Swansong to Green Wedge…Beauty…Mordigan’s…

I don’t like ‘mushy’ stuff in print, neither do I like this…this story, so I’ll… do what I can, not to be sad, though…I am.

Mordigan’s Nursery will stop tomorrow.  No more boxes –flats of tomato plants with mouth-watering names… no more instant Change-of-Plan with the unexpected row of –SPICES! yikes, who knew you could grow THAT, right in your own garden…. The seeds– “no, those won’t grow in your space, but these will.”

All the CHOICES… the fountains, the cool plants in the cool ‘greenhouse’ on hot summer afternoons… the heavenly scents… the massive colors….

After I was dragged to Southern California, from City life in Northern CA, mid-childhood, stuck on the Hill, Palos Verdes, once ‘planted’ wasn’t much there, except horses, hay, red-tiled houses… ocean of boredom and no getting Off it, without four wheels.  All the Good Stuff was in town.  Somehow lived till I got my license –then wheeled straight ‘into town’… eventually into best nursery anywhere, into Mordigan’s….

No idea When I found Mordigan’s, just know it became my 2nd home, long time ago… when the seasons changed, got ‘itchy’ to see What I Didn’t Know, What was new …if they had had glass windows at Mordigan’s, my nose would have been pressed against, trying like any 6-year old to Decide… what to choose….

Thinking about How Hard it was to choose, once went in and bought Every single plant that appealed, filled entire trunk, and back seat –thrilling. Didn’t have an actual garden, then, but long bricked space between my home and the wall, with Bette Davis, in the penthouse, on the other side.

A huge black wrought-iron four-tier shelf just fit:  I repotted all the flowers,
veggies, arranged on the shelves, till the shelves didn’t show…. What pleasure….  Ms. Davis saw me puttering one hot afternoon, we chatted –balcony to ‘garden.’

Mordigan’s Nursery…best help Mike …linked with every season.  Now:  I’m just supposed to get over it, accept that the newest home of Mordigan’s –after Beverly Blvd, after two places in Farmer’s Market, on 3rd, my bit of Paradise… will be ~paved over…for a parking lot.

Ya, don’t think so.  Don’t give a damn if Some Day I’m Desperate to park –if Greatest retail thing in all of California goes on that parking lot, I will never park -shop there.

I despise the lumps squatting on ‘City Council’ –who
‘cannot’ find the time –Actually PLAN any part of Los Angeles –allowed this important green space in the middle of Car Toxin Capital to be wiped out.  They got PLENTY of time to bait & switch Los Angelenos into getting their term limits lifted, to getting $190k a year plus “free” car -gas -rent -perks -pension.  But Figure Out how to KEEP everyone’s Real Heartthrob? duh, They’re MIA.

‘Council’ lumps:  already made a BIG hole I don’t look at when I pass Wilshire Blvd, where real and reel royalty, heads of state, Presidents, writers, play-mates dined, danced, swam, played at the late great Ambassador Hotel. 

Learn history IN historic place?  Though hundreds of thousands begged them to Save the Art Deco treasure, convert Ambassador Hotel into school and revenue-producing condos: 

City ‘council’ elected elected to vanish. NOT ONE of the Over-paid Opened their trap –Spoke UP to save LA’s last important Landmark.

Carpetbagger with NO school experience Roy Romer, Marlene the-realtor Cantor, Jose Huizer (rhymes with ‘geezer’) on LA’s School bored shredded it into rubble, atop exposed toxic waste –without a sound from Council. –Destruction the legacy of all those people.

Then Romer blew town with $2 million bucks ‘severance’ and his pie chart showing a fraction of a fraction could read because of him? all ‘thanks’ to Marlene, who quit, not soon enough; the Huizar:  manipulated local Hispanic poor parents to believe he ‘helped’ them –helped him land 8x salary bump seat on City Council…. Ya, good luck getting HIM off that seat –till his pension kicks in.

(Noticed how ‘camera-shy’ & eerie quiet all 15 have been ever since Bell
‘city council’ scandal erupted?  –Even ‘president’ Eric hasn’t, as usual, tried to stick his face into cameras pointed at the Mayor.)

daVine Remedy for greenspace going going gone…  38 million people in California –find 15 people who Give a Damn about Planning, about Los Angeles, about Green space… about non-real estate developer-with-fat-checks rest of us?  No? 

Here’s some incentive –to get ballot measure to change their salary –to get NEW people on City Council:  when ‘president’ Garcetti put 12-year term limit on the ballot voters didn’t read the WHOLE ballot measure –he tied their salary to that of Superior Court judges.  Now: it’s up to over $192k a year –dead center of a recession. Salary, perks, expense account: over DOUBLE pay of reps in state Legislature; they got 50% pay-cut.

Pay cut of LA City Council?  NONE.  All 15: get ‘no hands’ no argument no debate AUTO-RAISE –every January. They just ‘volunteer’ to stay home one day a month. With huge City debt:  that’s NOT priceless, it’s disgusting.  Don’t forget: that bumps their pension also.

daVine Remedy since they have cut all other City workers’ salaries, call your LA City Council rep –ask When “Council Pay Cut” will be on the Council’s Agenda. Call “311” to get your rep’s office.

We’re good –don’t need any more parking lots –condo conversions –‘developments’ that get ‘donations’ to their bank accounts. –Watts to Silver Lake, East LA to Torrance: we need PARKS –GREEN space.

Ask LA City Council: what Green space they will ADD next five years?

Meanwhile a new hole… to avoid looking at 3rd & Fairfax…where Mordigan’s Nursery was…not a daVine Remedy….

Thanks for the beauty…the pleasure…the memories… Mordigan’s. RIP



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    • Poppy

      Thanks! I saw the ping and your comment, but for some reason couldn’t enable, till now. WP has been screwy lately, bloggers have been unhappy, blond moments, I guess. Are you in Los Angeles? Did you know Mordigan’s? Thanks for commenting.

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