Underwear-sniffer Oprah: Sniffs a Mistress –for You

A female with ethics of a Pet Rock, of no-class ilk that labels men “guys”–spotted “hot” one in a bar and worked ‘difficult’ feat–as difficult as any woman knows, as getting water from a tap–to get him into bed.  She also worked a “photographer” job off him –for pay. During these ventures she forgot, apparently, to mention her views –on using any thing to control birth, with predictable results.

At the time Pet Rock spotted “hot” guy:  he was busy blowing smoke to convince America he was ready for prime time –in the White House; putting up false front on the home front with the woman to whom he was married, while she was doing battle with cancer.  “Hot” guy:   deficient in Many Departments, he is a liar.

Pet Rock, deficient in useful space between her ears, apparently hasn’t figured out:  if “hot” guy cheated on his wife with her –he will cheat on her –some day –will wonder Which Day, every day.

Thousands of ‘guys’ –bunches of females are that dumb, that self-serving all day, every day.  So what.

Say What
Person with no psychology training, divinity instruction, medical degree –any kind of specialized education, husband or children –her “qualification” –for telling others How to Live?  Oprah Winfrey Has:  a show on TV.   She Decided:   throwing up a Pet Rock would be ‘good’ –for filling an hour.

–This from “hostess” who once hosted a 500-pounder who described her bathroom hygiene (–I hit “off”) in detail. But Really: why waste the air waves?

Waste of Good Air

The person who put the Pet Rock on TV uses her hour of our air waves for Judgment, Agenda –telling ‘Live’ Lessons –but can’t drop ever-increasing pounds, even with a trainer, countless machines and a personal chef. Oh

TV hostess with leastess was SURE: this banal saga –Underwear-sniffing, good for You. –Or “good get”??? ‘Good’ –for her reputation. The purveyor of muck –trash, drivel from bizarre to putrid –exploiter of any, all, any age: What could she give –you/ anyone get out of watching a Pet Rock talk?

What did Pet Rock sex toy, and baby she begot, have to gain –from TV exposure? Is it possible to care any less why she agreed to ‘Brenda Starr’ star “reporter” exploitation.

Oprah Winfrey Will use: any –to get you to watch.


A know-nothing, of marginal fame, needed to white-wash his ‘front’ after he got exposed: ‘mis-step’ of molesting at work -and elsewhere, and ‘hero’-worship

“…hitler…rose from nothing to be a leader…I want to lead the little people, the 95% who can’t think for themselves…just like him.” –oops, comments –public.

Predator-pea brain: fond of nazies —daddy never turned in his membership card or stopped seeing WW II ‘pals’ —in his austrian home. Pea brain: wanted nazi Kurt Waldheim, in charge of murdering Greek Jews, at his wedding –but he couldn’t attend: US banned him –forever. “Maria just loved him…we were disappointed.” Oh puuuke

Since Pea-brain was going for elected office, he used: ‘sorry’ and cash to victims—women and men?—millions not-quietly to Jewish charities—bought their silence?—and connections: his famous wife and underwear-sniffer, supposedly her friend.

HOW did a sexual Predator –get that far?

Ignorant Slob Sexual Predator for elected office???

Say what? During a major heat wave: California families, students, hospitals, seniors, small & large businesses –ALL hostage –to illegal electricity shut off –on hugely jacked-up rates –if they didn’t pay weekly. Hostage-taker: Texas-based ENRON, headed by CEO Ken Lay.

California Governor Grey Davis got evidence of the utility scam and filed suit against Ken Lay/ENRON.

Ken Lay reaction: powwowed with ex con Mike Milken, 8-year illegal White House squatter and other thugs to pick a lackey-candidate. Then used his money to manipulate media –non-stop coverage to force his ‘monkey’ into office in a forced ‘special’ election –to get governor booted before lawsuit got to court.

A sleazeball for governor?

Then Underwear-sniffer put a low-life pig on her show??? Wow. She used OUR air waves to peddle a sexual predator fond of nazies —to HELP him —during campaign for election. Holy cows, Person with a TV show makes handy, uh, Best friend?

Behind the façade?

La Oprah didn’t mind helping –manipulate voters —for a sexual predator —Top job —of state with world’s 8th largest economy –on Zero experience??? With “friend” like that: hard to tell the enemies.


Oprah/star “reporter” didn’t ask predator about: why a non-Californian put up the money for his campaign –utter lack of experience –eight women he molested –nazi admiration. She let him ‘skate’ past all hard questions, gooey-eyed wifey, who also deceived on camera, at his side. Vomitus.

His opponent: non-famous, Oprah ‘couldn’t’ find time to put on. Molester helper??? So much for ‘reporter’ –“fairness” –respect for viewers.

Sexual Predator for Governor???

Ken Lay: banker to predator/pal used ‘fame’ —and Underwear-sniffer to fool foolish voters to elect a Sleazeball.

Insider Help

Thanks to Oprah Winfrey’s ‘work’ —and lousy lazy media, hot for pics not facts, the easily-manipulated: picked the one with most money, least qualification –voted to oust the Governor on No Good Reason.

Predator’s First piece of business after his ass hit “Governor” seat:  he ‘settled’ utility scam –‘accepted’ $.05 for each $1. his ‘pal’ owed California –before suit hit court.  Ken Lay, pervert benefactor:  saved Billions.

Flown the coop

How has it worked out?  Thief Ken Lay:  convicted of massive fraud and appropriately, dead of massive heart—who knew he had one—attack; ENRON henchmen: in prison; assets:  g-o-n-e.

California:  Instead of $11 BILLION we should have gotten on utility scam, the once-wealthiest state on the brink of bankruptcy –screwed.  Good job, Oprah.

But Californians: still yoked to Predator-thug monkey –desperate to balance bulging budget on his back. Thug cut payment to Disabled –THREE times.  Well why not, bully-boy picked on those who can’t fight back.

Those who can fight back:  he gave prison guards, highest-paid union and one of his donors, fat raises.  –But oops, a judge told him “Nope” —Monkey had to take back.  Life:  hard without organ-grinder giving him orders.

Then All by hiz little self:  Monkey signed fat contracts for Indian casino-owning tribes –that CUT state’s share of the gambling moneyand court over-sight to reverse those contracts.  Cut share of a money-maker???  Monkey-boob not into basic math, Common Sense.  Well, he is a “Republican.”  Nice go’n, Oprah.

$2.3 BILLION Food Stamp aide for Disabled, senior adults, poverty children?  Thanks to ‘our’ Thug –REJECTED –ONLY state to reject –EVERY year.  Republican Punk:  makes SURE California Grandmas don’t get Food Stamps. Well, hey if you’re already old, poor, ailing waddya need with food.  Thanks, O.


Now:  parks closed, schools packed, infrastructure corroded, farmers cut off, red ink running up/down the state –worst in California’s history. 

Incompetent management –un-paid bills, middle -working-class slammed, but: fleets of new cars & furniture un-used, No Taxes on big corporations –NO ideas.  So Where is ‘Brenda Starr’ crack reporter? –Follow-up show???  Hmm, hasn’t re-booked ‘governor’ Boob –???Not ‘sexy’ anymore Oprah? 

‘Star’ reporter sniffing underwear elsewhere….  Irony:  Monkey-boy leading ‘little’ people: into ditch –he just jacked up car registration, so-called reason Gov. Davis was ousted.  …LOL…

Tweet Tweet

‘Star’ Reporter:  flits from this –cele-brats -junkies -famous drunks -pedophiles -so-so singers -any black actor -stupid clothes –to that, clones any ‘hot’ junk going, ever-sniffing for ratings.

“Book Club”?

–you Think Winfrey cares about books?  You missed the show: a “decorator” had ripped leather bindings off old books, glued onto shelves.  Destruction of antiquarian books -I wrote protest letter, no apology on air or off –which might have stopped other boobs-in-waiting to club old beautiful, nevermind valuable, books for ‘effect’ and fat fees.  Nobody explained:  twit bought books by the yard for bindings –why the hell not just put those on shelves?

For years she ridiculed those who asked: Why not do classics. –“I CAN’T BOOK THE AUTHOR.” Gosh….


Our Miss Oprah:  Built a school –poorest –most rural –rust-belt –farm towns –NOPE: picked minimal rules, regs, over-sight of Africa, instead of real scrutiny in US.  She filmed her ‘good works’ –poor children close-ups –getting goods from Lady Bountiful, for show, of course.  –They won’t ever mind, being exploited?  Orphan children can sign waivers in Africa, right? Or she put them on camera without permisssion?

Get Over It, Kids

–OUR air waves NOT for talk on school funding –Curriculum –How to educate –Lousy neighborhoods, lousy schools –50% without diploma???  Silence –not that golden.  Her money –for teachers???  Naw, Sniffing ‘famous’ underwear gets her more –and you get valuable make-up tips, star trivia, gooey chat.  Ooooh….


“Christmas Show”

Think ‘Lady O Bountiful’ –uses her multi-millions –to pay for stuff she gives away?  The makers of the stuff she hands out:  do the paying –instead of paying her for honest commercials.  It’s called: Advertising in Kind.  –She does take implied credit for it. “Christmas show”:  Infomercial –to sell products, replayed over and over while she looks like Lady Lavish, to the ignorant.

Yes, I used to watch, until what she did after 9/11.  After worst attack in US:  spiritual programs, grief/healing –why US so hated –Penta-goon, Administration machinations ––NO such things.

Ever underwear-sniffer, she threw up:  severely burned survivor; 9/11 fire-fighter widows who poached, married other married fire fighters –the divorced wives –dead husband benefits spent foolishly.  You got WHAT from those?

More Orders

When it hurt my brain, made me ill, I stopped monitoring her show –long ago. Why haven’t you?

Think some more

Think Oprah Winfrey gives a damn about you? Nipped, tucked, injected –super-whitened teeth –super relaxed hair –multi-houses -nose jobs -jets, jewelry –just nouveau riche at Bottom of TMZ –Jerry Springer trash barrel.  A Maury Povich with flashy earrings.  Cares about:  trappings -ratings –pricey un-wearable shoes.

All this leaves two questions about the Sniffer-exploiter:

1. 1st rate photographers spent Countless hours to produce superb nature series “Life”:  so Why did DISCOVERY channel ruin it hiring un-organic Winfrey to narrate?  Couldn’t find a pro who wouldn’t cause revulsion? –She’s a Closet –nature-lover???  Naw, they pandered:  to future deal with her.

2. Why –You/ anyone: waste even a moment of your valuable life’s time watching dreck she throws up? –Want her trash to go into your mind, sap your creativity? You –somehow un-able to find some thing –better to do with your time??? Really?

A show:  a Pet Rock knocked up by a married sleaze-ball who couldn’t keep it in his pants, even while his wife fought a disease… ‘useful’ –How???

Where is benefit watching Oprah Winfrey

 profiting proffering sleaze?  Wise up.

WHERE is the Positive –the Creative –the Problem-Solving/examination programs? Hell, where are things that DO matter -affect life in America today on her shows?

Some lift up, some lift underwear, for money.

While you are watching –gossip, ‘celebrities’ -kareoke -red carpet crap:  America is being stolen by corporate gangsters. Thanks Oodles Oprah, ask your ‘star’ pals: WHEN do we get back our pensions -parks -jobs -state?

–OUR air waves ONLY to make money, deliver garbage –vote with your Thumb.  –Plenty of other places to go –don’t wallow in trash –feed their bottom line. Tell family, friends, PTA, neighbors, co-workers: Write –shun ABC TV –all of it, till they clean it up, meet their obligation for being allowed to USE our air waves.

daVine Remedy If You don’t holler: they won’t listen


ABC network contact

Like government, we get the TV we deserve –the splendid –the sleazy-rate.

Why Wait?

If You don’t speak up NOW –to your Congress member –FCC –your friends, neighbors, family –to her: don’t whine when dirt-chaser Oprah and her ilk digs deeper into barrel bottom, society gets yanked down further.  –You, your state gets saddled with a predator –a monkey for hire who destroys for ‘special’ interests.

How else do you THINK:  banksters –stole pensions -UN-limited credit card interest –Americans without home, job –OUR Treasury ripped off to bail out banker-thieves?  Oprah Winfrey doesn’t do shows on THAT– Why???  WHAT are you waiting for?

daVine Remedy Giant media corporation Disney: wants families to spread money on Disney ‘wholesome’ properties, owns the network where Winfrey spreads trash. Why is her ilk tolerated on that network -by that corporation? Ask them:

Disney contact WDW.Guest.Communications@disneyworld.com

Disney corporate: investor.relations@disneyonline.com

daVine Remedy for trash: write/call/e-mail your Local TV station managers :

‘Next Year’ Too Long to wait –boot her panty-sniffer show NOW –demand hard news coverage -quality programs

daVine Remedy How to Improve education –Protect environment –hell, Court decisions affecting American life, 100 other Positive subjects? WHERE are those shows? NOT outta dumb Oprah-sniffer-Winfrey. Write -protest greedy self-serving mess:

e-mail oprah: contact

oprah snail mail: PO Box 909715, Chicago, Illinois 60690-9715

Oprah publicist: Lisa Halliday, Harpo Productions, Harpo Studios, 110 North Carpenter Street, Chicago, IL 60607-2146

Mistress talks to Oprah ‘I didn’t wreck his home’

Ill -old -poor, oh well, take away $12 billion more

UPDATE –”Governor” Dumps -Welfare-to-Work –throws Job-less -home-less -California’s poorest  —under the bus No taxes on corporations, no solutions, What a pig.

Proposed Budget: “absolutely terrible cuts” –slashes Health & Human Services for $19 billion deficit, no solutions -taxes to fix Los Angeles County

I gotta go get a shower.

* * * * * *

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