ABC “News” Just Proved: It’s a Mickey Mouse Network

If you’ve watched evening news on ABC:  you’ve seen slobber-sister Sawyer drip emotion all over Every piece of news snippet ABC is willing to throw up.

If you have ever seen ABC on a Friday night:  you already know the trash –dung heap they wallow in on “20/20” with OLD ‘cases’ of he/she ‘dun wrong’ and the truly worthless trash of faked made-up garbage, same evening.

Not bad enough, the morons ‘in charge’ sunk to a new low this morning when they booted the Fine and Actual Reporter Jake Tapper for a hostess mess who knows squat about the inside of US politics.

I can’t be bothered to look up the spelling of her name, she’s the one who already struck out on CBS and the low-wattage CNN.  Now her third strike: “This Week” –Sunday am, turned into junk.

The Sunday morning program has always been enlightening, even when the guests are ideologues.  The reporters -right-wingers -leftists -authors, et al mix it up, trade barbs, talk about issues.

Truth to tell: I still miss David Brinkley as host.  I tolerated, after a loooong boycott, George S. as host.  At least he was political insider, as ex aide to ex Pres. Clinton,up on all current events, lively, if not outright rude. When he went off to fulfill his version of the Peter Principle, host Jake Tapper:  excellent.

Then the boobs booted Tapper for this sorry mess.  Maybe:  there wasn’t enough oxygen in their ivory tower.  If you didn’t get her slanted worthless blathering:  she punctuated it with flapping hands, so ‘appreciated’ on-camera.

Still didn’t get her one-sided inept questions? She flailed her glasses, the ‘better’ to follow.

OMG, what a lousy bore. Instead of the spirited often illuminating Round Table discussion: the pea-brains stuck HER in front of each guest to ask the banal.

Does it Matter that ABC has/is sinking to new lows?  Those air waves they’re using –to push drugs, for the ‘serious’ “disease” of erectile uh, dysfunction, belong to US, we the people.  The Privilege given:  for the Responsibility.

ABC Doesn’t just get to push drugs -crap to make money off their License. They have Responsiblity –Obligation to be our ‘eyes’ ‘ears’ to watch government.  That’s the Deal.  But If they’re “watching” old murder cases –made-up garbage –hire a heavily-accented bore who asks slanted Dumb questions:  WE don’t get informed.

What’s the daVine Remedy for Another ABC mess? Hmmm, how about: you send ABC an e-mail or three, and then we STOP watching ABC.  See how many blue pills their advertisers can sell if viewership sinks to CNN’s with the hostess with the leastest.

Best daVine remedy: If you want to see good reporting –stories in-depth –some fine investigative work, well-rounded stories: watch Katie Couric/CBS evening news. I monitor all news programs and she is doing Fine job.

sheesh, I’m angry.

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