Gulf Oil Monster: a Very Good Thing?

A well-dressed man spotted an attractive prospect and after chatting, charming, shelling out for drinks, leaned in and whispered: “Will you have sex with me for $100,000?”
Prospect, with broadening grin, cozied up and replied:  “yes”
Well-dressed leaned back:  “Will you have sex with me for $50?”
Prospect stunned:  “What do you take me for?
“We’ve already established that, now we’re haggling over price.”

Election Eve 2004- 38,000 contracts sat on our Oval Office desk –oil -gas -coal -precious metals –minerals –America’s resources, rights –signed away, ready to be dealt.  Who signed away OUR nation’s resources?  Who got— Who used government for personal gain?

Giggly happy all was ‘right’ in their worldBunch of Profiteers went out one April night to celebrate– their rig to extract oil in deep water far from Louisiana shore, speed-built with arrogance and incompetence to save money, completed –’no screw ups.’

Un-funny thing happened along the way:   The Universe had Last ‘Toast’ –the rig exploded –very same night.  Coincidence?

Prostitutes?  Who –helped the ‘well-dressed’ get off deep, deep into the nether regions –no prophylactic, cap in case of ‘leakage’… Who –swore, promised to protect –dropped veils on watchdogs, rules, regs… Who –danced pippers’ tunes… Who took the money?

Thuggery pays well knows the frat boy who bummed long after his C-student days.  He bought baseball team on investors’ money, cashed in just before it went bankrupt, left investors with memories, worthless shares. He got ‘black gold’ bug and $70 million ‘loan’ to drill for oil in his Lone Star state from daddy’s pals at House of Saud, though they already have more oil than sand and he forgot to repay –or to drill. No matter, they still hold hands.

Instead, he drilled for votes to be the ‘man’ –so-so morphed into ‘macho’ governor-man: had more people executed than anyone in US history. He stepped on that to step up with rusty, trusty pick

The Dick… war-lover, excused from Vietnam War on all five of his requests, from the Equal Rights state; willing to send anyone to war, equally. The Thug and The Dick got into the White House not by majority of voters, not by law, but by the no-longer supremes –pay-back to Republican benefactors. The Dick ‘eased in’ with $34 millions his benefactor’s way.*

All 180 at The Dick’s first meeting –benefactor, drillers, suppliers sealed in secret records –got Equal Rights from president of vice –in or out of Nation’s federally protected parks –mountain tops, wild land, off-shore, private tracts, coasts -anywhere.  Plus in country after Bait & Switch on Congress to invade Iraq.

Ecologists protecting environment –water –air –endangered species –The Dick not so big, he couldn’t come, not even once, always late, late -late for a very important date –elsewhere, all eight years.

Gulf rig…Surprise, Surprise… There had been warnings… but the oily boys paid no attention, only fines –for the corroded pipes –the leaks the fires, the injuries all over the earth. ~But They did not Listen…~They’re not Listening now…. This time: The Universe made Sure, grabbed them where they ‘live’ –fish –fowl –life smothered. ~Perhaps they’ll listen …now…. Like “Lost’s” Smoke, Oil Monster kills….

WOW… wow… without oil monster
WHO Knew:  oily boys lied to the feds, while they doled out the dough.

WHO Knew:  oily boys Don’t have Plan B -C -ANY equipment -idea HOW to Stop it… Remove it.

Who Knew:  oily boys don’t give a pence about workers –as long as the old blokes on this and t’ Other side get “their” pension money, to hell with everybody else.
Who Knew: judges hold stocks related to oil AND Don’t have to recuse themselves from oil cases…‘blind’ justice…?
WHO Knew –Regulators –regular sex –drugs –rock n’roll with rules –Regular???
Who knew –British imperialism:  not dead.  Tuff luck on the eleven lot… but stop the whining –Stiff upper, a nice cuppa should do, so tiny tiger Tony can get his life back, no more question time.
 Hey Brits:  Howdja like it if we sullied Surrey for ya?  No worries:  Oil Monster WILL come round, at your back door –about Christmas time, Easter the latest –keep your Wellies handy.

Who knew… sand castles… pelicans… whales, dolphins, turtles –oysters, shrimp –boats, cafes, habitats –fishing, fun, future –way of life –all gone the way of wetlands:  slow strangulation.

Who knew:  Republican core value —environment –now party for corp’s that pollute???

Want to Know WHO —ordered NO Face mask???  —bad photo op???  —’People Keep Out’ —Big Profiteers bought US beaches AND Law enforcement???  —DON’T Own Everyone -Rights -A thing on Public’s Property.  WHY  Profiteers allowed to call Any shots? —Learned Nothing from Ground Zero???  Where the hell is OSHA?

Americans Know???  1995 to 2006 —Republican control:  House of Representatives -Tom Delay gave baby daddy donors tax breaks —drill America, baby –Multi-billons to Big Pharma, and $35 Billion to oily boys every year.  Baby, If oily boys need OUR naturals to make money:  Why do we Give THEM enormous breaks for drilling us, baby? —take our oil???  Shouldn’t they Pay us???  What could we do -cover -start -pay back with $35 billion Every year?

Eleven humans:  murdered.  Oil:  rocketing out of ocean floor –no thumb large enough to put on those scales….  Sex -lies -greed, stupidity:  exposed, No place to hide.

Oily boys’ deep pockets grease their ‘marks’ –Everyone except ‘non-connected’ us, Americans, Knew what was going on and on, spread the wealth to Oval Office… Congress’ pockets, un-tie rules, take Nation’s resource.  —But without any recourse, exempt –Clean Water –Clean Air –Murder??? 

Without Oil Monster How else would we know:  Republicans –president of vice installed “regulators” who ‘regulated’ with sex –lies –drugs and pencils.  Pencils???  –The better to trace in ink –deceit of How to Fix what Probably Won’t Go Wrong?  Good to know:  Nobody Thought –Stopped –Refused the Money.

spreads…toxins -treachery -tidbits –tokenism –tyranny, reveals two-fisted takers, two-faced tarantulas in sickening slime.

BP at work, LA, N.WildlifeFed, by kk+ Uncovered Never exposed to sunlight any other way.Good Deal drillers —even allowed to take ranchers’ drinking water. Drink –soda?? Shower in...? If You jump the turnstile -board without a pass -dine without the tab? Why are oily boys feeding Congress members –Why aren’t they tipping Treasury? How did a corporation get the 'Good Get' –get to drill, our resource their gain?How: I was too young to get all the context, too busy to follow all, but when a Republican president picked "conservative" James Watt for Secretary of Interior: environmental laws, funds –cut. Federal lands –and offshore opened to mining, drilling –sold to drillers, back home pals –at bargain prices —all new. His mouth open: press caught every stupid word —"My staff: I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple." Ever-grinning, opposite of Common Sense, Watt: any want of donors —indulged; Minerals 'Management' office –pretense Republicans cared about environment. They didn't –preserve, rescue, aid a thing merely flapped lips. Over one million, including Republicans, signed "Dump Watt" petition, booted two weeks after staff comment.Too late... Watt’s infection spread: states... districts... shores... back door open –on law-makers, halls of Congress, justice, benches galore... any every where a shaft could punch for black gold 'donations' grease the way... the trusting, ignorant –votes -decisions -rulings, palms up: Nation's inheritance sold off –to low bidders."Spill" –???Groggy breakfaster + tipped milk bottle = spill. Volcano rocketing through Louisiana, circling Florida, Alabama - 'spill'??? When– their water mixes with oil rocks shore beauty –Orange Roughy, Dover sole strangled, will Brits call it "spill" or something else?When the crime scene hits –Californians will denounce “spill” –or scream bloody murder?Ga ga over GaGaWhatever tag, Mega-Media will ‘report’ it –till we gag. Our 'eyes' 'ears' to watch government: what do they care about? Tell: what you need to know? Wallow in ‘wall-to-wall’ on passé passed pedophile, biker bore, "married" player –till you want to club all. Drip drivel over daters –dieters -dancers -dealers -double Ds -diners -dopers -drivers –drunks -dwarfs –ditzoids all, too dumb to divide two. Drone on divas, dummies, droopy drawers; dive into debris –devoted to dace while dragons dance away. Diss democracy. WHEN did our 'eyes' examine: Deep deep punching of ocean floor –deeply?IF mega-media HAD done their Job, journalism Standards -ethics instead of sly Fox sky-always-falling Glenn Becky, slobber-sister Sawyer , pretty-boy Brian, sob-sister Anderson & ilk: hard news informed –had OUR say -rules -regs -environment NOT: non-stop hard-on drug ads. Depth Thing? Drug-dealers: Dangle divorce, décolletage, depravity -wannabes -has-beens -never weres; roll out 'reality' rolled into trash; bait & switch data -details –'distinction' without a difference –dog us with teases that take us for dopes; dole free airtime to doctors –duty to disclose –on drug dole?Truth or Consequences? Drug-pusher media: push drivel, dish, dung, we get surprise –attack. –Learned what since September 11th? More drugs -dished by dopes with no distinction. Market-Target toddlers, dummies, drop-outs —preys on lonely -shut-ins too ill -old to move away from screen. Everyone else: gone to Find Whole story –Big bites. TG, MSNBC for Dylan Ratigan.'Red Carpet' ragCele-brat gossip— "report" does What for you, your wallet, your life? How Much Hollywood hauled in week-end: need to know??? –What's Really going on -back rooms —how much Congress members hauled in? Hollywood -Cele-brats will bail You out? —non-stop weather —cele-brat "news" —twits' tweet twaddle gets you Hard news on CNN??? —ABC ashcan views informs asses —Airwaves —belong to WE the people, the Privilege given for the Obligation. But Mega-media spends resources to 'red carpet' trash, greedy bored on media boards: care only for the Money "news" produces, not the Money stuffed into newsmakers. The good for Now: at least bilge 'reports' mostly back-burnered, stopped in the gunk, the outrage.As journalism falls, fails to watch –things that Matter: OUR airwaves detoured into their 'medicine cabinet' cash cow. If Media this bad now: in ten years? Millennium-babies will allow bought-news into their home –work –vehicle?The Good View... Monster so huge, grave —elected: having to come front and center, we get to see their stuffings. –The kind with Brains, does the smart; the kind apologizes to monster Mother –'embarrassed' for mentioning murder, demanding reimbursement for death.Night Ops- tide out, oil in...

So picked oil -plastic-bagged going Where?  Your back-yard —mine —a broke 3rd world’s??

The Dick –Deal?
Black shroud uncovered. ‘Equal Rights’ native drilled down way off shore, invasion of vast oil reserves with handy gulf for transport –bloody financial catastrophe.  Now:   Ecological economic Gulf disaster –he stands for protecting this Gulf?  Now regret –remorse?  Now:   silent.  Ex president of vice– sent his PR hack —to protect rig owners –mega-millions mouthing Toyota-type ‘sorry-ish’ ads, Clueless, Indifferent How to –remove millions of gallons.  Ads.

If The Dick, Big Profiteers had ocean of Doing Right:  PR ‘cure’ would cost $50 million?  Or cooks shuckers, shrimpers, suppliers, innkeepers –Everyone their FREE PR division.

Uh, one question:  Why Big Profiteers running TV ads –in California?

The “Deficits don’t matter” Dick thrilling –TV station managers, not so much owners with home mortgage deficit, getting the shaft without the thrill. ~The thrill is gone… daVine Remedy for Sounds of Silence:   under arrest –stand trial for dereliction, baby.

Monster Vision
…we get hi-def picture— Who looking out to protect –the living; Who protects profiteers, position, personas.  No special equipment needed to see:  Who has the Right Stuff, who makes you sorry -wasted the vote.

Republican Mrs. Palin –Stands for –the Right?
Drunk captain crashed –Exxon’s oily super-tanker –millions of gallons dumped on Alaskan pristine shore –wildlife, way of life killed.  People picked picked picked oil —sick.
Mrs. Palin –drilled spot on Alaska Asset Management board, over $100,000 a year –did what to help –workers?  Quit before term ended, baby it was “boring” she was bored, baby.

paycheck to paycheck --matters?

She drilled for votes moved to Mayor Palin; drilled for votes moved to Governor Palin.  –Power, push, pull for ex Exxon Alaskans, baby?  She quit before term ended, it was “boring,” she was bored, baby.

Twenty years later:   Jury award –slashed by oily judges –to prop up their portfolios? 

Over 5,000 ill pickers cut adrift -medical bills un-paid.  Fish -fowl -over 800 working class not working:  dead, unreimbursed.

Exxon— got another boat, still pumping Congress, lobbyists, shareholders, not reimbursed a baby, Oily debt still unpaid, baby.  Drunk:  got a ‘pass’ and a pension, baby.   Mrs. Palin?  Alaska still oily, baby….

Moose call
Ignorance is not bliss:  Unfiltered -no ‘nosey’ newspapers, straight from moose’s mouth— She didn’t stand for working people, wildlife, way of life –Sits still for oily boys —no rules, clean up, court awards for her, baby.  Completed?  Accomplished? Moans, groans Incomplete sentences -Others’ who work.  Sarah Palin:  stands for the speaking fees, baby, tax breaks and all, not for the ‘small.’

Alaska —Part of US?
—oily boys drill America’s resources– profits– off Public’s assets –doles out dole to Alaskans???

daVine Remedy- Oily strong-box —Everyone –share Nation’s resource -profit:  50% to Americans + an Energy savings account, 25% to feds, 25% to oily boys, Who’s your daddy now?  A VERY Good Thing.

The Good Politics?
One Party:  ‘party on’ -aids corporate money-making freely, no ‘annoying’ regulation.  ‘Your fault you lost your house, bankers rule —why we gave them billions of taxpayers’ money.’   Workers -be grateful for the Minimum Wage, tough if women make less, bosses need to pull down 8,000% more.  Laid-off just ‘take any job’— no booze for you, “get drug-tested.” 

—No ‘welfare for the lazy.’  …uh, they paid unemployment insurance… but $56 Billion handed to Big Ag to grow excess corn past ten years; Texas doctors’ $15k in “ranch”-house eight-year loop-hole; $35 Billion UN-paid on Oily Boys’ taxes —Not welfare??

One Party:  putting rules back on the road we all have to travel.  —Corporations not “special” —don’t get to ignore law —party with paid-off regulators.

You —for corporate welfare —for fairness, choose which one?

Pompoms Politics
Conservationists –morphed to“conservatives” -now:  conformists —for big profiteers —for Money —for crushing people who work.  Colo. town, Oakland:  broke and  “no taxes” = no street lights -no police -no services.  Will Conformists stop using streets, roads, airports —not call Fire fighters?  —But ‘okay’ gut economy –hand our money to fat bankers -Wall Street wallowers?

 ‘Speaker’ Sarahapologist bankrupt BartonThe Dick… dead-eye on the prize.  Now that we know– prostitutes sold their soul –purchased to ‘cheer lead’ for the ‘special,’ how about we call a spade –a dirty monster, shills whores for selling out —cashing in every -one for cash. 

Pompoms for pumping:  revealed for what it is, baby.  When the Monster exploded –Criticizing next one in Oval Office hot seat when musical chairs music stopped DOESN’T cut it.
Conformists’:  PLAN to Increase economy —Generate jobs —money into  small businesses to survive -thrive?  Even Follow Constitution –obey law?  Proof they WON’T give away our money -economy to mega-corporations again?
Hey, hey how many dolphins –can a windmill slay?

–Oil Monster Stinking lousy Big Profiteers:  trapped all, not just the “small.”  Cannot Look –drenched wildlife –not realize:  exciting times.  Big Oil:  done us –all, Big Opportunity

It’s Easy to Kill—

free at last...


How do we get more? 
Go create a creature, make an animal –from a petroleum wall.  The Universe not going to relent:  we cannot tolerate another event, NO MORE argument.  WE change our ways, give Nature Respect.

Exposed…wetlands –buffer to protect ALL, so if Strangulation is crime:  what is Punishment?  When is Execution? 

—Haven’t got you, babe?
Sun-screen?  Moisturize?  Creams, cosmetics:  ‘finest’ –bargain brands?  If it’s ‘creamy’ baby, Larded with:  propyl glycols –petroleum –through skin lands in liver, baby.  No eye-cream for you?  No worries:  FDA says it’s OK –it’s in your drugs, baby swallow away.  Oops –Moisturizer Turns skin to putty. 

hmm…petroleum in medicine -Chapstick -tooth paste -hand cream -hair gel -lipstick -thousands of personal care products every day, all day FDA knows ‘okay’ —How?

Not You—
Monster spreading through the Gulf –mad, sad –Angry –or not, oil Not Your Fault?   Dislike smoking, don’t mind it’s banned —by banners with no legal standing -don’t Own the air, not a peep outta you? 

So the 271 Million toxic carbon pounds –dumped on parks, playgrounds -crops, water –songbirds, honeybees –all creatures great & small, once-flourishing and endangered all —glaciers, oceans, estuaries —on you from 70,000 commercial flights a day, not counting helicopters -private planes —You have What to say?  Ya, let’s have more walks -runs for the ‘cure.’

Not your fault —you don’t own a jet –jet skis -speedboat -dune buggy -snow mobile -RV?  Lawn mower manual –lights in the other rooms –off = Your carbon footprint ‘light’?  Really…
You —keep hydrated:  drink bottled water, in car –with plastic bumpers —all petroleum-made, and What happens to the empties?  Jammed –into landfills, year on year one and all… into earth -water table -atmosphere -rains down –on –all life great & small…. But you want —tobacco banned?

 ‘cheap’ handy plastic bag :  at $20 to you —would land in landfill -street drain -ocean?  Los Angeles had to use $5 MILLION pick up trash NOT in the can, last year.

Fuming on fossil fuel —power up on the pits?

Not you, babe, your mutual funds invested in —don’t know?  Call:  fund manager Ask, Demand Not in oil —not any related in any way. 

The shark swims to eat, eats to swim The corporation that ‘lives’ to pump –no different from any other, except for incompetence –indifference to consequences, life.  They don’t care about past –’watchdogs’ -engineers -experts -labor, all merely ‘tools,’ means to juicy profitable end.  Good to know….

…dead dolphins…but How Far does the Thought —the Rage —the Outrage go? 

skimming Alabama...

Back to the store, that one item…? —Your car, not enough miles against each gallon? —Letter to oil advocate/your Congress member —You meant to, but unwritten?  Drill, baby —just a poly-tics thang, just keep on keep’n on Even if it destroys….

Cannot afford electric car –happy to have job, car —battle traffic –You:  back & forth to work —solo??

Amount of oil exploded out of the pipe one day:   amount we, Americans, used up on the road in One HOUR.

Americans Livid
–frantic at $4 gas… didn’t/don’t want to pay penny -twenty -eighty cents more at the pump —so fed bean-counters could put away some beans for a rainy day, A Better way. 1980s England:  Brits paid $8 a gallon (equivalent), I was there.**  Now:  Even more, all over Europe.  You care –the humans, the creatures, the planet –but, you’re here –that’s ‘over there’ –you “can’t” spare more?  Talk:  a bargain, but Bus –bicycle –feet?

…checkerboard beach…

Greenish Ready Remedy If it was oxygen:  what would you pay?  We, Americans, Have to join world community:  pay at the pump or pay with the planet.   Get Ready:  $8 -$10 -$14 each gallon of gas –till we decide, organize Real alternative.  You —Letter demand:  to  House and Senate?

 …tarred turtles… should rocket the angry straight ~To those science books… math –biology –technology –engineering –Find a Better Way to power our world –without murdering creatures –Right Now today.

Monster –daVine?

Oil consuming Gulf Life.  People in Louisiana:  What did they expect?  Voted in corporations’ Republicans = Gulf full of oilrigs.

Job –house –pension gone.  You -family –friends:  What did you expect?

Shop at ‘bargain’ big-box store, eat at ‘bargain’ national chain/MacDonald’s –products shipped mega-distance –on oil; pension at mega-bank.  —Mega-corporations take your money:  buy favorable laws -politicians –to un-regulate. 

 Jobs:  shipped off-shore on price.   Cram down wages -prices, slice/dice housing -banking -oilrig laws galore = mega-profit –Nation’s economy:  Wrecked.  Those ‘bargains’ —paid for with Americans’ job —labor at $.71 a Day over there. 

But –Question skills, history, life experience —homework or just vote ‘most ads’ candidate?  You “need” to wait for Congress not —Stop the vicious circle:  don’t feed mega-corporations who buy politicians who take the money.

Mega-corporations  Did not steal your creativity –energy –passion –anger, Speak up.  Buddy up with others as fired up as you –make Your Own Way:

 –mega-corporate money OUT of elections:  Demand Public funding

–Form food co-op –local farmers
–Open credit union account –I’ve had one for years, they are Great
 –Shop -eat -buy:  local –from neighbors, bypass job-burning big-boxes
 –Shop candidates:  Before you give up vote -Ask views –Record –donors
Silence Not golden  Your representatives in Congress –You pay them, get your money’s worth:  call, write –demand they STOP the oil flow —CUT the addiction –FIND –Fund –Vote Green ways to go –nothing to do with petroleum.  We Don’t need food shipped from another continent, farmer’s harvest within 100 miles from home:  Real bargain.
Solar panels –make wetlands Roman candle?

Oil Monster —Gift If not nowwhen will we look -plan The Future?  We need:  Plan B, C, D to stop dying forests, disappearing species, caving icebergs —rid planet of carbon.

 We inherited the earth —what shall we do with our turn?  Leave it the wind, our legacy spent like trust-fund brat?

Are we as good as our ancestors, wise as Benjamin Franklin?  We killed, we are killing….   Adopt the NRA way— ‘oil doesn’t kill, people do’?  Or Really Dump Watt & co —oil passé —go Scouts way:  leave forests and the rest the way we found it….

new Louisiana...

How long can we keep on pumping, polluting —still have Earth to call home… daVine….  We are intelligent, motivated —whole world demands:  Change.  The Universe will not relent –oil flow won’t stop –killing till we find a Better Way. 

daVine Remedy Stop —Find, Go another way…. May it be soon, who WILL speak for the creatures….

daVine Remedy— Just say “HELL NO”

—to enriching oil-rich with break on their tax

—to auto-makers -slap auto body on truck chassis -lower tax, higher gas; cram ‘SUV’ combo into suburbia -China, change everyone’s life

—to oily boys -take Nation’s resource don’t kickback 50% -everywhere, baby
—to mega-farm corporate “Subsidy” to grow more anything than the world wants
 daVine Remedy:  Prostitution a Crime
Federal law:  illegal for fossil fuel -any corporation to “donate” money -food -wine -women -drugs -a thing to any elected, regulator.  Donation only:  federal -state Treasury, on Full transparent disclosure.  Pay a politician:  both go to prison.
Common Good Put lawmakers Back to Work -Everyone’s lobbyist:  Finance state, national elections with Public funding.
Side effects —daVine Remedy
beer six-pack strips —choking wildlife necks —water bottles choking landfills:  no more petroleum plastic .  Make law:  ‘throwaways’ to melt —fast —ONLY disolvable.  Marketers:  HAVE to Stop ‘super’-wrapping goods,  yes Trader Joe’s.
Fierce Urgency of Right Now –daVine Remedy
~Our lobbyist –only environmentalist registered to lobby Congress: 
1 Vs 66,000 Sierra Club -America’s oldest conservation group works solely to Keep our inheritance –> put any amount where your rage is:   website tracks legislation  support

 ~Our lawyer -Right Stuff group: 

National Resource Defense Council –chemicals that burned hole in the ozone —got banned; Hudson River, NY:  toxic trash —Cleaned. They force government to protect our inheritance —send them any amount to keep on drilling   contribute here NRDC website  -really good

 ~Wash pelicans —help?   Nope  After California oil blow-up:  only 10% survived.   Instead:  restore wetlands —for all website  -ways to contribute
~ “Greenwashing” –term for mega-buck PR campaigns to convince/fool investors, you not doing evil —usually after fines, violations, trials; BP ran such on Sunday talk shows –I way didn’t believe, but lies covered up what unknown; awards:  worst
~ Bird’s-eye view:  Gulf life (“Countdown” Keith Olberman, 6-30-10 MSNBC) 
~ BEST home daVine Remedy
-don’t buy things made of plastic
–don’t put food in stretch-wrap, it’s petroleum-dioxin-laced
–use less of everything
~YOU pay them –supposed to be OUR lobbyist -Speak UP:  your thoughts on oil-based world
Your representative in House  contact   -Your representative in Senate  contact
~ What we dofuel
~ You can eat the fish, but what will eat you?
~ The Dick:  his lobbyists “regulating” —how bankrupt, doing  his bidding
*Disclosure  -Chris Mathews, Hardball –MSNBC:  The Dick got $34 MILLION from ex-employer Halliburton —news to me, you?  I looked it up  
**England, Late 1987:  driving to Oxford with a Brit friend, worked world-wide for a Middle Eastern royal family; car fax:  unhappy with his Expense Report, wanted him to use more gas. 
Katie Couric: once commented on news loosing audience; wanted to create cable news show for under-served:  smart people.  Right on, Katie

US Fish & Wildlife:  Gulf disaster wildlife daily count


lobbyist money…

It’s a bird…
long elegant bill shrouded… draped in hideous slime… splayed in confusion, lethargic against death


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    • Poppy

      Thanks. How do Brits view BP now? If this mess happened in England would there still be support for related pensions? Is BP record/history of violations -leaks -worker deaths, in US and all over the world, known in England?

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