CA DEBT CRISIS Heads Up: Drive Orange County VERY Carefully

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You’ve heard about “council” sleazeballs of tiny city Bell who jacked up their salaries to higher than LAPD Chief –double salary of US President –got rich forcing homeowners to pay huge property tax bills, now:   latest trick in city “government”?

Newest ‘government’ sleaze:  Orange County
As of Monday August 16, 2010:   If you drive through Huntington Beach and get in a car crash THEY Decide is your fault, you have to pay –the city.

Headed to Disneyland?
Headed to:  money trap –like any hick town, USA looking to scam drivers.  Other city ‘councils’ also making money off car crashes:  Fullerton , Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana.

If dingbats decide:   car crash was your fault but you are not a resident, they will bill your insurance company.   Insurance company refuses to pay  –No insurance?  They will bill you.  What a scam.

City ‘council’ claim:  “residents shouldn’t have to pay for crash of non-resident.”

EXUUUSE ME????  Just Exactly how do they imagine they got the equipment –supplies –transportation –911 hook-up & equipment –training for fire -police -emergency personnel?   –Fell out of the sky???  ALL Californians DIDN’T already ‘kick in’ with taxes INTO STATE POT –COVERED their costs???

What happens if you were driving a lousy car, say a Toyota that wouldn’t stop? City ‘geniuses’ decide:   crash your fault but insurance company –auto-maker –regulators/expert determines NOT your fault?   What, you get to pay a lawyer to defend you??? –HOPE you collect Some Day –meanwhile HAVE to pay?

If the driver:   DOESN’T pay  What happens:  they take kneecaps –firstborn child –car –and hold for ransom???

If they seize car:  HOW do you keep on earning a living -carpool co-workers -pick up children -shuttle elderly parent –live???  Does driver have to Keep on paying insurance premiums while city keeps the vehicle? 

What if the ransom is never paid???  They keep the car –sell for profit???

If a court decides seizure WITHOUT due process IS violation of US Constitution, do city Mini-minds have to reimburse –ALL the costs derived from not having one’s car?

Do ‘city’ Greed-masters:  have the power to go into business for themselves —OVER the DMV –seize a driver’s License???

What if your insurance just expired –don’t HAVE any frigg’n money –traveling THROUGH Orange County to a job interview –when you CANNOT pay:   Do “council” creeps harass you and what –toss people who have Been in a Car Crash into debtor’s prison???

“Council” mobsters charge for jail also? –If you can’t pay:   you don’t get food?

Suppose crash your fault:  but you subsequently die?  While your family grieves —they get demand for payment from city ‘council’ creeps?  Cute.

If you wound up in a local hospital for a long time before you got dead:  hospital stay makes you “resident” –you, your relatives off the hook?

City weasels don’t care:  will go after  –your children –your home –furniture, estate, books, jewelry, ANY thing to get trap money after driver dead?

Just EXACTLY Who will do Time Cards for fire fighters, EMTs to figure out your bill?  Fire fighters are on-scene for HOURS –every HOUR billable?

Do ‘billable’ hours include fuel –or gas, oil, radiator -windshield -battery fluid and air in the tires Extra?

City sleazeballs:  will bill drivers for tongue depressers –cotton balls -towels –time on stretcher –pressure monitor?  How much does oxygen go for?   If the EMT turns on ambulance siren:  does that cost extra?

Will we be charged for personnels’ uniforms –laundry, with/without starch –pro-rated cost of their boots shoe leather –shoelaces –depreciation of their belts,  shirts, trousers?  Charged for their socks or those gratis?

If a fire fighter tears his/her jacket:   we have to pay –for Whole new jacket or just for repair?

City Pea-brains:   Will pro-rate cost of helmets –medical bags? –Additional charge for crash scene pavementstreet light electricity –or “included” in crash invoice???

Uh, say:  insurance companies not known for ‘generosity’ so if tire blows –car crashes, but gee, Dowecheatem & How insurance company DOESN’T pay???  We have to pay a lawyer –sue City AND insurance ickballs?

WHO is going to tell the French –Italians, Swedes, Aussies, Spaniards, Brits?  Will Seriously Stupid “council”:  send notice to Consulats –or State Department will notify the world –ALL visitors to US, stay the hell OUT of Orange County, California?

If an un-lucky international visitor visits Orange County, car crashes:  will ‘council’ morons seize Passport –rental car or hold just their luggage for ransom?

Holy Frigg’n cows…. California —if it wasn’t already, can now be properly labeled:  Well and Truly A Mess.

What’s the daVine Remedy for sleazy city ‘government’ –visitor travel through Orange County?   DON’T.

If you’re NOT a resident of Orange County:  take a boat –train –bicycle –skateboard –para-sail  –send letter, e-mail, fax, call –find a way Around the geography –stay the heck OUT of Orange County.

How could we make California debt crisis worse?
You DON’T want a daVine Remedy for California Crisis?  To make it Worse –just really finish off the state:  vote for another amateur –Knows-nothing to replace the ignorant thug currently squatting in “governor” seat.

Ya, that’s the ticket –pick the Republican one knows Zip about law –crafting bills –Legislature -Indian casino compacts –bonds, economics.

–Wants ego-stroke “governor” on the resume, BUT Republican candidate for governor got No Clue how to balance state budget that Republicans CAUSED– ‘fix us’ right into bankruptcy.

How did Republicans CAUSE California’s debt crisis?
The thug currently squatting in “governor” seat:  put up for election –by Ken Lay, dead ex CEO of ENRON –so “governor” thug could/did sign settlement of state’s suit against Ken Lay BEFORE it got into court.   –Thug/know-nothing actor/sexual predator ‘settled’ for $.05 of every DOLLAR thief Ken Lay owed us from his ‘electricity’ “shortage” during major heat wave.   ‘Settlement’ cost California: $11 BILLION bucks.

Get ANOTHER rich arrogant on-the-job trainee?   Oh ya, that’s worked out so swell past seven years, let’s get another one of those.

–Yup, slap up your November ballot with ANOTHER Republican:   another millionaire doesn’t give a damn about unemployed -poverty -working -middle-class –education –crumbling infrastructure –innovation –immigration problems.

What DOES the trainee-wannabe “care” about?   What her backers care about:   their own taxes.

–Hasn’t got Clue One how to deal with powerful unions, bonds coming due, budget gridlock already 3/4 CONTROLLED by ballot initiatives. –SHE hasn’t resolved ANY government problem EVER.

HELP home owners –car crash victims getting Ripped off to pay for ‘government’??? Hell, she’s never even REGISTERED TO VOTE ever –entire adult life.

–Newbie candidate for governor so ignorant:  will get California even Lower bond rating –rising debt, soaring school drop-out rate –crumbling infrastructure.

–SHE doesn’t give a damn or even KNOW anything about pot holes –crammed prisons –soaring illiterate rate. 

Sure, just Choose the Newbie that has NEVER held ANY elected office –NEVER held accountable by any Voter.  NO governing record:   knows WHAT about solving scarce water problems of farmers Vs business Vs residents?  

Will Implement our new Green laws –Or business as usual dirty energy of oil boys counting on getting fatter –with a newbie they can manipulate? 

Sink the state on Ignorance, LEAVE California twisting in debt wind….

Yes, let’s vote for the one with SQUAT experience How to Govern, the self-financing Meg Whitman to run the state:  that will make the right-wingers secretly behind her, who got us Into this debt crisis and HATE government, happy.   Charging driver in a car crash for the crash:  HER kind of ‘good’ government.

Read about Orange County pukes news


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