ELECTION CA June 2010: Steal From Yourself –Give to Fat Cats?

UPDATE  Results here

June 8, 2010 Primary Election –  Candidates – Propositions – Los Angeles California

Getting Propositioned
Have you read the “Primary Election” pamphlet yet?  It would be amusing if it weren’t so sick, so blatant –Propositions that want to grab your Money –Rights –Choice.  If you –neighbors –family, friends, co-workers and those who don’t understand English very well aren’t VERY careful:  we are going to get a world of hurt if most of these pass.

Want your auto insurance to go sky-high? Help pull an ENRON on all of us? Want candidate choice to be NONE you want? Jack up Other peoples’ mortgage –to throw MORE money down bottom-less pit?

First You HAVE to get it:  a Business that gets an issue on the Ballot –spent millions to get it there –already got turned down by OUR reps in state Legislature, in Sacramento.  If they couldn’t persuade our reps:  they are Hoping YOU are too dumb, busy -confused to figure out what they’re trying to pull –and just go along with what THEY want.

Idiot Box
Forget the slick clever TV ads:  READ the Ballot pamphlet CAREFULLY.

  —     “Local Electricity” – Proposition 16
Remember the movie “Erin Brockovich” –cancer throughout desert community –from plant chemicals leached into water supply —utility DENIAL of Poisoned water:  massive suitthat was PG&E“Your Right to Vote”?  –If you buy FAKE argument that YOU need to be able to vote utility approval:  instead of just the desert, all of California will be screwed.  –PG&E:  wants to do what ENRON did to Californians, and NO competition.

–We can’t even turn on TV without slew of ads–for months–on this ‘desperate’ “need” to help PG&E.  If this mess passes:  it will take two-thirds of Californians to get it Removed, a number even the Legislature can’t get for THEIR bills. 

Vote on Prop 16NO

Prop 14wind up with TWO candidates from SAME party?  NO

Prop 15We HAVE to have fair candidate choice –NOT millions for  stupid TV ads –for one candidate — YES

Prop 17Want to help ONE insurance company screw ALL Californians on auto insurance?  NO

EHelp incompetent school board rip off already broke homeowners –give MORE money to waste?  NO– NO– NO


* * *

PERSONAL NOTE  While working on this post and a local issue my computer froze, crashed.  Now I’m using another with a different Operating System –having hard time learning/navigating.  I will publish as I go.

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