –AND:  give up one of the TWO stations they own in ONE market
-KABC 818-863-7777
-Fox –don’t know number –would they stop pimping female uh, readers long enough to DO hard news?  Ask them here
–while you’re at it tell them to STOP “reporting” Biased “news” –as their corporate master Rupert has ordered AND:  give up one of the TWO stations he owns in ONE market, LA, along with your thoughts on what they’re doing to this country…. –Make it a daVine Remedy



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