ELECTION June RESULTS: Calif. Has Dumb Voters, Still

Do you believe the President of the United States should be deported?  –Yes?  Deported to –where, Hawaii?  lol 

We had another election in California, but even with very low voter turn-out, the Dumb showed up at the polls.

They’re Hoping Nobody Will Notice
On Republican ticket (poor babies), lol, the whack-a-dope Orly Taitz who believes President Obama isn’t an American:   got herself up as candidate for Secretary of State, lol.   Worse:   over 25% 72,000  407,971  non-convicts actually voted for the immigrant who doubts President Obama’s citizenship.   wow  WHO are those people??

Bad enough she got on a ballot, but those who voted “for” her?   California has enough problems.  PLEASE:  move back to wherever/whatever goofy state you belong.  We REALLY can’t afford you/any more dummies.

Republicans:  don’t you have ANY self-control?

Thanks to dummies –one day:  we could wake up to “choice” between Two “none of the above.”  The ‘brilliant’ voted for so-called ‘Election Rights‘ —Prop 14 —meaning top two from Primary get on the ballot.  Ya, that’ll solve our problems. 

With turn-out like this Primary, we could get choice of:   a Communist and a Anarchist –OR two right-wing Republican nut jobs….  THINK that can’t happen?  How about If I told you:  a right-wing sexual predator –utterly ignorant austrian-born who admires hitler –got elected “governor” of Democratic state?  –yup, thanks to the Dumb.

HOW dumb are some voters 
The fan of hitler, California’s gubinator:   supported PROP 14 –thrilled it passed –what does THAT tell you?

PROP 15:   start of FAIR elections with public financing –instead of fat-cat SELF-financing, buying elected office.  But nooo –545,000 dummies DIDN’T get it.   –THAT’S How we got stuck with Gov. Ahrmpit –Dummies fooled on Ken Lay ENRON money.  –If that’s “OK” how come da gubinator is now stuck at:  “Approval” rating of 22% and we are stuck with mess he has made of California? 

Remember THAT when another No Experience Republican, spawn of eBay Meg Whitman wants to:  stick you in November. 

It’s really embarrassing now to say “I’m a Californian.”

daVine Remedy:  by year-end
The sexual predator:   squatting in “governor” seat –put up for election to screw us out of $11 Billion bucks, his First Day –and jacked up car registration, the very thing Dumb voters elected him to abolish

The spawn of eBay –who will save us from thousands –hundreds of thousands (?) of TV ads for drugs, lol, pounding us with her money to pimp herself… for nothing

The Delusional one –who wants to “take back Washington” by begging to be sent there –Imagines we’ll swap our state’s seniority in Congress for a newbie ex receptionist, fired from her last job –who knows NOTHING about serving ALL -negotiation –crafting a bill –economics, any issue-specifics, Carly Failure-ina

–even with dummies:  ALL with contempt for middle -working-class swept away… free to go molest again –register to vote for the 1st time, lol –wallow in their ignorance –from arrogant cushy perches, while Californians get:  Experienced Knowledgeable Smart governing for a change.

Can’t hardly wait, Mr. Brown.

Till then: 

ELECTION – Semi Final STATE Results



 Los Angeles County –

Measure E —LAUSD Bond
Los Angeles schools
–the ones that “graduate” people who can’t read –after 50% drop out:  The Truly Stupid voted to rip off those struggling to pay a mortgage.  –Now $100 a year –every year, for Years –more bucks for the bored board to play with, while Teacher’s Union whines to keep on keep’n on –antiquated stuff As Is.

–Duh, ‘we screwed up past two decades, we’re bloated with bureaucrats & bureaucracy –built marble-clad monument to ourselves, your money our headquarters, but give us more –so we can keep on SCREWING UP.’  

Gee thanks Marlene Cantor, Roy Romer.  –Hey, if you REALLY “care about the kids” –give BACK the millions you walked away with.  With “helpers” like you:  the ignorant will have a home in Los Angeles.

2/3 OF VOTES CAST – up-date:  6-13-10
MEASURE   Votes Percent
E – EDUCATION PARCEL TAX – YES   174,607 52.7
NO   156,705 47.3

 –Stupid thing passed only by Stupid voters –NOW do you get WHY you have to do homework –AND show up on voting day?

Registrar of Voter Results – Including Los Angeles4:00 am 6:00 PM

STATE MEASURE           PRECINCTS REPORTING     5,190      100.00% 
13 PROPERTY TAX LIMITS –retrofit YES              649,272   83.68
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                   126,666    16.32 
14INCREASE ELECTION RIGHTS  – YES                 400,406    51.05
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                    383,869    48.95 
15FAIR ELECTIONS ACT                   – YES                  353,278    46.04
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                   414,038    53.96 
16CONSTITUTIONAL Amendment -YES                  373,060    47.00
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)  – NO                    420,628    53.00

17 – AUTO INSURANCE                          -YES                   347,888    43.50
          (MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST)   – NO                    451,774    56.50

SECRETARY OF STATE                       100.00 %
     DEBRA BOWEN                                           326,077  

     DAMON DUNN                                             164,407    69.43
     ORLY TAITZ                                                   72,376    30.57  –we need Sobriety Test                                                                                                                          at the polls?

   MERTON D SHORT                                              4,130

   ANN MENASCHE                                                 2,197  

  CHRISTINA TOBIN                                              2,234

  BILL LOCKYER                                                 330,577

  MIMI WALTERS                                               203,063

KAMALA D HARRIS                                         122,232      29.90
ROCKY DELGADILLO                                         83,754      20.49
CHRIS KELLY                                                         54,641      13.37
ALBERTO TORRICO                                             46,251       11.32
TED W LIEU                                                            46,142        11.29
PEDRO NAVA                                                        40,003         9.79
MIKE SCHMIER                                                     15,718          3.85

STEVE COOLEY                                                    161,391        58.24
JOHN EASTMAN                                                   77,458       27.95
TOM HARMAN                                                       38,275        13.81

DEMOCRATIC    ALEX PADILLA                 21,901

REPUBLICAN      KATHLEEN EVANS           11,341

* * * * *

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