“Lost” –Lost, Fed Up

Lately the only time I turn all the way around from the computer –LOOK at TV: when British Petroleum putrid shameful arrogance showing.  Hideous oil destroying Louisiana story makes me twist, squirm, like every non-oil CEO. –Broken up only by “Lost.”

Sheesh, I’ll admit it:  I’m lost.  I’ve had un-expected ‘missing’ pieces –sudden cat-naps while it was on; missed about two episodes.  But, heck –I way don’t know that I’d be un-lost with those missing pieces.

Ok, I was surprised when I heard the serial has been on for six –??? years, I thought it was three.  From night One:  I was impressed; surprised something of quality could still be found –on any American commercial channel.  It conveyed under-current it was about more –the obvious was obviously wrong.

But watching from the beginning has ‘clarified’ Nada.  Yes, I ‘get’ –killer smoke, polar bear(s), the Hatch…back-story of each character.

But Jeeze Louise, C’mon:  Hurly SAME weight –on an ISLAND –without grocery stores???  Heckofa booking; leave me Off that trip.

Locke –paralyzed –‘fixed’ –dead –way alive –wimp –wise/knowing, then back as killer who’s In Charge –of Everyone/Every thing???  Huh?  The temple bits?

Yup, I’m clear –on ClaireCharlieKate.

Doc Jack Shepard –good -interesting necessary -his career -father, no prob.  But Uh, WHO is the kid he takes to someone’s house???  WHERE did HE come from?

Sawyer –con-man drug-hoarder gun-lover sleaze-ball –to Dharma head, uh, ok ok. But:  cop?  Say What?  Uh…cop —after swindler –before?  So if he was a cop –How did he get to Dharma-worker???  Why?  Not even a few naps explain THOSE leap gaps….

Saide:  every thing about him, his story ‘hangs’ nicely; I follow, got it.  Not sure why HE was leaving Australia -what he was doing there -headed to US why??? but, not hurting my brain.  I like him. Ok, fine.

What happened to Rose –her husband…dunno. How/why a spiritual black woman paired up with an ‘accountant-type’ lump of white… dunno.  Do you?

Korean couple –original; like the woman’s story, husband’s good too.

The woman –doing the baby-snatching -experiments:   no.  AFTER the 1st baby was disappeared –on an island, only the Truly Stupid wouldn’t Listen Up –not get preggers –or take a hike/make plans for Delivery.   No Sane woman would stick around for the Snatch.  Geeze, I sure don’t like that mooch ‘doc’ (–nurse -lab tech?) experimenter.  Don’t know if it’s the character -the actor -the fake whispering -her ‘purpose,’ She’s creepy, gets on my nerves, “Juliet” Explains Nothing about “Lost.”

WHAT do they Really want with the babies?  WHO wants them?  WHY?  That’s annoying enough.

Where I got Big Prob: Desmond -sub-marine/boat owner -Charles Whitmore/girlfrend Penny’s father -Time-changer ‘screw.’   Every time screw moved:  everyone put into different time –time after time –my head hurt more than the stranded/moved.  How/Why that killed the scientist Daniel, the woman, et al –uh, nope.  Clueless.

SOMEBODY:  better explain the Hatch –after the ‘button’ wasn’t pushed/dialed, how didn’t get re-done again?  How did food supplies last from Dharma-crushed time till found by musta been way hungry survivors?

Where is infant Aaron?  –NOT on the plane when they went back to the Island –why???  Kate handed him off to the grandmother –but WHY didn’t he also go back?

Come to that:  maybe the most disturbed of all –the kid with the dead mother -kidnapped off the raft –father killed in the boat explosion.  That kid was loony. –WHY didn’t he need to get whatever -go back to the Island?

Ok, SOMEbody, please:  the one everyone hates –a “cool” teacher???  –A Passive whimp Benjamin??? …Arggg… When?  –He grew UP on the Island, WHEN did he get –out….  Why is he still alive?  I asked nicely….

IF One is going to Stay –so the others can leave –protect WHOM?  Excuse me, Reason to remain?

Typically I miss start of most movies, and don’t mind –extremely rare movie I can’t figure out where the story-teller is going after seeing just several minutes. “Lost”… WHAT the heck is Behind it?

SIX years –I’m no wiser than when the plane broke in two, crashed.  WHAT is it About?

WAY fed up:  when ABC ‘thought’ it would be ‘cool’ to string out the last episode with NINE months till the Next episode last year.  –Nearly a year, THAT’S:  Pigs at Work.  NOT Amused.

What I am sure:  I won’t be trusting ABC –‘judgment,’ again.  They are manipulative little weasels.  Trash thrown up on “2 zero 2 zero”? –You/I need abuse –OUR air waves used up on OLD stupid crime-snoopers –instead of Hard news, stuff that Matters?  I DON’T THINK so.

–From booting journalist superb Ted Koppel to ‘Nightline Crapola’ –sob-sister Sawyer drip-fest “news” –near-naked B-List Wannabes imitating pros –slobber-queen “interview”/promos –on an actress’s rutting pig soon ex husband –Why? If ABC This bad now –next year –in five years –PeeEWWW.  Nope, no more diss, NO more ABC after this.

This blog is about Remedy.  “Lost” –I ain’t got a Clue.  If YOU know the answers -Remedy for my fog:  Please post –Pretty Sure not gonna be wiser -even awake after “Lost” last ‘lost’ saga. Two HOURS?  Gimme a break –in case I nap-up again!


UPDATE –Actors ACTORStalking about their roles >CLICK< –you can just Smell network weanies –“ordering” TWO hour finale –‘ya, sure just fill it up –with ACTORS talking’ –way to go, rats.

–No prob:  I’m on “60 Minutes” –Excellent tonight:  common household chemiclals -harming male babies –Success educating children from lousy neighborshoods –cell phone father -new techs.  DON’T NEED stupid actors –TALKING ABOUT “Lost” –how they got the job SHEESH.  Stinking ABC Weenies.  They had BETTER come up with the goods, 2nd hour.

* * * * *
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