ELECTION – June 2010: Next CA AG -Most TV Ads or Most Experience?

Quite a lot of people want to be California’s next Attorney General.   There will be a vacancy in the office when the current AG, Jerry Brown, steps out to take on the task of repairing the dysfunctional mess the “republican” has made of what was once great state. 

Attorney General, important job:  someone has to enforce our laws, deal with over-crowded prisons –under court order to reduce population, fat-cat Prison Guard union, gang members, wife-beaters, other low-life forms and related issues.  So I watched the five men and one woman candidates debate, on KABC some weeks ago. 

Candidate:  Rocky Delgadillo
Former Los Angeles City Attorney –as a resident of Southern Calif. I had ample opportunity to watch him, up-close:  from mundane to major –Rocky made Sure he got LOTS of camera-face time for any move, like some old-time muckraker.   

Rocky thought ‘ideal’ baby-sitter for his children:  any handy —attorney in his office, whose salaries come from those who pay taxes.  The payers:  didn’t think so. 

Rocky also didn’t have a problem with his wife’s car –paid for by the City, along with the gas to get her around town –also at our expense.  The City:  DID have a problem with that arrangement, and with the under-looked, un-paid ticket Mrs. Rocky ‘neglected’ to cover –years ago –All exposed by then-working press.  Spouse free car and gas –and baby-sitters???  Uh, not. 

Debate:  Can’t remember single memorable thing he said; he made a joke that got some laughs –well nobody is all bad. 

If insiders or attorneys I respect told me Rocky was ‘great attorney’ –or ‘best City Attorney ever’ –wouldn’t make jot of difference, to me.   With his  “judgment” and imperious ways:  Californians cannot afford to have Rocky –on any payroll.   He’ll have to find his own baby-sitters.  Rocky Delgadillo:  big ego, NOT AG material. 

Candidate:  Chris Kelly
Have a Facebook account?  Exposure of your privacy –designed by their attorney Chris Kelly.  If you/children want privacy on Facebook:   50 not-easy-to-find steps –some famous and many not have clicked >delete< instead. 

Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Kelly:   NO  experience running a city -county -any local government office.   Promise to enforce privacy laws –for Californians???  Not a word. 

Debate:   he wasn’t good or memorable.   Conan Nolan interview, on KNBC:   he said the usual buzz-word stuff; pretty banal old news. 

Money for his campaign:  reportedly comes from selling his stock –in Facebook.  Management –Prosecuting thousands of cases –getting justice for The People:   NO experience???  –we’ve Seen that movie –in the Governor’s office.  So:  we should pick the one with most TV ads?  I’ll give up my privacy and vote:  pass. 

Candidate:  Kamala Harris
I watch many things –issues, people, legislation, etc., but, candidly, I barely heard of her before the debate.  

Debate Maybe she was well-rehearsed, but I don’t think so:  I paid attention because she said the smartest things of anyone in the room; she was quick-witted -on target and sounded like she has fresh ideas.   

Harris is San Francisco District Attorney.  I grew up in SF -reading, watching politics –unique because:  City is ‘self-contained’ –highly responsive; something -someone not right, BAM it’s fixed –or it’s outta there NOW.  It’s where Diane Feinstein learned how to govern, take care of constituents, became our long-standing Senator.  Believe it:  if Harris wasn’t good at the job, she’d be unknown –instead of on her way to Sacramento. 

When Conan Nolan interviewed her:   gave me ‘reality check’ to see if.  I fully realize responding to questions on TV time doesn’t favor depth, expansion –complexity, but she held up. 

Editorial boards of several newspapers have endorsed her including:  SF Chronical, which should know her well –up-close & personal, and LA TIMES .   Maybe most important:   California Nurses Association is endorsing her, and they ain’t dumb.  

An opponent, a few critics trying to ‘tar’ her with fault –for a problem caused by a tech in the medical lab.   Since she isn’t in charge of POLICE Medical lab:   lame, very weak and lame.    

Harris:  wants to Re-educate prisoners
so they have real skills for work, don’t re-offend/bounce back
~Student truantParents held responsible
~Sex offenders –California has 63,000 Registered –keep getting more,  they keep on committing crime, she gets:  Enough
~Financial fraud:  protect Californians

California League of Conservation Voters, CLCV —non-partisan political arm of the environmental movement —endorses her. 

Harris:  already Knows how to prosecute -protect -manage large volume, she is doing all that now.


daVine Remedy –for old Men doing same-old same old in California for 150 years:  let’s

Kamala Harris, AG candidate -LA Times

go for fresh, smart, tough Kamala Harris  next California Attorney General.  Harris website


SF Chronicle – Attorney General Race (–why the article full of typos mystery to me):  details 

NOTE  YOU don’t have to agree with my choice –but if you Don’t do your Homework –choose –vote –go to polls Tuesday June 8, 2010 then YOU are part of the Problem.   –YOU are How California got saddled with the ignorant -the admirer of nazies who ripped us off for $11 Billion bucks when his ‘Republican’ butt hit “governor” seat, to help his ENRON pal Ken Lay –made Mess out of California.  If you’re dumb –lazy –ignorant:   Don’t vote –I will decide for you. 

NEXT:  California Ballot Propositions = daVine Remedy

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